Truths Recorded

From Higher Planes

Records Made, By Loved Ones Done

To Prove To Earth How Peace Is Won 


Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande

            A great “call” has been coming from higher planes for laborers who are willing to act as receiving instruments for “messages” from above for the betterment of human conditions. The writer has been explaining to many how “Behold I stand at the door (of consciousness) and knock.” She has taught the worthy to record “messages” from the Archangels who wish to give guidance and beneficial informations for the greater progress of mankind.

Without sufficient understanding many of those who have been “called” are wasting their time trying to understand what happened, and too frequently form erroneous conclusions as to the significance. Ignorance of facts concerning the reasons and manner of “calls,” being misinterpreted, are responsible for the beginnings of many new cults and creeds “mushrooming” up everywhere. Unless those who have a “call” are schooled carefully they fail the “call” for one reason or another. This must cease if laborers are to be found who understand enough to be “chosen” for some part of HIS work.

The writer has for many years been instructed by the Great teachers known as Masters or Archangels. She has been directed to establish classes of instruction for all who desire to “hear” on the “inner” and become recorders for the much great information which is to be given those who make themselves worthy. Many hands will be needed. “To each will be given” in keeping with the work he is to do. After helping many to attain she has lately been directed to establish school which will be called THE IDYLL LOTUS for the purpose of training more pure souls for some part of the recording work. When earth men learn to “listen” for higher plane instructions they will become instruments in the hands of our Archangel protectors, The Men From Outer Space. There will then be the beginning of that “New Heaven and a new earth” which the Bible promised.

            The writer was given the following message by Michael or Kuthumi when HE directed her to cross the ocean and “find the blossoms,” or those who are reincarnate Chosen Ones to work with HIM when HE comes. This was recorded just after The Child had been “caught up” from this earth Easter 1955, and before the evil Space Master lost his Cosmic Power: (For explanations see “The Truth About Men from Outer Space” by the same author).

            “Consequences may befall the devastator, not through Our will but through the will of One who never turns, therefore whatever it is our duty let us perform it without questioning or disturbances, relying on the ONE who judged beyond our judgment and unto whom We bow thou. My love, His Love unites our love, and sacrificing together for the further anticipation of peace and rehabilitation of all. I shall follow thee, I shall stand by and relieve thee of those inconvinced which may be hard to withstand in the body. My blessings!

            Disturbances caused by one we know may cause greater sorrow within immediate followers. Harm may befall unto those who have executed their will against the Father. That is speaking for what matter concerns continued harm and trickery and unsolved problems which keep Us much under-going. Sooner than expected there will be forced a definite stop. Rightfully adjust the account that thy name be cleared in front of your husband as to what was once lost at the foot of the Great Deceiver who has made greater turmoil both among the faithful over the earth as well as those who are Above.

            Play safe, withstanding, enduring whatever may befall, and yet acquiring that which should have been, -relating to the grandeur within the fartherest point abroad. Secure it, above all required for the Infant’s life within which much can be accomplished, therefore much is being requested through thy willingness and thy non-interference which show thy love above all matters.

            The sature atmosphere of hate and misunderstandings and attainment of power beyond ours within the evil power is not the best to be considered for the realization of the Savior. Therefore whatever it may befall within the following period be ye intransident to the letter that no obscurity, no evil, no terrorism, no endeavors differ from the Father’s Will. Be ever encouraged and not further betrayed. Superlative of Ours are orders of the Father beyond who sees far greater advancement than may occur to us.

            Controlled in time disaster may have been avoided. Now that these uncontrolled wills have discouraged the right of the plan we altogether have to unite to withstand greater efforts not understood or acceptable because heaviest height and inconceivable thought. Less is to be fulfillment, but will in due time be attained, determined by the time of comfort which is at the moment thy graciousness and thy attempt to behold in love, -this is of great importance, for hate fought with love will not degenerate nor will it have the strength to spread across wider fields therefore tranquility and love and understanding at this particular delicate time brings forth greater values than an open fight against evil. Thou blessed go in peace, thou shall prevail in peace. Thy household shall prevail over that devastation. Peace, Love. Go, in peace abide, in peace rest, in peace dwell. Conduct peace, stress peace, forward peace which is the Father’s will.

            Many things art to be accomplished within many servants, but many things art to be accomplished by one, not alone for I will be ever with her. Strengthen the flame of faith and go ahead.

            A World Superintendent of Peace International will enforce your work. Cairo stop between Alexandria and Medina, then to Mecca and Pakistan. On shortest note visit the ancient city in Egyptland.

            My Peace, My Love, My Wisdom is yours to keep.                                                             -  My Blessings!"

            To show prospective students what has been received by students who have “studied to show themselves approved,” the following excerpts are offered.


Heavy hearts no more shall be

When every and all eyes SEE.

Even come all Cosmic Ten;

Sun-Sons of out planes high,

Watch, for soon the time is nigh.

Wise Ones watching flocks by night

May find setting sun the sight.

Fears and thoughts of want and woe,

All of these dismissed must go.

Peace on earth as is in Heaven,

New plans laid, worked out by Seven.

As Above so must below,

As they seed so shall ye sow.

Servers wisened, conditioned ready,

Stand ye fast and be ye steady.

Work ahead and much the “call”

Strengthened ready, none shall fall.

God’s will that none shall perish

But everlasting life may cherish.

Karmas great forgiven any

Returning service to help many.

Heaven on earth as peace Above,

All arranged by GOD-power of Love.

Preparing their bodies, conditioning of souls,

Help for all men to reach higher goals.

Footnote: It is understood that the “Cosmic Ten” means a call for the ten Logi of this universe.

In this time for new light for the world it is possible that HE will come at the setting sun – (The Child was “caught up” at sunrise). Being “First fruits of those who slept” previous to that “rising” experience, and now expected to come from Above to earth, it could be that He would come at sunset, or when the sun which is His symbol is seen nearest the earth. “No man knoweth the day or the hour,” but these seem to be hints of possibilities in keeping with symbolism.

                “New plans made, laid out by Seven” is speaking of the seven Archangels or Masters as they are called. Since the final “fall” of Lucifer another who has earned the position was chosen to fill that place for one thousand years.

                “Servers wisened, conditioned ready,” is cleared in meaning when it is explained that Archangels or Masters put down a fleshy body through whom they manifest on this plane and that form functions as a puppet for the Mighty One Above who directs the physical form.

It is interesting to notice the promise of forgiveness is given for those who will give service in helping others. There are many who have been deceived into working against the great Plan and these may have their karmas erased by repentance and service on the right side.

            A student’s recording follows: “Stand fast at the portal gate of His kingdom, making records We might wish to place with you, - this being very important work you will use all your time individually as a strong hold of receptivity, that all may reach for introspection through mystical values and true understandings of what is to be written through your hand.”

            The above was recorded by a student to be given to the instructor at the same time the following was projected to the writer: “Make clear His way in book form as fast as possible. There is to be no trekking along,” (this is understood to mean a promise that the negative would not be able to confuse with misleadings so frequently injected into the writings of students who do not understand sufficiently to keep them out.) “I may come with more confounding words to strike the militant structures abiding.” (This meant to the writer that messages to be recorded by her would possibly strike at negatives who are causing so much misunderstanding and trouble.) “Nefertiti never stopped but raised many lids off deceptions such as now can be revealed to the insomnious. Gracious beings do not just grow – they are guided Archically onto perfection.” (In Egypt some believe that Nefertiti was an incarnation of Virgin Mary who was “used” at that time to lift the lid of deceptions just as the writer is now directed to expose the work of the anti-christ. In this work the personality does nothing of itself but is guided “Archically” as is stated.)

"O far. Yesterdays are forgotten; - it is the tomorrow which must correct and clean up the whole past, clearing for soul growth in future Ages of advances controlled by the Logos of Cosmical protection addictable in cause and effect.

            The Ages of Black warfare we hope will be understood better now for reasons many. Black Magic esoterically known met many advantages to carry on always with funds and supplies sufficient for all their needs. Much will be arranged for the advocacy of the right esoteric needs as soon as it has been made clear to millions who have met with percussions cause by a would-be nobleman’s apothecary profession as deceptionist, a tradesman of his own committed law of previously unknown laws which he used in guiding many Ages of persecution patrols in his power and claiming imperative to his higher triad.”

            The write understands the above message is talking about the anti-christ work carried on for Ages by esoterics who tricked and robbed their victims and had funds sufficient for all their needs to work against those of Christ called the White Brotherhood. A promise seems to be given here for the White or right esoterics to be supplied financially as soon as they are informed as to what has been the trouble in the past. It seems that few understood the snares until they were too much involved. “The Truth shall make ye free,” was promised and the writer has been given volumes of this to share with others. There is still much more to record and she is guided and helped so she could help others attain to receiving some of it themselves. It is noted above that something ids said about the “deceptionist” who made laws he attributed to “The Lord” which he declared himself to be through “inner” deceptive messages, confusing sages and “The Very Elect” of all past Ages. The promise is given that this Age will end the deceptions and many will be able to record without the danger of “inner” misleadings.

            A student received the following: “Beginning purpose for service is to be in monetary affection so needed in His work at this time. Now we can see an advantage to come to earth in Lamb’s wool and rescue the damaged souls for perfection’s sake. GOD does rebuild so-called laws to save the centuries of much stumbling which reached its unforbidable height tensions and disasters discovered in tumbling effects. This being clearly exposed to the bin of ‘gone-bys’, we are now presenting new stages to promote better soul care under specific rationale evolving blessings for the here-to-fore curses sent to nations and individuals in all walks of life. God blesses all who are dedicated to His work, and His benevolent creation is established so none will suffer loss, but will gain in His kingdom which includes all. The Day is to His advantage now that He may explain through right and understandable teachings which are already being offered to all “that none may perish.”

            HE has decided to effect a clearance of bad circumstances never before occurring to the attention of the Preacher or Layman. HE plans to make an end for the culprits causing all the troubles of mankind. The Pulpit will be condensed to outlined wordings never given by any authorized authority. Some have tried in vain to break through and overthrow the looser motives which are now so troublesome to the audiences of no understanding. A notorious law bringing understanding of the past will establish people in the corrected research of Philosophical and Ancient Wisdom records which have done much to produce this working universe which could have been made into a prism of harmony in the beginning. Now we must set others free from the disabling effects imposed by an ego too ’tistical for its own growth. I hope to expound the necessary informations for the benefit of all humanity. Many hands will be needed for recordings, the seed of which has been given to the one who has been chosen to lead this movement on earth at this time. Through fear there has been much damage to the Great Souls reincarnate today, for none seem to realize a so-called benefactor could be so misleading as the personality who was “used” by Lucifer in this Age. The Bible avenues offered the real Truths right along side of the other. Great Souls now on earth who have been deceived will soon direct their forces to the right when they can SEE, - when “all eyes see.” However we must pray for them to step clear and accept His words which are flowing forth for their perception and understanding. We must cause them to heed what He is trying to say.

            We will teach all who will “listen” so there will be progress through this form of reception. Many of you are her to give attention to the “calls” for laborers. Many more are needed to come closer to GOD and offer their services for His plan for the future now in the conception of those who are placed in charge and who work with Him in filing promontory teachings very carefully produced. Against sensualisms we must come forth with much information which will soon be used in classrooms and circulating literature; confirming all procedures into command of an organized get-together routine of preparation which will satisfy every cult and creed in all their activities in behest of the GOD-given laws manifesting truths so grand as to relieve all sickness, pain, hate and their miserable effects now not understood.

            There is not hurt in His campaign of Love, Peace, Truth, sacrificed. He will come to the earth which is as His footstool. As the Bible concretes now founded, there could not possibly be a more concrete information filed or negotiated into a living existence; how-so-ever MSS may have been entered into active Scriptural potentials now dissoluble under pressure by the Truth of His advocated teachings. Jesus tried faithfully to propound these teachings long ago but misunderstandings and misinterpretations have scattered the meanings as time went on. In reality these Truths do not just happen to come into being among the earth-born, but are a gift of a precious avenue of life endearment. A plan so gently said we can all take His work without reflection to the past and do good deeds by undoing the wrong writings, and this will be done by receiving celestial recordings in this day. This could have been done long ago and could have saved many heads and bodies from being destroyed along as the Ages have passed. Just from the lack of understandings which were caused by an inserted unbeneficial classic, mankind has suffered much unrighteous and misleading scriptural declarations injected among the others of Cosmic value. The injections could not be right, nor could they hardly be called a scriptural declaration even though they were recorded among the real words of GOD, which words were given from HIS trained Archangels who knew The Father’s will.

            He delays many in idleness today to keep these precious ones in our reach where we may help them know who, what, and why all shall come to His thatch where Love is prevalent. It is advisable to all to develop the righteous freedom in a kingdom everlasting with all creeds, denominations and organizations from lower ratings upward. We have all come to this planet and must protract too the same level spiritually by delving into the realistic Truths for soul protection and growth. Real Truth should be projected for all groups wherever found and seekers will be found among all peoples everywhere. No universe ever grew too large for Us to expand our labors to all children pertaining directly to HIS Kingdoms. We reach unto all of His most precious and dearly beloved nations, in MY concept all one nation. I will remind you all of this fact on that day of recompense serving the purpose of soul growth.” (It is believed that the idea being projected here concerns when all eyes will see individual Akashic records which will show as pictures of past incarnations in bodies of many nations which have housed the soul in the past).

            “Planets are planned into growth and are never turned loose to grow. As We guide, direct and lead a soul to its perfect manifestation of joy he reaches goals unexplored, so it is concerning a planet which is as if a personality capsule magnified to a goodly size and directed in its track. Uninformed of his mission the soul keeps on its recluse state, yet taught and watched over through all stages of soul growth. When he begins to realize there is a definite plan for him he lays down his doubts and fears to accept the beauty of life he never thought of existing. ’Tis a very dark alley if there were no lights along such a dreary path which could become weary without the informations which will be given to all in the NU-AGE. In soul growth the lights will be found which will save needed bodily strength which is as a fort for the soul maintenance during the time of serving with ‘feet and hands’. The Father cometh unto His little children by way of supply for all their needs, whether spiritual or bodily. Even a new educational plan is very advisable and should be given through our Father-Mother God of transpirant profound qualities. Such a plan which is being dictated from Above deserves our sincerest attentions from all who desire to make claim for His instruction. Men, women and children will alike learn in this way and be led to many large advancements for the good of their families as well as others. No limitation will surrender a bounteous growth to all for always.

            In this indebatable Age all nations recognize restrictions bent in all manner of ways to handle freedom with handcuffed professional schemes which are not so recognized but will have to be exposed shortly as a defense for your protection aggregating all the points of foreclosure to our precious and clearly defined promulgations. We are expecting to procure rights through patent or something which will make legal our intentions, so this time the plans will not be acquired into a united extension of rules and laws containing forbiddings and unscrupulously inadvisable misleadings and deceptive schemes which are made redeemable by proscriptive usage. In turn we intend to promote only good clear protected rights of all nations even if not so indebtable as some are at this time.”

            There was a pause and the recorder questioned the Angel informer if there was any more to record at the time. The answer came, “Yes, but not now thank you, there will be another inclusive later.” The recording was made by a student whose education is very meager and who could not possibly have written the information herself. Acting as instructor the writer sat by and watched the student write so fast she had no time for punctuation. Sometimes a little extra time was granted, allowing for the recorder to balance her thinking to a better receptivity. The spelling of some words was hard for her without the help of the Informer. The Angel granted time for questions and gave answers if she became confused because of the unusual wording.

            A student the writer trained in Canada was an Italian Baptist missionary. Her language was poor and Michael had to spell many words before she could write them. She begged him to use language she could better understand, to which He made reply, “I like my language.” At the time HE was using a quaint old English style for the purpose of having His messages recognized from those being broadcast by negative occult operators who served the Devil’s deceptions concerning “inner” recordings.

            On January 21, 1958, the following message was recorded: “Masculine materials of anchored beholdings organized the way for eternal joy, are to propound to you esoterics of renounced abundance spotted from Above. Things are not so true as pictured by deceivers if you learn to be guided by an author (Angel) of knowledge. Too much is being said about subject content not fully comprehended for actual published incidentals. Much written from human thinking is not in accord with authoritative recordings of a spiritual origin, and many recordings are being written from projected deceptions. Evil sources control many who do not understand there are two sources of “inner” informations, one arranged purposely to mislead and cause confusions. One must learn to obey the Bible admonition to “test the spirits” and as I have declared before, “weigh it against principle,” even then be very careful in this day of misconception where concerns right and wrong receptions. Your recordings must come from a Positive source if we are going to enlighten our fellow progenitors. It isn’t that all writers have not made the effort, but that it takes concentrated training and deep esoteric propoundings to accelerate propitious surroundings pertaining to the blessings of our Eternal Beings. They have secrets and expect them to remain secret so far as man desires to remain uncultured, rejecting the new bread and wine HE so desires to give them this day. How carefully HE guides to be most helpful and give leadings whenever man proves himself worthy of HIS trust. It is a fact when you begin to record the cultural informations, the more outward signs of HIS presence manifests in your experience. When you begin to accept HIS precepts as your natural life, then does HE begin to pour through you the manifestation of HIS trust in your sincerity by giving you work more intricate which is not to be handled promiscuously. One learns the work with HIM so HE will be able to tell what is HIS preference. Then it is that most intense and inexhaustible teachings will qualify the student to pass through many higher life spans which are called ‘life cycles.’ He will then be able to bear up with the energy and capacity required to obtain a position with GOD as to adorn and protect mankind from further illusions. To exemplify the Truth God requires of man to accept HIS ways and KNOW; ‘in all his getting to get understanding’ so God’s love will be able to manifest ‘to each HE has given’ rights of freedom to HIS Kingdom informations without prejudices, revilings and misgivings.

            We look at things so differently these days of so very much entanglements because of previous writings of so many centuries past which were done to mislead. We must now reach to take in hand the responsibility of corrections which might appear to many as an injustice to some who have written or given the laws to be obeyed. One who so often said “I the Lord God speaks,” misled others enormously many centuries past. It is almost unspeakable to enumerate misleadings of the past done in this manner and written into religious teachings everywhere. Remember GOD is very reverent with HIS messages which are given to be carried out. HE only speaks and does good, - never destructive and forceful wordings to cause fears and hates with misunderstandings and force. ‘There is not any hurt in the Lord.’ So we will learn to go about this cleaning up of past deceptions injected into all teachings, by watching for the forms of speech which stay in keeping with HIS Blessings, showing that they come from a true and loving Friend, from a GOD who speaks His Truth and makes it manifest in peace and not force as attributed to Him by many past recordings. As ever He always asks only that we return to receive His offerings of a Savior who will help in all our needs if we obey the sanctified Word that follows the Presence which always comes for the purpose of relief."

            The writer acting as instructor had called Michael to contact the student who had made herself worthy of His beautiful Presence. In this instance He did not give His name because it was understood that it was He who would respond because this was His promise to her if she would help others make the contact. Sometimes His Presence would be noted by the flashing of a star or beautiful blue and rose lights accompanied with a perfume of a fragrance not known of this world. Each student must experience this before being able to realize the sacred uplift which accompanies such an experience. Usually there is a healing power flowing through the whole form during any kind of service to Him. The student making the recordings experienced a progressive healing of a spinal injury of years standing, together with the adjustment of a hip which had been displaced many years previous, leaving a bad condition as aftermath. As the spiritual power continues to flow through the form of any pledged servant who has been accepted as a recorder, many unusual things start to happen for progressing his life spiritward, and are reflected in his material betterment in every way. As the spiritual rejuvenation takes place it is reflected upon the physical form in displacement of aging conditions which might have been noticed previously.

            Sometimes the messages are given in foreign languages, usually Latin and the writer has witnessed them given to young children who were taught to “hear.” The children did not understand what was received but it was proof of the source and accuracy of receptions. Sometimes flashes of symbolism are used to instruct students so the profane will not understand. Some speak of this as “the wave of the Master’s hand.” This means that the student takes hints from signs and is conscious of His Presence and desires where others near know nothing of what is taking place.

            When one learns to recognize the negative Servers he will find them shaking hands with a final push to the left. Behind this crude action is a mental pledge to Master “M” to force that personality his way. The “M” laborers are usually very aggressive, harsh, crude and forceful beyond reason if those they plan to deceive refuse to respond. Even though professing mightily to serve God they call upon evil spirits to perform miracles and bring pestilence upon God’s people, declaring that it comes from God who is punishing them for not doing as the aggressor desires them to do. A good example of this was shown in Egypt when Moses forced those he proclaimed as “chosen people” to leave Egypt. They were an oppressed people because of their failures to do right in the past and were suffering karmas no man could relieve. Moses promised them escape and declared he would lead them out of their mortal wilderness, which to human sense is what he did. But the underlying deception was that he helped them escape karmas by making it look rosy fro them. Actually he led them into a spiritual wilderness directed by the Lucifer known to many of Ancient Wisdom studies as “M” who accomplished by use of force, will and deceptions, always claiming to be identified with the others of the first triad who had rejected him long ago. Because he had developed material powers beyond theirs they had to bear the crosses in silence until God brought about the relief by removing him from his seat for one thousand years, in which time it is expected that all religious leaders will have a chance to sift the chaff from the wheat of previous messages. They will receive new informations by way of recordings which will guide them to helping create the “new earth” we are promised. As yet few realize they have been deceived or that something has been injected into the former purity of their religions which will have to be discovered and removed. When the deceivers “inner” broadcasting is finally cut off there will be no more “inner” deceptive messages to confuse recorders and many more ears will be opened. It is then we should experience much progress. By the time the Negatively Existent One is loosed a thousand years hence, “for a little time” as the Bible states, it is intended that humanity will be so well informed that they will remodel the Devil himself, or themselves overthrow him forever if they are not able, - at least they will know right from wrong and never be susceptible to the snares of that wicked one again.

            Today we have the effects of centuries of negative teachings which have cleverly been injected into every creed however pure it was in the beginning. Evil forces have been generated for the purpose of projecting influences on human minds, using mesmerism, dope and hypnotism, none of which are approved by God. A recent message to the writer stated, “This condition cannot be fought with arms or material power purchased with money, but with understanding and the capacities to wield the same kind of power positively as the others use negatively. All of humanity MUST be awakened to the need and responsibility of investigations and urged to study to make it possible to offset these evils before wordlings are completely swallowed up, which almost seems to be the condition at this time. Public apathy and non-interest is appalling and the tendency to be interested in hypnotism is alarming. Both hypnotism and mesmerism were first given to mankind by the negative one who taught mental forcings to control the minds of victims. Many are being trained to turn deafened ears toward those who could inform them correctly. Negative teachings declare it negative for anyone to mention these negations and in this way people are being lulled into apathy with face turned away from those who could help them if they would open their minds to receive facts. Declaring love and denying evil does not mean it does not exist. It is true that God did not create evil, lies and sufferings, but mere denial does not uncover and destroy the evils lurking in safe places, hiding behind the skirts of cults and creeds being taught to shut their eyes and close their ears to those who have been directed to uncover hidden deceptions which are so prevalent today. God did not make evil but He gave men free will and they are generating plenty of it. Negative teachings cause their students to remain ignorant of facts and in this way they hold them neutral in so far as rejecting evils which are hidden within. It has all gone so far as to demand a forced halt by a God who says, “thus far and no further.” It is time for a great change. Men have rejected those who were appointed from Above to bring the Truth to them. Something will have to be done to awaken them from their apathy. The wiles of the devil are many and we cannot refuse to listen and be informed how to escape them.

The writer has been astonished many times when students deride her, becoming rude and prone to accusations without provocation. Demanding an explanation it was declared they heard her on the “inner” scolding and accusing them of things which they did not consider just. They had the written messages at times to prove their claims. This is only another form of deception projected by evil mental operators and this deception has been equally as hard to combat as the insane-sounding letters written on the “outer” and mailed to anyone it was believed she might contact concerning these problems. Other ways of disrupting His cause were done by inflating egos of students by giving them messages of their having been some great personages of the past. Because the writer, as their instructor, did not give them the satisfaction of feeling they were the reincarnate Great, she frequently lost students who would rather accept the illusions and deceptions played upon them. This made it necessary for the Positive Angels to block their minds so they would be protected from hearing if they refused to live the pure lives of meekness required for acceptance as positive recorders. Many times the writer has been condemned because of the lack of a large organization and plenty of finances to function well. She could have had all of this if she would have accepted the sponsoring of others who plies the negative cause. Many would have exploited her talents and sealed her up to loud cries of the wicked who work on the emotions of those who prefer glamour and show. Quiet purification is necessary for actually being Chosen for a servant of GOD. In His work there are no false fronts and big shows of power, fame and wealth. Surely “the Great shall be brought low,” by ways known only to HE who has planned their fall from what is now considered respectable positions and great honors. “His ways are past finding out” without the necessary “inner” instruction from the Highest Holiest, which means absolute and perfect guidance from the Archangels who choose ‘charge’ over those they recognize as worthy of “the high calling in Christ.”

            GOD’S truth was always given to all nations repeatedly by the Archangels who gave those teachings in keeping with the particular needs of the peoples and the times. The teachings were advanced as time went on and are yet to be advanced as the need arises. Many souls have grown up to the possibility of becoming direct receivers themselves and the writer is urged to reveal this secret at this time. GOD intends to graduate many more into His service, making each a receiving instrument in his own right as soon as he is prepared and accepted. This process of acceptance is called ‘initiation’ and it is spoken of in the Bible as “rising up to meet Him.” Many today who ridicule the writer for pioneering this field would do well to try for acceptance themselves. Anything new ever projected had to have someone martyr the cause before it was accepted. This is the Age for taking THE CHRIST from the cross and the time to put an end to the killing of Christ lights in eyes which have attained to “seeing” before others recognize the facts of progress in HIS NAME. Too many have already been burned at the stake in times past for daring dimensional work before others before others could understand. When all deceivers are put into the “pit” with their “fallen” leader it will be possible for more ears to be unstopped which have been kept closed for their own protection. In this NU-AGE of lights beyond anything ever given before, there will be a complete turn-over of thinking and ways of mankind. Perhaps many will suffer the Armageddon of reluctance in parting with former habits and forms, but in the end GOD will bring about conditions which will show forth the wisdom of new ways to promote more growth spiritually. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” and so are his experiences expected to follow his doings. This is called the law of Karma, or reward for either right or wrong doing. GOD made it automatic but man does not recognize the fact that his experiences are of his own doing or undoing in either this life or other previous lives.

            It is understood that the changes which will be made in GOD’S laws for future government of men in coming generations, will demand that each soul suffer his mistakes before leaving the life in which they were made. Then there will be no carry over into other lives where the new body might be born imperfect physically. If perfection is demanded before leaving this dimension it will change conditions on other planes as well, actually fulfilling the promise of “a new heaven and earth with the former things passed away.” “They will cry for death and it will not come,” is said of those who might wish to escape their karmas by death as some have done in the past. This has an unbalancing effect on the progress of the ego. If one escapes by death before his life span is finished he is forced to hover close on the astral plane and seek re-birth to finish out that life span. He would be called out of the next incarnation whenever the previous life span was completed. He would then have balanced his karma, but some of the time for progressing the soul would have been lost in the process of an extra birth and death necessitated by the attempted escape of karmas of one life which seemed too great. He is finally brought to the realization that in trying to escape he has stacked more karmas which have to be adjusted before he can progress. GOD has made this automatic and His Angels have been put in charge to see things are carried out and each soul is guided as much as he will heed guidance. If he chooses the left hand path his karmas take care of the adjustment until he learns the lessons the hard way. The right hand path is in living in keeping with good religious practices taught by all Churches. It is expected that Church guidance will have more effect after HIS COMING because the pulpit will have more understanding and give new teachings which were not included in past tenets of the respective Churches. New teachings were always given to meet the requirements of men as they progressed beyond those given previously. Archangels were always dispatched to earth as Spiritual Leaders whenever needed. Today They are with us in new physical forms and we call them Men from Outer Space. After the Coming of “A Little Child to Lead Them,” the white robes of these Great Teachers will show forth as Religious Leaders who will instruct ministers, priests and practitioners of various cults and religious sciences who make themselves worthy. The first school taught by Them will be called THE IDYLL LOTUS. After a preparatory period making it possible for the writer to introduce Them to Religious Leaders, the Space Men will “appear” and instruct them in person. Religious Leaders will be first to be given this privilege for they are in good positions to help others. Because it will not be possible for all people to attend these classes it is expected that Spiritual Leaders will be the first to receive these instructions. They will return to their respective parishes with new ideas to meet many problems which were not known in past Ages when these teachings were not necessary. There are Seven Space Men who will be first to instruct the Chosen Spiritual Leaders. They have six helpers each who will also be teachers in the greatest spiritual college ever known. Religious Leaders will be given informations which will help them determine where negative teachings have been cleverly worked into their originally pure creeds and they will be able to make the corrections necessary themselves as their understandings grow. At this time the negative stories and misleadings woven into various cults and creeds cannot be detected by those who are being taught to believe purposely twisted Truths aimed at changing their original teachings. Religious Leaders will be given informations which will make it possible for them to detect the difference in the Christ teachings from those of the anti-christ so cleverly injected into all religious teachings today.

            As the writer was discussing plans of the Hierarchy for Their work on earth, her Teacher standing by directing her writing said, “Tell them that We will give them informations which might be likened to a rake and they are to do the raking, cleaning up and making right anything they find not in keeping with informations We plan to give all who will listen. The classes will go into full swing immediately after THE CHILD is returned to earth. Those Above hope that interest will bring about a necessity for more classes before that time. Servants are needed to guide the millions who will have to be helped to understand what is happening when changing vibrations will bring about conditions few will understand.”

            The writer has been directed to instruct others how to make contact with Those Above, that “to each will be given” whatever he needs for the advancement of the cult or creed he represents. These plans are being explained ahead of time so there will be less loss of time, and for the purpose of making certain there will be no misunderstandings of the purpose of the Space School.

            On February 10, 1958 a message was given as follows: “Thrifty words are coming forth for the sacred purpose of affixing the righteous to heed. There is no negligence on anybody’s part, - just a reconciling of inclinations is needed. Things are coming to the end. Nearly new beams will be on the market soon to shake loose the extraditing of good works. My words are to put the frost on all the extraneous teachings here-to-fore and silver the new Teachings with new beams setting aside others not of God. Mercy can, and possibly will offend some characteristics into non-belief, but with introductions offered, as We have caused this recorder to write recently, it will ease into line without much trouble. I am non-challant as to what is done to bring about understandings, but they must be brought about in some manner unoffensive to any who should profit by them.”

            Sometimes the writer is too busy to record everything which pertains to her own activities and leaves a trained student to receive the messages while she is occupied elsewhere. The following message will show how she is guided. This was received by a student she instructed to “stay on the pen” while she carried out other instructions given previously:

            “A notice will come to you of circumstances you will amaze at, but work intricately about all the clauses of constructive work to make certainty of coverage. Stay with the form to be noted in all your answers which will be provided by Us. Secondly be thoroughly conditioned to meet any surprises if any, which may come through aborture of habitation. Corrections are necessary to provide for scanty recallings of one who has been born into a new form with arrangements for his memory so he would be able to carry on from where he left off in the life just before this one. Never do we dodge a Greek influence if nauseatingly pronounced. Finish this likelihood of his memory by asking GOD to do something about it that devastation not be in his wake again this time. For centuries back his past accusations are recorded in history for the purpose of preparing his statute of prized pride. The fellonous stalemate must we now abandon to his karmas made by giving the world rules and laws not in keeping with God’s will, and declaring them to be of “The Lord” which he called himself by means of “inner” telepathic messages, deceiving recorders and the faithful for centuries, making sure that histories were filled with praises of himself for references to be used by the negative teachings. It was God who gave him his seat and it is God who removed his power for a thousand years and will return him perdition for his failure to carry out his mission in Truth and righteousness.

            Greetings will be forthcoming to you and happiness acquired. Steadfast has been your acquisition ennobled through many turns in his name. GOD-speed to you! Ameleck.”

            To the above message was added a gracious “Thanks” to the student making the recording which was to be delivered to the writer. This seemed to end the discourse for that time but it was picked up later and the following recorded:

            “Formulate this work with facts put remarkedly well to lay a background for the future which will honor the past into an understanding for a loved one we are now working to enlighten concerning great lives of the past. His present doings have netted his equality inferior to much of his past lives. Work hard on this one to help him understand. We are sorry to have to inform you of such nakedness of past understood knowledge. The wisdoms which he should have reached for in this life are wanting and this is hardly excusable because of the many beautiful inklings offered to him through the Ages. He should be helped to bring these into remembrance. He has been refusing to recognize them even though they have been thrust before his eyes many times in this life. Stand by him in tenderest leadings and try to finish this huge deal in strength and stability. This will care for his tenderness which he will offer when bitterness has been soothed to his natural love abiding quality. When this satisfactorily done we may agree that a long struggle has saved a tremendous Monarch of the past, whose descending power may at last be miraculously acceptable at this time.”

            The message above is only one of hundreds given concerning individual cases where the writer was being directed in her work of making some of the Great of the past recognize themselves in the new habitaton. Memory is hard, especially where purposely arranged deceptions and mental influences are being exerted by negative forces to keep the Positive laborers from accomplishing that which they have incarnated to do at this time. Some have become entangled in worldly issues, having been misinformed by various cults or creeds lacking the added informations necessary to meet the problems of this progressive Age. The rescue of these unenlightened souls places many crosses upon the shoulders of those trying to help them recognize themselves in new bodies. Most religious teachings of the past were not given to understand reincarnation because the positive forces acting as Leaders wished to be obedient to the words of Jesus admonishing them to “keep unspotted” as they went “into all nations to preach the gospel.” The negative forces following to crucify would have a hard time bringing up past defamations of former lives if average people did not know about reincarnation. On the other hand the Master of deceptions did not want reincarnation understood because it would be possible that his past lives of devastation would be discovered. After GOD took his power, removing him from the seat for one thousand years, someone whose karmic right and duty it was to expose these facts was “called” to make revelations.

            It seems wise to relate several instances of deceptions so readers will learn to recognize the negative before being caught in similar snares. The writer found a young man in California who had been “called” by the negative Master because of his poor morals and bad habits of thinking. When phenomenal things began coming into his experience he contacted a group in New York who claimed they could reveal past incarnations. They told him that he was the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky. He began loving his conception of what he thought she might do. Because his victims, which he called “students”, could not accomplish astral experiences, he recommended the use of whiskey. Those who accepted his suggestion were able to experience astral phenomena. It stands without discussion that they fell into the lower astral conditions which are definitely on the negative side. The writer explained that the present Madame Blavatsky is reported to change bodies to show her past incarnations and challenged him to prove the identity this way. She asked him how much the racketeers charged him for the “reading” proclaiming him Blavatsky. He refused to reply and dashes off for another drink which would bring on more phenomena from a negative source.

            Another deception being worked out on many is done by negative Occult operators who broadcast deceptive “inner” messages to mediums whose ears they are able to reach. Because the negative Master is so afraid that the world will discover the secret of his many incarnations of devastation, and because most occult students will accept anything Madame Blavatsky would say, the name of Blavatsky was used in giving the following message: “This is Madame Blavatsky speaking. You must believe me when I tell you there is nothing in the reincarnation theory.” It is very evident that the name of Blavatsky was used to make the message carry weight. This form of deception should be recognized before it goes so far as to convince sincere seekers of things which are not Truth. It is granted that Theosophical and Philosophical blood will boil at such rank deceptions. Sometimes names of other great Teachers of the past are given. Pray for these deceptions to cease.

            On March 15, 1958 a message was recorded by a student as follows: “Frantically We pray for peace and in writing We try to help others come under His protection, showing them that it is for all to “hear” and do His bidding. From the time of Abraham we have known the opposing man and now we are to compromise all of God’s progressive laws for a composite life which is to be our guiding pole. No unbalances are expected as were at the beginning of our evolutionary time. A new world will be unfolded making also a ‘new Heaven’ and all will understand it to be for their benefit in the spiritual, regardless of any outside mistaken ideas from pulpits or “stump speaking” remarks at large. No man may have the right of his inventions belonging to our KEY unless he has been instated to our work, definitely and intelligently working with our Space Men and helping others under Their direction. They must be fully equipped in all of His recommendations which are at present being given to prayerful students who are very obedient to ‘the call’ and who will be given the privilege of speaking about US, - The Way Markers, GOD’S own Archangels, with no subsidies standing in the way. There will be none left behind with their past ideas, for no church denomination or other domination will prevail GOD’S Law of renunciation. HIS will to be ‘on earth as it is in Heaven.’

            It is notable to see the mutual interest in this type of work now, it is well for the future albeit, living up to prevent social interference for we need this most in order to carry through as one body. Now will be the finish of equalization of poles, one to the other with no exception to the rule while we are beginning. We have need to keep the momentum at top speed for universal growth and development. This is necessary in each epochial period, but now we are growing into a perfect balance, discarding a negatively produced one which entered our glove. There is to be a definite entrance of more development spiritually and intellectually and a general advancement of universes. We are to aspire this remolding of our being that it may be transmitted to other spheres without injury to progressive work anywhere. There will be the moving of our people to other dimensional conditions because it takes altogether different soul development to reach the goal above stated which must coincide with the necessity of the changing cycle. We must all disgress to acceptance having faith that the plan is God’s love being made manifest in plans for progress. You may feel you are being ‘pushed’ or ‘rushed’ but progress necessitates that a change be made for the better. Gnashing of the teeth can be avoided if all can be made to SEE that it is actually in keeping with His Love, Peace, Truth in charity to all for their betterment. His Will of Peace on earth is to be given to all who may privilege themselves of these Heaven-born attributes. God’s own law if correctly adhered to will grant influential work, undisturbed in all circumstances and under all conditions pertaining to any manner of life today.

            It is hoped that more will be developed to make contacts with our Space Men, for His people’s administration will come through their recordings. Free will be many material supplies to care for their needs and there will be among you those who will support in willingness to help with this great change. In some circumstances healings may be completed through friends or relatives who will help where families may be partially divided. This will prevent any cause for discouragement among others who are unable to reach the center of Cosmic Interest. All must be in very close co-partnership if they are to accept His will in Peace. Whether in families, between friends, or out among men, there must be no feud negation. Differences of opinions caused by other teachings will be absolved and We will now take the affirmative and look for our man of the beginning, the perfect man in His sight. To keep this in mind we must lose contact with any evil doings from consciousness, freeing the eternal spirit-soul to come on for its sitting place within and among us as God the Father is insisting, an urgency in our “D” Day.

            God’s work goes on without our consciousness touching His, although He is projecting His guidance eternally for your arisement to be with Him as We believe you fully realize. As a parent Father-Mother he created all births and all are of One, - none a dictator but only a guiding Son to each and all in distress.

            We notice a remarkable advancement over the past of this universe where balancing poles do put obituary over a negative training and the Soul will be glad to project the new ways to the embodied vehicle for its progress. Cultural advancement through soul influence is very possible and could replace confidence in an ever existing life from one form to the next as a natural way of caring for continued life. We know God as eternal and that He has a cause carried on through all life and time as a special insight portraying His benefits for His growing universes. You will be hearing more and more about His commitments contained up to this day when they are to be given through mortal hands which will do the recording. His greater Truths will be given by His Archangels again in this Age for it is They who will open the ‘seven vials’ and show forth the seven new teachings from different angles, but all the same in essence, leading to the same goal.”

            January 27, 1958, a student recorded this discourse which he believed was from Gabriel: “I take the milestone to draw the source of accuracy to the bead; nothing would dare draw accuracy any closer then to say that in all suspenses through the pas great Ages which were so upset, little was recognized of the source and the cause. Historical Bible accounts plainly designated a character who was always destructive. This is a meditative truth concerning God’s word. Since the beginning of time accuracy always led the way, then inaccurate teachings followed up, or tried to lead. Accurate Truths have always brought to earth Loved, Peace and Truth in immaculate works manifested in the living man. Jesus said that those of God hear God’s words but warned them not to hear some who were speaking, ‘because they are not of God.’ To carry the account farther in exploring comparison of accuracy and inaccuracies, We quote from St. John 7:23, ‘If a man on the Sabbath day receive circumcision, that the law of Moses should not be broken; are ye angry at me, because I have made a man every whit whole on the Sabbath day?’ In making this comparison it is most evident to us ‘Moses gave the law, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.’ Accuracy is in stabilized understanding that we might endure these great gifts from God, to those who hear His words always spoken lovingly, peacefully and in ‘The truth that will make you free.’”

            On January 28, 1958 some of the Wise Men of today went upon Flagstaff Mountain close to Boulder, Colorado to pray for THE CHILD to be given back to earth. Some discourse was recorded from Above which is as follows: “Share and share alike with all of that which we have received that the world may know what is given to you. The day is now at hand to watch, work and pray to help the lesser unfolded unto our bosomal flight to wisdom which will be given through a right all their own. Mighty will this Hand be on that Day where judgment may seem very evident. Make sure ye understand possibilities which may originate at that time to reflect His plan on earth, that ye may be ready to help where help is most needed, - in readiness with the answers.”

            Later a message was given concerning what would be expected of those who might want to become servers under the plan of “inner” guidance messages. The discourse was as follows and it was understood it was for the benefit of students who were not constant enough. “Each will be given instructions to bring things out for the good of all concerned. There must be no waste of time by willful stating of ideas of self or any kind of fluctuations. If we are to drive this cause to the fore planned goal we cannot bother with wills of any student. Sudden changes may come if we need them elsewhere. Unless willing and ready at all times to be inconvenienced by changing conditions none would be of much worth in an active part of this work. Each aspirant must be ever ready and willing to do anything required of him. Human desires and planning are to be cast at the feet of the Greater Plan, as any fluctuating thoughts of individuals would not be constructive to Our purpose. This work calls for the individual to ‘sell all that ye have,’ in the way of human ideas. Any prone to angers or tendencies not in keeping with silent activity should not hope to be chosen within the immediate center. There is much to be done and We will have no time for personality problems and differences. We will need one hundred percent cooperation of all who are chosen if we are to handle other difficult situations which individual Servers may not understand. We will have to move too fast for individual appraisals of what we are doing and why. We are willing to advise the meek, but will let any others seek their own answers at the mortal level. Higher Plane work cannot wait for mortal conceptions if we would win supremacy for God. Each student will be able to level off his pledges and labors at his own speed and we will fit him in wherever he ‘lands’ his consciousness. There will be a place for many and we do not expect all to be able to climb to the top of the ladder, - it would be very crowded if they did and many gaps of unoccupied rungs would be the result, unbalancing everything concerning the Plan. It is aid ‘as the waters seek their levels so do kindred human souls,’ and this is the natural way of progress, - without force which never was the way of GOD. Any lawgiver using force and plagues was not hearing from a generous GOD who leads in peace and love which brings harmonious results.”

            Again recently the Space Men tried to deliver THE CHILD at the place He was “caught up.” Negative trickeries and impingements caused GOD to refuse to allow THE CHILD to “come”. The message received by those who had traveled a great distance was as follows: “Blessed is the Lord who rejects contamination.” Another time and place the Wise Men watched and waited, but were told there were not sufficient laborers who understood enough to help others who would need explanations when vibrations brought about conditions where “all eyes would SEE.” Uninformed people could suffer confusion which might generate mental powers to bring about disasters. The Wise Men were told to gather the Servers together in one accord and understanding so they could teach others what to expect, and know enough themselves to give proper interpretations. Not only would this put Servers in positions to help where help is most needed, but would eliminate chances of disasters from rising vibrations of those who could not understand.

            It has been explained before that God refused to give THE CHILD to protect the world from deceptions concerning plans of the negative Leader trying to incarnate along with HIM. It is known that GOD would continue refusal of HIS SON until it would be possible for HIM to be accompanied by those whose right it was to come at the same time and be identified with HIM. HIS way has been blocked by a Lucifer who worked many schemes to “shine” in His stead.

            Laborers of the negative pledge are appraised of the location chosen for the rebirth of their Leader and are determined to carry out his orders to eliminate The Mother and force identification of their Leader instead. Their negative one took physical birth December 1957 after a long siege of trying to force a birth every time the Space Men tried to bring “A Little Child to Lead Them.” The great deceiver has caused many great souls to believe what he told them to accomplish for him was his right. They planned to claim HE was John the Baptist as has been explained before. After their Leader was born on this plane, failing to come at the time THE CHILD was delivered, they set out from another angle to win. The battles have been many which fulfilled the “wars in heaven” during this Age. We need to pray that God do something to prevent more troubles for the Mother who waits on earth for His return to Her arms.

            It has been explained in other writings by the same author that THE CHILD was “caught up” three years ago for HIS protection from a woman who only claimed to be HIS Mother, and who has left her trained laborers behind to force many crosses of limitations upon the real Mother. This fulfilled the prophecy of “a great dragon stood ready to swallow up The Child.” “Two will be grinding at the wheel, one will be taken and the other left.” GOD removed the “dragon” woman and left the Mother. Deceived laborers working on the negative side have continued the tortures of the real Mother while trying frantically to claim honors for their departed Leader whose reincarnate form they now plan to claim as John the Baptist. As soon as the writer began to make known these planned deceptions the negative laborers turned their hate upon her in greater force than ever and they have stopped at nothing unkind or untrue in presenting their lies and defamations. Much trouble has been caused by the negatives trying to force incarnations close to the center where HE will be given. Against this the Mother has had to fight on the “inner” and the “outer.” We must pray that GOD will not allow more negative incarnations close to THE CHILD.

A recent message was recorded as follows: “The ‘Twins’ or the ‘Lion and the Lamb’, must ‘lie down together’ that there will be ‘peace in all my holy mountain’.” Since the lion was the Mother’s symbol and the Lamb the symbol of The Child, the world should be made to understand that peace will come only when it is made possible for the Mother and the Child to ‘lie down together.’ Deadlocks have been arranged by cleverly planned deceptions whereby all esoteric groups have been invaded by negatively trained operators who have been sent to join many organizations and work silently to make certain the true Mother and those helping her would be rejected by esoterics who are called “The builders” or “Servers.” Rejections and other limitations purposely imposed to keep the right people from being recognized, have been successful in preventing their membership in any of the esoteric groups where the needed help would be found. Mis-informations and deceptions of the Very Elect resulted in years of failures of understandings sufficient for the world to receive “A Little Child to Lead Them” who is often called Maitreya. HE cannot be understood until the OPENER OF THE WAYS arranges for that understanding. With that one constantly rejected from all esoteric centers there has been little progress. Deceptions have been played from within where members of the Black Brotherhood have joined various organizations and worked into high positions where they purposely cause the greatest Servers and highest initiates on earth to fail their “calls” and to generate power against the plan they believe they are serving.

            The reincarnate Blavatsky who is the leader of all positive Space Men on earth today, has been rejected by many cults and creeds who have responded to lies against her. She was herself deceived before she passed from the Blavatsky form. Those taking over in her stead were also deceived and the chain of deceptions has carried for many years, resulting in the reincarnate Blavatsky being prevented from attending Theosophical meetings lest their clairvoyants recognize her and discover the deceptions within their ranks. ‘The Stone the Builders rejected has become the head of the corner’ has been fulfilled by the fact that she has been chosen as Leader and representative of Space Men on earth today.

            The appeal of Those Above for more understanding below has at times been heard, “Ye on earth fail Divine Causes.” May We again make a plea for open minds and thorough investigations of the real situation. ‘Seek and ye shall find’ that which GOD will give as ‘The Truth to make ye free.’ Unless the blockades can be broken by understandings GOD will remove some from this plane. Repercussions from such injustices as are being dealt could bring about disasters of great import by way of karmas made by those who either persecute, or fail to answer the need for Her recognition and HIS Coming. We would suggest clairvoyant investigations of anybody being defamed and rejected by esoteric groups who may themselves be the victims of deceptions. Harken ye who would be righteous, the day is far spent, the Child and Mother have been victimized by negative forces played cleverly upon all ‘Builders.’ Ye cannot fail this call to open your ears and eyes for ‘His ways are past finding out’ unless ye first ‘seek’ with open minds. Make sure your ‘messages’ are from the Highest Holiest Archangel if you be assured of the Truth. Your Space Men Protectors are the same Archangels or Masters and They would contact you if you will make yourselves worthy.

            HIS message is "I will come and dwell among them if they will remove the misunderstandings and prejudices arranged through clever deceptions working upon the Very Elect."

            HE must "come as HE left" when "caught up." Prophesy will be fulfilled and “A Little Child Shall Lead Them.” "How long" cry the White Robes of the Bible, and it all depends upon how long it will take to break the blockades set up by deceivers working within every cult and creed to make certain of misunderstandings and defamations of the true representatives of GOD, and the manner in which They should be accepted. Deceptions became so difficult that even the Archangels Themselves have taken bodies of flesh and are suffering persecutions from the misunderstandings of men.

            Would the Catholics allow their Virgin Mary to suffer limitations of cruel crosses if they knew She was on earth in a fleshy body awaiting HIS COMING? Would Theosophists and Philosophists stand for defamations of Madame Blavatsky if they knew what was actually going on? Would the Muhammedians tolerate persecutions of their re-embodied Leader if they understood the "Servant of Allah" was back again in the flesh and suffering great crosses? Would the Jews fail to plan for the reception of ‘A Little Child to Lead Them’ promised by the Bible? Would any of the cults and creeds reject their Leaders if they recognized them in new bodies which they have taken to fight the deceptions causing so much suffering for the Great of the Earth who have reincarnated in the Atomic Age to keep men from making mistakes with atomic energy? "If it were not for the Great of the Earth there would be no life on the planet in that day," the Bible states. These Men From Outer Space are very real and They have come to earth to help receive HIM. They need your understanding and recognition. They all work together and desire you to do the same. Michael has told us, "This is a call which must not go unheeded if We are to save the world from deceptions. The Great Unifier is calling for Unity! THE CHILD must COME to earth. The Mother must be recognized and given the aid necessary to establish requisite understandings and protections. The IDES are much concerned about earthly rejections of those who were sent to help. Investigate all leads with open minds if you would be led to the understandings which will remove the blockades so cleverly placed in all organizations today. Responses must be forthcoming lest the IDES fail to wait longer for men who have been lulled into stupefied consciousness and wanton rejections of truths which could "make free'."

            The writer has been chosen to lead any who wish to SEE the Mother or the Space Masters incarnate today. Their faces will change to show whom they have been in past incarnations. This privilege is not given to everybody who desires it, but earned by those pure in heart who can be trusted to use the informations correctly. No chances will be taken with those whose minds are found desiring the information for personal honors or exploitation purposes. The writer’s “calling” has been to arrange for introductions through understandings which she can make. Very pure souls are able to SEE immediately and others take some time to understand sufficiently, all of it being based on worthiness and soul development which bring about readiness. The experience could be quite unbalancing without the proper understandings.

            Much concern is felt by our Space Men Protectors regarding the sweep of interest in what the Masters call “back door” methods of making contact with other planes. No individual is eligible to Positive receptions from the Highest Holiest Sources who attains to astral messages through the use of chain tea drinking, narcotics, excessive use of coffee and tobacco, mesmerism, hypnotism or any of the methods forcing phenomenal experiences. Forced attentions can only draw upon negative spirits who are not dependable sources of information. The messages may be beautiful and seem constructive but only poor health and illusion can be the final fruits of “back door” methods. These methods are the easiest to attain and call for little or no self-restraint, but are of the ‘wizards who peep and mutter’ whom the Bible warns us against. Most of their deceptions use the word Love over and over again as if a broken record. This is merely to force the deception that they are positive sources. The hem of a Positive Robe cannot be touched except by pure lives and holiest intentions.

            Deceptive “messages” have become so troublesome that the Archangel guides for humanity have told the writer each personality should be put on his own where he will draw for himself what he earns by way of absolute adherence of Divine Principles of holy living. Messages drawn through mediums of uncertain purity who have poor health are not dependable sources. Each individual will be able to receive the right guidance concerning his own affairs as soon as he meets the requirements of sufficient purity and sincerity of intentions. Anyone is more blessed without “messages” than to receive them through a doubtful source which could mislead.

            Our Space Protectors or Archangels refuse to contact any who use the negative approach. Only their opponent, the Negative Space Man Lucifer, contacts those who are careless in their habits. Positive Masters tell us “behold HE stands at the door (of each consciousness) and knocks.” They have chosen the writer to bring many pure souls to “hear” Them speak. It is true that “When the student is ready The Master appears.” The writer is constantly making more ready by telling them how to prepare the consciousness for that experience.

            For you who might resent any informations given concerning God’s rejection of hypnotism as a channel for HIS manifestation, I would call your attention to what happened long ago when Atlantis had to go under the ocean because hypnotism and mental mal-practice was causing so much deception on earth that GOD destroyed the condition and required the coming back in new bodies fro a new start. The writer has suffered much defamation because of her efforts to bring messages from Space Men to the public attention before disasters could again take over to balance karmic accounts. You are advised to investigate with open minds and accept no propaganda if you would be free of deceptions projected through opinions of others who may themselves be among the deceived. “Seek and ye shall find,” for the Master stands by to bring about understandings which will reward your efforts.

            The writer had this booklet ready for the press and supposed there was nothing more to be written in it. Just as she prepared to deliver the manuscript she was told to add the following:

            “Those who ‘study to show themselves approved’ may attain to meeting the Space Masters and will be the first to be chosen for advantages of The City Four Square. WE have changed plans for the location due to negotiations taking over other places selected previously.

            Things are drawing to a close. The past world and all its wearies of days will soon be gone. WE invite the worthy to come to a New World willingly to help in Our cause. WE invite the older souls to become Wise Men of today. There are Wise Men now who can lead and direct those who make themselves worthy to meet Space Masters. We have Wise Men who know thoroughly well about the Infinite Plan of drawing the Chosen Ones together in a substantial working consciousness enveloping interests in HIS work which will involve whole families. Men will not be separated any more from their loved ones and homes by deceptions causing so much trouble as of the past. In a beautiful stead will be manifested man’s happiness governing over the struggles of before and arranging a complacency many never dreamed to be possible. Whole families will be given training in any enlightened phase of study they desire, and the natural way of learning will be presented from wisdoms known for many centuries past which you will easily recognize as filial to your purposes, rank and chivalry. All will find their work has taken on a life so enhancing as to destroy age marks from those who help in the Holy City. Actually tradesmen of all manner may come and join the entry work with a freedom to help in any of the many fields needing assistance.

            We will need teachers, building contractors. Trades many will open into activity of a line to employ all in the commendatory of a spiritual encampment. There will be degrees of honor for those living in this realm with wishes for more understanding about the world’s change to real happiness an d much relief from strivings of the mortal way. There will be no worry over ills or aches, for all pain will cease in the land of the “free.”

            There will be no one too good to be in this grouping of tradesmen, for all who are seeking the right employment will alike take their places as fulfilling of a plan coming into this life or incarnation to help the Christ work he has promised to do. So coming assigned to the work at birth it assures an activity awaiting his arrival and he will meet with no disappointments. This employment will be for men, women and children, all to be encouraged to higher standards of training from all levels which are countless.”


            Let not pride bespeak itself

            To ride ye to a heavy fall,

            In meekness justice makes for wealth

            Of those on path to hear the “call.”

            Observe the wonders, see leading skies,

            Reject all evil, kill out lies.

            Help faithful meek to win the goal,

            Not of God’s grace to kill the soul.

            Love-light eyes, be-stir the mind,

            Seek the faithful for to find.

            Wonders now for lighter times,

            Carol ye with the “COMING” Chimes.

            Rising Son, O Light of day

            Come to us, for this we pray.



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