Second to None

Reincarnation Presents

The Christ Again

Copyright 1960 by Interdenominational Divine Order “I DO”



Oh, sons of Peace and Truth and Love,

Feel the Cosmic Joy Above

To your sweet release from care

That His love ye all may share.

Mortgaged loads to shed tonight

While we pray for Cosmic sight.

Peace to find and quiet mild

As ye pray to see The Child.

Wise Men watching silent night,

Praying, saw His Holy Light.

Pray ye deep and long and bold

For all souls to Him behold.

Earthly habits please release

That His Advent bring World Peace.

Light of Love, Oh, Child of God,

Please, this earth plane now to trod.

Wisdom great and love He gives

As He comes to earth and lives.

Peace and Love in hearts united

Open ways to make things righted.

Footnote: Not only are there Cosmic wonders in the skies when Wise men of Interdenominational Divine Order pray for His return, but “the still small voice of Spirit” delivers messages in poetry and other ways through those whose Divine Attunement makes it possible. The above was received when Wise Men made a long pilgrimage to one of the marked centers of greater Cosmic Interest to offer special prayers for His Coming.



The star pictured on the cover of this booklet was photographed by Mr. Mulvrey, a photographer for the Denver Post. It has appeared many times when special prayers were being offered on a mountain in Colorado, for the return of The Child who was “caught up” for His protection from those who hoped to exploit or take other advantages. Ever since the time He was “caught up” from this dimension there have been times of special prayers in certain districts, with the resultant “signs and wonders” in Cosmic response. Sometimes HE would appear, changing from a child to a young man and then show Himself with a beard to make sure the identity of The Child was understood. One religious denomination has been collecting pictures of His apparitions without knowing anything of the reasons for the display, or that He came, and will come again as HE did in many incarnations, “A Little Child to Lead Them” who grew up as the Spiritual Leader of the Age in some country where there were “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” For reasons not easily explained the Interdenominational Divine Order, like the Essenes of the time of Jesus, have the inside story about what is going on and never fail to be able to give the explanation of so-called mysteries and phenomena of this Age. They are the protectors of the reincarnate Mother with whom He appears to do many miracles, and will be the protectors of The Child when HE is returned to this dimension. Only they know the whole story, or can lead you to meet the so-called Spacemen (disciples who have reincarnated to help in His work). They are recruiting all the Called and Chosen who will respond and are trying to make a safe place to “lay His head” in understandings so necessary to make His return possible. Deceptions, misunderstandings and forced confusions done by antichrist workers must give way to actual facts of what is going on in the New Age. Laborers and money are needed if there is to be enough trained help when others will be “weeping and gnashing” in misunderstandings deceiving “The Very Elect” and swallowing up so many sincere laborers within many unsuspecting cults and creeds.



            The Great Cosmic change Wise Men of this Age have long expected and few are ready for, “will come as a thief in the night” of the world’s misunderstandings. The result will be much “weeping and gnashing” if Truth continues to be rejected. “With all thy getting, get understanding” is the Biblical admonition which should be obeyed if the world is to be apprised of the necessary facts before “that Day.” The Bible states “the Truth will make you free,” but those content with former understandings “good enough” for men who were not faced with the problems of this Age, are failing to reach for the Divine advancements in thinking which are requisite for meeting emergencies known to be just around the corner of human experience. “The blind (to facts) are leading the blind” away from progressive reasoning which will keep up with the problems of the New Age. Many are headed for the pits of trouble because of ignorance due to apathies of cult and creed prejudices. Something drastic will have to be done to awaken interest in subjects which will have to be explained sometime if humanity is to keep pace with Divine law for progress. Unpleasant effects of a sudden world change and surprise could be eliminated through certain esoteric informations now awaiting acceptance. The danger in a sudden change lies in the powers a frantic public might generate because of lack of sufficient information to handle the situation. Impositions against free thinking are appalling in the face of the TRUTH which has been long ready for human consumption. “In that Day they will not know and they will not wish to know,” is certainly fulfilled by listless minds which are either lulled to apathy, or forced to reject informations so vital to human welfare when a great surprise will descend upon the world whether or not we are ready.

            The “still small voice” of the Savior, who has been knocking at the doors of human consciousness, has “called” many who don’t understand the experience. So-called phenomenal experiences have frequented men whose purity attracted the “wave of the Master’s hand” while He hoped to be awarded a “hearing” so necessary if there are to be prepared laborers for HIS work, and HIS COMING. Failure to respond to the many CALLS for those who could be CHOSEN to help others if they only understood themselves, have only delayed HIS coming, but will not stop God from giving the much needed lesson to unresponsive Worldlings, only a few of whom will awaken to be among the Wise Men who will already understand when they will be needed. It is the Wise Men of today who have “SEEN HIM AS HE IS” and know what expect and how to help others. Only they realize what emergencies could arise when the world is suddenly faced with facts of the New Age which will be seen by all at HIS Coming.

            Some Atomic Scientists have declared that when “all eyes SEE”, they will not know what they are looking at and it would be useless to try to tell them before the experience of seeing into other dimensions. It is hoped by the writer that information given herein will meet the need at the time if not acceptable before. Rising vibrations are known to bring about clairvoyant vision which reveals the here-to-fore unknown. It is these revelations, which if not understood, might cause fear enough to generate power for disasters, therefore some information on this subject seems very necessary for human protection.

            It is unfortunate that souls weary of the trials of earthly existence, in their desire for effortless release, have woven into their religious teachings their conceptions of a way out of suffering from mistakes without earning it. Other tired souls find the idea of golden streets, heavenly rest and effortless peace an attractive idea for release. Some have even dared to hasten the day of relief by forcing departure before needed lessons were learned, only to awaken in another dimension with regrets when discovering there is really no way of escape except to tune in with Cosmic Laws which God made to control the world when it was created. These laws are based on Cosmic Principle, the karmic result of which rewards good experiences for righteous doing, or on the other hand, suffering for mistakes until they are corrected. Some day present ignorance will give way to the truth of what life is about and how to profit by the experiences. Divine Laws governing the universe will never change, but thinking will be rearranged to conform with those laws, finding real peace thereby. Cosmic law continues in effect whether poor humanity understands the principles of soul evolution or not.

            With the present state of human woe it becomes our duty, in the interest of humanity, to break the leash of mental bindings which forbid unprejudiced investigations into the underlying principles of human existence. This should be done from every possible angle if men are to gain understanding enough to live comfortably within the limits of Cosmic Laws governing earthly existence. An open mind and willingness to understand is a prerequisite for peace – religious, physical or otherwise. It then becomes the duty, and should be the privilege of all thinking people, to make any investigations necessary to bring about a balanced understanding with the resultant health, happiness and progress.

            Seekers who have dared to probe every possible form of reasoning have been rewarded with some advanced conclusions, and have realized the reason for the Biblical admonition “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” The various limitations binding human rights to seek are responsible for uninformed millions where potential ignorance has created an emergency which has caused much Cosmic anxiety for this planet, where human souls have been in the process of soul evolution long enough to have earned a change for their advancement, but whose minds are not ready for the experience.

            It is generally believed by the occult world that only esoteric students of ancient mysteries are prepared for the world change, because they are informed about the secrets underlying the words of Jesus who said, “Sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” It would be well for all men to know these advancements in human thinking. Even this small information would help immeasurably “In that Day.” The sad part is that students of Ancient Wisdoms are themselves posing the greatest problem because of the deceptions purposely forced upon these “Elect” to keep them from fulfilling the missions for which they have incarnated, and to cause them to generate power for an opposite purpose. Cleverly planned antichrist misrepresentations have been laid before these otherwise better informed people in order to confuse their labors so they will not be able to help in the right place when help will be most needed. The condition has reached a crisis where the misinformed pose a greater danger to humanity than the average man in complete ignorance. So saturated is the world with the various misrepresentations of HIS will, that we are now resting on a bomb of human consciousness which just could explode into disaster if humanity as a whole continues to reject Truth.

            Many sincere seekers for Truth, failing to find the answers to New Age problems, have side-stepped average religions because they did not give satisfactory answers to advanced thinking and problems, only to fall prey to deceivers waiting with ideas which were worse than no information at all. Various well-meaning cults with more advanced ideas seemed to be the answer for a time, but unfortunately these too became victims of cleverly planned deceptions working into control without their realizing it until too late, if at all. The result now is that seekers are more confused than ever, or on the other hand blindly working for something they haven’t yet discovered is not the Truth.

            Advancements for this Age are much ahead of some Mystery School teachings, where the purposely misconstrued records are offered for references, presenting a limitation to present-day facts. The Books recording activities of Masters of Wisdom of Tibet fail to include the fact that these “Great of the Earth” have again reincarnated in positions of more advantage for aiding the world at this crucial moment. It is misunderstandings concerning their activities and powers which have led to fantastic stories about Spacemen. Even though reincarnate in forms of higher vibratory flesh, they are greatly misunderstood and still believed to be living in Tibet, or ascended above earth, never to return. This ignorance is forced on some cultists who know no better, by organized racketeers who do know better and plan to take advantage of the ignorance of others.

            Speaking of present-day experiences, the Bible declares in prophecy, “If it were not for the Great of the earth there would be no life in that Day.” Only the Wise Men of this Age understand how that prophecy has been fulfilled in the unselfish service rendered by older souls called “Space Men,” who have returned to earth again, this time to be with The King of Kings and work for the protection of humanity through better understandings.

            Mystery ceases to be a mystery when it is understood. So-called phenomena when not understood only opens the back door of human consciousness for the misrepresentation of actual facts by deceivers who exploit the idea. Those of ulterior motives have found lucrative living provided by deceptions causing hearts, homes and pocket-books to be broken at an alarming rate. So twisted and warped are facts that many sincere seekers have been strung along by the golden threads of Truth interwoven into otherwise misleading literature used as reference material by various cults and creeds whose leaders themselves do not understand the deceptions. “The White-robed” are crying in despair, “how long, oh, how long?” and being told “yet a little while” until karmas made by those with purposeful misleadings will rebound and force evil into the pits of its own making. There certainly will be some “weeping and gnashing” for deceivers, but there need not be for those of pure hearts who can be made to understand the protections provided the Chose of God who stand by for that purpose. Most of the victims of deceptions are too confused to be able to SEE “The Great of the Earth,” whose advances are brushed aside for the “fire down from heaven” display of negative occult powers more interesting because of their fantastic appearances. While Truth stands in jeopardy, the world’s love is “waxing cold,” with broken family relationships arranged by scheming minds who have brought about a dismal scene which is forcing many to cry for His coming in order that the world might be able to recognize the wheat from the chaff and know “the Truth to make free.”

           For those wiser men of today who “See Him as He is,” and hear the “still small   voice of Spirit,” there are no mysteries. These hear HIS promise that “Finally Truth will bear away the victory,” and with anxious hearts await His coming when the Truth about “A Little Child to lead them” will be understood and accepted. It is they who really KNOW, and who pray that “the days be shortened” so the reincarnate Christ Child, who was “caught up” for HIS protection, will not be old enough to wear the traditional beard and robes expected by many who have various pictures of His past incarnations, and do not know the secret that most of the visions accounting for the artists’ representations, were true Akashic records of bodies HE wore as HE remained “unspotted” among the “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” Wise Men of this Age expect that many imposters “will run for the mountains and hide” when the public discover their deceptions which will be uncovered when “all eyes SEE,” and perceptions become keener as vibrations rise so all will “see” clairvoyantly, which condition allows for seeing Akashic records from “the book of lives,” where each soul’s record is kept. They will also be forced to run because of the rejection of those whom they blinded into generating power for antichrist activities which have taken such a great toll of sincere souls who were made to believe they were serving the Master. Only the evil will need to fear “in that Day” when the Christ Child descends again to grow up among men as the spiritual leader of this Age.

It would be difficult to explain the foundation of Truth without mentioning The Great Masters of Wisdom (Archangels) who were called gods by the Ancients who did not understand the source of their greater wisdoms and power. Mormons who witnessed Their protective aid in trouble have called Them Nephites for lack of a better understanding of Their true status. Christians do not realize that these great Beings have always maintained physical manifestations through which They could function in this dimension, using them as puppets for the Archangel controls above. Because of the higher vibratory condition of the physical bodies of these “Stars of heaven” who are now “cast to earth,” these puppets of Great Masters of Wisdom, find life on this planet very trying, and human misunderstandings even more exasperating than ever before. These Masters in human form are responsible for the making of flying saucers, the secrets of which They are not ready to reveal. The highly refined flesh of these Divinely attuned instruments of Cosmic receptivity, is equipped with the highest type of extra-sensory perceptions. Their forms are used as introductory instruments of reception from the Divine Broadcasting System, thus They are able to bring secrets of the Cosmos to earth for the advancement of mortals whose understanding They have barely touched.

            The God who allowed Atlantis and Lemuria to sink when deceptions reached the point where vibrations demanded Cosmic intervention for the protection of humanity of that time, will again harken to the “prayers of the righteous men” which will “avail much” more than dreamed could be possible. “His ways past finding out” will reel out the true picture and unfurl the banners of freedom, bringing with it the scene of The Child Projected on the Cosmos for all to “SEEHIS new beginning. It is of Cosmic concern for men to harken to explanations which have long been ready, before frantic minds of misinformed humanity might have a chance to generate powers for disasters so unnecessary. With “The Great of the Earth” already stationed among us, only waiting for us to SEE, and “to each has been given” some part to play in the Great Plan, the wheels of a mighty God-planned machine will begin rolling at HIS Coming. Wise Men have been preparing HIS way against many odds, since so many would-be servers have been swallowed up by cults and creeds themselves unaware that deceptions have taken the controls of their own organizations. There have been many forced disruptions and differences by deceivers who work in silences which cover their intentions, always working for power within so they can influence teachings in the wrong direction. This has been going on for Ages until only Christ Himself can help the various denominations retrieve the original Truths incorporated in their teachings and reject anything else. Needless to say, with so many great souls deceived into giving their time and energies in the wrong direction, laborers are few who actually understand just what has been going on, and there is too little real preparation for emergencies expected when an unprepared public is to be suddenly faced with something they do not understand. The Great Masters of Wisdom of past Ages are among us in new bodies, preparing “all who will listen” so there will be a few who understand enough to help when the need arises. It is These “Great of the Earth” who will open the “seven vials” of new informations which will be needed to begin a more rapid progress for humanity in this New Age. It is They who are even now trying to organize the thousands of CALLED and CHOSEN who will help with the mammoth work for making “a new heaven and a new earth.” Because their followers are people from every cult and creed and some belonging to none at all, they function under the name of  “International Divine Order,” commonly called “I DO” because they aim to “Do” in His name until there is enough understanding to protect the world at the sudden change expected. These Great of the Earth, sometimes thought of as Space Men because of the misunderstandings of their powers and functions, could prepare all of humanity before “as a thief in the night” if They could break through the strong barriers of human prejudices. Only a few seekers have discovered secrets which make more than average understandings. Even these will have much to learn from the Masters of Wisdom who have again suffered human limitations in order to lead others to a more rapid soul development which could hasten the rise to “touch the hem of His garment” of Truth. To prevent unnecessary disaster, information concerning the effect of rising vibrations on the ability to SEE through the veils of matter of various dimensions, will be necessary to condition human thinking to an understanding of what is experienced when higher visual vibratory sight is attained. There will be other advances in thinking necessary in every field of human endeavor if harmony is to be experienced during expected changes as time progresses.

            It is unfortunate there is so much waste of human effort and public funds in working on rockets which will never be able to break the laws which govern the universe in relationship to other planets. The day will come when it will be understood that the only way man will change planetary abodes will be to conform with God’s law of birth in bodies of the vibratory matter necessary to meet the more refined existence known to be the rule of “heaven worlds” of more advanced intelligence. Dense mortal bodies made of “dust of the earth,” must return to the dust thereof before the soul will be freed for other experiences where greater soul evolution is known to be possible. Many earth lives of development through experience are necessary before the soul is ready for the graduation initiation where it will no longer be bound by the necessity of more incarnations and earthly development, and is free to go to higher experiences of other planets, or return if the desire is to help others attain the freedom the graduate has gained. There are forty-nine great souls who chose to return repeatedly to aid their fellow-men rise in understandings sufficient for graduation. After attaining the initiation of “the works that I do and even greater” these older souls chose to follow Christ into incarnation whenever there was help needed. Today some call them Spacemen, and even one-third of these “stars of heaven” are “being pulled by the tail of the great dragon” of deception, as prophesied in Revelations. It was these “one-third” and their leader who set up causes making it necessary for God to protect “The Child” who had to be “caught up” into another dimension several years ago.

            While mortals, ignorant of Cosmic laws, toy with their modern towers of Babel and try to rocket their way into other conditions they are known not to be ready for, Great Beings of the Cosmos, stand by in the flesh being tortured by the misunderstandings of mortals who do not recognize their benefactors. These “Great of the Earth,” who in many past lives of service for humanity were leaders in many fields of human progress, again in bodies of the flesh await “unspotted” until “the meek shall inherit the earth.” These most advanced of Chosen Ones, in their love for humanity and their Master, have again incarnated with HIM to help advance human thinking. In many past lives they were nailed on the cross of human misunderstandings, guillotined or otherwise crucified in His name. Today They pray that men will not repeat the crude offences of the past.

            Each time Christ came some of the 144,000 more advanced souls incarnated with Him, but today all of the 144,000 faithful of the past have been CHOSEN to incarnate for His work and “to each will be given” in keeping with karmas made in the past. “By their works ye shall know them,” and by symbols on their foreheads one knows their position in His work. Both the good and the evil are marked in the foreheads with symbols of their standing and those with clairvoyant eyes can SEE. With the present failure of cults and creeds to have this understanding and capacity, it is expected there will be much trouble unless this information can reach more people.

            “In that Day” when “all eyes shall SEE HIM as HE is” they may also “see the dead walking.” Confusions could be avoided by the understanding of the status of the so-called dead and the reasons for their various conditions which no doubt will be witnessed by many. Perhaps it will then be acceptable for our misunderstood Space Men to explain that those believed dead are in dimensions where higher vibratory bodies have replaced physical forms. In some cases they have gone through the various experiences of growth in the here-after experience and have again returned to earth for another life of work toward final graduation. In the latter case loved ones will discover “the dead walking” within the bodies of their children or relatives. As the veils of matter between dimensions become thinner some are already beginning to SEE and this makes explanations more acceptable. Because it is God’s law that loved ones are always together they can be discovered in the family group if they have incarnated, or be SEEN on other planes if vibrations rise enough. Our Spacemen protectors who have approached these facts today are feared and even hated for trying to advance thinking beyond present human ideas bound by cult and creed prejudices. If the facts were commonly known humanity could look forward with great joy to His Coming, instead of fearing as at present. The writer wishes to repeat that the problem of non-acceptance has brought great concern to the Cosmos, as well as a limitation to His Coming. This information is given in an effort to help meet emergencies which could become disasters unless it is available to the public.

            Because of the forced deceptions and other limitations done by ignorance and purposeful fraud, the world stage is set with confusions so great that something must be done to make a place to “lay His head” in understanding. The problem would be vast enough without the many fanatics fathering misrepresentations for which they would rather die than admit were not right. Since “it is not God’s will any should perish” the problem seems almost insurmountable because GOD is demanding that understandings be made to save as many as possible. Men’s minds are not conditioned as to what to expect when they “SEE HIM AS HE IS” because it is so different from what common religious teachings say it will be. With the present ignorance it is almost improbable that some will accept HIM unless HE comes fully resplendent with flowing robes and a beard. Wise Men pray that the world will be awakened to the fact of the “Son-rise” (incarnation) a few years ago. Failing to keep “unspotted” the trouble began when “A Great Dragon” personality “stood ready to swallow up The Child.” Let us pray for Him to “come as He left” this time. Today THE CHILD is acceptable only to those who are beginning to make an effort to understand.

            Worldlings steeped in ordinary prejudices and ignorance of what has really been taking place will be shocked to discover the falsities of previous convictions which were but the products of minds of some religious leaders. A general rearranging of human thinking and understanding is due with His advent. Confusions have attained such proportions as to be demanding Cosmic intervention again. TRUTH has been brushed aside by unsuspecting men who favor the fantastic misrepresentations of many who have seen a chance to exploit the reincarnation idea. Some claim to know Space Men and are only victims of forced illusions. Others claim to be Spacemen themselves, or reincarnations of The Great, and fail to prove it by showing Akashic records on their faces if challenged to do so.

            Many of the “called” have misinterpreted their phenomenal experiences which they have believed meant they were The Great. Because of deceptions as well as faulty conclusions, it became necessary for our all-wise God to arrange for proofs of identities in order to confound the deceptions of the blind leading the blinded. The secret of this form of proof lies in the fact that everything which has ever been before is recorded in Akashic records which can be reproduced with the same precision that men use in Television or movie film and sound. God’s records are the only “TRUTH which will make free.”

            Because the truth of the New Age revelations has its foundation in facts concerning reincarnation it is unfortunate that there is so much rejection from creeds who have failed to note the few hints given in the Bible concerning this secret which the world was not ready for when the Bible was recorded. In one record we find the Disciples asking Jesus if John could be Elias back. The answer He gave was affirmative and the Bible note under the account states (and the Disciples understood He spake of John).

            To “keep unspotted” was the rule of the esoteric world, therefore little was known by average religious sects concerning the secrets which Jesus taught His Disciples, much of which was understood by esoterics of the Mystery Schools of the East, High Priests and Cardinals, or Popes of the Catholic Church who are pledged to secrecy. The danger of this information getting in the wrong hands is understood when one is reminded of those called Brothers of Darkness who worked against the Brothers of Light of every age. The dark forces were commonly spoken of as the antichrist or “Blacks” who always claim to be “White” in order to win confidence of victims, who if they became wise enough to resist were much maligned, and killed if possible. The antichrist has been symbolized for Ages by the cat, locust, crescent moon, female sphinx, holy cow, hammer and anvil, crab and other symbols of negation which have been used to portray characteristics of Lucifer’s puppets who incarnated to work against the servants of God and bore names such as Satet and Evvl, which personal names of past incarnations of the wicked have given rise to our present Satan and Evil. Average religions, not understanding reincarnation, did not think of the personalization of these titles.

            The servants of evil did not wish reincarnation to be generally understood because they were afraid the incarnating puppets of evil would be recognized before they could accomplish their life plan of devastations for which they were pledged. On the other hand the Positive faction were warned against giving the information where it could be misconstrued by the Negative forces in a manner to mislead public opinion and endanger the lives of the reincarnating Christ and His helpers. There are also other angles concerning the reason for this information being withheld, one of which we ca easily understand when we witness, as the secret is becoming known today, how egos are being inflated by being told they were somebody great in the past, and paying a price for the misleading information, which has resulted in the deceived living something which does not belong to them and making great karmas thereby. While living past glories of another they are failing to earn advancement for their own souls. On the other hand if people who had made great mistakes in past lives could remember, they would literally become pillars of salt in regret, therefore it has been the love and wisdom of God which prevented the possibility of mistakes previous to This Age when the information would have to be given in order to begin that ‘new heaven and new earth,” which demands “with all thy getting, get understanding.”

            An example of what could happen when information about reincarnation got into the wrong channels is found in the resultant destruction of many innocent young children of both factions; and again of Mary and Joseph having to go to Egypt for The Child’s protection when His incarnation as Jesus was discovered by the negative forces. Trouble broke out from another source when Seers informed Egypt what could be expected if the Moses child should grow to manhood instructed by the negative faction who had sponsored his many lives serving aggressive forces. The Wise Men of that day had been successful in preventing Moses from being born in a position to gain the power coveted. They had protected the soul group which could have made that possible, so the bulrush deception was worked out to bring about the placement in the desired position. The intent was cleverly covered by those who sponsored the deceptions. The Moses child being stationed in the King’s palace was made acceptable by sweet stories woven into every religious teaching possible. Only the wisest knew the secret and they knew the danger of telling it before the evil One on higher planes would lose his Cosmic power for a thousand years as the Bible promised, which revocation of power took place in this Age as the result of persecutions of the Mother and the danger to The Child which necessitated His having to be “caught up” for His protection. Since then the only power the negative forces have left is what is being generated by the many serving the antichrist without knowing it, or by some of the “one-third stars of heaven pulled by the tail of the great dragon,” who may have no desire to use their Cosmic powers for Positive progress. Much of the misplacement of power has been brought about through the misleading stories worked into the various cults and creeds until the limitation is so great that those who understand what is taking place, wonder why God does not destroy the reincarnate instigators who are now perpetuating the troubles which are doing so much to keep Truth from “making free.” Since “it is not God’s will any should perish,” particularly the innocent who are being deceived, HE has assigned the great work of making better understandings to the reincarnate Mother who has found is very difficult to make Truth acceptable.

            The story of the reincarnate Mother is as interesting in this life, if not more so, than it was in the many others when she suffered the limitations of the flesh to help where it was needed. Because she was to inherit the power of the King of Kings, once known as Buddha, and be initiated into “the works that I do,” this appointment was symbolized by the reincarnate Mary leaping to a sitting position when she was only ten days old. No doubt this was intended to identify her even if not understood at the time. Unlike The Buddha (an incarnation of Christ) who did the same in another incarnation when ten days old, she said nothing. He announced “I am the Buddha,” which people of that time understood to signify that he was an incarnation of Buddha. In this Age when so little is known about reincarnation it was wise that the reincarnate Mary said nothing. It was not intended that she be “spotted.” Not even the reincarnate Ann of the time of Jesus, who was the mother of her body this time, could remember whom she had been, or understand why she dreamed repeatedly of a promise of having an unusual child. She had no idea of the prophecy that her child, who had once been Ananda, was to inherit His power in this Age when HE would rise from King, to “King of Kings,” or to the accumulated power and glory of all of His past incarnations, some of which were Buddha, Khattab of Egypt, Kuthumi of Occult understandings, Krishna of India and many others where He was loved and honored as a great Teacher. He and His disciples were crucified in many lives by the negative forces, whose Lucifer’s physical puppet each time worked his way into power by claiming to be identified with the reincarnate Christ of whatever Age.

            The incarnations, reincarnations and troubles between the Christ servers and the antichrist opponents were understood only by esoteric peoples such as the Essenes of the time of Christ and others mentioned before. Dependable esoteric records prove that both factions worked in one way or another with cults and creeds of all Ages.

            Because absolute silence was imposed, “in fear of death” the negative followers were afraid to betray their own side. On the other hand the positive laborers knew if they betrayed the trust of their faction who knew where their own reincarnate Great were, it would bring death for the Son of God and His Disciples. Yet many times influences and deceptions were so great, with pressures so strong, that some of the faithful betrayed their own associates into the hands of the negative forces without knowing it until after it was done, or were made to believe they were doing the will of God if they did. In most lives about one-third of the older souls were deceived into playing the negative role. The same is true today when one-third of the so-called Spacemen are abusing the use of their Cosmic Powers and confusing many. Having opened ears they “hear” on the “inner” from deceivers on other planes who carry out the deceptions through earthly puppets whose ears they can reach telepathically. In turn these mortals of immortal quality (called Gods by the ancients) are unaware of the great karmas they are making by serving “wizards who peep and mutter” about whom the Bible warns us. Empowered by the evil one, whose servants they are, they have accomplished the fantastic “fire down from heaven” tricks of magic which seem so convincing to those whom they have misled. Often the operator of such phenomena does not know he is serving negative forces and enjoys the fantastic display which feeds his ego. Many of these have attained to a great measure of Cosmic power because of service in lives before, and like Houdini are abusing it with fantastic stunts, or on the other hand forcing many helpless victims under their control until the situation has become alarming. GOD has been requiring the of the positive forces to save as many of the deceived as possible by giving them some understanding about what is going on, but he problem has been to get them to listen. Through references they have been given from books written by deceivers of past Ages, as well as the present time, many are convinced that those whom the references defame are guilty of offenses stated against them, many of the accounts telling of sensualism which those pure souls could not be guilty of and serve God as they did. The puppets of Lucifer always wrote lies against The Very Elect of all Ages and it is these records which are making the determination of Truth so difficult at this time. Libraries are full of purposely misleading records, but there are few records bearing the Truth which have escaped destruction by evil ones determined to do so. It was the battle between the two factions which necessitated the building of the Great Pyramid for the protection of Positive records. Underlying causes of many wars have been traced to either the negative forces trying to destroy positive records, or the Positive forces trying to protect the Truth they knew some day would win the victory. There is in this Age great danger of misunderstandings which could come from cults and creeds whose converts have full faith in misleading records now serving as platforms for their group intentions, and who are pledged to do violent acts against any who might present something else. It seems that deceptions have gained a prestige over the Truth in such an overwhelming manner that only Christ could put things straight when HE comes to verify the information advanced by His reincarnate Mother whose rejection has been accomplished by organized Black forces who knew she was in incarnation and searched for thirty years before finding her in the present embodiment. After failing to force her under their control they spare nothing in defamations against her all over the world. Surely she has become “The stone the Builders rejected,” and it has been prophesied that one day she will become “The head of the Corner.”

            International Divine Order, an organization formed to protect The Mother, and The Child when He is returned to this dimension, like the Essenes of the time of Jesus, are entrusted with “inner” understandings, some of which they are now permitted to project for public attention.

            Since Her Child was “caught up” He “appears” with His Mother only in the Astral body which can be SEEN by those whose vibratory rate is equal to it. Being given to SEE, are those pure in heart who come to the Interdenominational Divine Order where their minds are conditioned so they will understand their phenomenal experiences which are known to be God’s way of CALLING many. Some who come to the “I DO” Organization have to be helped clear the debris of former misconceptions before they have the glorious experience of “seeing Him as He is.” Whenever The Child “appears” with The Mother there is healing. Recently there was a very severe case of hiccoughs in a Denver Hospital. Doctors were unable to do much for the patient during his six months at the hospital. Finally a report was given that the man was losing weight and the case seemed hopeless. It was then that the one proven by our Organization to be the reincarnate Mother visited the patient. She had some trouble getting past the Superintendent who made her promise not to put the healing in the paper if she was successful. The patient was brought to a private office in the hospital where he met the strange woman who first asked him what his religion was. He replied “Catholic,” and she told him that it did not matter what faith, but she wanted to know what prayer he would offer when she asked him to pray. After a few moments of prayer he opened his eyes in surprise. When she asked him what astonished him, he replied, “I see my dear Lord.” She waited a few minutes and noted his greater astonishment. She asked him to explain what he was SEEING. His reply was, “you would not understand.” She assured him that it was not her first experience with such things and if he would tell her what he saw she would explain it. He then said that he saw Virgin Mary with The Child on her lap. She asked him how old The Child appeared to be. His reply was that He might be from three to five years old, but he could not determine the age because of the white robe He wore. She told him that he would be released from the hospital in three days, and left him with the admonition to pray for others in order to make himself a channel for Divine forces which would complete his healing. Three days later she received a telephone call that he had gained five pounds and had been released. This is only one of the many miracles which prove the status of the Mother. Jesus told His Disciples, “by their works ye shall know them,” when they were discussing recognition.

            Little by little Wise Men of this day are being called to present advances in understandings for public attention. They are permitted to introduce The Mother who leads all others of the reincarnate Great of the past who are sometimes known as Spacemen. Akashic records of her past incarnations can be seen on the face of the form she wears today. Sometimes her body changes as if being remolded. Other times HE “appears” behind her as a man with a beard, or one may see Mary shown on half of her face and Christ on the other half to prove the relationship of their souls. It is our opinion that nobody has suffered as much from defamations and other tribulations as She who pioneers the Cosmic TV “apparitions” which are GOD’S way of proving some truths which we will need to meet the emergencies expected in this Age. Many who have been in some way influenced into believing they are the reincarnate Great would die fighting for what they believe, posing a threat to the peace of His plan when “all eyes see” the Truth about incarnations. To head off provoking deceptions God has given the fool-proof method which The Mother demonstrates, where Akashic records of past incarnations are shown on the features. Any making claims to important incarnations should be challenged with this form of proof. If they have a right to claim lives of older souls the challenge will bring forth impressions of whatever form necessary to prove the truth of whom they have been. None need make any claims as the proof will be given automatically from the Cosmic Broadcasting System, as-it-were. Tongues can lie and minds be misled or mistaken, but this proof God has given us will never fail. At times we have been shown whom to fear in the same manner.

            The recent controversy over whether Marlow was Shakespeare is another r attempt of the Negative forces to claim honors of a Positive soul’s incarnation for one who hadn’t earned it. The battle of “swallowing up” by evil forces has been suffered by Christ’s Disciples and laborers for centuries. The many atrocities against The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx which represented Christ, were perpetuated by servants of evil. Napoleon was an esoteric of the negative side, the physical puppet for forces of evil for his time. He knocked the chin and nose off the Sphinx to prove his pledge against Christ who in one life was Kheops whom GOD told to protect the Positive records by building the Great Pyramid.

            During our intensive investigations necessary for proving the rights of the greatly maligned One we have discovered to be the authentic Mother, the “I DO” Organization found that the negative forces have a well-organized and broad network of barriers set up within many cults and creeds all over the world, naming the reincarnate Mother of this Age as a most dangerous “DEMONstrator,” and giving much false information to all under their domination. We have not found any place where they have accounted for why only the most pure of the past “appear” with her, or upon her features. Because they have been afraid their converts would discover the truth, they have warned them against looking upon the face of the reincarnate Mary, and they have been told that to the deceiver who also wore a female form at this time, belonged the honor of The Mother’s incarnations, but none of them have ever been seen on the face of the imposter.

            Since The Child was “caught up” The Mother works hard to make better understandings and recruit enough aid to make His return possible. She is ever rejected by others who are claiming one or another of her incarnations, even if none of them show on any other face except the One who served humanity in forms which Her loving Father has now arranged to prove for Her in this manner. At times Michael and Gabriel, the higher plane manifestations of Christ and Mary “appear” with her. Some have reported seeing Christ “appear” through her body to further the proof of her identity. Perhaps some esoterics would be unable to explain this so-called phenomena, but we have found that there is nothing of this nature which She cannot explain even though she declares that she never knows what her Angel helpers will bring forth when frantically trying to help make understandings so necessary for the safe return of Her Child. One can see that imposters will surely have to “run for the mountains and hide,” when their deceived followers discover their deceptions which God is revealing as time goes on.

            An interesting story showing the way in which The Mother creates understandings without making any claims is hereby given. She visited Ojai, California, to try to enlighten esoterics who follow Krishna Murti who disclaimed the title Annie Besant gave him of Maitreya (Christ) of this Age. It is said that he left the Theosophical Society and departed for India when they did not accept his denial. So the real Mother visited the Theosophical Center at Krotona near Ojai, hoping that some would SEE. Because of influences in that center the Modern Blavatsky was rejected by those who were instructed to do so.

            An interesting story of her work in Ojai was when she visited someone who had paid expenses for fourteen years for a man whom Spiritualists in New York had declared to be the reincarnate Blavatsky. He showed her the files of his students and told her that he was Blavatsky who was the Master of Wisdom called Hilarion. He declared that he had better success in bringing astral experiences to his students when he had them use whiskey. It should be explained here that this is true, but the man was ignorant of the fact that whiskey brings experiences of the lower astral fields and is frowned upon by all Occultists of the Positive teachings who understand that raising the consciousness in prayer and right living is the only way to experience the mental concepts of the heaven worlds. As the operator of illusions spoke, the Akashic record of when The Mother was known as Blavatsky, appeared on her face. The startled imposter, who actually believed what he was claiming, suffered such a shock that he ran out of the Doctor’s office and down the street to get another drink. The Doctor did not SEE for herself, so The Mother continued to visit her until she saw the incarnation of Master Hilarion and began to understand in a small way. No claims were made and She departed, hoping that the lesson was enough to protect the Doctor from paying for the mistakes her prodigy was making.

            Much light could be thrown upon Occult studies if Occultists could be awakened from the deceptions which have been responsible for their failure to recognize the fact that The Masters of Wisdom of the Occult world represented the Archangels at the physical level, and that one of them was “the negatively existent one,” commonly called The Great Deceiver, Lucifer. Misinformation and misleading records written for that purpose by the deceiver in many incarnations, have been responsible for the ignorance on this subject. In the many lives when the evil one and his associates wrote lies about Christ and His Disciples, they also recorded great glories and praise for those who crucified them and deceived their way into positions and honor the others had earned. Each time the Positive teachings were rearranged to read in keeping with the negative records. A good example of this was when Annie Besant made her way into the Theosophical Society and made many changes in the writings of Mdm. Blavatsky who was cleverly squeezed out of the way by what is known to the Occult world as Chakra forcings. An idea of what is meant can be gained by any who wish to take the trouble to investigate what could be accomplished by the application of Occult Chemistry. A book by that title was written by Annie Besant and Leadbeater, successors to Blavatsky and Olcott who established the Theosophical Society which was originally intended to help Blavatsky who would incarnate again to present progressive Truth which was known would be necessary to help us meet emergencies we now face. Theosophical Societies, now laboring under deceptions, have failed to assist their reincarnate founder, perhaps because there are so many deceived into believing that they have a right to that title, that confusions have become too great to be able to determine the Truth.

            May God touch more minds with the understanding of the necessity of helping us support the efforts of The Mother and other reincarnate “Great of the Earth, without whom there would be no life in that day,” as the Bible declared. With sufficient understanding and support “A Little Child to Lead Them” could be returned to the arms of His Mother who waits and works frantically toward that end. “Signs and wonders” have appeared in the skies since the time HE was “caught up” and will continue to do so until the time when all eyes shall “SEE HIM AS HE IS.” Those who SEE at this time understand that HE is unlimited as to how HE can “appear,” but the usual way is for HIM to “appear” as a Child and go through the changes from a very young Child to an older one and finally as a man with a beard to prove the identity. When HE “appears” as Khattab, or Kuthumi, great spiritual leaders of the East who looked like some pictures we call Christ, HE is recognized even by those who have never heard of His many incarnations, and if there is a doubt as to the identity, the “still small voice of Spirit” gives the assurance.

            The Interdenominational Divine Order spoken of as “I DO” for short, investigate thoroughly before making any statements about our findings, we accept only that which can be proven and encourage others to do the same. During the time we were investigating the one we have determined is the reincarnate Mother, we contacted many mediums and asked them to give us a statement of their findings. They were introduced to “our stranger” and given no hints as to what we expected them to find. All gave about the same report, except some SAW more incarnations than others. A student from Pakistan attending the University of Colorado at the time offered the following testimony when he heard were collecting evidence on the case. Because of the Mother’s unusual way of finding The Chosen while at prayer, she had contacted this young man before we met him. We offer this testimony because it presents facts in the best possible manner.

- Denver, Colorado July 23, 1957


            I wish to make this statement for the good of all whom it may help discover something which I consider very important in understandings to make for world Peace.

            Just when I was finishing the Ramadan month fast, a few minutes before the time to break the fast, a lady came to my door. She told me that Allah had sent her to me. She said that she was sent to explain that I had a “calling” to be a “Servant of Allah.” She told me that she had been in this world many times herself as a servant and that every time there was a special work to be done that the chosen servants of Allah were sent into new bodies most acceptable to the people with whom they were to work. She said that the Christian Jesus and our prophet Muhammad worked together in many different bodies, both male and female in keeping with the service to be rendered. She said that every time either of those two servants came she was right along with them. She told me that our Muhammad was a woman in order to give the world Jesus and that this time He was back as a woman to produce “A Little Child To Lead Them” spoken of in the Bible.

            As Mrs. Sande talked to me I saw her face change to Muhammad, Joan of Arc and George Washington. I then understood that she must have been those people in lives before when she was here as a servant of Allah. I understand that there have been many other people whom Allah has shown this secret, and I am told that HE has shown many other faces of Mrs. Sande past but those are the only ones I have seen myself. I believe that a study of Allah’s plan of sending servants many times to many countries could lead to an understanding that the Prophets and Saints of any country could also have been the same of other nations, only in different bodies with different names. This could unite all peoples and religions in an understanding which will do much for world Peace.

-  F. A. C.

            Our records show that the reincarnate Blavatsky was first located by the wrong people in 1952 when she visited the Theosophical Society at Olcott, Wheaton, Illinois, where only mediums, no doubt stationed there for that purpose, recognized her and reported their find to the personality in Canada serving as the Lucifer puppet whose servants were not detected by the Theosophical Society who knew nothing about their connections with the great deceiver of this Age. No doubt the great souls who reported finding the reincarnate Mother to their Occult Teacher, did not know that they were serving the negative forces ion so doing. Immediately the evil one left for Adyar, India, where she had great influence, to announce her find to those who understood the importance. Blavatsky-Hilarion things of the past were entrusted to her and she returned determined to bribe the modern Blavatsky under her control.

            When Annie Besant took over the Theosophical Society it was the last life in which the negative forces were to be able to deceive the soul known as Blavatsky, whose accomplishments they “swallowed up” in many previous lives. Shown the things of her past, and told they would be given to her if she would accept Morya as her Teacher, she waved them aside and said that she could never be turned from her beloved Kuthumi (Christ). From that time on one terrible persecution led to another as the modern Blavatsky stood her grounds against the forces of evil determined to gain control over her for exploitation purposes, or dispose of her if that could not be accomplished. The battles became fierce between the forces of good and evil represented in fleshy forms on earth. “As Above so Below” there were “wars in heaven” until the situation became so desperate that the intervention of God became a necessity for the protection of The Child; after which time the torment and crucifixion being intensified, karmas of her own making heaped upon the head of the Lucifer puppet, resulting in karmic effects in the form of cancer, blind eyes, diabetes and many other complications which made it impossible for the evil One’s fleshy counterpart to remain on this plane. Those who knew the deceiver’s puppet had no doubt that she was a Master. Her facial changes showed the Akashic record when she was Moses, and she helped the idea by wearing a large brooch of the head of Moses to make sure her students understood what they were SEEING. After she discovered the status of Morya, her own man-upstairs, she started another deception. When He would “appear” upon her features she was clever enough to claim that the beard-bearing face was that of Kuthumi (Christ) who “appears” with the authentic Mother to prove her identity. After she perfected this form of deception she worked harder than ever to smear and defame the true Mother and make the claims for herself. The confusions have become so great that at present the Occult world, most of whom she dominated at one time or another, have very little chance to know the Truth.

            If we were to try to write of the tortures and limitations which were imposed upon the already heavily weighted shoulders of the modern Mary, by the powerful operator of Black Magic who claimed the title for herself, it would take volumes of explanation to begin an understanding. Her home was forcibly broken and her family absorbed in deceptions. Everything possible was done to limit her financially in an effort to make her accept the fabulous offers made by the negative forces if she would work on their side. She constantly refused and was chased from one place to another for a number of years. Only recently the Interdenominational Divine Order was organized for the express purpose of protecting her and any others of the reincarnate servers who have become victims of evil forces. Our organization are also pledged to examine all of the New Age problems and progresses being made by any of the 144,000 chosen ones, and help wherever help is needed. Because of the emergencies we have mentioned, which are causing great Cosmic concern, we cannot urge sincere seekers too strongly to investigate our findings and help in any way possible. The situation has developed into a real crisis because of the illusions projected by malpractices which use hypnotism, dope, incense, gases and perfumes having potencies to effect the thinking of victims whose minds are so handled as to reject the Truth because it doesn’t appear to be as attractive as the opposite with all its framed deceptions.

            It is reasonable to believe that he advent will have to be as prophesied, “as a thief in the night.” Truth has too long been patiently dangled before the minds of uninterested mortals who are demanding a shock to awaken them. “Behold He stands at the door and knocks,” and is not understood even if heard. The oppressed are crying for relief and the world peace boat rocks with human misunderstandings, injustices and unbalances everywhere.

            Those who have suffered the flesh again only to help others are being rejected, persecuted and maligned in this Age. The Cosmos feels the tension and knows the dangers which face humanity if some shock is not forthcoming to alert the world to TRUTH as it really is. When even our Spacemen protectors in the flesh are crying for relief, God certainly will respond at the most propitious moment. May “His will be done,” and “all eyes SEE a Little Child to Lead Them.”


   (Christmas 1959)

Angel wings of Holy Beings

Pinion thoughts to Cosmic SEEINGS.

Joyful carols of Those Above

Sing their promises, Peace and Love.

Hasten, rise to greet the sight,

Be ye Wise Men, watch the night.



Oh, Father, forgive us that we have been slow,

Oh, forgive us, forgive us as we forgive others who did not know.

And help us find more laborers for Thy fields

Who will bear the burdens to gain the yields.

Praise be to His name on high

Whose love we find if we but try,

For grace enough to win

Forgiveness for repented sin.

Grace of Life and Love of Heaven,

Help all men to know the Seven, -

Masters all of human fate,

Guardian Angels at the gate,

Gracing earth again for chances

Giving mortal men advances.

Again, again our Guides returned

To share the wisdoms they had earned.

MAKE IT A CHAIN AFFAIR by passing this vital information to others. May each be moved to keep this Message moving until there is more understanding of the most vital problem of this AGE.



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