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"I DO"

For those who are not familiar with INTERDENOMINATIONAL DIVINE ORDER, or “I DO” for short, the following brief description is given of the work that was carried out during the Last Age as they worked alongside The reincarnate Mother:

"I DO" were organized to help where it was needed, undenominationally working with cults, creeds or any organization. They also specialized in extra-sensory perception training, and helped those of super-intellect, for they felt to help one with these capacities was to help millions. Their very broad research was unlimited in scope, but they were most concerned with New-Age progress in Art, Science and comparative religions. They shared their findings with any who needed this information for their progress, protection and welfare. They tried to contact older souls who needed to know where to find what they were seeking without laying themselves open to dangers from deceivers exploiting New-Age secrets and progressive ideas. Victims of previous misleadings and deceptions before finding “I DO” supported their CAUSE, hoping to spare others suffering from deceivers presenting by-paths from TRUTH. “I DO” publications provide a protective short cut to TRUTH of this Age. It seems necessary at this time to awaken the world to what cleverly arranged anti-christ activities have done throughout the Ages. It has taken much careful research, study and comparison with original religions to begin to understand the clever anti-christ twists of TRUTH. Wherever it was possible “The Very Elect” have been deceived. Information received was passed on to all who “have eyes to SEE.” Even then they found the Bible prophecy fulfilled, “In that day they will not know and will not wish to know.”

The Interdenominational Research service was done undenominationally because they desired to awaken God’s own cults and creeds to the great need for finding of facts which were never presented so broadly before. They professed neither Catholic, Mormon or Muhammedan faiths, but gave credit to where it was due. They worked in the belief that all religions were established to fit the need of people of their times and that God will unite all under one great Faith of “A Little Child to Lead Them.

“I DO” seeked the CALLED and CHOSEN to help them find secrets of this Age so they can fill their places within HIS Great Plan. They took directions from “The Great of the Earth” who reincarnated to provide world protection in this most dangerous Age, fulfilling the Biblical prophecy, “If it were not for the great of the earth there would not be life in that Day.” These Great souls are “the stars of heaven cast to earth in that Day,” who are mistakenly believed to have come to earth in flying saucers. Their research led to find Them and then they led others. All Great of the Earth have taken birth on this plane to help prepare His way, working from one angle or another. It was the purpose of ‘I DO” to bring sincere seekers to the feet of “The Great of the Earth” who are working frantically for world protection and human understandings which will make possible the return of the Child of this Age who will grow up to be the Teacher of all who love God. The “I DO” Organization, because of their better understandings concerning THEIR work, were Chosen to help sincere seekers find these great Master of Wisdom and become a part of the “laborers” the Bible admonishes us to pray for. Much help is needed before the world is made ready to accept New-Age progress now awaiting their understandings and approval.

Acting as modern-day Essenes, “I DO-ers” worked closely with the reincarnate Mother during the Last Age. After She passed from this plane in 1994, "I DO" was formally disbanded until That Day when "all eyes will SEE."

Until That Day, there is no group or individual to contact. The sole purpose of this site is to desiminate the Information that was given prior to the period of SILENCE which began in the late nineteen sixties. Any who desire to prepare for some of the first Work of the New Age are invited to read all the publications on this website, remembering that “with all thy getting, get understanding.” Each dedicated soul must learn to “Stand” and to “Withstand,” until the world finally “Understands.”

The world awaits "That Day" when "all eyes SEE" and The Child is returned to this dimension to continue the New Age Work leading to the condition of "a new heaven and a new earth."

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