A  Life and Work with

Men from Outer Space


Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande 



Little Man From Outer Space

Come Our darling to take your place

Blow the horn, wild bells peal

Open heavens, glories unreel

Rent the veils blind eyes have covered

Give place to Angels who long have hovered

Unfurl the Flag, let banners fly

Astounding scenes project the sky

Peace on earth good will to men

Over and over repeated again

Spirit Wonder of Holy Worth


Great of Greatness, ONE of LOVE

Heavens open to scenes above

Mighty Banner, STAR of peace

Final silences wars to cease

Peace on earth, Oh Light so mild

Given by GOD within THE CHILD

Gracious Wonder beauteous ONE

Comes now as the Rising SUN

Watched night skies were for devil’s play

Sunlight heralds your Risen Day

Contesting much YOU rise to win

Worldlings from their paths of sin

Peaceful Artificer, SUN-SON mild


Because my work with Men From Outer Space makes a most fantastic story I feel it necessary to explain my early life which will show that some people must be reincarnated for special work and there is nothing anyone can do to change the course of a life so dedicated.

When my mother’s first baby came she declared this was not the child she had seen in dreams and visions. When the second child was born she said it was the one. There were some funny marks in the skull, the child was different. When ten days old the baby leaped to a sitting position as if frightened about something and in a few minutes dropped back again. By the time I was two years old my father found it amusing to challenge me with various taunts to hear what my answers would be. He nicknamed me CHOSIE, my sister called me FREAK or FEATHERS and my brother called me THE DETECTIVE because nothing could be hidden from me. My mother called me PSYCHE and CYCLONE SIXTY. I called myself Doubles Divide because there seemed to be several of us living in the same form. When very young I called it Me, Myself and I for lack of the esoteric understanding I have now.

At a very early age I told things my father threatened to spank me for because they were so exaggerated. My mother defended me because she found reason to believe they were dreams. With the doors of our house locked I could go and come without help from my family. I was a very happy child for I had two companions who were very near, making life easy and pleasant for me. Something I was to do in later life was explained and I spent many hours trying to figure out how anyone could accomplish such a difficult thing and be understood by other people. I was afraid to mention anything about it to my parents because I was already considered different from the other children. I wondered about my mission so much that my companions decided to give me a lesson to lead me to understanding. I was about seven years old when I was awakened one night and shown something like a movie screen projected on the wall just above my bed. A newspaper appeared on the screen with a symbol printed on it. I tried to read the print but could see nothing clearly except the symbol. I sat up and made sure I saw what I saw and even felt the wall to make sure. Presently the light disappeared and I settled down to wonder what this could be.

I was happy at school because I didn’t have to learn anything as it seemed I already knew it. My teachers favored me and I was given things to do while I waited for the others to learn their lessons. When it came to poetry and prose or beautiful writings I read them over and whole lessons were memorized without any effort. When six years old my teacher gave me some raffia to work with and I turned out a very unusual little basket in a few minutes. The ability seemed to be something of a memory from a past life when I had done this kind of work.

Miracles started happening when I was very young. Anything I put my hand to took shape easily. The most wonderful things took place in my dreams. Unlike other children who dislike going to bed, I was always happy to have a chance at new experiences of my nightly doings which left me full of joy. I loved babies so much that I became very popular as a baby-sitter who did not tire of working without any remuneration except the pleasure. Once when caring for a baby a little friend asked to take the infant to swing with her. She lost hold of the child and as it was thrown through the air, my hand picked up a pillow from the baby carriage and tossed it under the body of the falling infant who was unhurt. The mother who saw the near accident asked me how I could throw the pillow just right. I did not know at the time myself as it seemed so automatic. Now I understand it was one of the Angels who has charge over me, who used my hand to throw the pillow and guided it to save the baby.

Another time a little Catholic girl lost a precious religious cross in a hayloft. The mother grieved much about the loss. I prayed and was led to find it easily. The size of the loft and amount of hay made it quite impossible to find anything so small without the help of my companions. Another incident occurred when a little girl fell on a baby chicken and mashed it. I picked up the dead chicken, enclosed it in my hands and prayed. In a few minutes the chicken was restored to life. It was given to me with no little comments from the owner. I carried it home, took a hen from the roost and prayed for her to cluck and raise it. As usual my prayers were answered and this was considered another miracle.

I learned to think of the ANGELS as my TEACHERS. At times when they brought certain prophecies to my attention I was told I was to play a part in the fulfillment. I kept thinking this could be my imagination and that any person might believe such things meant himself. There were many repetitions of the same lesson until I began to wonder if I really knew what I knew. I pondered and wondered, and meditated constantly upon the problem of accomplishing my mission and just how I was going to do it. I was not interested in ordinary pleasures others enjoyed. I had something in mind I was afraid to share with anyone. Just before my mother passed away she told me that two angels stood beside her most of the time. They gave her some messages for herself and some for me. They explained that she was to go out of her body and come back as a child. After that she was very anxious to leave the old form. My daughter was about two years old when she had a flash of memory and suddenly stated, “I was your Mother in another world.” At a very early age she could remember names of lives even before the last. Those who understand the principles controlling reincarnation say that the ability to remember is greater when the person reincarnated very soon. There are other ways to bring memories through which some occult people understand. It would seem that GOD did not intend for all of us to remember or HE would have made memory possible for everyone. It is claimed that developed souls find memory easier. Many people have had something which might be interpreted as memory. Some claim to know their way around cities they have never visited. Others say they have had experiences which seem to duplicate something they experienced before, yet they are sure nothing like that ever happened to them. This is a form of memory from a past life. When I was teaching school I watched for children who were misunderstood because they were different. I had been different and I knew the problems and the answers. I knew some children could not learn from books but could do well if they were allowed to progress at their own speed. Developed minds do not need to be confused with book learning when they attained in some other life, – theirs is memory from the Book of past lives. The Quiz Kids are good examples of developed minds who have retained memories.

I was always interested in helping especially where the need was for healing. When I was about twenty I took two hopeless cases to care for the same night. One was a lady who had been ill for a long time and seemed to have passed away. The other was a tiny baby who didn’t open its eyes and was quite lifeless. The next morning both were restored. The ANGELS sent me on various healing missions. Once while teaching a class I was called from the school room to “go to the office.” The principal’s nephew had been ill for a long time and she had been called home because the child was dying. I wrote a note to the principal saying, “Your God is my God, if you will kneel and pray David will be all right.” The child was healed.

Another time a little boy had been scalded. Immediately he was unconscious and the doctor declared there was no chance. I was sent to the door the next day to tell the mother if she would do as I told her the child would be all right. I asked her to turn him over to GOD and do nothing else but pray. She asked no questions and was very obedient. The child remained unconscious long enough to keep him from suffering. He was back in school in seven weeks, the skin being replaced without any material aid. I went each Sunday afternoon to sit by the bedside and pray. After this I worked on a case of a child whose hips were broken. He recovered rapidly.

One morning when I was ready for church one of my TEACHERS said, “pick up the Sunday paper.” I did not respond immediately because I didn’t like to confuse my mind with material ideas before going to church. I almost believed the direction could have come from a negative source. I was called the second time and even the third before I obeyed. On the front page I saw the account of our friend’s child being in the hospital. I rushed to the telephone to ask what had happened. The mother of the child responded by saying they just had a call that their daughter was dying and they were leaving for the hospital. She said, “whatever that is you do for people, please do it for us.” The child was healed. The mother came to my home to ask what she could do to show her gratitude. I told her to make herself an instrument through which such things could be accomplished.

My work with MEN FROM OUTER SPACE (ANGELS) grew until it had many angles. I was sent on a number of missions helping with THEIR plans for earth, looking over various situations and helping the CALLED understand what was happening to them. I was told that I would have to have some children to do GOD’S work. I prayed many hours a day while carrying each of my three children. I asked for their hands to do HIS work and their feet to walk in HIS way. They were born with extra-sensory perceptions which will be a necessity for coping with problems of advancing times. It seemed that evil forces were at play which made having a child very difficult for me. I made a very special dedication and pledge to GOD before it became possible for me to have my first child. The disappointment was very great when he had to be taken with instruments and there was no life in the body. That was three days before Easter 1936. Just as my mother had been told about me, I had been told about this child who would be Chosen for a great service to mankind. When the body was received the tongue was out to the chin and it was believed he had strangled. Other phenomenal things happened concerning the child even after he was buried. I put a stone on his grave. The next day it was found at the keeper’s house and nobody knew how it got there. I said to the keeper to replace it. Michael said, “Do not mark death.” I replied, “I know he is not dead but I want to mark the grave.” The next day after the replacement the keeper was approaching the grave to see if the stone was all right. Just at that moment a bolt of lightning cut a cross off a stone in one end of the cemetery. Then it jumped over some evergreens and struck the keeper in the back of his legs. It took him to his knees without injury. Then it leaped to the other end of the cemetery and picked up the little stone from my baby’s grave, carrying it into the air with much phenomenal lighting of the sky and cemetery fences. Nothing was left of the stone except the symbols which were an ivy leaf and lotus-like water lily.

All my life I have had very unusual experiences because this is the way the ANGELS make their students understand. I knew how to READ THEIR messages but I never tried to explain my ideas to others whom I knew would not believe me. “God’s ways are past finding out,” but some people find out more because of their missions. “To each will be given,” and each must fit in his place so the wheels of the GREAT PLAN can go around. I raised my children telling them that some day I expected to be CALLED and it would be only for HIM that I would leave them. The CALL came as a surprise one day when I was opening my refrigerator. My TEACHER asked, “Will you do this for me?” My answer was, “Yes, if you will tell me what it is.” I sat down to listen to HIM tell me of a mission where I would be required to leave home for a six week trip. I had taken my children with me on former missions and going without them was a shock because they were quite young. My TEACHER said HE would give me some time to make up my mind. One day while I was wondering just how I could manage it, my twelve-year-old daughter bravely said, “Mother, tell HIM you will go and I will take over at home for you.” This was the beginning of my travels alone. The ANGELS told me THEY would make things easy for my family so I could carry out an important mission for THEM.

About the time of this CALL one of my TEACHERS visited me one night in the astral body. I had gone to bed early. We were building a new home and above my room was some loose lumber on the floor. I was awakened by something that sounded like the lumber being moved about. In a few minutes someone came down the stairs, leaving several doors open behind HIM. HE came to my room and stood in the doorway for quite some time without speaking. HE was tall. Wearing something of a robe and it seemed HE had a beard but being in the astral body I could not see HIM very well in the dark. HE finally asked me to get up and come to the dining room. HE told me about messages that would come with “no wires.” This is what esoterics call “inner hearing.” The Bible speaks of it as “a still small voice.” I listened to HIM most of the night. I wrote something which he dictated and wondered much at a very large key which HE laid on the table. HE said, “I give unto thee a key.” It wasn’t of a material nature and seemed to vanish as HE left.

After that my TEACHER visited me more frequently. One morning HE told me to go to a certain church where I would find someone HE wanted me to meet. Because my daughter had very keen extra-sensory perception I asked her to go along to help me find what I had been told was there. I found an elderly man I invited home with me. He said he had been in Magic Valley before and had spent ten years searching for the reincarnation of a certain person and he seemed to know that one was myself. He told me there were other people looking for me and said, “When they find you, you will have to ask GOD to forgive them.” He made me understand that he dared not tell any more and explained that the people of whom he warned had used mental powers to hold him paralyzed for seven years without walking or talking. I understood it was to keep him from telling something they didn’t want known.

I was sent to Chicago to revise a short-cut English course I had patented many years before. The patent had run out and a revision was necessary to make a copyright possible. This work had been done under the supervision of my TEACHERS who planned for it to be used all over the world some day. While in Chicago THEY had me contact a number of people whom THEY had sent into incarnation to help with THEIR work. I was to deliver several messages to Chosen Ones who were falling by the wayside for lack of information to retain faith in their CALLINGS.

The day before I was to leave Chicago one of my TEACHERS asked me to go to Wheaton, Illinois to the Theosophical Society and have a look around. Immediately something like unseen forces struck me in the abdomen and spine. My TEACHERS made me understand that something was trying to keep me from finding secrets which THEY wanted me to have. Because of the intense suffering it was very difficult to go and I could never have made the trip without the help of THOSE who always stood by when help was needed. THEY explained that I was allowed to have many trying experiences so I would understand how important it was for the Chosen Ones to be found in their new bodies and awakened to the work that needed to be done. I was brought to see ANTI-CHRIST activities in a most forbidden aspect. Mental forces were being played upon the minds and bodies of victims and there was no physical evidence to prove anything. The way to meet this situation is, “with all thy getting, get understanding.” Since high officials in government positions all over the world are special targets, it is time for something to be known about this greatest of all evils.

At Wheaton, Illinois, where my TEACHERS, MICHAEL AND GABRIEL sent me, I was spotted by two great souls who were deceived by the NEGATIVE LEADER into watching for my re-incarnation. Clairvoyant vision and more than average extra-sensory perception are necessary to find people who have reincarnated, that is if one does not have a more direct guidance. I soon understood what I had been warned about by the elderly man I found at church some time before. Those who recognized me wrote to the physical manifestation of the negative Master and she rushed to India to announce finding me. She deceived people in India into trusting her with possessions of centuries from my past lives which they had kept for me. She had seen a chance for exploitation because she knew India was watching for me in a new body. She promised me the possessions if I would put myself under her control. She planned to pick up more she knew was waiting for my return in countries where I had worked in other incarnations. Because I resisted her advances I became a target upon whom was worked every trick known to black magicians. Without my guardian Angels it would have been impossible to have survived the forces she imposed upon me. Claiming relationship, her clever trickeries were used to appropriate almost everything I owned. She tried to bribe me to divorce my husband and when I refused she sent someone to influence him against me. With my back to the wall she proceeded to try to force me to accept the hospitality of a mansion prepared in Winnipeg, Canada, where she had planned to exploit my talents and collect inheritances she knew were waiting for me in other countries.

About this time one of the crucial hours of history arrived. Our guardian Space Men had been instrumental in stopping a very destructive bomb before, and again a more deadly one was planned. The negatives had built refuges many places and had taught their people survival. They were to be warned in time to take refuge and the rest of the world was to have been surprised by atomic fire which would have fulfilled the negative aspect of Bible prophecies. Having been informed of the plan by my Teachers I purchased property in Canada to receive my family and considered the safest place because it was hardly reasonable negatives would harm the city in which their Leader lived at the time. At the crisis of the emergency Michael called to several of us who HEAR on the INNER and said, “Ye on earth fail Divine causes.” He told us to sit in readiness to make a move at a moment’s notice and we were to LISTEN on the hour all day except three o’clock in the afternoon.

At the most crucial moment “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM” came to save the situation. Those on charge of operations “were removed from this plane” we were told. Some saw a woman appear in the skies giving birth to a child. A physical body had been produced for this AJA (the unborn) many years before. “THE FIRST FRUITS OF THOSE WHO SLEPT” was then ready to descend to earth.

North American Indians understand their HIAWATHA was the reincarnation of Jesus’ Mother, Virgin Mary who had come to “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” After he instructed the Indians to lay down their war clubs and live in love and peace, he sailed away in His canoe and rising above the earth He disappeared in the clouds. The Indians have a three-day Sun Dance ending the twenty-eight of July each year which is equal in esoteric understandings to the IDE festival of the Moslems in India. As Buddha appears in the skies to his loved ones at the Wesek Festival in India, so does Hiawatha appear to the Indians in the Western States. The dance is held at Pocatello, Idaho, because it is expected that Hiawatha will re-appear in that state. IDAHO means “Sun coming down the mountain.” Ancient records show that Zeus found Ganymede on Mt. IDA of an old continent and it was expected that He would find that one again in “the last AGE” on Mt. IDA of a new continent. Some esoterics have combed Idaho for years trying to find reincarnations of the SERVERS whom it was expected would return close together.

At that time it was generally understood by Wise Men that IDAHO had been chosen as the place for HIS coming and Space Men were dispatched there for the preparations. Influences had been exerted in a manner which brought about the building of a tomb in Snake River canyon at Shoshone Falls where Easter Sun-rise services were held each year. Great efforts were being made to recruit enough help to meet the expected emergencies of HIS coming. The formerly aggressive Space Leader offered to discontinue tormenting the Positive Space Men and help with HIS coming. She then received a healing of a severe head cancer, blind eyes and other bad karmas too numerous to relate. She declared she had been a victim of “illusion” and had discovered her mistake. The Positive Space Men were very happy because she had been the greatest obstacle in the way of HIS coming. The VERY ELECT trusted that she finally intended to pledge her great cosmic power on the right side. Easter 1955 was approaching and there were a number of pledged hands. Warnings kept coming that something was wrong and nobody could put a finger on the trouble.

YOUR OLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS AND YOUR YOUNG MEN SEE VISIONS was fulfilled in MAGIC VALLEY where many phenomenal things were reported. I had a dream of a cloud coming across the sun and knew this was a warning of possible failure of the plan. Another saw a vision of the Virgin Mary nailed on a cross with her mother kneeling at the foot of the cross praying. Others standing by seemed much concerned. All of this was recognized as a warning but no one could figure out what it could mean.

Phenomena for the purpose of creating understandings was frequent. Two Chosen Ones were visiting when one noticed the hand and arm of a little child on the head of the other. Two young girls driving on a lonely country road reported seeing a small child in a blue gown. They stopped to pick HIM up and HE vanished. A little child appeared in a meeting where helpers were being prepared. A shining book was in HIS hands and HE was bowing. An unoccupied rocker in the room began to rock back and forth with an illumination above it as if the head of an unseen person seated in the chair. A picture of Hiawatha in the sky was taken by a young Mormon girl who questioned me concerning the meaning. Various beautiful promises and symbols were shown in the skies. Flying saucers were reported and many unusual things took place in that district.

After many weeks of intensive preparations Easter 1955 arrived. Thousands were in attendance at the sun-rise services when suddenly the wind began to blow, a dark cloud came over the sun and it became very cold. The crowd hurried home to get warm. Only the Wise Men knew what happened. THE VERY ELECT had been deceived by the Negative Space Master who “stood ready to swallow up THE CHILD.” See Revelations. “HE was caught up to GOD and HIS throne,” for protection until a better understanding could be worked out. “A great Angel appeared and asked for more time to mark more in the forehead,” (with understandings). It became increasingly darker and colder at that spot until 12:30 that day when the cloud lifted.

The Negative Leader stormed in anger because the trickery did not accomplish the plan for her possession of THE CHILD. She was known to have been performing “fire down from heaven” black magic stunts to prove she was the reincarnation of Virgin Mary and many sincere souls had been victims of her deceptions. With her pride crushed she gave vent to her great fury by releasing full force of her cosmic powers against Positive Space Men. It was then realized how imperative it was to find more of the one hundred and forty-four thousand Chosen Ones. I asked my Teacher if what happened meant that THE CHILD could not be given to earth at that time and HE replied, “The bowels of the earth groan, the sature atmosphere of hate is hardly the condition for the reception of the SAVIOR.” It was then I was chosen to make a world tour to find the reincarnate pledged servers and I was told that the trip would take one and one-half years. “Tell them we need hands and feet of the flesh and ears attuned to listening.” I was given the names of the countries and cities where Chosen Ones could be found. Exact dates for me to arrive and leave each location were given. Other informations were dictated to guide me to attend religious celebrations and visit many places where I had worked in past incarnations. I was directed to many art galleries and museums and other places where there were important records which my TEACHERS wished me to see.

Before leaving I taught a Baptist missionary and her artist husband to HEAR on the INNER. Because of her deep love for Christ she was chosen to accompany me to Rome to help with my work there. MICHAEL promised to direct her husband in painting of religious pictures to be used in the CHRIST work. They were to have been sold to help my expenses abroad.

Deceptive “inner” messages turned many against me whom I taught to HEAR. They wanted to believe all of their messages were from “The Lord” as the deceptive “voice” declared. Two of the negative Master’s students were sent to question the missionary and the Evil One soon learned of the planned world tour. She became frantic because she was afraid her deceptions would be discovered. Everything possible was done to prevent me from going and many efforts were made to dispose of me. This kept me moving quickly from one place to another to keep out of her clutches. My protectors kept me informed at all times and there were instances when I escaped only by minutes.

Things went from bad to worse. Insane-sounding letters were mailed to all it was expected I might contact with my name and address given as if the writer. Wild telegrams and letters were sent to my home to enlist my husband’s demands against my going. Stories were told to make it appear I was unbalanced mentally and everything possible was done to influence someone to put me in an institution. The negative one wrote herself a letter and mailed it with my name and address attached. Then she called the police to go after me. I told them to investigate me thoroughly because I had nothing I was ashamed of, and suggested they probe the reasons for what was taking place. Police files at my home in Idaho contained threatening letters to various people in several states and Canada and they were also looking for me. Everywhere I went I was chased, tormented, heckled and hazed. At the time I could not understand what it was all about but my trip across revealed the answers later. The hateful smears were so well done that I had few friends left and I was not wanted at home where my family were greatly embarrassed. Influences had been cleverly played to make people think of me as a run-away wife and mother.

My Teachers made me understand that I had pledged to reincarnate for this work and I have been chosen to OPEN THE WAYS for HIS coming. They said I could be protected if I would leave the states on a certain date and move quickly whenever They gave me warnings. It was the tourist season and this complicated reservations on such short notice. My guides promised to arrange a cancellation which would help me get as far as Rome. I was instructed to go to the reservations desk as soon as I arrived in Rome and leave my name for another cancellation They planned in order for me to arrive “three days previous to July twenty-eight.” At the desk they told me there was no hope for reservations because cancellations were very rare on that particular flight during the tourist season. In keeping with my Teacher’s promise the airlines called me the next morning to tell me there had been a cancellation which would get me to India exactly at the appointed time. The flight was arranged through Istanbul, Turkey, where I was to give informative messages concerning a riot which was in the making. Because I had no diplomatic relations I found it impossible to put the messages in the right hands in time to prevent disaster. My Guides had made arrangements for a college instructor and lecturer from India to meet me in Istanbul. We were both sent to an international educational meeting and both instructed to leave before the meeting was over. We met in the hall and the man said his Teacher had “shown” him a picture of me and told him that he would meet me in Istanbul. There was work in Turkey which the Space Men wanted done for the protection of innocent victims of aggression there.

I arrived in India with the Space Leader known as “M” on my trail and a message was given concerning a plan to put me in “the house of silence.” That is where they put their dead in India for the buzzards to pick the flesh from the bones. At a Theosophical Society section I found more of the Chosen Ones grouped together celebrating the birthday of a body I had worn not so long ago. I did not know why my Guides sent me to that place until I saw the picture decked with flowers and heard the speech honoring my past. I found a Baptist girl from Belgium who said when she was “called,” she HEARD “go to India and work with the lepers,” and she was very obedient without understanding anything more then it must be what is termed a “CALL.” Instead of the planned three months in India, and seeing Nehru with important information, I was forced to leave in six days. I looped back to Turkey to help as the riot which I sensed had materialized while I was gone.

Everywhere I went I found more of HIS loved ones and taught them to HEAR the “still small voice” of the Angels who gave them instructions to help HIS coming. Each time ears were opened deceptive messages would creep in to cause the victims to make a wrong move at the right time to cause trouble. When this occurred the Angels were forced to close their ears to HEARING from any source. Oppressors were sent to trouble me from every angle and I was tormented by the opposing Space Master who directed negatively-trained laborers by telepathic messages and the crosses were many.

From Istanbul I was dispatched to Teheran, Iran, to deliver some messages to the Shah which he could have used to ease the difficult situation in the Middle East at the time. Arriving at the airport a young man searched me out, saying he had been sent to meet an American woman and take her to safety. I asked him who told him about me and he smiled and pointed upward. While riding into the city he told me about a Catholic girl. “There is something very unusual in her experiences and I would like for you to figure it out for me,” he said. Upon meeting the girl I asked if she “heard” from “above.” Her answer was affirmative. She was one of the few I had met who already knew the answer.

I was then directed to help a Chosen One who had been deceived into faithfully serving the wrong Master. He had been interpreting the works of Annie Besant and publishing them in various languages. I told him that the key to positive understanding is given in the works of Madame Blavatsky. As soon as he changed to Blavatsky works the Space man “M” sent his messengers informing him he would be killed if he served the Positive Masters, Kuthumi and Hilarion, otherwise known as Michael and Gabriel whom it is known directed Mrs. Blavatsky in her writings. He responded that it would be better to be dead than to continue serving on the negative side. The “M” servants proceeded to carry out the order and mentally projected Chakra treatments upon him. He became very ill and the doctors were mystified. Later he told me that he was hearing all kinds of deceptive messages which aimed at inflating his ego and he was certain they were sent by the NEGATIVELY EXISTENT ONE as ancient books call the third member of the original triad. I returned later to Teheran to do some protective work and he regained his health. There is an occult chemistry book, written by laborers for the negative Master, where the patterns of the thought-forms for these treatments are shown. They are not labeled for the purpose used and only well-trained operators know how to use them.

The man of whom I have just spoken had been trying to make his way though Iran to America. Like many others he was the victim of racketeers who had made him pay many times for various documents which were supposed to permit him to enter the United States. He said he had some payments yet to make before there was any chance that he might be able to leave Iran. I tried in vain to help him but negative influence is strong and the conditions very bad in many government offices.

United States officials would not cooperate in helping me meet the Shaw and my work that trip was quite limited. I was ready to leave when I asked my Teachers to locate the boy who had met me at the airport when I arrived. Suddenly he appeared, quite breathless. “Something ‘funny’ took place a short time ago. I don’t have any business out here and I am really too busy. I was working when I HEARD a voice tell me that you were leaving. Don’t let her leave without telling you what it is all about.” I gave him some paper and told him to write the answers to his own questions. “HE will explain,” I said. He wanted to know about the possibility of coming to America to study. “I could help these people more if I was a doctor,” he said. The MASTER had told me HE needed the boy where he was. I did not tell him myself because I knew he would be very disappointed. He was told to stay and help the people until he was requested to do otherwise. He was promised that he could come to America when CALLED. Later his life was saved by “the voice” telling him not to sit in the front seat of a car because there would be a wreck. He sat in the back and was unhurt when an accident crushed the right side of the car where he would have been sitting. Parents would want their children to HEAR on the INNER if they knew of the protection which it affords them.

An elderly man whom I had taught to HEAR in Teheran was at the station to bid me farewell. He had a pad filled with recordings he had made the night before. His eyes were shining with delight. He kissed my hands in gratitude and this attracted the interest of a young Catholic woman by the name of Lucy who was on her way to Baghdad at the same time. She asked me what made the elderly man happy. I did not tell her lest the negatives would turn her church against me. She was so insistent that I asked her to take me to her priest in Baghdad. I felt if he wanted her to know he could tell her himself.

I found the priest a beautiful soul who told me of his “inner” experiences and how afraid he was that all the phenomena was of the devil. He had written the Holy Father in Rome and tested my information against what the Holy Father had given him. He found my conclusions were the same. He told of a small boy he knew who could READ the future and SEE beautiful visions which he would paint. He wondered if the child could be of the devil. I tried to explain that he was one of the Chosen Ones who was sent to help them if they would accept him. The proper understanding was difficult to make and Lucy did not receive the answer she was demanding. Finally the MASTER spoke to me saying, “Give her a rosary.” I gave her the one I carried and the moment her hands touched it HE spoke to her. “I will explain,” HE said, and she was filled with joy to be able to HEAR for herself.

Before I left Canada Michael had given me the name of a woman in Baghdad HE said was “the best of best,” which I interpreted as being of very high CALLING. HE said she had a friend HE wanted me to meet but HE did not give the friend’s name. With HIS guidance I located her easily. I asked her if she HEARD directions for the work she was doing and she admitted she was “guided.” She did not understand the source nor the reasons and I was sent to explain. She invited me to church to meet a friend whom she declared to be “a mystic like yourself.” Her friend was a Catholic Sister whose functions were somewhat like my own in healing and she understood her GUIDES were the CHRIST and HIS MOTHER. We had worked together in other incarnations IN HIS NAME and HE was bringing us together again.

The Negative Space Leader in one incarnation long ago was known as Baal. There were many well-trained laborers in Baghdad who were being urged to destroy me. My situation became so difficult that CHRIST appeared to me saying “very dangerous, very, very dangerous.” HE seemed much concerned and influenced an English girl who worked at the British Embassy to invite me to stay with her as a guest. This arranged it so I would not be in the Hotels where the negative ones would expect to find me.

From Baghdad I was sent to the GAZA troubles in Egypt where I found my work very difficult with reincarnate evil ones on my heels. Hates and fears were running high and I went to Alexandria where I wrote an expose of negative activities in the East. You will find an account of the experience in my Booklet HOW THINKING DETERMINES PROTECTION IN THIS AGE.

I was standing by the door of a Hotel in Alexandria talking with a college professor when a young man came rushing out the door. I recognized him as having been a doctor in a past incarnation. I asked the professor to do something to help me meet him because I saw at once that he was another of the Chosen Ones. He was amazed at what I had to say and exclaimed, “Lady, you are changing my whole life. In my spare time I have been serving as a doctor in the community in which I live. I have never had any training but everything seems quite natural for me.” He explained that he was afraid that he might make a mistake and give the wrong shots in emergencies. He said he always prayed first and had never made a mistake. He did not know of ANGEL GUIDES or reincarnation but his experiences made his acceptance immediate. This was an older soul functioning somewhat from memory.

I returned to Cairo and tried again to help with the Gaza Strip troubles but provocations were too demanding on the attention of those whom I wished to see. I was unable to see President Nasser to give messages which could have helped a great deal. Before I finished my work in Cairo I was CALLED to “go to Port Said today.” When I arrived at the bus station I saw the reason. Another Chosen One was boarding the bus. I saw the mark of CHRIST in her forehead and my GUIDE told me I was right. I took a seat beside her and started a conversation at once. She said she had no idea why she was going to Port Said because she had no business there. I asked her if she HEARD directions and she admitted that was the reason for the trip. She told me how she had been instructed to give programs for raising money for charitable work. She was a dancing teacher and said directions for dressing the children were given in detail and the programs had amazing results. As we visited a man came forward from the back of the bus. He said he thought he had met me before and asked if the lady would exchange seats with him when we had finished our conversation. He was a doctor and was very interested in Divine Healing. I explained how ALLAH works through personalities who understand Divine Attunement and can HEAR directions. I prayed for his healing from a sympathetic ailment he had taken from his patients. He lacked the understanding of the principles of healing on the various planes and how to protect himself. I prayed for him to be USED as a healing agent to help others as I do. My prayers were answered and another pure soul began functioning IN HIS NAME. The next year when I returned to Cairo he was very pleased because of the wonderful work he was able to do. He told me how a man with cancer was healed while lying on a couch in his office waiting for him. He had been relieving patients of kidney stones and had a bottle full of them to prove it. One of his patients had been healed the year before while sitting in the waiting room across from me. Her eyes were opened and she saw one of my past incarnations. She said the HOLY MOTHER had told her on the “inner” that she would be healed when she met a certain lady and she felt I was the lady.

Another prominent physician in Cairo heard of me and came to ask for a healing for his broken body and the transference of healing powers to himself. I found conditions present in his mind which would have necessitated my breaking principles of Divine Healing if I granted his desire. Mental attitudes and karmas play a large role in healings and have much to do with how a case should be handled. There is a great field for physicians and meta-physicians yet to explore. There are four planes of healing and it takes much wisdom and understanding to determine the level for each patient. Healers would do well to have this information. “Study to show yourselves approved” of becoming students of a Space Master and you will be given through wisdom the powers you are found worthy to channel. The poor fellow had the faith but without the understanding he would have had “a worse thing come upon him,” and there would have been karmas for having departed from principles of Divine Healing. He insisted that Jesus healed everyone who came to Him and we had a hot round of discussion for several hours. I insisted that I was bound to follow Divine Healing Principles and would no more think of departing from Divine Healing ethics than he would think of breaking rules of Medical Science which governed his activities. Space Men have access to Akashic records of the “book of past lives) of the soul and make this information available to physicians who learn to work under them. Healers will be able to help more patients when they are in possession of these facts. JESUS said, “This cometh not out without much prayer and fasting.” Reason grants that one chosen for healing activities must have done his fasting from evil in order to have been chosen. We find some patients who must learn to fast from their impure thinking before they are ready for a healing.

My Guides directed a Catholic boy to me so I could explain his experiences to him. He had been HEARING “inner” instructions and he tried to tell the priest who touched his head and said, “You had better watch it, George.” I explained he should be careful about talking because this is hard to understand until it becomes the experience of another. George was told to go to the Pyramid with me and pray. Michael and Gabriel “appeared” to him and said, “go home and take a bath, pray and we will come and talk with you.” I explained that “take a bath” meant to clean out his consciousness, but a physical bath would serve as an outward sign of the inner grace of obedience and cleanliness. The next time I saw George he said the Angels told him he had been in the world before. He had been a very good teacher of the Bible and was chosen to come back to help. They said They would explain his mission at a later date when he would be CALLED to give up his work in the bank and travel. They have continued their instruction so George will be prepared when the CALL comes. Several of George’s family had been CALLED also. His aunt managed a hospital and she told of miracles when she called upon the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. She explained atrocities she knew were forced upon people by the negative operators who had troubled her at times. There is considerable I wish to say on this subject but it seems wise to wait for unfoldment of understandings. George’s aunt was interested in healing for a fourteen-year-old boy who had cancer of the leg. The doctors had declared that an amputation was necessary to save the boy and the father had been resisting everyone who talked about it. The mother was frantic because he would not let me see the child. Michael and Gabriel helped me with the case by “appearing” to the boy to ask him to tell his father to take him to the hospital for an operation. They advanced the comforting thought that They would stand by to effect a healing at that level. Because the parents were unrighteous people it was not possible to do right by this case in awarding a higher plane of healing. George’s aunt was very disappointed that I did not come personally to the hospital to attend the boy. He did not understand “I of myself do nothing,” as Jesus stated.

The next case was a little boy who had suffered a severe shock four years before and had not been able to sleep since. The account was in the papers and the child had been taken to the hospital in a very bad condition. His heart was too weak for him to be given drugs. I asked his father to take me to the hospital and allow me to pray for him. He was ten years old but did not look more than five. We prayed together and the father thanked ALLAH when I said the child would be all right now. The next time I visited him the boy was reported sleeping normally.

I was directed to a lovely Catholic girl who worked at the switchboard at the hotel where I was registered. “I do things for her,” the Master said. She had been dismissed from teaching in a Catholic school because they did not understand her unusual experiences. To comfort her CHRIST had APPEARED in the sacred Heart Church at Heilopolis. I explained that this is the common experience of the Chosen Ones. This is why Theosophical teachings state, “When the student is ready the Master appears.” The girl’s name was Victoria and the Master told her HE liked her name because HIS name had once been VICTOR. She had never heard of reincarnation and could not understand what HE was talking about. It did not make sense to others she knew. I had to be careful in talking to her lest there arise some misunderstandings. The Angels took over by explaining whom I had been before and told of my mission this time. Reincarnation seemed to frighten her and she declared what They explained to her about me was almost too fantastic to believe.

A newswoman heard reporters talking about me and she rushed to my hotel to say she had been watching for me ever since THE MOTHER had told her on the “inner” that I would come to Egypt sometime. My Teachers change my face at times to introduce me to people with whom I have worked in other incarnations. My oppressors had tried to kill the proofs of whom I had been in order to make the claims for their Leader. I was declared a hypnotist and the deceived were told not to look at me. I countered this with invitations for anyone to take pictures of the changes because a camera cannot be hypnotized. These changes are from the Akashic record of past lives. Nothing is ever lost in Divine Mind and the truth can be SEEN under certain conditions. There are fraudulent clairvoyants charging high prices to tell people they are the reincarnation of some martyr of the past. I once found a man in California who was living the illusion that he was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky because some racketeer in New York had told him so. I told him how the present Mrs. Blavatsky was reported to change to prove her Akashic identity. I asked him to change to show me and he became very confused.

The last time I was in Cairo a reporter came to interview me who said that he did not believe a word of what I told him. He said if I wanted to prove myself I could heal his small child who was ill. I asked him to go home and pray earnestly to be told if I was a hoax or not, and he would be given the answer. I left the rest to my Guardian Angels. The next morning he called to say that the child was well and many phenomenal things had taken place to make him understand. He wanted to see me as soon as possible and talk it over.

I noticed a young girl on a bus whose family proved to be more of the Chosen Ones. The Angels told her that we had been related in past incarnations. One day when I entered the office where she worked she was amazed at the greeting in Arabic she claimed I gave her. My Guardian Angel had spoken for me. Her father and Mother took instructions in Divine Attunement while I was there and both were doing quite well when I left. One day Michael told the father that he would be sent to Saudi Arabia. ‘How can I go when I have a family here to support?” he asked me. My reply was, “If HE told you that you are going, something will bring it about.” I understand he was sent to Saudi Arabia with expenses paid shortly after that. In their family was a baby who had hiccoughed since birth and was hardly able to eat. I held him and prayed a few minutes, gave them a small heart which opened to show a picture of Mary and The Child, and that was the last of his troubles.

From Egypt I returned to Rome in hopes of meeting the Missionary whom Michael had chosen to help me with my work there. There was no word from her nor any answers to my letters and telegrams so I was sent to Tripoli, Libya, Africa where my Guides had something for me to do. First I was to find a Chosen One working in an Embassy. As soon as we met the young woman spoke the name of one of my past incarnations and asked me if she was right. I told her there was a reason why I never answer and I knew she would understand. She pulled out her desk writing board and showed me her pledge fastened to it with scotch tape. She had promised to go any place in the world to work for Peace. She had been inclosing olive leaves in peace letters.

Later I was directed to an American Army Officer’s wife to explain something she could not understand. She had never been in Tripoli before and wanted to know why she knew her way around as if she had lived there all her life. She could locate anything in the old ruins anyone wished to find. I asked her if she had thought of reincarnation. She accepted the idea as the only reasonable answer. Hers was a form of memory which is keener in older and more developed souls.

I discovered subversive activities which should be reported to the Holy Father in Rome, and to the U. S. Government. Negatives censuring mail made it dangerous to report something which was building up to a disastrous proportion. I promised to make the reports but it is now almost three years and it has been impossible to put the information in the proper hands.

From Tripoli I was sent to Nice, France. When I arrived I found the party I went to see had left for Madrid. I tried to get reservations back to Rome but the heavy tourist travel made reservations on short notice impossible. I went to a Hotel to pray, leaving my name so they could call me for the cancellation I had learned to expect when it was right. The next morning I was promised a seat for the six o’clock flight in the evening. At noon my Guide told me to check in at the Airlines terminal. To mortal sense it looked foolish to check in six hours before, but I was obedient. “Walk down the street,” I was directed after checking my suitcase. “Turn here and keep going.” I continued until my attention was called to a symbol on the sill of a store window. I stopped to ponder the idea and the keeper came out in a few minutes. He said, “I knew all morning that you were coming.” We talked the language of Divine understanding and he told me there were about twenty more of the Chosen Ones who had found each other there. We were so busy talking that the noon hour passed and he missed his lunch. I went out to buy something for him to eat. As I walked along the street I saw a small colored girl with her parents. I could see at once this was another of HIS loved ones. I prayed for something to take place to make it possible for me to meet her parents. When I returned with the lunch they were in the store. The young man introduced us and we found mutual understanding. They were from England and our Guides had brought us together.

Returning to Rome I made several more efforts to see the Pope but was unsuccessful. The Missionary was still missing and my telegrams were unanswered. I had visited only nine countries and there were many more on my list. I was running short of funds and no answer came from my family or friends to whom I had written or wired. In desperation I contacted my banker by wire and discovered that something was wrong. My Teacher said, “A dire problem for you to solve,” and I was forced to return to try to put things straight.

I went to my home in Idaho and found my family very embarrassed by the insane-sounding letters. The Evil One had sent laborers to my home town and more recruits were found there who were bribed to smear me. One young woman was promised enough power to level the city. She possessed extra-sensory perceptions and was highly emotional. Because of poor morals it was easy for the Negative One to channel black magic through her and she enjoyed the phenomena. She helped with the smears which made it impossible for me to remain at home. I was not wanted anywhere except by officers of the law who had been advised to pick me up for mental treatments. Because of the accusations against me my husband was afraid the aggressors would try to sue him for money he was inheriting. He asked me to protect the family by giving him a divorce until I could get them off my trail. In full faith that I was protecting my family I signed the divorce.

There were more troubles in Canada where the physical manifestation of the Master “M” resided at the time. My property was being molested and the one to whom I had entrusted power of attorney had been turned against me. She had been HEARING deceptive “inner” messages and the “voice” had convinced her it was “the Lord.” She had played money I had borrowed for the trip into the hands of the Negative One without knowing it and nothing I could say or do would convince her that she was hearing from the wrong source. Canada had been struck hard by negative activities and many needed understanding in order to get out of the snares. I started helping any who would listen. Business people had lost thousand of dollars, organizations were being devastated, churches invaded, homes, hearts and pocketbooks were being broken and the Positive Space Men were calling for help from GOD.

One business man came to me stating that he was making $11,000 a month and had a great desire to use his money for GOD’S work. He said that he had been jumping out of the frying pan of one organization into the fire of another for so long that he could not take any more. He said he heard that I knew the truth and asked “just what is the TRUTH?” I replied, “The TRUTH is not for sale, it isn’t the TRUTH if it is, and that IS the TRUTH. When you are ready for the TRUTH HE will give it to you.” Just at that moment CHRIST started speaking to him. He closed his eyes and listened, saying ‘I didn’t know there was anything like this.” I asked him to open his eyes and he saw THE MASTER. Presently he received a “message” from an unknown source telling him to leave my house at once. Earlier in the evening he had been “caused” to have a wreck because the Negatives were trying to prevent him from coming to me. They had been working on him for his money and property and were afraid I would spoil their plans. It was their Leader who had sent him the telepathic message. He left declaring that he was on a deal to help with chain hospitals. I tried to tell him of the danger because all organizations were being plundered. He refused to listen and insisted the people he was working with at the time were all right. Mental forces were being played upon him and he began acting like he was insane. He was soon bankrupt, hypnotized and in a position where nobody would have listened if he had dared try tell what had happened to him. It is known to be a fact that few people live who might talk after they have become victims. All victims were forced to take an oath of “silence in fear of death.” In all nations negatively-trained laborers were being dispatched to work in investment companies, banks, schools and other places people who have money might be located.

An elderly oil and uranium man had suffered a stroke which resulted in blindness. He sent for me to come to his office. I preferred attending the Sunday School class he taught. When I asked him what he would do with his eyesight if it was restored, he told of his plans to build a new Baptist church and of charitable work for a missionary he was interested in helping. “If God’s work is your desire you have a right to a healing,” I told him. The next week I returned to hear him tell his class that he could read the finest print at the bottom of the Sunday School lesson and that his doctor was amazed at his recovery.

As usual the Deceiver was on my trail. The oil man was contacted and told that his healing had come through their Leader and they set about to work on him for his money. He was shocked when he heard the smears they told about me and he died very suddenly. The culprit lost her own eyesight and many other karmas came her way.

There were more “wars in heaven,” victims of atrocities everywhere. Families had been separated and children taken away to so-called religious school to be trained for negative activities in the future. Money was being forced out of people in a clever manner that no law could touch. I had been impressed with the fact that the Negative Space Leader was very powerful and that silence was necessary for the protection of my family, therefore I did not try to talk except to my husband and he was influenced so he refused to listen. Wise Men of today were crying to GOD for relief because there was no hope for help from any other source. These things were so concealed that law officials knew nothing about them and there were no laws to cover the crimes if they did.

It was October 1955 when GOD responded by taking the cosmic power from the Master called “M” for one thousand years as the Bible promised. After that time the only power he had left was generated by “one-third the stars of heaven, pulled by the tail of the great dragon,” or one-third of the reincarnate Chosen Ones who had been deceived into serving the wrong Master. Few ever dreamed that one of the Masters was the Great Deceiver or stopped to reason that one of them was Lucifer.

After the cosmic power was removed the rackets in Canada began to be uncovered and many who had lost large sums were trying to recover their losses. The Negative Leader and best trained workers fled from Canada, hoping to take refuge in Adyar, India where it was reported the Annie Besant home was being remodeled at a cost of $10,000 to receive them. I tried to warn Theosophists but I had been so smeared that there was little hope anybody would listen.

Without the necessary power to maintain a high vibratory body in this dimension the Culprit passed away early in 1956. The right to work on other planes had been taken and the deceased was limited to the lower astral plane. Troubles increased among mediums who found it almost impossible to determine which messages were Positive and which Negative. More “wars in heaven,” and more turmoil below were caused every time the Space Men (Angels) tried to bring THE CHILD. Deceptions were great and blockades were put in the way of HIS coming. I tried everywhere I went to organize recruits to meet the emergencies and arrange the unity necessary to make the release of THE CHILD possible. INNER deceptive messages were still disrupting and causing confusions.

Finally I pulled my small house trailer to my birthplace at Idaho City, Idaho, and parked under the pine trees to pray for relief. It was the summer of 1956 and the Suez troubles began. My Teachers advised me of the urgency of going to Egypt for Them and arranged for me to borrow more money to make the trip.

Arriving in Cairo I went immediately to the Intelligence department and told them there were subversives in Egypt who were working to bring about a world war. They said they would have caught them if there were. The influence was so strong I was unable to see President Nasser personally as I was instructed. A powerful black magician had been put on my trail. It was with much difficulty I worked for two and one-half months before the Suez “blow” to give messages that could have saved the situation. It was two weeks before that Michael told me HE thought it was too late but I should keep trying anyway. “You must burn the candle at both ends and split the ends or the poor and the weak will shine in the heavens,” HE told me.

I increased my efforts and the shooting began when I was still frantically trying to see their president. I had known for two months of the planned “sneak” attack but I had never dreamed that it could materialize before I could give the message to Nasser. The papers stated that thirty-two subversives had been rounded up and when I left I had the names of the three worst on the East but I couldn’t get in to the right people to give the information. At the same time the best helpers of the negative one were working in Egypt trying to prove the claims of negatives for things of the past which Egypt is holding for the return of some of their Leaders. The one making the claims was in many lives a great devastator who raised flags with his symbols on them in countries he plundered. Even on the evacuee boat I tried to give informations concerning some who were coming to America because they were fortunate enough to have American passports. I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it.

With the Negative Space Leader’s cosmic power removed, and many of the laborers being caught it was quite impossible for the trouble to amount to a world war. My Teacher told me it would not last a month. When I tried to tell them at the passport office as I checked out, they would not believe me. Our president had requested Americans without official business to leave Egypt. I left reluctantly because I knew I could help more than anyone if they would listen to the messages THE ANGELS were giving to me. GOD loves Egypt very much because they are a peace-loving and praying nation.

Arriving at Naples my Guides directed me to slip away from the group and rush around Teheran, Iran, where I arrived in time for the Peace Conference. I had vital informations for the protection of the Middle East which I was told I must deliver personally to the Shah. I found the negative influence stronger than the year before. After trying in vain for one month I headed to Turkey to try for the third time to give other informations which were needed there. In Turkey I failed again, and from there I went to Rome for the sixth time to try again for an audience with the Pope. Failing there I decided to try once more to see our President.

Crossing the ocean in December is frequently quite rough. It was night and we were all asleep. The winds were so strong it became necessary to go by way of Greenland to refuel. My Teacher awakened me gently saying that we would land on an island within an hour and I was to tell the crew that something was wrong with a left motor next to the body of a Pan American plane. The crew was amazed that I knew of their forced detour and admitted that they would be landing within an hour as I had been told.

Because I was not sure if it was our plane or another, they inspected other planes also. Something was found wrong with the left motor of a B. O. A. C. and they tried to convince me this was it. I insisted it was a Pan American. I stayed at the airport hotel to pray for all other planes out that wild night. During the night a Pan American plane arrived and my Guides told me this was the plane. I was to tell the passengers if the crew decided to go on. I was not allowed to see the passengers and the plane was leaving. I prayed that something would happen before they got into the air. The plane was banking when the oil-line broke and it was forced to return. Investigations proved that this plane had a left motor failing. Another plane was flown in to bring us to New York.

A second trip to Washington D. C., and I failed again to get an audience with our President. I made one more attempt to go home but the influence made it impossible to stay. I made two trips to the West Coast trying to help the cults and creeds trapped in deceptions. Finally I returned to Boulder, Colorado, to try again for recruits. There are MARKED places of special Cosmic interest and Boulder is one of them where GOD would give THE CHILD if there is enough organization to make that possible. Again all organization failed because those who could HEAR were receiving ill-advised messages which caused misunderstandings among them.

While searching for Chosen Ones in Colorado I was directed to a church convention in Denver where it was customary to give readings from Spirits of departed relatives hovering close on the astral plane. The MASTER told me to tell them HE wanted to speak. They declared they did not believe in such things and their program was full anyway. “No time to listen to the MASTER,” I said and quietly took a seat to see what my Guides would do about it. In a few minutes a clairvoyant saw THE CHILD beside me and asked if I had a child in the spirit world. Sitting at the banquet supper a visiting minister asked me about the man he saw with the beard standing behind me. I replied, “HE is the ONE who sent me here tonight.” He was of the opinion this must be a dead relative materializing. His wife corrected him by saying, “HE is CHRIST.” During the main lecture CHRIST “appeared” first on one side of the speaker and then on the other as if waiting to speak. Finally a clairvoyant who could see HIM asked the speaker about the man on the pulpit with him. “HE is my Teacher” was his reply and I knew he was another of the Wise Men of today.

While in Boulder I gave instructions in Divine Attunement to some of those who had been CALLED. One college student was chosen to record physics not of this plane. Michael told him that this would be needed later. He also recorded instructions on other subjects from Gabriel and Raphael. Other students received various informations on different subjects. “To each shall be given,” it is my great desire to train more to be channels for some of GOD’S wisdom. It does not matter what cult or creed one belongs, but the purity of heart and desire to serve GOD is all that counts.

I left Boulder for Washington, D. C., a few weeks before the trouble in Syria. I had been trying for a year to deliver the secret of the Russian plan to wedge through Syria to the Middle East. I was informed that something was about to take place and I was to make another effort to see our President. I was in Washington still trying when Syria was taken over by communist control. I then went to New York and sent President Nasser some informations concerning more dangers to the Middle East and he rushed troops to guard Syria. Noting the misunderstanding of others, who were critical of his actions, I made great effort to explain at the various Embassies. It seemed that it was not understood that Nasser sent troops only to guard against disaster to the Middle East.

New York is another of the MARKED places where HIS coming would be possible if there were enough help. I started an intense search for more Chosen Ones, again hoping that I might be able to establish the necessary conditions for HIS reception. I gave a talk about A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM one evening at the Little Congress of Healers. Their violinist played the Rosary and the sweet high-pitched voice of a little child sang the accompaniment. Some thought the violinist very clever but the violinist himself was trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. I explained that THE CHILD did this to prove the truth of my words that HE would come as A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM.

It was October 1957 and preparations had been made by the Wise Men to receive HIM on top of the Empire State Building where they watched at times for weeks. They were off guard a few hours when the CALL came to go to the building. First there was a large light and presently there were two in the skies. When the second one appeared something took place and again THE LITTLE MAN FROM OUTER SPACE failed to COME.

 The Wise Men knew what had happened. After a big battle in April on higher planes when THE CHILD tried to COME, a truce had been drawn and someone offered to martyr the cause by promising to produce a much-needed body for the NEGATIVELY EXISTENT ONE as ancient books call the Negative Space Master. Something had to be done to get him off the astral plane where he was using the advantage to cause much trouble. In return for the body the truce called for him to discontinue negations. No sooner had the pregnancy been arranged than the truce was broken by his helpers who began to work to prevent the coming of the CHRIST CHILD until the new body for their Leader was ready for his possession. They were instructed to claim that he was John the Baptist who is seen in many pictures with the Christ Child. Positive Space Masters (Angels) who have charge over world affairs, prevented the deception by changing Their plans for HIS coming. Third degree esoterics will be able to understand the SHINE Lucifer planned by this deception.

While in New York I found the headquarters for the “M” influence and discovered that the deceived in charge were proud to admit being students of “M” and had the usual illusion that it was a great honor.

After the failure to receive THE CHILD in New York, I was dispatched again to work in Boulder, Colorado, for HIS coming. These Booklets are intended to give a clear picture of the situation in hopes that there will be a response which will bring about something REAL in the way of A PLACE TO LAY HIS HEAD, and some organization to reflect the plan which GOD will accept as reason for HIM to release THE CHILD who is spoken of in Revelations. 

Wise Men were watching on top of the Empire State’s Building in New York and a powerful prayer had been uttered. The following recording embodies essences of the returns from “above.”

Final approval await GOD’S HOLY HOUR

Heaven-sent blessings on earth will HE shower

Confronting mental battles of those of desires

Comes earthly struggles with hell’s many fires

GOD’S Love and Wisdom grants power for release

Beating swords and staves to plowshares for peace

Done will be battles of strafing the Staves

Tossed and tormented by hair-splitting shaves.

Gone will be days of Eve’s “inner” deceptions

Come will be times of better receptions

Peace as in Heaven even so now on earth

Veils raised, HIS loved Ones see Cosmic Worth

Sun-warmed, Joy-filled hearts, cares faded away

Give now, Oh, FATHER the CHILD’S Holy Day

Sing we rejoicing, Gabriel’s horn to the blowing

GOD’S Love unfurls Cosmic Scenes to the showing

Arise Ye White Robes not longer bowed in disgraces

Each a Great Star, shine out in your places

Risen in glory in spite of serpent-heeling tormentors

Each of you risen to make them relentors

Thus has HE spoken, and this has HE done

 That all be united with HIM and with “ONE.”



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                       Frances F. Sande

Interdenominational Divine Order