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The Cosmic Birth

The Life and Works of Frances (Fisher) Sande,

The Reincarnate Mother of the Last Age 

“Opening of the Ways” for the New Age



This Book is largely a montage of excerpts drawn from the nine Booklets and eighty-one "Truth" News Letters found elsewhere on this Website to illustrate, in story form, the chronology of events in the Life of The reincarnate Mother during the Last Age, as she "Opened the Ways" for the New Age which is now upon us.

Prior to the period of Silence which began in the late nineteen sixties, Frances Sande was told by "The Boys Upstairs," as she affectionately used to call Them, that They wanted her to write the story of her life. As it turned out, she was too busy living it, and “going about Her Father’s business” to actually find the time to sit down and write about it.

It turns out that all the pieces of the story were actually incorporated within, and interwoven into the fabric of the Booklets and News Letters which were published over the span of thirteen years, under her guidance and leadership, as well as from talks she gave. The Booklet, “A Life and Work with Men from Outer Space” was the starting point which served as the framework for the story. Then, little by little, the pieces fell into place, just like the "thirteen pieces of Osiris1 which were fitted together during the life of Frances.

What you are about to read may seem too fantastic at times, but these are the true accounts of what has been witnessed.

Footnote No. 1: The physical counterpart of Lucifer, whose name was Isis, confused the plan for that Age and cut Osiris (Christ) into thirteen pieces (cut the Disciples away from their Master) to spoil the Plan for that Age. The story credits “the second Isis,” or soul later known as Virgin Mary, the Mother, who tried to find the Disciples. She built a shrine wherever she found one of them.  During the Last Age, the reincarnate Mother found all twelve of the missing pieces, after they had been cut away from the Plan for that Age before October 1955, and restored each one for work to come in the New Age. She discovered the thirteenth piece was herself. Esoterics will understand the significance of this statement “in that Day.”



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Chapter I         1905-1918 – The Early Years


 Chapter II       Healing and Other Miracles


 Chapter III      Easter 1936 – “Aja the Unborn”

First Phase of the Cosmic Birth

 Chapter IV      The Negative Leader


Chapter V        A.   1951 – The “Call”

B.   Frances is “Spotted” by the Negative Leader

Chapter VI     December 1954 – Armageddon Avoided

                            Second Phase of the Cosmic Birth 

Chapter VII   Easter Sunday  1955 The Child is “Caught Up”  to God and  His Throne

                                 Third and Final Phase of the Cosmic Birth Postponed

Chapter VIII   Summer of 1955 – World Tour


Chapter IX     Autumn 1955 – Persecutions Continue


Chapter X      Oct. 1955, Lucifer’s Cosmic Power is Revoked for a Thousand Years


Chapter XI     Working for World Peace


Chapter XII    1957 – Frantically Trying to Secure “A Safe Place to Lay His Head


Chapter XIII  1958-1994  "I DO" Comes to Support the Reincarnate Mother's Work


Chapter XIV  Looking Toward the “Second Coming,” or “HIS Final Advent”

Third and Final Phase of the Cosmic Birth

Addendums  The Book of Lives of the Two Chosen by God to Lead Humanity                            Toward a “New Heaven and a New Earth, with Former Things                                     Passed away.”

Addendum I:    From Adam to Isaiah (8th Century B.C.)

Addendum II:   From Buddha to Saint Paul (1st Century A.D.)

Addendum III: From Hilarion to Da Vinci (15th Century)

Addendum IV: From the Renaissance to the "Last Age" "New Age"


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