The Truth About

Men from Outer Space

Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande



The way of life must deepened be to guide the mortal being

And travel at great speeds to set all eyes free to seeing

Level upwards on wings of joy tonight

To prepare a World for 'morrows Cosmic Sight

Throngs will reach for 'lightened words

And Branches tremble darkened pathways tread,

Lift the loads 'ere morning’ light break o’er moon’s vacant craters dread

And warm torn souls with Love’s embalming lotion

To relive earth of ignorance’s shaking Motion.

Creation does the best she can to play the noble grand

Yet it may take centuries, willingness withstand

To bush aside impure ignorance’s painful trances,

For eyes to see bright wisdom’s loving glances

With Heaven’s wonder-mannas leaven

Brought to mortals by Holy Seven.

A great event, a martyred cause

Transpires to peace of earth’s great pause

Sun-risen Lights, Sunset’s descent

Of human temples veils are rent

And all be changed in twinkling eye

Rendering fruits revealed the sky

His day is nigh, His love is sure

With Love so great is Peace secure.

History tells us that ages ago there were unusual men called Gods because of their ability to accomplish things not understood by men of that time. Later we find Christians calling their wonder workers SAINTS and giving them great respect equal to the worship of the Gods of religions before the time of Christianity. For lack of understandings these practices degenerated into pagan idolatry and the “great of the earth” would reincarnate with new teachings to try to put them straight again. Sometimes they would “appear” as Angels in visions and deliver some message to help maintain a balance when things were getting too much out of hand.

            When the Mormons made contact with unusual beings they called them “Angels” and “Nephites.” Theosophists explain them as “Masters.” Christianity calls them “Arch-Angels.” Today we call these personalities “Men From Outer Space” and because of misinformation believe they dropped from other planets in space ships. There are reasons why such methods of coming to this planet would be a waste of GOD-power entrusted to them and very impractical to say the least. It would be quite impossible to survive in bodies worn on other planets at this lower level of existence, therefore they have arranged to be born on this plane. Their bodies differ from other bodies of this dimension, being of higher vibratory flesh than average. Their flesh is much more sensitive and of a type which can be changed to show past incarnations. When the vibratory rate is increased this kind of body can walk through a wall or vanish if necessary. One would never find them wasting Cosmic Power in this manner if there was an unlocked door through which they could pass without changing the vibratory rate of the body. People of this high mental development and wisdom have the power to leave an old body or be born in a new one at will and have attained to “the works that I do and even greater” spoken of by the Master Jesus.

MEN FROM OUTER SPACE are actually living and working among us. They have incarnated at this time to be leaders of the “chosen” whom Jesus admonished “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel and keep unspotted.” Some of them are the Disciples who obeyed that command by taking birth many times as leaders of all AGES in all countries and creeds. One would not know it today if they were among us for they keep “unspotted” as much as possible.

Any of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who were “chosen” to reincarnate at this time to work with them can be found by a mark in the forehead which symbolizes the position and right of that individual. Something then will be done to gradually lead up to the necessary understandings of his “calling.” Perhaps he might be invited to ride in a flying saucer or one of the very fast ships which are being made on earth under their supervision. When the understanding is sufficient so the changing of bodies would not shock him, he may be treated to this kind of introduction to show whom they had been in past incarnations. They sometimes show a student his own incarnations by projecting them like a moving picture upon his face. By this method reincarnation can be proven to the most sceptical. What is “seen” is called an Akashic record of the way he looked in past lives.

Quoting the Bible, “If it were not for the great of the earth in that day there would be no life.” They are working with those of every field of human progress and have been instrumental in stopping the detonation of very destructive bombs. Some are working very hard for world understandings necessary to help the Mother in “Opening the Ways” for HIS coming. Probably they will not be recognized until “all eyes see” and perhaps not even then if they still want to “keep unspotted.”

Because of the appalling ignorance of facts the writer has been urged by her Space Men (Teachers) to reveal these secrets for the necessary understanding of mystified humanity. It must be noted that the Disciples asked JESUS why he did not teach the world what HE taught them and HE answered, “they have the Bible.” This seems to indicate there was something more than taught in the Bible. Then we read of “a little book that John saw.” We are told there are “seven spirits before the throne,” and “seven angels of the seven churches.” Theosophists think of Them as Masters because they have mastered matter, space and time and all the limitations of this plane as well as planes above. There are “seven vials” and “seven seals” to be opened and it is reasonable to believe these “Great Ones” will do the opening of new teachings for the next one thousand years. We can expect that the “King of Kings” will come to take his place as “first,” even though HIS coming will be “last” as the Bible tells us.

The author has had years of specialized training with the “Space Men,” and has helped others contact them in some of the bodies in which they manifest, whether physical, astral or mental. Like Joan of Arc who was directed by “voices,” the writer can never remember when she was not privileged of their blessed guidance in some form. She has been disappointed that government officials take so little interest in trying to meet them. There is much to be gained by the understandings she would have arranged. We can only guess that they believe this is another hoax but the challenge stands open to any who wish to investigate.

Dispelling the idea of men dropping from outer space does not satisfy those who know they have seen “Little Men,” therefore there is somewhat of an explanation to put that phenomenal experience at rest. A mystery ceases to be a mystery when one understands. Too many have failed to open their minds to available explanations because of religious or creed prejudices and limitations imposed. The author has encouraged leaders of the various schools of thought to awaken to the great need for explanations of the mysterious experiences of their followers. She has suggested classes of study to determine the answers, lest unsatisfied seekers stumble into the snares of racketeers who have been exploiting innocent searchers for truth.

To fully explain what happens when people see ghosts, brownies, nature spirits or little men, one would have to take the student into subjects dealing with physics, dimensions and inter-locking planes. The day will come when science and religion will meet on common grounds and it will be discovered that Theosophy, Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy will have to be considered as part of the explanations to begin the understanding of “His ways past finding out.” “To each has been given,” is true of the various religions, cults and sciences and it takes a well-rounded understanding to get all of the great picture. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” One who actually “gets hot” as the Bible states will never be “spewed out,” but will be contacted by one of these beings if he is noticed as worthy of it. After much training it is possible to be “chosen” to perform some work constructive to GOD’S plan for this AGE. The writer would strongly urge all cults and creeds to make an investigation. “Chosen” ones are “called” because of individual soul growth and they can be found within any creed.

The writer foresees a day when all creeds will find the truth concerning the Angels who suffered fleshy limitations to give their great “Seven Churches,” and will discover the deceptions of the evil one who always followed them into incarnation to smear and take over their accomplishments to “shine” after they were crucified and putout of his way.

Those blessed Latter-day Saints who reincarnated once again to help a worthy people will have the fruits of their labors restored when Mormons discover the secrets of Moroni who was the astral manifestation of one Theosophists call Morya. The horn will then be restored to Gabriel and many other changes will be made. Catholics will discover how many times the Great Ones reincarnated to save that beloved Church from the devastations of an incarnate Lucifer. The Bahais will discover the identity of the one who swallowed up that beautiful teaching. Theosophists will learn more about what happened to Madame Blavatsky who recorded what Michael and Gabriel dictated until someone cleverly took over to bring about the “shine” and deceive the very elect. The writings called Isis Unveiled were changed and some twenty thousand correction s made. The third volume which contained information the oppressor did not want revealed, disappeared at the time Madame Blavatsky was squeezed out of the picture by what is known as “chakra” forcings which brought about her death. These are mentally projected at the victim’s body to strike one or more of the seven most vital centers. This is an example of the negative side of occult teachings, while what Jesus taught HIS more advanced students represents the positive occult side.

Moslems will one day discover what happened to their great religion and will be so angry they will discard their beads and incense and give credit only where credit is due. “I hate your new moons and incense,” the Bible quotes GOD as saying. Incense calls the attention of the oppressor whose symbols include the crescent moon. Egyptians know the story of another incarnation of the deceiver when as Hatshepsut, sister of Thotmes, she put on a false beard and His robes to reign after she had disposed of Him. Hundreds of other incarnations can be traced by those who wish to take the time to visit many museums and other places these records can be found.

The story is always the same, the Saints tried to restore CHRIST teachings and the Deceiver followed them to crucify and then proceeded to change things to suit the “second Book.” One who understands can see the records of the “second Book” done in stone at St. Peter’s in Rome, where even prophecies of the fate of the manuscript is shown. This necessitated the coming again and again for the SERVANTS OF GOD who tried from different angles, keeping “unspotted” as much as possible in order to keep out of his way. A Christian love will spring forth for Muhammad when they discover which one he was. They will then understand why the Moslems call him “A Servant of ALLAH.” The writer was explaining the relationship to a guide at the temple in Jerusalem when JESUS and MUHAMMAD appeared hand in hand behind her in their astral bodies to prove her words were true.

Some interesting proofs can be found done in wax at the Wax Museum in Hilwaan, Egypt. Here one finds the reproduction of the body of the great Khattab, meaning “The Book.” Christians are surprised to see what appears to them to be CHRIST and amazed because they do not call HIM JESUS. The story of HIS life proves the words, ‘by their fruit ye shall know them.” When the veils of all Temples are rent by understandings, “the Truth will make free” to the realization of the one grand Brotherhood of their leaders and the part each was intended to play will be recognized. The SEVEN CHURCHES, or seven types of teachings, are each a part of the picture just as the Disciples and Angels who were responsible for the teachings originally. Whenever the teachings would begin to degenerate they returned in other forms to re-establish them, or went to other nations to give them under different titles. As investigation is in order and these words are a challenge to all creeds to investigate. The writer was given this information by Space Men and who would know better than the actors of this PAGEANT OF THE AGES? Following directions given her, she was able to locate records in many countries.

With the “Keys” her Teachers gave her it was not difficult to establish the identity of the evil one in many incarnations. It seemed that someone else was instructed to write lies and smear the original leaders so the one taking over would not be suspicioned. He held his prestige then by claiming to be identified with them. In some ancient teachings he is shown as Neptune who carried the trident to prove that he once belonged to the first triad. In symbolism he was called “the sea, the great deep or a great wave.” Some records show him as being the “wolf in Lamb’s clothing.” Before the “fall” of Lucifer, or in some ancient records, the fall of Hera (because that was the body worn at the time), he was a party of the first triad and he refused to give up the claim even after he fell from grace in GOD’S sight. In the Bible we find the lament, “my faithful one, my faithful one, why has’t thy fallen?” In one incarnation this one was known as Eve, others as Satet and another time Evvl which finally became accepted to Christians as Satan and Evil.

One finds other incarnations where the name was Baal, Bes, Antibis, Baima, symbolized by the cow, or “the mother in whom they stumbled” recorded in Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. She was displaced by one called Microprosopus who was CHOSEN FOR HIS HABITATION. All records show that EVE served in that capacity in many incarnations until the FALL. In India she is known as the Black Kali who was the mother (of matter) who kills the White Kali (mother of spirit) or Virgin Mary upon whom she stands with many heads strung about her neck and another in her hand. The Buddha sits in a lotus flower beside the bloody scene praying. People being deceived by that one were told that the Black Kali was the good one, her symbol was the cow which they took upon as “the mother.” Therefore they do not kill cows, but kill calves, goats, lambs and bulls which are symbols of the Christ and His Mother. The writer would hardly dare tell the story she found of the blood on the door posts at the Passover until readers become accustomed to the shocks proper interpretations can give to old and mutilated teachings. Many wars were caused in efforts to destroy records of the FIRST BOOK but SPACE MEN will renew them.

For those who still want to argue the impossibility of the reincarnation of those who had attained to the right to stay in the heaven world, the writer would call attention to what is implied in the words, “the works that I do and even greater,” which precludes the argument that they could not do as they wished. Studying the discussions of JESUS and HIS Disciples when they were questioning HIM if John the Baptist could be Elias, one can easily see they must have known something about reincarnation or they would not have been looking for the new form they expected Elias to wear. Another place we find the Disciples questioning HIM concerning the reason HE did not teach the world the things he gave them. HIS answer shows there was something which was not to be revealed to average people at the time. It is understood that this had to do with keeping “unspotted” from the world. If “spotted” and found to be some martyr of the past, the reputation could have been very dangerous for the new form. Again the anti-christ manifestation and his negative helpers did not want anyone to trace their past lives and accredit them with “their works” which could be found “lived after them” in much suffering for many people. For these reasons certain truths had to be left out of religious informations. The Essenes kept records and esoterics were pledged to silence when trusted with the teachings of the Mystery Schools. It is time for “the truth to make you free,” and our Space friends have instructed the writer to make these revelations.

They who argue that “the dead know nothing,” and contend they are therefore really what is called dead, the writer would like to agree with them in a way, – the dead are those who are dead to the Christ teachings and possibly to anything else progressive mentally. Yes, it is agreed, “The dead know nothing,” for the ignorant surely need to partake of a “resurrection in Christ,” – the sooner the better for their minds to awaken from the dead. Some have resurrected in new bodies many times in earth’s great school of lives necessary toward perfecting the soul for graduation to a higher plane commonly called “Heaven.” All have spent periods of rest on other planes between incarnations. In this great AGE “many will rise to meet HIM,” and it is hoped mental evolution can be accelerated that more will be able to partake of the experience.

MEN FROM OUTER SPACE know the contents of “a little book that JOHN saw,” and even though it might seem ‘sweet as honey in the mouth,” it may be “bitter in the belly” of digestion for men who still crucify when informations advance beyond those sufficient for past Ages when this revelation was not advisable. Progress is a law of GOD, the Disciples and Angels took incarnation whenever more information was needed, as well as at times when help was required to protect some important teachings given in the past. They are the pure souls of the “White Robes” in the Bible, who cry out asking how long they have to wait. The answer will come in this AGE when it is known how long it will take to make the necessary understandings.

“The Leader of the Hosts of Heaven” many times has been the Leader of hosts on earth. HE has been called by many names and taken a body in any country where the work had to be done. Others came with HIM and the writer can lead interested persons to what she was directed to find. Michael incarnated in order to help in a crisis in the Great Church in Rome when there was much danger. The Pope of that time was an incarnation of the evil one who always had been the devastation of given religions. Michael Angelo remained “unspotted” and with Raphael who accompanied HIM into incarnation, did much to leave truths in stone and done on canvas for those whom it was expected would have “eyes to see.” Michael became very disgusted with the Pope and dared paint him with donkey ears. This still amuses tourists who visit the Vatican. Guided by directions from “The Great of the Earth,” the writer’s studies and travels have revealed many others of their great lives. She was not able to finish a world tour laid out for her by them because negatives cleverly tied her up financially when she refused to let them exploit her. She hopes some time to be able to go on a pilgrimage to prove to interested religious leaders what can be found.

The Great Ones can maintain themselves in any and all dimensions simultaneously and have even been Rulers of other planets at times. For this reason they have informations far above anything pertaining to this earth. To them has been given GOD’S power in keeping with the rays on which they work. They are here in physical bodies and the writer is able to lead anyone to “see” who will study for the necessary understanding. Theosophical teachings state, “when the student is ready the Master appears.” Anyone may be assured when his understanding is sufficient one these “Masters” will make himself known, or actually appear through the fleshy body He manifests at this level. HE will do this if understandings assure Him that the one “seeing” would not become emotionally unbalanced. Anyone having this experience would have to be very well informed on martyrs, saints, philosophers, artists, musicians, poets, Kings, Queens and Presidents of the past in order to know just what he was “seeing” if fortunate enough to be allowed to “see.” Their incarnations account for all the great works of genius minds of past Ages and it is only natural that we should expect them to step forward to lead in this time of need.

It is wise to remember that one of the “Seven Spirits” was Lucifer and to be on guard not to be deceived by the phenomena he plays to attract attention. When the deceived “Elect” discover the truth they will no longer venerate the Great Deceiver who in one body was the Antibis at Khartoum, the clever anti-christ of all Ages. In the past manifestation this one was “The Great Dragon,” in the form of an attractive woman, whose black magic deceived many into believing that she was an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY or the Master Hilarion, or at times dared claim to be others of the Great. Her “fire down from heaven” phenomena convinced many. It was she whose “great head wound was healed,” (head cancer) who “stood ready to swallow up the Child,” see Revelations. Prophecy has been fulfilled but not recognized on earth by those whose informations are not sufficient to classify them as “Wise Men” of today.

In the body the Mother wears on the physical level today, She produced “The Child” who was “caught up” from earth at an Easter Sun-rise program in 1955. Only the “Wise Men” knew what happened. A dark cloud came over the sun, a cold wind began to blow and it became increasingly darker. The crowds went home disappointed. The shocked Mother was told by Gabriel to “go down by the healing waters alone and wait until 12:30.” Mercifully she was put into a deep sleep to relieve the shock. Those who approached the spot also went to sleep.

Prevalent misunderstandings do not keep Space Men from doing their work but they have been a terrible limitation. Because of possible further misunderstandings they prefer to remain “unspotted” until His coming will bring about conditions more favorable. “Laborers are few” whose understandings are sufficient to being “chosen.” “Study to show yourselves approved, laborers worthy of the hire,” and a quick response will come from Those who need Their one hundred and forty-four thousand to awaken to their “callings.”

Regardless of the illusions of the uninformed The Great Ones have never failed to carry out GOD’S work on earth whenever necessary, no matter the sufferings in physical forms. Who ever dreamed Joan of Arc was the VIRGIN MARY whom it was believed could rest in Heaven when those She loved on earth were crying for help? Had she not “kept unspotted” she would have been burned at the stake much sooner for daring to make any claims to whom she had been when serving humanity before. The one responsible for burning her at the stake was an incarnation of the evil one. Some with clairvoyant vision have been able to “see” Her through the veil of the flesh she manifests today.

There were incarnations where She carried the cross even when He did not come in the flesh to accompany Her. Sometimes they were twins and esoterics understand this gave rise to the “twins” of the Zodiac. Sometimes HE would direct Her activity as in the case of Joan of Arc who heard “voices.” Some have seen her physical manifestation disappear and HE appear sitting where she had been. One must “see” for himself to really understand “His ways past finding out.” Some have seen visions of HIM changing bodies to show HIS incarnations, appearing as a youth one moment and as a “Little Child” another, and change in seconds to faces of the many pictures artists have painted of their visions of CHRIST.

The Great Ones have suffered terrible atrocities because of the trickery of the most dangerous person who ever trod the globe. Because they know “it is not the will if God any should perish,” they would not exercise their Cosmic Powers to remove the deceived who did the bidding of the satanic manifestation who is responsible for limitations purposely arranged against our Great Protectors. When the atrocities became too great God responded to Their prayers by removing the cosmic powers of the Lucifer manifestation. “But for the elect those days shall be shortened.” It was October of 1955 when the power was taken for one thousand years. Being unable to maintain a high vibratory body on earth without the necessary power, the physical manifestation had to leave this plane. The loss of power made it impossible for that one to go to any planes above the astral. After leaving the earth plane an intensified play of devilment came from the astral plane. There were “wars in heaven” and a bad situation developed below, where mediums were being deceived worse than before by “inner” deceptive messages. Several terrible battles took place in 1957 in order to block the way of the return of “The Child” who had to be “caught up.” The evil one tormented other Space Men to arrange for an incarnation on earth for which he promised that he would discontinue the negative work. A truce was arranged and a body promised. As soon as the pregnancy took place he tried to block the way of “A Little Child To Lead Them,” so he could not come until the new baby body was ready for the aggressor to possess. It was discovered that he had planned to have his laborers on earth claim that he was John the Baptist and third degree esoterics will be able to understand the reason.

Many times and many places the Wise Men waited and watched for HIS coming. Various phenomena appeared in clouds each time there was a trial to “come,” but blockades continued to be placed in the way by black magicians who had pledged to help the negative one “shine.” They planned “fire down from heaven” trickery to make it appear their “child” (leader) came with HIM. Then they would direct great occult forces at the mother of the unborn child to cause him to be born at the same time. Rather than give him a chance to deceive the world in this manner the Positive Space Men prayed GOD to protect “The CHILD” who was “caught up,” who is to be their leader when HE comes. One of the most important trials at “coming” was in October 1957. A great light appeared in the sky above New York, shortly two lights appeared instead of one. So again GOD “withdrew” “The Child” whom three Wise Men had been hoping to receive on top of the Empire State Building. Guards on the building said people began calling them and asking them what the lights in the sky meant. Because of so many failures of HIS being able to “come” it was decided to give this information and ask multitudes to pray for HIS release. It is hoped this will give the deceived a chance to understand the deceptions and change their pledges. Pray for the removal of the memory the Lucifer manifestation arranged for himself in the new body, and for the deceived to realize their precarious positions. If Bible prophecy is to be fulfilled those who insist on generating power for the deceiver will have to be removed from this plane just as those who were “taken” to stop a certain bomb.

The Great Deceiver influenced those who wrote religious records by giving telepathic messages declaring himself to be “The Lord.” In a recent incarnation he (female form at the time) joined every cult, creed and organization where it was possible to exert an influence and was very successful in “shining” everywhere, using numerous names and titles many would recognize if given here. One third of those “Stars” who “fell to earth,” – those reincarnate today, were under her command. It seems they really what they have been directed to do represents GOD’S will on earth. Many of those not in physical contact with the deceiver were directed by an “inner voice” (telepathy) and it is almost impossible to convince them what they “heard” was not of GOD. It is believed if these can be made to understand the karmic prejudice their service to the devil is making they will turn from their pledges. Those who “hear” from the right sources will have a chance to effect a lasting peace for the world. The prejudiced activities described here-in are behind most of the troubles in the world today.

Nations spend millions trying to arrange a peaceful security for their people and overlook the greatest of all “causes” for dissentions. Those who have been victims of subversive activities fear them so much they avoid discussions because they lack the understanding of how to escape. Hearts, pocketbooks and organizations are being broken and families purposely separated especially where there is some inheritance the aggressors are after. People in the East avoid mentioning the negatives regardless of how hard the experiences have been at their hands. In this country the writer has worked hard to get something done about it since she discovered the great infiltration here, but the issue is brushed aside by excuses that there are no laws to control this type of activity and not enough known about it to be able to understand what should be done. Because it would take a deep esoteric education, and no provisions are made in the educational systems of today for such instruction, nothing is being done by those in proper Government positions. The writer is well informed because of having personally experienced every trick Black Magicians use. They were determined to get her out of the way before these informations could be made available.

Those who have struggled with the devilish principles and deceptions of the negatives, have suffered many crosses of purposely arranged misunderstandings and smears and have not been able to do as much as should be accomplished because of the influence on many who hold high positions. They blocked the positive workers from giving informations in the right places to prevent disasters. Negative laborers were instrumental in preventing the writer from delivering necessary information to President Nasser in time to save the Suez situation. The same thing happened when she was sent to Iran twice to try to deliver other vital informations to the Shaw which could have protected Syria. The East can thank GOD that President Nasser responded to a message in 1957 to protect Syria. Warnings were directed to him after a number of other countries, including our own refused to listen to messages concerning the danger. Something MUST be done about this situation to awaken the righteous in “high places” before they MUST be “brought low.” The writer and others who fully realize the need for immediate action have been doing everything in their power against terrible odds.

The negatives have worked all kinds of deceptions on many individuals as well as all organizations they have joined. They have clever ways of “force” to get funds for their activities. The positives whose principles are above tactics of this kind, have suffered from insufficient funds to carry on their activities to the greatest advantage.

There has been much difficulty in finding recruits for the positives because of the lack of necessary funds. Some prospective recruits were reluctant when they discovered the sacrifices of deep study and constant vigilance and action. Even those born for the work find it hard to sacrifice the time and energy. “The Child” took what is called “Cosmic Birth” to stop a bomb at the moment it would have been detonated in late 1954. Shortly after that HE was “caught up” because of the activities of the Oppressors. At the time of the world emergency just before “THE CHILD” rook “Cosmic Birth,” MICHAEL called some of us who could “hear” and said, “ye on earth fail Divine causes.” He then directed the writer to make a world tour to find the “chosen” who had reincarnated in various places HE directed her to visit. “Tell them we need hands and feet of the flesh and ears attuned to listening.” The Space Leader known only as “M” to many discovered the secret of the planned trip and did everything possible to disintegrate the plans. The writer was forced to return twice from abroad and hasn’t been financially able to complete the trip which will reveal much more than being expressed in present writings. All who read this story will do well to pray fervently for obstructions to be removed from the path of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM,” who “will come as HE left,” when “caught up,” a real “LITTLE MAN FROM OUTER SPACE.” “YE SHALL SEE HIM AS HE IS, AND EVERY MAN WHO HATH THIS HOPE IN HIM PURIFIETH HIMSELF EVEN AS HE IS PURE.” He will change bodies to show how many times HE was crucified for trying to give “TRUTHS TO MAKE THEM FREE.”

“A Little Child shall lead them and His name shall be called Wonderful.” He, “the first fruits of those who slept, the first who is (would come) last, and last who is first, – Leader of the Hosts of Heaven,” descends to be “King of Kings” on earth.


      (A Prayer for His Coming)

Star of Love, Oh, Star of Peace

Coming to earth that wars might cease,

Sainted Star, OH, LOVE DIVINE

Come my CHILD for THOU art mine.

Star of Peace, Oh, Star of Love

Coming to earth from planes above,

HIS the light, the life, the leaven

Brings to earth great Stars of Heaven.

Seven Men from Outer Space

Seven Sun-Sons find their place,

Hierarchial Sons paged here from Heaven

Descend to earth to seed great leaven.

Come my Child, Oh, come from Heaven,

COME, Oh, Come to lead the seven

In HIS mind the God-plan holding,

With their hands the earth-plan molding.

Hierarchial Darling, Son of Grace,

Little Man from Outer Space,

Leader of the hosts of HEAVEN,

Included within HIM all the Seven.


Peace for earth when THOU art mine.

Born of Heaven, Son of GOD

Comes this earth plane now to trod.

Essence grand of LOVE DIVINE

Precious ONE now really mine,


Now the greater COSMIC BIRTH.



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