How Thinking Determines

Protection in This

Atomic age

Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande 

Since we have entered the mental AGE there is a greater need for more understanding about the effects of thinking in order to remove the ignorance which brings much unnecessary suffering to men. Every experience is the result of action originating first in thought which materializes the results. GOD gave man free will and with it he is bringing suffering upon himself. Good thinking and deeds bring good results, while exactly the opposite is man’s own undoing.

Excited thinking generates power of many kinds which has poor results. One who is quick of temper, or fearful in his thinking, causes the release of sugar into the system. When the sugar release becomes a habit the disease is called diabetes. People who have intense emotional conditions of aggravation release into their systems secretions which lay the foundations for fibrous growths and cancers. Ach intense emotion releases secretions destructive to the physical form in one way or another. When men learn to think better thoughts and control emotions they will improve physically, financially and morally, constructive to that condition which the Bible calls a New Earth.

Besides the secretions released by various glands controlled by thinking, there are unseen forces called vibrations given off at the same time. Personalities automatically release vibrations in keeping with their thinking and few ever realize just what is taking place. They may wonder why they are loved or rejected as the case may be. They are not aware why some people attract them and others repulse without any comprehensible reason. Much that controls our physical experiences cannot be seen by the average eye nor perceived by those who have not studied to develop perceptions. Those of high enough visual vibratory to be classified as clairvoyants can “see” much the average person is not conscious exists. Clairvoyant vision reveals what is called “auras” or the “light of the consciousness.” These manifest in keeping with the good or evil forces the personality draws through the form as a result of pure or impure thinking. Anger shows red, intellect yellow, spirituality reflects a pure light which one might call white, although there is hardly any way to describe it specifically because it can be accompanied by rainbow colors in keeping with thoughts of love, wisdom and devotion the personality might entertaining at the time. When “all eyes see” these are some of the revealing things which will have to be explained.

            There is a sensitive instrument in Germany which is able to record pictures from the brains thinking the thoughts being registered. Some call these pictures “thought-forms”. The minds of seers who were burned at the stake were mental fore-runners of such instruments. Men will not burn their instruments today because they are making them and understand the function and possibilities.

            Photographic and telepathic minds will be a necessity for those who live in this fast moving age and we find an increasing number of people being born with these capacities. The day is soon to come when the human mind will be used to do what is now done by telephones, radios, television and other instruments for transmission of ideas. The human mind when finally attuned with the Divine Source is recognized as superior to anything which can possibly be produced in earthly shops or laboratories. The person who thoroughly understands GOD’S laws and principles and conforms with them can use his mind for receiving information from higher planes. When this process is understood humanity will progress at a much greater speed. This is not an unexplored field of the future but an ever-increasing fact of the present. There are many people today who function these forces with considerable accuracy. There will be others trained to use their minds in this manner as more people make themselves worthy of what is known as “inner” instructions from Men from Outer Space. The writer has studied under these beings whose bodies are of higher vibratory flesh than average and who accomplish things not commonly understood today. Mental telepathy is one of the ways they transmit messages on this plane as well as between planes. For more information about them see the booklet “The Truth About Men From Outer Space.”

            There are increasing numbers of organizations teaching bettered thinking in order to bring about health and more command over the conditions experienced by average men. These are all good steps in the right direction. Religious devotion without proper thinking is not the most direct path to health and peace. “With all thy getting, get understanding” which includes some practical scientific informations to bring about the greatest sense of balance.

            At present there is an accelerated interest in hypnotism and other stumbling methods of exploring the unknown of mental fields. There is always a right and a wrong way of doing everything and too many have chosen the long way around. Pioneering mental fields through hypnotism is like wading in circles through swampy fields when there is a clear path to the goal. In the light with the eyes wide open and minds alert, truths can be received on the “inner” which prove the deceptions of receiving in dark rooms with red light known to draw negative spirits. Messages received in waking mental states, alerted to telepathic information from positive Masters (Arch-Angels) show that the master of deception prefers the darkened rooms and mesmeric states for delivering his messages. A pure soul will learn that there is less chance of deception when the mind has conscious control. Mesmerism or hypnotism is forced attention while normal sleep brings free consciousness unlimited to its duties. Normal sleeping is a good medium for symbolic teachings. Information can be impressed in dreams on the mortal mind while at rest from worldly cares. Some mediums have experienced deceptions in their waking state but it is considered the safest method.

            The best way to be sure of “inner” messages is to maintain a high state of consciousness through prayer, meditation and a pure life. This method makes contact with “the angels who have charge” over pure souls, and not with lesser entities hovering about the astral world of mesmeric conditions. Accuracy and dependability of messages received in hypnotic states are questionable and may or may not come from higher planes. The margin is greater for them to have come from negative sources which are well understood by those who have made a study of the reach of the mind, and by esoterics who understand “inner” teachings of the angels. There is much more which could be said on this subject but it would be very difficult in a short manuscript like this. The Bible warns us to beware of “wizards who peep and mutter,” and few mediums are conscious of the difference until they have been deceived enough to have the results show in ill health. Many have been tricked and confused by astral entities who have pledged to the anti-christ operations from their positions in other dimensions where the influence is played upon the minds of unsuspecting personalities of our plane who have not sufficient understanding of the dangers.

            Some receive what seems to be very beautiful messages but a check with the Space Men who have come to protect us, proves this is only another clever trick of their anti-christ opponent in order to weave deceptions and negative teachings into the thoughts of those who do not understand. This kind of information is not of the “Little Book That John Saw,” the wisdom to be given in this AGE, but of the second book or negative teaching. One can see the story of the two books done in stone at St. Peter’s in Rome. These tactics have been recognized by esoterics for centuries but negative power was so great those who knew about it were pledged to silence for their protection.

            Some religious recordings of past centuries are not very dependable because of the influence played upon minds of writers who frequently heard the deceptive one declaring himself to be “The Lord.” The negative opponent is frequently “heard” to declare himself to be any of the others. To religionists he will declare to be Michael or Gabriel, while to students of Ancient Wisdom he sometimes declares himself to be Kuthumi or Hilarion, who were the other two of that group.

            There is considerable which could be said about Moses being deceived by Lucifer who is known by Wise Men to have been the source of the power for miracles and occult phenomena which forced the people to be obedient to the great will who directed Moses. This is why the Bible states, “Do as Moses says, but not as Moses and his people who only say and do not.” It is understood they taught wisdom teachings but followed directions from an unseen instructor who claimed to be “The Lord.” You will see in Jude:9 of the Bible that “Michael contended with the devil for the body of Moses.” To follow the facts gathered by esoterics on this subject is very interesting. Perhaps the personality of Moses was not conscious it was the Lord of deception who directed him some of the time and gave the power to bring suffering and pestilence upon the people. Reason should tell anyone that such things were not of the Lord. Pharaoh resisted Moses because prophecies said that he was born to be used against Egypt. It is because the people of Israel fell under this deception that they have suffered so much. Who could help suffering if they followed the devil’s orders even if from “The Lord” as the deceptive “voice” declared? The devil has always been doing his best to “swallow up” the “elect.” It is apparent that Jesus knew this from the things he said about Moses, and there are those who contend that it was this which was behind the crucifixion. For centuries those who “heard” on the “inner” led others whose hands were used to carry out the orders of the devil.

            There are many today who are interested in phenomenal powers and believe this is evidence of GOD’S special favor. Not all of it is of the devil because the other Arch-Angels often use phenomena to attract the attention of those being “called.” For this reason the Bible admonishes us to “test the spirits.” Phenomena serves to alert the personality to seek for the answers. If proper information on this subject were given in the churches the work of “the great of the earth” could progress more rapidly. Years of meditations, prayer and instructions on the “inner” are necessary to prepare the “called” to be “chosen” for a specified work in His name. Unless silence Is maintained by the one having the “calling,” he risks the misunderstanding of those who have not had this experience.

            People of strong wills and disturbed thinking “hear” the call of the negative Master, and have seen his phenomena at ply, believing it was of GOD. In every incarnation he taught ways for his followers to meditate upon him. This brought a quick response in the ply of his cosmic power. Aggressors determined to control others are exercising mental powers against the welfare of mankind. A number of them have been personally by the physical manifestations directing the Lucifer work on earth in this AGE. Hidden mental forces are being directed at unsuspecting victims in high government positions and it is time for the world to “get understanding,” so this mentally projected evil cannot go on causing ill health of the victims, and world unrest because of mental influence upon their minds. Positive men from Outer Space have had a great deal of trouble because of the work of the negative Master (Space Man) who made it a point to be present at most peace conferences in order to influence physically as well as mentally.

            Mystery ceases to be mystery when one understands, therefore it is unwise to allow phenomena to continue without determining the cause, whether it is an “angel” seeking “charge” over the one being “called,” or if it is the devil putting in his bid. The experience depends upon the type of thinking of the individual and is of little consequence to anyone else. A drunkard experiences mental impressions in keeping with his state of consciousness and habits of thinking. A person who embodies the finest spiritual qualities will experience beautiful visions and “hear” real instructions from the angel who has been chosen to take “charge over him.” Usually it can be found that a person with beautiful experiences is being prepared to work with “A Little Child To Lead Them,” spoken of in Revelations.

            We have an increasing number of genius type minds whose fine meditations in one field or another have put them in line to be “chosen” as channels for various types of useful informations. These are not only ministers or practitioners in religious fields but many are physicians, scientists and teachers. Everything progressive has its source in the GOD principles which pure and unselfish souls automatically channel because fo their desire to serve humanity. GOD’S way of working on earth is through human forms whose thinking puts them in line to manifest HIS wisdom, healing and progress of all kinds. “Behold I stand at the door and knock” is true of every consciousness through which it is possible to manifest HIS wisdom in any form. Prayerful meditations are best to bring attainment. I know an artist who prays until he is given a vision. His are the most beautiful symbolic teachings I have ever seen. He understands these are to be part of the CHRIST work when “the child” spoken of in Revelations steps from heaven to engrave His work among mankind.

            GOD wants to give us more of HIS wisdom as soon as there are “more laborers,” who will make themselves channels. Under the supervision of her Teachers, the writer has taught many to “hear” their instructions and record information for the welfare of humanity, and it is her hope to open a school as soon as she finds more who are interested and funds are made available. Oppressors who give instructions all over the world to Black Magicians, have done everything in their power to prevent this kind of information reaching those who could do much to help humanity if they would make the effort. They oppress students who hear by following them with messages for the purpose of confusing and the positive protectors are forced to close student minds to “inner” receptivity from any source when that happens.

            The writer has heard people argue that if GOD is so anxious to give us peace, plenty, and all this wisdom, why hasn’t HE given it to us before? The answer is in the faulty thinking of men who in every age persecuted those who were sent to lead them, and failed to credit these geniuses until long after they had departed this plane. Then there are those who think themselves unworthy to be ‘called.” Others who have been successful channels have sold their rights to greedy corporations who have sealed the discoveries against usage in order to sell something already on the market for a much higher price. There have been more than twenty fuels discovered which would cost only a fraction of what the motorist is paying today. They were sold to large corporations who have shelved the discoveries. If monopolies would release all the gifts GOD has already given there would not be any want on earth. The failures can again be traced to the improper thinking of men.

            “THEY SHALL RUN FOR THE MOUNTAINS AND HIDE,” is stated in the Bible concerning those whop will become embarrassed because of their misdeeds. When the “D” Day spoken of by Atomic Scientists arrives it will awaken dormant thinkers to seeking answers for what they “see.” It will be a “doomsday” for anything which is not good, certainly not destructive to anything meeting with GOD’S approval. Atomic people whose experiments have brought experiences in dimensional things have more understanding than average religionists. They state there would be no use trying to explain until they first became the experience of people who will then desire the answers. Today there are many cult and creed limitations imposed upon converts which result in their not being able to keep up with new ideas of this AGE. Information sufficient to the past are not adequate for the present. The writer would suggest that all laymen pioneer these fields and become conscious of the necessity for expansion of instructions to meet the present need. Many of their fold who are being “called” and do not understand what is happening, are seeking the answers elsewhere because they are misunderstood in their own parish.

            In Canada a Baptist Missionary told the writer about a man who had been misunderstood for many years because he declared he could “hear” the most beautiful sermons from some unknown “voice.” He has contacted many cults and creeds to see if he could find the answer. He was trying to find out if others had experiences of this nature and what it meant. The writer asked the missionary to send him to see her lest he be picked up by negatives known to be exploiting others in Winnipeg at the time. She saw the mark of a “chosen” one in his forehead. Then she told him that these experiences were common for those who were “chosen” to reincarnate to work with Christ when HE comes. Just then a vision flashed before his eyes. It was a road with a light at the end and the voice said, “Now you can run.” A person like this will always be found to have a great desire for spiritual things and is always a special target for those who would exploit the talent.

            Some of the best cults and creeds teaching bettered conditions through better thinking have been caught in the deceptions of the Negative Space Man who gained his prestige through claiming the identification he had with the Positives before his downfall when his deceptions. Departing from GOD’S will brought about their rejection of him. Because he belonged to the same soul group it was possible to reincarnate close to them. His power was so great and so ruthlessly used that those who knew the secret never dared to tell until GOD took his power away in October of 1955 because of his activities against “The Child” and “The Woman” (see Rev.).

            Since actions are the product of thinking and man the originator and projector of thoughts resulting in actions, we can see that GOD is going to have to do something very real to halt prevalent loose and improper thinking before we can realize what HE is trying to do for us. “To each will be given” something to channel to express HIM in the over-all picture if they only try for it. There will be a great awakening when men find out what is actually going on around them and what the possibilities would be if they understood.

            There are many whose mental evolution is so advanced they can remember some of their experiences on other planes and in other dimensions, and whose memory is the reason for their knowing they have been on this earth before. They understand that many incarnations are necessary to school their minds to be finally acceptable for that state of consciousness called “heaven.” Reason should tell us that it would be an unwise GOD who would not have some kind of organization which would prevent wrong thinkers from destroying themselves to get out of their troubles on this plane in order to leap into a place called “heaven,” without first earning a state of consciousness equal too such an experience. A thinker in this state could make hell out of any condition he was not mentally developed enough to experience. A study of the Hierarchy could do much to help the understanding of GOD’S way of handling HIS affairs. Some studies in Ancient Wisdom and of evolution of the soul could be interesting for those who care to follow the idea.

            Something interesting in facts concerning the power of thinking is to be found in what the accumulated thinking of groups have done to bring about help in times if disaster. The prayers of Mormons, troubled with crickets in the early days, brought about the response from higher planes which guided sea-gulls to take over the destruction and disposal of the crickets. The prayers of these worthy and GOD-loving people “called” the attention of the “angels who had charge over them” and it was their influence on the minds of the birds which brought about the miracle. There is power for good in group thinking and prayer which can be testified by those who have been helped by calling on groups functioning in this manner. The Catholics who have group prayer and meditation periods for sending out thoughts for world peace are doing untold good. There is a desperate need for more groups to draw GOD-power to earthly problems, especially to offset the work of groups now using will and hypnotism which call oppressive forces. Wise Men of today understand that there are many negative power groups which are well organized and directing their mental “forces” to control world affairs. While the negative Space Master was busy projecting mental control at the Geneva Peace Conferences, some of the well trained associates were in Egypt and Iran working their wills to force the Suez troubles. The writer was greatly hampered and smeared for trying to get the facts to proper officials in time to save the situation.

            Positive Space Men have been working on problems concerning magicians of negative training who are abusing powers they have developed. They are taking advantage of unsuspecting victims whose disturbed emotions cause unbalanced mental conditions which raise the vibratory rates so the victims have astral experiences which they are told means they are “born again in CHRIST.” These tactics are being used to fill church coffers. Many practicing this kind of mental mal-practice are well-trained evangelists who know what they are doing. Other times it has been discovered that the evangelist did not know that the resulting astral experiences were not of GOD. It takes much wisdom to determine if the instigators are conscious or unconscious of the negations they are projecting. Some of them are faithfully doing what they were taught in various schools of thought.

            “AS MAN THINKETH IN HIS HEART SO IS HE.” Right thinking and desire is in itself prayer which automatically draws response from the Cosmos from whence comes power to do anything good. “The prayer of the righteous man availeth much,” because it “calls” the attention of the right angels. Selfish desires bring cosmic reactions in keeping with the thoughts projected and put the poor thinker in line to be “chosen” by a negative Control.

            The writer witnessed an interesting example of the effects of group thinking in Egypt during the Gaza troubles in 1955. When things got pretty hot in Cairo, a nest of negative mental operators, she went to Alexandria to write an exposition of the subversive activities of the Negative Leader. She intended to mail this to cults deceived into generating powers for him to use. Knowing how power is gathered up from fears and hates of men, and how the oppressors use it to slap their victims, she prayed for several days for the protection of Egypt. Vibrations from the minds of people were getting to a pitch where they could cause an earthquake. She wrote the exposition and the moment of attaching her signature the hotel in which she resided began to shake violently and rock from side to side, - it was an earthquake. She immediately tore up the document and prayed GOD to remove the power from he who had tried to dispose of her before she could expose his activities. He had trained manipulators of mental powers all over the world. He had watched her mentally to see what she was doing.

            At the time our President had what appeared to be a heart attack, one of the Positive Space People rushed from Rome to Denver to neutralize the work of the negatives in that area. Mr. Eisenhower had stumbled into what is known as a “Heart Chakra” treatment projected mentally. There is little known about it in this country but in Eastern countries it has been known for centuries. Perhaps some of the negative laborers stationed in governmental positions had been failing to get the President to do something he did not recognize to be in keeping with the high principles for which he is known to stand. Some victims are “forced” by drugs and potions put in drinks or food. Mesmerism is brought about by harsh music or cleverly arranged sounds to cause unbalanced mental conditions. This serves to make the victim more susceptible to mental forces and there is seldom material evidence to prove anything. The forces are directed at any of the seven most vital centers of the body called “Chakras.” When death occurs it is attributed to natural causes pertaining to whatever organs were attacked.

            In California recently the writer discovered a group of students being tortured by treatments of the above nature because they had left an organization when they began to realize something was wrong. Very soon several of them had to retire with ill health. One was a doctor who was almost insane with something she said was projected upon her body by unseen forces. She was fortunate to have the necessary extra-sensory perception to have recorded the “treatments” which the writer recognized at once as work of student of the Negative Master who teaches aggressiveness and the use of will to force others. It was these “treatments” which were used to squeeze Madame Blavatsky out of the wonderful organization called Theosophical Society and then someone proceeded to deceive her followers. Late in 1954 “A Little Child To Lead Them,” (see Rev.) took what is called “Cosmic Birth” to save the world at the moment the evil space people had planned to blow a very destructive bomb to get rid of those in their way. Those in charge of operations were “removed from this plane” we were told. “If it were not for the great of the earth there would not be any life in that day,” was fulfilled with this great event. We can easily see why Space Men have had to come to watch the thinking of those who could have done much damage. Now arrest your fears that any man-made fire will destroy. The fire of Divine Mind will be that which will burn the dross from souls who will “weep and gnash their teeth” in misunderstandings of troubles resulting from their own thinking. Peace will finally be established by men whose hearts will be purified to the attaining of peace within and who will then be instructed how human experiences can be controlled by thinking. Chemical reactions due to a guilty conscience have the same effect as karmic debts from the past in drawing atomic burns. One whose karmic rights are good and whose thinking is filled with love could be left standing unhurt beside another of an opposite condition who would be consumed.

            Just as emotional troubles cause minor accidents so do they on a large scale generate power for greater disasters. When the vibratory rates of emotionally disturbed persons rise it is possible for the victim to SEE clairvoyantly. When this occurs various powers are brought into play which generate still others and anything phenomenal might happen to raise vibrations even higher. In a state of higher vibrations some “see” the dead walking. The facts are that the dead are already walking in other dimensions even if those of average visual vibratory rates cannot see them. In the inter-locking planes there are other spirits not visible to those of ordinary sight. When “all eyes see” those believed dead will be “seen” in other dimensions where they have been all the time unless reincarnated, in which case they will be found resident in another body most likely in the family who have  believed them dead. Clairvoyant sight will also reveal past incarnations. In THAT DAY people will SEE things they do not understand and might become so emotionally upset as to generate power for almost anything to happen. For this reason I am urged by my TEACHERS to reveal these secrets for the protection of humanity. “THE LABORERS ARE FEW” who understand enough to help when help will be needed. “No man knoweth the day” but these information are given to help meet the expected emergencies which will be due mostly to ignorance.

            The mind of man is very complex and we must learn more about it to be able to progress rapidly in mental evolution and keep up with the modern age.

            Have you ever wondered where the “Quizz Kids” get their information? Conclusions of those who study this question are that reincarnation is the only reasonable answer. They are believed to be genius of the past returned to channel more of HIS wisdom to earth. Their wisdom is from the “book” of past lives and their capacities are somewhat of memories of previous attainments. Some viewpoints are that these are near graduates from earth’s school of incarnations and even though eligible to planes nearer the Heaven state, have been “chosen” to come back to work with CHRIST when HE comes. Their wisdom has been stored up in something resembling memory which is known as an “Akashic record.”

            When a person dies his state of mind and type of thinking during the span he has departed, determines his experiences in the hereafter. If he passes away with a disease in his thinking it is hard to get the suffering out of his mind even after he has lost possession of the body. If his life was one of sin his regrets and remorse become his hell. It is the result of his thinking, which is the only part of himself he is able to take with him. Heavenly experiences in dimensions above this one are but a mental condition of the thinker whose peaceful mind becomes his experience. All those of the same level of thinking flock together in a heavenly consciousness they have created for themselves. If more was known of what earthly thinking has to do with hereafter experiences, a great change could be effected, approaching that condition of  “a new Heaven and a new earth” we were promised.

            Live in love and peaceful thinking, showing forth a desire to progress mentally, morally and spiritually, and when ready one or more of the Space Men will contact anyone in the right mental condition. Then wonders will be shown the personality which can not be conceived unless they are personal experiences. Much depends upon the righteous thinking and activities of those who wish to attain to being “called” by the POSITIVE SPACE MEN.



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