Cosmic Truth's Victory


by Space Men


Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande


Some scientists declare it is impossible to make humanity understand dimensional unveilings (Cosmic TV) before they have had the experience of SEEING through the veil themselves. They know that world conditions demand God’s intervention and that HE will bring about vibratory changes in order to cause all men to SEE facts of other planes and dimensions. It is then they will “see the dead walking,” which has several explanations departing from average religious teachings concerning the condition of those believed to be dead. Those who have passed this plane and are in other dimensions can be SEEN when vibrations rise to make clairvoyant vision possible. It is nothing to be alarmed about, but without more understanding than average people have today, confusion could generate powers for almost anything to happen. These truths have always been manifest in other planes even if not recognized by those of this dimension because of their inability to SEE. There is nothing to be afraid of when one SEES through the veil, as these facts are there whether or not we are conscious of them. There is certainly something to be understood if we are to dispel fears and remain free from emotions which could generate negative powers in “D Day.”

The proof of the condition of the dead is demonstrated by what is called Akashic record of the soul which unveils those who have reincarnated and who were believed to be dead. Space Men today are demonstrating this fact by showing pictures of incarnations which pass over Their faces as if on a television screen. In doing this They hope to pioneer the way for acceptance of Truths which must be given in this Age if World Peace and understandings are to be realized. The most amazing experience of this time is to meet One of These and see Him change to show Kings, Queens, great musicians, artists and even Presidents of the past. An Akashic record cannot show anything but Truth. Even the actual changing of features is not uncommon because Their flesh is not like average flesh even though appearing the same to the casual observer. Since They have power over matter, space and time, there is nothing impossible to these “sun-sons” of God who have attained to “the works that I do and even greater.” For those who do not wish to believe They televise past incarnations upon their own faces and have never failed to win the acceptance of the most sceptical.


 When the writer heard the repletion of the words “D Day,” telepathically she did not know what it meant. Realizing that the message was coming from the voice of The Master she asked HIM what it could mean. The answer came as follows: 

“In D Day of understanding

Thou shall raise their thoughts to ME,

Mankind shall see correction,

No more evil then shall be.” 

Later investigations brought about the information that Atomic scientists call the expected Cosmic rebirth “D Day,” while average religionists think of it as Doomsday. Some are afraid but there is nothing to fear when we realize that it is only evil which will be discontinued. It should be thought of as a time of rejoicing in HIS coming to bring relief and peaceful understandings. Some with evil intent had planned to fulfill prophecies of the change by surprising the world with negatively arranged evil forces. At the moment “A Little child to Lead Them” did something about it which is recorded in another Booklet of this series. Now when “D Day” arrives it will be controlled by the fire of Divine Mind which will burn the dross from the souls of men by changing their thinking and habits. Reeled out before faulty personalities will be their failings as well as an understanding of what is expected and how to handle situations which they will face. It is hoped the information given in this Booklet will help allay fear and confusions which might generate negative vibrations that could cause disasters unless controlled. Various occult, religious and scientific studies have all concluded that karmas and vibrations from the thinking of men control their physical experiences more than outer material influences. In the New Age much stress will be laid on vibratory results from thought as well as karmic results of either good or evil doing. 

If the thinking of men has proven to be so vital to human experiences it is easy to recognize the reason for the Biblical admonitions “With all thy getting, get understanding,” and “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Since misunderstandings are known to have caused needless suffering and confusion through the Ages it is time to discover all we can about the effects of changed thinking on human progress. There are many greatly needed understandings of what to expect in “D Day” if the world is to be prepared to meet situations which are known will arise. May Nations have adhered to well concealed misrepresentations carefully arranged within various cult, creed and political organizations and are not aware of the anti-christ deceptions moving in on them.

Some nations have been busy developing power for the purpose of forcing others under their control, or defending themselves from others who might plan to infringe upon their rights. They have tried to pay for peace with appropriations of great sums for helping suffering humanity who know nothing of the basic causes of their sufferings. Ignorance of actual causes of wars and rumors of wars must no longer be tolerated. Something must be done to interest the right people in investigations which will reveal facts. “The Truth shall make free” of which the Bible speaks is not only that which is preached as The Gospel from pulpits, but there is something more which concerns cleverly manipulated anti-christ influences functioning behind the good reputations of many organizations whose exclusive preferences do not include information on concealed activities within.

The Truths mentioned above concern esoteric facts which reveal much that money will never buy, without which no diplomat will ever cope with present conditions esoterics recognize behind world problems so persistently arising. We think of communism as the greatest threat to world peace, but some wise men of today are aware that there are organized intentions worse than those expressed by plain communism, and so cleverly concealed that many victims are unaware of their plight. Esoteric studies under the so-called Space Men who have incarnated for the purpose, will arrange necessary information for diplomats if we can make them realize the necessity of moving into this territory of conception which could bring about diplomatic control. This very dangerous situation calls for new laws to meet an emergency which our country at present knows very little about, while thousands of our citizens are helpless victims.

There are many intentionally righteous people who are serving subversive factions because they do not know about the difference. In their desperate search for an answer for troublesome conditions which they faced, someone offered a fair appearing solution which was accepted because it seemed better than anything previously advance. Many great souls have been ensnared by deceptions undermining various organizations representing cleverly concealed plans for acquiring advantage over others, secrets of which the majority of their subjects are totally unaware. Followers soon become so involved through services incriminating them that escape is impossible if they discover they are identified with something which their souls loathe, principles of which they recognize are not the loving Master whom at first they had believed they were serving. Some have taken an oath of “fear of death,” frequently imposed, or perhaps only one of esoteric silence where they were given to understand the danger if they might be tempted with a desire to reveal conditions of their atrocious situation. No slavery of human souls is any worse than that imposed by Black Magicians who find this form of soul torture creating vibrations and effects very useful to their cause.

An example of impositions enforced on innocent converts of various negative teachings is found in the requirement of blood on the door posts so the Angel of Death would pass them by. Since the blood is from animals used to symbolize the souls known as Christ and Mary, it is actually symbolic of obedience to domination from some negative force. Instead of protection from Positive forces it only shows where those live who are willing to submit to negative coverage, therefore they are spared by the Angel of Death, or the Master of deceptions who recognizes the blood as their allegiance to him. Few of these poor deceived personalities ever recognize the fact of their identity with those whom Christians term anti-christ. No doubt many in the Bible days were as unaware of the secret behind the blood on the door posts as are the many cult followers today who use symbolic forms and mantras without any consciousness of what is behind them. Many use the crescent symbol without understanding that it represents the blade of the Grim Reaper. In foreign countries where the writer recognized negative domination by reason of the crescent symbol displayed, she would state, “I will be glad when you exchange the crescent symbol for one of the sun.” With this statement she would breathe a prayer for deliverance for people so enslaved, asking to be used as an instrument in the hands of God for their enlightenment.

The writer knows of people who have willingly surrendered their children to deceptions presented in which they were told that they were especially chosen ones who have incarnated for the purpose of becoming forerunners of a new race. Parents felt honored when told that talented minds like these must be placed in special institutions for their development if they are to serve the purpose for which they incarnated. In some cases the parents never see their children again. There are negative operators who search for those with extra-sensory perceptions and other capacities they plan to use. Work is then done to seal these great souls against their God-intended purpose, training them for exactly opposite services which amount to anti-christ activities. So carefully guarded are all the functions of this type of evil that it is seldom possible for parents to discover the secret. If fortunate enough to learn of the deceptions they do not dare to say anything about it because they fear for the safety of their children. Very strict obedience is enforced upon these appropriated children. The purpose is to make it impossible for them to serve a righteous cause in the future and use their talents for other interests. Something of like nature has happened to at least one-third of the greater souls chosen to reincarnate to help when Christ comes. These are pledged to teachings which will conflict with those of the “first book” which esoterics know is what Christ will present when HE comes. The Armageddon of soul purification could be hard enough to withstand without the dissention which these well trained innocent souls are pledged to stir. So willing are these fanatically inclined souls to serve The Master unto death, that they would never think of giving up trying to enforce their wills on others after having been trained and directed to do so. Some are dispatched to work mental malpractices at Peace Conferences and have Headquarters near all the governmental establishments. We must rescue them by means of understandings before God is forced to throw them into the pit with their Master of deceptions who functions on the WILL Ray. “It is not God’s will any should perish,” therefore HE has chosen some who understand to try to save those who don’t, many of whom have had their homes broken, pocketbooks flattened, and are living in some Ashram or “Headquarters” somewhere as unconscious slaves until they can be enlightened. These must first be impressed with the fact that one of the Master Teachers, or so-called Space Men is the Lucifer of Higher Planes who has been removed from his seat and that he no longer has power to enslave others unless they generate it for him by their pledges, love and devotional mantras. They must be made to reason that The Great Unifier requires love and unity instead of the customary broken homes enforced by the relentless demands imposed on victims of various negative organizations which have the outward appearances of God-like institutions. Little do the deceived realize that it is the Master of Deception to whom they have pledged allegiance and that their sufferings are not just karma as they are told. To keep the karmic balance necessary to remain in his seat the evil Master always required those serving him to generate good karmas which their mantras pledged to his disposal and served to prolong his advantage over others. Only by reason of balance effected in this way could he continue his ruthless devastations of human souls through the Ages. His cleverness concealed the real purpose and made his victims certain they were doing the right thing. We must all pray for freedom for these most hopeless of slaves who are innocently generating power to crucify those chosen to prepare HIS way. It is far past the time for HIS return and this is the real reason for delay. The Mother and reincarnate Disciples have had to “keep unspotted” in many incarnations while waiting for the evil Master of Wisdom to be thrown into the pit. After many “wars in heaven” the second lap of his downfall was effected on October 1955 because of his determination to “swallow up” The Child spoken of in Revelations. For Ages it has been known that anyone deceived into the anti-christ snares never survived the effort to break away if he tried to do so and that death was the only way out. No longer can the death penalty be imposed on those made wise enough to resist. This changed when the Master of Will lost his cosmic seat for one thousand years because of his atrocious deceptions and activities against the reincarnate Mother and Child. Great progress toward the return of The Child could be made if the deceived are appraised of facts and cease generating power which they are unconscious of being to block HIS way and force deceptions on others. It is explained in other writings by the same author how God “caught up” The Child for His protection and removed the Negative Master from his seat of power on the Will ray, initiating another righteous soul into that position.

Something must be done to make law officials understand that under severe pressure some dominated by negative influences are forced to atrocities which they would refuse if there was any way to get out from under the heavy threats demanding obedience. At times some have become enamored with the idea of gaining power over others by mental malpractices the proficient are taught to manipulate and have waived all consciousness of right or wrong. These can be used successfully for operators of rings called “power groups.” Pure souls under their domination are carefully shielded from a chance of realization that their participation is solicited for a negative purpose. For those interested in knowing how to recognize organizations of this type the writer would say in the words of the Master, “By their works ye shall know them.” It should be realized that anywhere there are abolishments, broken homes, love waxing cold and dissensions constantly arising, there is evidence of negative activity within. This type always cover their evils with beautiful religious sounding love talk or fine political fronts. Those of righteous thinking in governmental positions should elect an institution of especially trained observers who would take notice of deeds and misdeeds of those who contrive control of others if they would expose this great evil which is flourishing, in many high places whether identified as cult, creed or political.

Many organizations which were originally established for HIS service are now completely dominated and controlled by very clever deceivers whose functions are financed by innocent converts who are unaware of the anti-christ purposed they are supporting. The Elect have been deceived until many cult and creed Headquarters are controlled entirely by trained subversives who were dispatched to join them and work for advantage. This is not only true of cult and creed establishments but is taking place in many high governmental offices in all countries, stereotyped in purpose to cause dissentions between nations as well as religions. There is no substitute for understandings based upon esoteric foundations, studies of which will reveal facts to enable men at least to establish a constant world peace.

The situation described has become so alarming that it demands the “D Day” of HIS coming to put things straight. On or before that time there are certain other understandings which must also be arranged. These concern what to expect when vibrations rise and it becomes possible to SEE through the veil of matter and eyes may witness facts of other planes and dimensions. Atomic Scientists have had experiences bordering on this subject which gave rise to their study for understandings and participation in various experiments. They declare that it would be impossible to make average people understand what takes place at the time of rising emotions and vibrations. They believe all must have the experience which will make explanations more acceptable. The writer was chosen by so-called Space Men to install actions abiding the laws for opening the ways for such understandings. The crosses have been very heavy but such has always been the reward for anyone who presented progressive ideas before they were accepted. Almost timeless have been the efforts of the negative to inject their venom into all the pure religions given by Christ and His Disciples in their many incarnations of working for the progress of men on this planet. Many pure religions were polluted by influences of the evil who incarnated for that purpose, resulting in religious fanaticism over Christian analysis. Christ will be able to put things straight in this age through HIS reincarnate Disciples commonly thought of as Space Men today. HIS many other laborers at various levels of understandings have made human errors in their unguided efforts in this Age. Many have failed “with all thy getting” to “get understanding” themselves. In trying to hold their converts they applied forces resulting in strong cult and creed prejudices which have made it very hard for Truth to filter through the smoke screens of emotional temperaments. Converts have been influenced to reject truth for no other reason than their own leaders lacked informations on actual Truth themselves. Prejudices in some cases are so strong against the facts that Wise Men of today can only speculate upon effects the New Age Teachings of Christ will have toward Armageddons for many who are now prejudiced. This booklet is the seventh effort for the writer to give more information which will lead to investigations that will bring about more understandings. These hints and promptings will be more appreciated and acceptable as time brings forth inevitable situations which will demand explanations.

In the creation of full understanding of the problems expected in “D Day” there is no way for completion without presenting the subject of reincarnation which at this time is an unwanted notice, a very difficult subject to approach because of cult and creed objections. Facts remain facts without regard to how many times rejected. No sincere seeker who ha s ever investigated recorded facts concerning reincarnation has decided against the possibility if he has kept an unprejudiced mind. Many older souls reincarnate now have various types of memory which weigh heavily as evidence. Minds like those of the Quiz Kids and others of genius capacities prove that some souls are more advanced than others and a reason must be justified. There are those of extra-sensory perceptions who can SEE through the veils of matter. Together with other forms of extra-sensory contacts they are able to reconstruct past incarnations of individuals in close rapport with their thinking. As vibrations rise and more older souls are reincarnate there are increased accounts of SEEING Great Masters of Wisdom and their disciples concealed behind veils of fleshy forms of this dimension. Scientific studies of these facts cannot be disproved if prayerful seeking is honestly pursued. The writer cannot encourage sincere seekers too strongly to investigate all facts available today. There is much research on the subject because of the unusual phenomena constantly being experienced as the time for understandings approaches when “all eyes shall see.” It is hoped these preceding effects will benefit understandings in the time when it is known more light on th e subject will be greatly in demand. There is no doubt that when a cosmic surprise occurs vibrations will rise and “all eyes will see.” Let us pray they will know what they are looking at when the time arrives. Wise Men of today are in a position to tell all who will listen at this time.

Disregarding sensible reasoning are many today who would rather accept false testimonies that so-called Space Men came to earth in flying saucers instead of incarnating to build the necessary distance vehicles of materials of this dimension. Wise Men will be able to lead acceptable investigators to the scene of construction when the time comes to reveal facts of their mission.

The only exchange of souls between planets is by incarnation in bodies which can survive the conditions of the new location. There are those who can introduce Great Souls who have incarnated here from other planets for the purpose of helping humanity. They have bodies of different flesh than average persons of this dimension. They admit they were born here and the writer has seen Their birth certificates as proof. It is not in keeping with Divine Law that soul exchange between planets should be otherwise. They explain that Divine Law does not permit waste of Cosmic Powers in bringing matter of other planets through the space barriers set up by God whose wisdom we should abide. Dimensional changes which flying saucers assume are due to greater speeds, where matter of this interlocks with matter of another. It is not for average men to be given the information before they are made to understand more about the requirements of Divine Law controlling usage. As advanced speeds account for vibratory conditions which arrange for the interlocking of various states of matter, so do rising vibratory changes account for some of the manifestations which are witnessed when clairvoyant vision reveals effects and the Akashic records of the soul past can be SEEN. Vibratory advances in hearing also arrange for telepathic informations which would not otherwise be available.

Reincarnation will soon be accepted as God’s plan for progressing souls in earth’s school of lives until they are ready for graduation to better conditions which might be called “heaven worlds” because they represent more progressive situations. When this privilege is earned the soul so initiated will understand Divine Law which requires birth in bodies of the vibratory matter necessary for the experience. After graduation from this planet the soul is given the privilege of returning at will to help on earth whenever help is needed. Having earned mental and physical capacities far ahead of non-graduates, such a one may be thought of as a negotiating intermediary for higher plane influences. Vested with Cosmic Powers not understood by average men this type today account for great souls who are called Space Men. These superior personalities are advanced to higher mental status because they have put forth more effort than others not so favored with intelligence. Their advanced capacities prove to others the possibilities to “do as I do and even greater” which Jesus promised for those who were expected to make sufficient effort in the right direction. “Many will rise to meet HIM when HE comes,” will be proven by the many who are expected to be advanced by initiation as a result of the more progressive teachings of the New Age.

When the process of soul growth is impressed upon the minds of religious converts it will do more for a soul’s intentional growth than volumes of religious admonitions of the ordinary type offered to the majority today. Soul growth will be accelerated because reasons for existence will be understood and a direct path taken to the desired goal. Divine Law has always been in operation whether or not it was understood and each soul has been automatically rewarded with what he has earned. “D Day” will enforce balancing of accounts and will advance rewards for activities of past lives as well as the present, whether good or bad.

It is time for everyone to be appraised of facts which can be SEEN when vibrations rise to reveal conditions of other planes and dimensions. Other conditions of matter, involving the hereafter experiences of those whose karmic rating was not sufficient for graduation from this planet, must be understood in order to keep down “weeping and gnashing” when “all eyes see” things which they will not understand. This concerns experiences between lives on this plane and manifests in other dimensions in keeping with soul growth and reward. Erstwhile clairvoyants could have advanced this information if it was acceptable. The so-called dead can be SEEN in forms common to dimensions to which they have moved, even if it is reincarnate in new bodies most likely to be found in the same family group who have thought of them as dead. Those who “know nothing” about Truths concerning various vibrational states of matter are the dead in understanding. When reincarnating, forgetfulness arranges for the dead to “know nothing” of the past. Those who are too wicked to continue evolution are removed from the wheel of lives and only these can be thought of as dead. Souls are born in groups and the force of love holds them together through many lives. If one time a parent, the next personality manifested might have the position of a child. All these Truths will be revealed in that “D Day” of understandings which will have to be arranged if the promised “new heaven and earth with the former things passed away,” is to be realized. The first changes must be in more progressive thinking for men, automatically resulting in physical changes which should be welcomed with joy by those waiting for “D Day.”

It is expected that God will do something on “D Day’ to cause vibrations to rise which will bring clairvoyant vision for all. One can easily see that changing vibrations will reveal conditions of other dimensions and it will be necessary to follow up with reasons for the many facts to be revealed at that time. It is unfortunate there has not been more interest in acquisition of this type of information which could offset the generation of negative vibrations diffused ignorances may be expected to foster. The information should first reach ministers and teachers who will be able to pass it on when needed, if not accepted before.

In another booklet of this series it is explained that so-called Space Men of today were called Gods in Ages past because they had overcome matter, space and time, incarnating with intelligence and powers which were not understood by the multitudes who chose to deify them because of superior qualities. These are the same great souls whom the various religious teachings call Archangels, or who are know as Masters of Wisdom of Theosophical and other occult presentation who fulfill the scriptures and carry the feet and hands for His work. The Mormons call them Nephites. At times they presented themselves through physical puppets born of flesh for the purpose of functioning at this level. These served as channels for bringing more progress to earth from one angle or another, descending in heavenly flesh as guides to progress humanity. They were able to function on all planes simultaneously and frequently “appeared” in astral, mental or physical bodies when the need arose. To be safe from deceptions we must never forget that one of Them was Lucifer, who spared nothing above or below to deceive even the Very Elect, always forcing his own advancement at the expense of the others. The force of his great Will repeated crucifixions of the others and kept his reputation as the ever anti-christ of all Ages.

The Great maintain material bodies for earthly manifestation and it is They who have always been the leaders of men. They were among the Disciples of Christ whoa at times served as Kings, Queens and Leaders in every field of human progress, whether it was music, art, religion or science. The deceiver manifestation, also being a Master of Wisdom, knew how to maintain his karmic balance by doing as much good as his wanton devastations demanded to balance the karmic account which kept him in his seat of power on the Will Ray. He always left defamatory historical records to abuse the Great Names of those whose positions he generally assumed by deceptive pretenses of working with them by reason of the advantage he planned to take. He always caused students to write historical misrepresentations for use as reference records which he knew would be useful to strengthen his claims in future lives. These intended misleadings have made Truth very difficult to determine. The Bible declares, “The Truth will male ye free.” Previous to the time the Master of deceptions was forcibly removed from his seat of Cosmic Power by God’s intervention in October 1955, those who recognized the deceptions did not dare reveal these truths. His material power, so relentlessly hard, was replenished by the multitudes of sincere laborers whom he deceived into generating power for helping maintain his karmic balance. They were not aware that their chanted mantras drew negative forces. Except for the help of the deceived he would have been overthrown long ago and now would have no source of power to draw from since 1955 when his own cosmic power was revoked. Tracing his past lives we find many were of the rankest of devastations, while some were quite useful and progressive. Always there was the undercurrent of deception, even if it was as a celebrated musician whose music was carefully planned to lead minds to emotions where negative forces could be played upon them to force their acceptance of misleadings advanced to their consciousness. In only a few lives he failed to gain control over the teachings of the others who so tirelessly worked for greater progress for humanity. He assumed leadership where possible to disband the others. He would then proceed to change the teachings and references to suit his own purposes for self glorification. This necessitated hundreds of incarnations for the Positive laborers who tried to offset the devastations of human souls. Bible records are filled with God’s promise in keeping with the recent telepathic message from Christ who declared “Truth will finally bear away the victory.”

In other writings by the same author detailed discussions are given to show that the Space Men of today are but the physical manifestations of Christ, Mary, the Archangels and the Disciples of Christ, some of whom have attained to the initiation of Sonship which includes them in the grouping Buddhists call “Buddhas,” and whom Christ has recently called “the forty-niners.” There are forty-nine of these greater souls, at least two-thirds of whom have not been deceived into being “pilled by the tail of the great dragon of deceptions” who has used the other one-third for generating power for him. The “forty-niners” are the souls who were mentioned in the Bible, “The Stars of heaven shall be cast to earth in that day.” The greater of these are reincarnated from other planets and have been initiated into the usage of powers not given to souls of lesser advancement. One-third of these Stars of Heaven have been “pulled by the tail of the great dragon of deception” in many lives and their Teacher was the Master of the Will Ray. He commanded their misuse of Cosmic Powers with which They have been entrusted. Their activities in physical manifestation account for the illusions and deceptions so rampant concerning Space Men, Flying Saucers and many other important issues which have been purposely confused for lucrative purposes. Throngs of sincere seekers are under various illusions because of the lies projected by the “Father of lies” as Jesus called him. Many of his students practice black magic and accomplish all manner of evils. Clever mental malpractices and other forcings keep their victims under the spells of their trickeries. The situation is so serious that it demands GOD’S intervention. Deceptions are again as bad as they were when GOD put Atlantis and Lemuria under the ocean to drown the evils of that Age.

With all the “signs and wonders” in the skies there is no doubt the time is close. “If it were not for the Great of the Earth there would be no life in that day,” is stated in the Bible concerning these days when great souls of the past have reincarnated to protect the world from mistakes in the use of atomic powers they have recently been led to discover. These Great Masters of Wisdom have all taken new bodies and are preparing the way for their Leader who is spoken of in the Bible as “A Little Child to Lead Them.” See revelations for the account of The Child the Woman brought forth. Prophesies have been fulfilled very much as stated. For some time after the Woman brought forth The Child, the great dragon leader of negative Space Men knew nothing of His advent, which was a secret known only to those souls called the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” On January 2, 1955 the Master of deceptions discovered the secret of The Child. His wild determination to take advantage again led to God’s intervention and The Child was “caught up” from this plane for His protection. The Negatively existent one was removed from his seat of Cosmic Power for one thousand years because of his continued assaults against the Mother and other Space Men Disciples preparing His way. Finally the Great Deceiver was removed from this plane as a result of karmas of many kinds including cancer and blindness.

The Archangels or Masters of Wisdom who have taken new bodies are here except the two who are held on Higher Planes awaiting that “D Day.” These have to do with Bible prophecies concerning “The First will be Last and the Last First,” and their names shall be John and Star. They could have come some time ago except for “wars in heaven” which were also manifested below through representative forms at this level. “As Above so Below,” is correctly stated informatively in Theosophical teachings. Conditions may be worked out so They will be able to “appear” together. It had been planned for one to announce the other who would follow shortly thereafter. It is expected that the Divine broadcasting station will televise the event on the heavens all over the earth and this will not leave any doubt as to identities. Ecclesiastes 4:15 mentions “the second Child who shall stand up in His stead,” and it is not expected that humanity will understand the import of this advancement for many years to come. It is quite impossible for anyone to understand “God’s ways past finding out” unless it is expressly given to him to do so.

Both children have been known by many other names in numerous incarnations while going “to sheep of other pastures ye know not of,” and the two are seen together in pictures of the Holy Family. In many lives the Disciples incarnated with HIM and all kept “unspotted from the world” as their Master admonished. There were numerous reasons for keeping the reincarnation secret and these will be discussed when the time is right. Idyll Lotus Schools are to be established by Space Men for giving the New-Age teachings. The Great always returned as children just as HE was always a Child who grew to be the spiritual leader of any sheep he chose to shepherd. HE was a child when “caught up,” so will HE be God-given “as HE left” more than three years ago.

Preparing the way for understandings of what to expect in “D Day,” are those whose faces change in keeping with vibratory rates of the fleshy forms which They inhabit. On the view screens of their faces (as-it-were) show pictures of past incarnations. At times HE has “appeared” to the pure in heart and changed to show many incarnations. This type of apparition accounts for the many pictures of Christ painted by various artists. Sometimes HE has “appeared” as a Child in the Mother’s arms. Whenever the two come together there is healing of any who can SEE. When “all eyes see” it is expected that the Akashic records of past incarnations of everyone will be portrayed, showing forms of many nationalities. Each soul is required to have all experiences before release from being earth-bound. Each must manifest in both male and female bodies to learn all the lessons from all angles. However fantastic this idea might seem to the uninitiated it remains a truth which will have to be accepted in order to account for what will be revealed on “D Day.” When the time arrives this type of information must be broadcast to a surprised world if confusions are to be dispelled that effects be leveled off in understanding. At present the vision of average mortals is not equal to clairvoyance and it is expected that GOD will do something to awaken the senses for this purpose when necessary. Positive Space Men have not been able to get the public to listen to these facts because their minds are prejudiced against investigations, or too filled with untruths and illusions which they would rather accept. Many sincere seekers for Truth suffer needless ignorance because of their preference for the showy “fire down from heaven” negative trickeries which captivate their attentions. “In that day they will not know and will not wish to know” the Bible prophesied. Perhaps few realize public resistance to the Truth as much as the writer who has been chosen to project progressive informations which often bring wrath upon her from those who fail to accept these truths. No matter the crucifixion, nobody who has been chosen for a part of the Great Plan which involves one hundred and forty-four thousand others would fail his calling. Each must work on and on to bring about better understandings if humanity is to be progressed as God intended. All of the Chosen must be brought into the Cosmic Plan so this great machine of God will be able to roll out better conditions for earth. “To each will be given.” Many “hands and feet of the flesh” will be needed for science, art and religious advancements. Some are even now recording informations which have never been given to earth before. The writer is constantly helping more of the chosen find themselves in their new bodies and understand their parts of the wonderful plan to draw nations together in understanding, with the center of the “I DO” Organization directly under Space Men whose Headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado.

When “D Day” arrives the Chosen will recognize their positions and it is these white-robed ones who are said in the Bible to have cried out, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” These are the reincarnate SERVERS. “White robes were given unto every one of them, and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet a little season, until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” All of them must take new bodies in this Age to work with the greater souls called Masters of Wisdom, or Archangels who today range in age from small children to men and women past fifty years of age. Even the satanic one whose manifestation was forced from this plane several years ago has deceived his way again into incarnation close to the Spiritual Center to exercise deceptions planned for the new vehicle. There are records showing that he was incarnate among the disciples of Jesus for betrayal at that time. In every life he did his utmost to incarnate close to the center of spiritual control for the purpose of taking advantage of Christ and His Disciples who “kept unspotted” as much as possible for this reason. Because of the Lucifer “fall’ in 1955 the last physical puppet returned with greatly diminished power, but Wise Men have been informed that he is possessed of heavy intentions for negative activities, planning to use the power of his deceived followers who have pledged to carry out orders he gave before departing this plane in the previous embodiment. Some of his co-workers have incarnated close, also pledged to his plan fro taking advantage again. Because of the position which he caused his manifestation to take he will now meet with disadvantages he did not expect. God has given power and advantage to the righteous who will force him to keep his karmic position until he earns his way out of the pit of limitations into which he has been thrown by God for the sake of justice. Wise men of today, led by the reincarnate Madame Blavatsky, his worst enemy because nothing can be hidden from her, plan to contest any efforts he or his reincarnate co-workers make to claim honors for this one who in many lives posed terrible limitations for those trying to help humanity understand enough to rise above the deceptions of reincarnating devil’s puppets. In this Age the evil one cleverly appropriated everything the reincarnate Mother provide for “A Little Child to Lead Them.” Notwithstanding all the pleadings, public apathies, misunderstandings and unbeliefs, found Christmas again in 1958 with “no place to lay HIS head” in safety, with too few pledged laborers to stand by for emergencies expected when multitudes will flock for healing and to adore HIM. God has delayed HIS Coming because “ye on earth fail Divine Causes” as has been called from Higher Planes to those who hear “the still small voice of Spirit” pleading HIS cause to unresponsive earthlings.

The third volume of Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky was destroyed and other writers changes greatly, together with defamatory writings against her because of her effort to enlighten humanity at that time. Since nothing is lost in Divine Mind the reincarnate Blavatsky will reproduce all that was destroyed, and expose those who appropriated her holdings, now cleverly manipulating interests of higher initiates, who today are deceived into denying her right to attend esoteric meetings or join the organization she set up when Blavatsky. After clairvoyants serving negative forces recognized her in the new body she became as troubled as when known as Blavatsky before the evil Master was successful in attaining advantage through puppets of that time. An investigation would be very revealing for any who wish to know the Truth about this matter, Akashic records of incarnations can be seen on the changing face of Blavatsky to prove her identity and this is how clairvoyants serving negative forces, stationed in Theosophical Headquarters for the purpose, discovered her in her present body. At once every effort to force her under negative control was made. When this failed the worst of defamations were broadcast to keep her from being recognized because it was known that she would lift the lids of deceptions with Truths to make the deceived free. She has suffered a great deal in her effort to “open the ways” for the coming of Christ (the Maitreya) of this Age.

Let us pray for the Coming of the SON OF GOD and for God’s ways to be understood by men. Wise Men have seen HIS STAR many times recently, one appearance of which was a cross and a very large star covering the face of the sun in late afternoon, accompanied by other phenomena which the camera did not record. The picture included in this booklet was taken by the Denver Post photographer, Mr. Mulvrey who at the time knew nothing of the writer who had spent several days and nights on a mountain near Boulder, Colorado praying for more public understanding and cooperation to make HIS coming possible in this district. The Cosmic response appeared at the time The Child could have been returned to earth if right conditions had been arranged. The place the writer has prayed many times is the location where two Indians (incarnate Disciples of Christ) stood long ago pledging to help The Great Spirit return to earth again to live at this location. The evil one was incarnate at that time also, living north of Boulder where he buried a talisman near the place affected by Moon vibrations which has resulted in experiment installations at the location to determine the cause. In every life he had Cosmic rapport with the moon which was his symbol.

The Star pictured in this booklet, as well as many other Cosmic responses have been seen at times when prayers were being offered for HIS coming. All should pray for the world’s acceptance of “HIM as HE is,” for it is the Bible which states that “A Little Child Shall Lead Them.” Even the Muhammedians now claim that their Allah promises “A Little Child” will be the world Savior in this Age and have admitted He will be Christ. He came as a child in every life while going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of” and this time the only change expected will be in the manner of HIS presentation. “ALL EYES SHALL SEE,” a great cosmic show and no God-loving person will reject HIM whatever the form he chooses for manifestation.


 Fear not, let peace reign within your hearts

 And Heaven’s blessings dissolve unholy darts.

 Understanding trembles not when hears HIS call,

 Nor shaken totters, neither fears a fall,

 But steady stands joy-filled to hear HIM say,

“Come beloved, this is my Chosen Day.”

“Peace on earth good will to men”

 Sing it over and over again.

 Freedom’s call for Peace on Earth

 Finds response in Cosmic Birth.



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