Truths To Make You Free

Copyright 1958 by Frances F. Sande



Linger with me ’till morn’s opening dawn

May mingle of His pure fragrance pawn,

And stimulate His strength He gives to these

His mercy be whose heart and hands do please

May bind the words in all one grand refrain

That earth might heaven’s blessings gain,

To bring magic sanction standing mighty with a benediction.

Nu-Age markings number three, whom the riders will set free

In wakes of many walls of praise,

Where lingers mortal want of seven rays.

I am that messenger, neither spoke I in liberty

To enshroud man’s weary occult schemes

But to awaken Him that outer shells, or dreams,

Are outer-selves, the “inner core” withstanding,

God’s will then the mortal wild unhanding.

From outer manifestation the Monad said

Will stand a form intact of fellow servant head.

Enshrouded filial wisdom to decree a moulded proclamation,

No more of Cleopatra’s wonder-wiles are willing,

Nor Anthony’s or other great souls killing

Death’s rank with hidden hatred’s heads,

Nor any lurking riddled plagues and dreads

When Christ, the Lord has come!

Explanatory notes concerning the above “message” follow:

“Messages” from higher planes frequently bear a quaint speech not so easily understood on this plane. Each TEACHER has HIS own type and this serves to distinguish His messages from others. Even then much trouble has been experienced because Lucifer imitated any of the others when there was a point to be gained by misleading someone.

It is understood that this poem was “given” by Gabriel since HE was known in many incarnations as “the messenger of the Gods” and it is stated here “I am that messenger.” HE was GANYMEDE and HERMES who were better known as messengers of their times. Because LUCIFER had such great power, not even GABRIEL spoke in liberty. “M” is the Space Master who functioned on the WILL RAY and we note here it speaks of the “mortal will unhanding.” GABRIEL is called “FILIAL WISDOM” or the faithful ONE among whose soul symbols was the dog which was given the name of one of HIS incarnations, ANUBIS. The Ancients tried to avoid the worship of personalities by using symbols for the qualities of the soul in speaking if that which otherwise would have been a personality. The true idea was lost when their representative images finally degenerated into what we call IDOLATRY. The modern version is the picture or busts of religious Leaders. Thoughtless people of today almost lose the idea of CHRIST in quoting what their Leaders said on page so-and-so of whatever writings CHRIST channelled trough the hands of a recorder. No sincere SERVER would want to be deified because HE was Chosen for some phase of recording.

BIND THE WORDS IN ALL ONE GRAND REFRAIN” we may interpret as binding all teachings or good “recordings” done by any religious Leaders of the past, as well as those recordings which will be made by the Chosen of this AGE.

“NU-AGE MARKINGS NUMBER THREE, WHOM THE RIDERS WILL SET FREE” is a prophecy of the freedom of three very great souls who have been placed in positions of bondage where they are failing their duty to CHRIST. HIS COMING will FREE them and release the activities of the SEVEN RAYS, or SEVEN Great Souls who will open the seven vials or teachings needed for this AGE.

The MESSENGER then speaks of OUTER SHELLS as DREAMS, and mentions the “INNER CORE.” This is hinting of the REAL man or Higher Self whose “will” or the personality can be exchanged for the WILL of the real God-man within, or called the “INNER CORE” in this poem. The ordinary man’s conscience takes care of the “Guide” manifesting from other planes.

ENSHROUDED FILIAL WISDOM is “to decree a moulded proclamation” (Gabriel will “blow his horn first,” or will give the first new light on religious subjects in this AGE), so there will be no more of “Cleopatra’s wonder-wiles” deceiving. It has been explained in other writings by the same author, that Cleopatra was the manifestation the Devil was using on the physical plane in her time. She caused Anthony to forget his duty to Rome just as the late manifestation caused as many as possible to fail their duties to the CHRIST work. Whatever name the Devil’s physical manifestation bore in any AGE, the tremendous Power exemplified was drawn through LUCIFER from other planes where he functioned simultaneously. This is the special power and privilege of the ARCHANGELS as has been explained before.

We find in this “message” another assurance that the Devil’s work will be finished on earth when CHRIST comes. This is why so much has been put in the way of HIS coming.

When the negative ones discovered there was no chance to get possession of THE CHILD they set out to claim that their departed Leader would come back to work with HIM as John the Baptist. They thought this would be their ticket to get into the picture. As soon as the writer was led to discover the planned deception and revealed the secret, they began their fabrications from other angles, now trying to prove their Leader has not passed this plane. The writer knows it will be possible to prove that impostors are representing the Bowers. No one has ever been victim of more incredulous defamations than the writer because it has been prophesied that she would unveil these deceptions. With death certificates and notices printed in the papers, and all the other evidence of departure, it is hardly possible that any future deceptions could win much credence. After the writer exposed the facts new fabrications began that the culprits forged the documents and evidences to cause the writer to make mistakes so they could prove that she did not tell the truth. While it is a fact that figuring out the truth has been very hard with the deliberate misleadings and “inner” deceptive “messages,” there is little doubt that what is given is exact. Anyone who can personally appear and prove they are the departed are invited to do so. The writer has the name of the one who serves as the impostor for the departed. Even if she was purposely misled at times the evidence of the activities against her in that manner all point to wanton deceptions which prove the work of “the Father of lies.”

Since 1952 there have been extensive “wars in heaven” and the same manifesting on earth among the personalities of esoteric understandings who serve as earthly puppets for THOSE of the HIERARCHY. The physical manifestation through which the Devil functioned on earth, after thirty years of searching, located the one it was prophesied would be chosen to reincarnate to OPEN THE WAYS for HIS COMING. The Devil realized that his time was short and there has been a mighty battle for supremacy, facts of which are not recognized by average men of the world today. Many of those chosen to reincarnate have been CALLED, but few were Chosen to carry the crosses imposed by the Devil’s physical manifestation. Perhaps this is because there is so little understanding that imposed crosses would have been impossible for the uninformed. There are certain personalities whose karmic duties and rights from past incarnations have placed them in positions to make the first moves IN HIS NAME for this AGE. Each of the one-hundred and forty-four thousand was pre-destined for some CALL. It was believed that few would respond because of the appalling ignorance of The Heavenly Plan on the physical plane. None could be expected to make much progress until the OPENING OF THE WAYS in understanding which involved many facets of thought. This meant that somebody had to be Chosen whose connections ABOVE were constant enough that there would never be a failure to obey a command from POSITIVE ANGELS to carry crosses necessary to lead the devil’s manifestation in this Age to “fall by her own footsteps,” as is stated in the Bible concerning that soul.

In the author’s previous writings she has explained that all her life she was conscious of a CALL and under constant instructions in preparation for it. Because her experience is so unusual it is only reasonable to consider it almost too fantastic to believe. But there always had to be a beginning for everything and she was CHOSEN to face the receptions or rejections of the worldly who may or may not understand. Because she has served this way in many lives it is not so unbalancing as it could have been if this was the first time. Her lot took an unlimited faith in THOSE ABOVE who guided her by the “still small voice” and various forms of symbolic teachings, visions and dreams. Many prophecies had listed her soul as the one chosen to make the first move. After one is chosen it is unlikely he will fail the part. Each of the CALLED are schooled, tested and tried for many years before being CHOSEN, after which time there is no backing out. There are ways the crosses can be made lighter, but no way to lay them down, nor would anyone who worked hard to be CHOSEN, be expected to be weak enough to desire to do so. No one is CHOSEN unless he has passed all tests which are given to prove constancy.

For many years the writer’s COSMIC TEACHERS had kept before her mind the Bible passage in Mark: 10:29,30 which quotes Jesus as saying, “Verily I say unto you, there is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s but he shall receive an hundred-fold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the world to come eternal life.” Even then it was hard to go when the time came to leave her children, but someone HAD to make the necessary sacrifice.

The ARCH-ANGELS promised THEIR protection, instruction and support at all times if she would ever be constant and obedient. She was “told” that two hundred thousand people in the United States alone had been “called” for various parts of HIS work, but the beginning of understandings MUST be done by her because she had the reputation in many lives of very close Attunement which was an absolute requisite.

A few reincarnate SERVERS of the past on both the CHRIST and anti-christ side have come back with some memory, or have had it arranged for them to understand THE GREAT PLAN for this AGE. All of them were “marked” (both negatives and positives) in the foreheads so those who understand can find them. As explained before LUCIFER in this AGE was using the form of an attractive woman as his physical manifestation to carry out his long deceptive regime on this earth plane.

The following information might shock some but the writer seems “bound” to give it for the information of those who might be headed for “the pit” unconscious of the deceptions being played upon them. She is constantly being “called” to meet some emergency where the ELECT, and even THE VERY ELECT are being deceived. She has been badly “smeared” for no other purpose than keeping people from believing the TRUTH concerning well-organized deceptions which the Devil’s manifestation engineered all over the world before being forced to leave this plane. The writer has borrowed much money and traveled great distances at times to try to head off deceptions and inform those being ensnared, only to have doors slammed in her face or be rejected by those of high “callings” who should have been broad enough to take a look at the information she tried so hard to present for their own protection.

The greatest “bolt” struck the writer in 1952 when deceived clairvoyants reported to their deceiver that they recognized her in another form in this AGE. The first play of the Negative was an attempt to deceive the writer into doing something which could be “heavy-heavied” over her head. The next was to try to bribe her under their control with offers of jewels and riches. Again they failed. Next they tried to influence her to divorce her husband and when she refused they proceeded to exert influences which caused him to divorce her. Then they attacked more of the family and friends by using mentally-projected influences, and worked on acquaintances to “smear” her unmercifully until they had their back to the wall. A number of negative workers were then sent by their leader to her home to work on her. They said they would make her cry out “My GOD why hast thou forsaken me” She declared that she would be the last person on earth to make such a statement because she knew she was not forsaken.

As shocking as it will be to some who have known the Negative LEADER of whom the writer speaks, she feels duty bound to give the facts. The party in question was going by the name of Mary Martha Bowers. Her “students” from various parts of the world were being drawn to Canada because it is one of the “marked” places where it was possible CHRIST might first APPEAR in this AGE. There are many other places marked for possibilities of great events in the future, any of which could be the place for HIM to “appear.”

At first the writer was of the opinion Mrs. Bowers was interested in the CHRIST work and schools for the Nu-Age, but this proved not to be the case. Shortly after meeting Mrs. Bowers she heard her declare “We will have the Queen of England with us soon.” A short time later the Royal Family were reported having some trouble and it was realized the culprit was already working on the Queen. The writer tried to report the dangers to several English Embassies but was met with haughty, cold shoulders who declared they could take care of their own affairs. The writer had the name of those who had been dispatched to work on the Queen but it was quite improbable that anyone would listen to the warnings she might give after so many treacherous defamations had been broadcast against her.

Some may have known this deceptive woman as Gwendolyn Green, whose body it is reported Annie Besant took possession of three days after transition in 1933.  No doubt the Green girl was forced out of her body for the express purpose of providing an attractive vehicle for Besant who so much needed it because a pregnancy in the group where Masters were incarnating had failed. Reports are that Gwendolyn Green seemed to arise from the dead three days after she passed, and this was just after Besant gave up the old form. Because the Gwendolyn soul was not in possession of the body when it was revived, there was no interest in the elderly father whom she had been caring for, and Besant ran away with the new body. The father could not understand the great change which had come over his daughter. This is called “body stealing” and is practiced by Black Magicians in many countries in order to prolong life on this plane. Like Mrs. Bowers, Annie Besant was the most powerful Black Magician in the world. Mrs. Besant was the author of Occult Chemistry which is worth investigation for those who desire to understand the methods used for secretly destroying Positive workers for CHRIST. Mrs. Besant was known to have been the physical manifestation of Master MORYA and she kept his reputation waiting for master organizations to get under way before swallowing them up. Claiming identification with their Leaders he would secretly work against them behind their backs and exercise his great powers to kill them. When out of the picture he took over to SHINE.

Mrs. Bowers materialized things out of the seemingly nothingness, called up negative powers to rock buildings, drew letters from the ethers written by the Negative Space Master, gave forth with auras, drew smoke from electric lamps and many other phenomenal things which she used to prove that she was the reincarnate VIRGIN MARY. “In that day they will pull fire down from heaven to prove they are of God, yet they are not,” is warned in the Bible. Before the eyes of her victims she appeared a very attractive darling with a marvelous personality. She used her great Magic power to FORCE money out of some victims to buy presents with which she bribed others under her control. She claimed to have inherited money but when the big hoax broke it was discovered that many business men had lost great sums. Many were impressed with her power to stop a bus at will, wreck cars by mind, and in general were given plenty of evidence to make sure they knew better than to try to expose the racket when they became wise enough to realize that something was being demanded of them which no human law was able to control. Each victim was cleverly “smeared” so nobody would believe him if he tried to talk. Then chakra treatments were projected at him to destroy him if possible. If that failed he met with a purposely arranged demise.

Perhaps one of the most convincing deceptions which Mrs. Bowers was USED to portray, was the “SHOWING” of her incarnation called MORYA who looked much like Christ with the beard and robes, and declaring this to be HIS incarnation when HE was known as KUTHUMI. This made it seem that she was MARY whose body CHRIST sometimes manifests through in this AGE. Some have seen the physical form of the MARY of today disappear, and THE MASTER “appear” where she had been sitting, or sometimes HE manifested in and through her body.

Since the Bowers have departed from this plane there are trained workers who are making claims for them, but without the power to handle others fighting them, it is quite unlikely they will score more than a torment. GABRIEL has given the writer the information that the “stand-in” impostor for Mrs. Bowers will try to help others of her clan on the CHRIST CHILD band-wagon, by claiming that the woman to whom HE is given could not be HIS MOTHER because she will refuse their seemingly “loving?” offers of assistance, and push them away, which things she has been directed to do for HIS protection. The writer has been instructed to give this information so the public will understand what is going on and what to believe. If GOD “caught up THE CHILD” once to keep him out of the wrong hands, it is not likely that HE would release HIM to anyone except HIS MOTHER.

Conditions are getting to a point where our SPACE PROTECTORS had to have someone to use as a puppet to lead the Great Deceiver to a FALL. The Quintuplets had suffered much and one had died when she began to get too wise. Trained operators were being dispatched to various organizations to inject the negative fangs. A thirty-third degree Masonic pin was stolen by Mrs. Bowers from one of her students. With it on his lapel one of her laborers made his way into Masonic high places. At the same time she had others of her students working on various Churches, individuals and organizations. She stole a valuable diamond ring from the real Blavatsky of today and bought her way into greater control of an esoteric Temple in California by telling their leader she was the incarnation of Master Hilarion and giving her the ring. Later the deceiver herself was claiming to be Hilarion–Blavatsky, much to the confusion of all concerned.

Again the writer was dispatched to try to help more poor souls caught in the snares of deceptions but found them obediently turning deaf ears. Victims were told to call officers of the law if she tried to approach them.

Somehow she was able to get as far as the door of one of the victims where she discovered a cow bell on a chain which was fastened around the edges of the screen door. The cow bell symbolized the MASTER “M” whom she served and its purpose was to CALL his attention so he could approve or disapprove anyone coming to the door. Consequently the writer was rejected just as the deceived Mohammedians turned her away after making contact mentally with their TEACHER by using beads he had given them for that purpose. One of Lucifer’s symbols was the cow. The manifestation in Canada kept a cow bell in her dining room and declared that it had to be rung by anyone going out of the house.

            Many were the cults and creeds the writer found under the control of this relentless vampire. Several were in California, where she noted three cow bells at one door. The writer was ordered off the grounds before she had a chance to state why she had come. Without any reason or provocation she was rejected from attending meetings of some groups while in California. Silent rejection she accepted as sufficient evidence of the control the Devil’s manifestation had over any organization. There seems to be no way to get this information to the deceived than to write it and pray for the best. When deceptions are swallowing the best reincarnate Servers it is high time someone dares NOT to be silent. The writer was told by her TEACHER, “GOD has loosed your tongue,” and she was dispatched to unveil all who would listen. Any time the deceived flared against her she realized that it was just another case where the misled would have to be awakened before suffering the karmas of generating power for negative purposes.

            In other writings by the same author the reader will be able to pick up ideas which will be valuable in helping determine if he has been one of the victims of this great Hoax. Deceptions have been so cleverly done throughout the Ages that few have had a chance to learn that LUCIFER never accepted the FALL. In bodies by other names he went right on claiming the position once held as one of the first triad. Those who knew the secret understood that the power of the Devil was so great that few lived who dared to try to hint at exposure, therefore their silence was necessary for protection.

            There are various organizations and groups of SERVERS of higher initiations who are pledged to destroy others who do not believe their teachings, not reasoning that such an order would not be given from a GOD of LOVE, nor that in obeying it they would automatically be thrown into the “pit” where their past Leader has already gone. Atrocities became so great by October 1955 that GOD responded to the cries for help by removing the Cosmic Power from MASTER MORYA on all planes. This showed on the physical plane by Mrs. Bowers being unable to continue her “fire down from heaven” stunts. To keep her past reputation she had her house wired with microphones, the Canadian Mounted Police informed the writer after they had investigated. Mrs. Bowers passed from this plane in 1956. Other writings by the same author explain the trials recorders had after her departure and what has been done about it.

            The passing of Mrs. Bowers left her husband functioning the MORYA cause. It is understood that he was training a high initiate at Wheaton, Illinois, to function as the “M” representative when he departed this plane. The poor deceived SERVER would drop the black crescent-bearing banner quickly if she knew the status of the “M” she has pledged to serve. Because of the many harassing experiences in escaping those who were angered when they discovered the deceptions, and having generated the power to force many to leave this plane, her husband was in very bad physical condition from karmas made. He no doubt was forced to commit many atrocities by his wife whose tremendous power was very hard to combat even by the greatest MEN FROM OUTER SPACE. That is speaking for the period before GOD removed the MORYA Cosmic Power in October 1955. The great pride of that MASTER of WILL assures us that none of the deceived ever discovered that their Leader had lost the power to kill them or their families if they tried to make a break. It has been said that death was the only way out when once a victim of this one who functioned the oh-so-secret initiates which flourished under Annie Besant after Madame Blavatsky was forced out of that wonderful Society which then fell entirely under the MORYA dominion. This “sharpest of all Spirits” was a whirlwind miracle wonder worker, delving in politics, esoteric organizations, creeds and any other place where power and glory might be gained. This was in keeping with the pattern of many past lives where “M” forced MASTER HILARION, an incarnation of Madame Blavatsky, out of the way to take over and SHINE. It will be noticed that the vampire spirit which heckled and hazed Madame Blavatsky, even bellowing through her form at times, ceased tormenting her when she was deceived into accepting the hospitality of the Besant home. The torment ceased because her worst enemy of many lives finally had her under the control of his puppet. He poured the power of destruction into her failing body for the purpose of getting her entirely out of the way so his puppet could function in her stead. By stealing of the Gwendolyn Green body Besant was able to continue her work of carefully guarding the Theosophical Society so they would not find their Blavatsky in her new body.

            Recently the writer informed Mrs. Bowers’ husband of the status of the “M” whom he served because it is known that no occultist would dare to do wrong if he knew it was wrong. The man was given the full story and offered a physical healing for his karma ridden body in return for his pledge to make things right, which he must have known his wife had set in suspense. Trained helpers had been dispatched to work in offices where desired informations could be procured. They had connections in Washington, D.C., and controlled considerably from within. Others worked anywhere it was possible to gain control or power. Mrs. Bowers used so many names and titles that it is hard to find those who knew her by any name the writer mentioned, or who would admit it if they did. Her “students” pulled strings of many controls all over the world and are continuing to do it today, believing they are “serving the Master,” unaware that one of the MASTERS is LUCIFER. The functions are under oath in absolute secrecy enforced on victims. It would have been impossible to have revealed these secrets without the help of SPACE MASTERS who chose the writer for that purpose. She could never have survived except for her close Attunement which made it possible for her to going around one corner when the aggressors were coming around the other.

            Any mortal can realize the shock Mr. Bowers might have suffered when he discovered that he had spent his life working for the Devil, especially when he was made to understand that the woman who had been his wife was the reincarnation of Cleopatra and many of the most dangerous characters who ever lived. Perhaps the “pit” was too deep for him and he could see no way out. He made no response to the offers for healing and it is reported that he left this plane the first part of March 1958. Any man who had suffered the inconsistencies which had been forced upon him could not doubt the writer’s informative letters telling him the status of “M.” He could have been of infinite help in untangling the terrible puzzle and releasing those placed in bondage through deceptions his wife so cleverly manipulated. She lived up to her reputation of ages past when she was symbolized by the Female Sphinx who gave a riddle and a plague, and veiled the eyes of her victims. Now with the earth being swept of the Devil’s power and the operators who generated it for him long after he lost the power to generate anything for himself, we can begin to realize the possibility of GOD considering the release of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM.”

            It was the woman known as Mary Martha Bowers, Gwendolyn Green, Gwendolyn Ross, Besant, Wood, Morya, “M” and many other names and titles not mentioned, who had been healed of a terrible head cancer upon her promise to discontinue negations. This is the soul the Bible prophecies declare as the “Great Dragon who stood ready to swallow up THE CHILD,” spoken of in revelations. She claimed to have been Virgin Mary. When she learned there really was A CHILD whose body she realized she could not prove she had produced, she excused herself by declaring that she had been a victim of “illusion,” which perhaps at the time was a fact. Records show that Mrs. Besant must have had the same opinion of herself. Her subjects bowed before her reverently, giving her great devotion and respect and calling her “MOTHER.” Besant was so anxious to be recognized as THE MOTHER that she took two boys into her custody with the aim of presenting them as “THE TWINS.” Perhaps the poor personality was only obeying orders from her Higher Self, Master Morya without understanding the planned deception.

            It is understood that physical manifestations of the GREAT ABOVE are not conscious of whom they have been in past lives until the ANGEL GUIDE makes it known to the personality manifesting physically for him. The personality is dependent entirely upon what his TEACHER, or Higher Self tells him. When the manifestation for the “Father of lies” told, or recorded untruths which misled others it was “the blind leading the blind,” because in most cases the personality was not conscious that the information was not the truth. A good example of this was Moses who functioned for the Devil who made the personality believe it was “THE LORD” as the deceptive voice stated. Because Moses was the physical manifestation at that time, the Devil “contended with Michael for the body of Moses, saying that it was his body,” – which in fact it was – the physical puppet through which he projected mis-leadings which have caused his followers much misery for centuries. Any who care to make the necessary research will find proofs of the truth of this statement. Jesus knew the secret and it was the few remarks HE made against Moses which is said to have been the real cause of the crucifixion. The power of the anti-christ was so great that it was known that nobody ever lived who dared to try to expose these facts, and the mystery schools sealed their initiates in silence for their own protection. Jesus took a little more liberty because he was willing to die for humanity if that is what it took to reveal the TRUTH to make them free.

            At St. Peters in Rome the statue of Moses has horns. The horns represent the devil or his symbol, the cow. For those who might wonder why Moses was given the Ten Commandments if he was the puppet of Lucifer, it must be explained that Lucifer was the ARCH-ANGEL whose work it was to lead sinners, therefore it was his duty to produce commandments to help sinners, - for those who were not sinners did not need them. Then as the Bible states, “the law (for sinners) was given by Moses, but TRUTH and grace came by JESUS CHRIST.” This was intended to convey the meaning that even though it was his duty to give the law for mortal sinners, that not all of what he represented was the TRUTH. His face “shone” because he had Cosmic Power and had actually come close to God by the fact that he prayed and fasted in order to be able to receive the commandments. He did not break the tablets because they were worshipping idols as the story states, but really because the golden calf was the accepted symbol for the CHRIST CHILD. If they had made a golden cow he would not have been angry. The cow symbolized the Lucifer whom he served as a puppet. Within this story lies the secret of why holy cows are worshipped in India. The fact that he was able to break the material tablets symbolized his breaking the pledge to lead sinners in keeping with God’s WILL. After such a demonstration of human will Moses must have had to do much repenting before the tablets were restored. Even after that records show that he continued breaking the commandments himself while teaching others to obey them. This is why the Bible admonishes to ‘do as Moses says, but not as Moses and his people do,” declaring that they “lay heavy burdens, which they would not so much as raise a finger to lift.” Because Moses represented one of the Masters of Ancient Wisdom he taught many wisdom teachings from the Mystery Schools, but he never hesitated in any life to break the commandments if he could gain power over the CHRIST SERVERS by so doing. In any of the religions where he was able to get control there are records glorifying Moses and little said about JESUS CHRIST. Most of their lessons are arranged to glorify Biblical characters known by esoterics to have been incarnations of Lucifer. Recorders of “inner messages” in those days were as unconscious of the misleadings by the deceptive voice stating “I am the Lord,” as recorders of beautiful “messages” today who at times do not recognize them as planned deceptions. Even the Moses baby story was written appealingly for the purpose of stealing a “shine” with the Christ Child story. The clever trick of causing the King’s daughter to find him was a plan to put him in a position to grow up into a place of power to carry out his mission of Lucifer planned deceptions and devastations in Egypt. Now again, by force and deceptions, a baby is among us for whom the negatives have planned to take advantage of the CHRIST CHILD.

            The puppet personality of a SPACE MASTER or ARCH-ANGEL functions in keeping with directions given in ‘messages’ by his TEACHER and would not necessarily, as a personality, be responsible for the results, but being a part of that soul he would suffer the karmas made. When obedient to directions the full power and glory of the ONE ABOVE can be played through the physical form. Jesus made the statement, “I of myself do nothing,” because HE realized the fact that HE was the physical manifestation through which GOD functioned. In the case of an ARCH-ANGEL or MASTER the physical manifestation works consciously and cooperatively with the other manifestations of the same soul functioning on other planes simultaneously. If the personality is the physical manifestation of a graduate of this plane, the on-looker will be able to see him change bodies to show the proof of whom he has been. Accept no other proof if you would be safe in recognizing any who exercise Cosmic Powers. There are forty-nine people on earth today who have some Cosmic Power in varying degrees in keeping with their initiations. The greatest of these are the Disciples. Their Leaders are the ARCH-ANGELS whom we call MEN FROM OUTER SPACE today because so little is understood about THEM. One-third are abusing the use of their powers and are working against the good of humanity, some of them blissfully unaware they have been obeying the commands from the Negative Master, even unaware one of the Masters was Negative. It is time for humanity to be awakened from their apathy and do something about the situation. The admonition, “with all thy getting, get understanding,” seems more imperative as time goes on. As hard as it might be to personalize the Devil, or devils, in our thinking, it MUST be done through the understanding of reincarnation if we are going to get to first base in meeting the problems of this momentous AGE where there will be a general turning over of many past beliefs before “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YE FREE.”

            Much careful work is to be done if we are to combat the deceptions which the Devil’s late manifestation left behind her. Well trained “Students” are working many places to weave the threads of deceptions into every organization possible. Some are under the “M” stubborn instructions to prove that MARLOW was SHAKESPEARE. This is another example of the work being done to make illegitimate for that Leader to help him SHINE. Marlow was an incarnation of “M”, while Shakespeare is shown in the Akashic records as an incarnation of MASTER HILARION and they have been enemies in many lives. One can be sure to find that this is another command “M” gave his students to accomplish something more to glorify himself. “M’s” incarnations of devastation and glory-harvesting from great lives of others will be recorded by the writer when she has completed the investigations in many countries where material records can be found to substantiate Akashic records which she will check with her SPACE TEACHERS before compiling them as fact. The writer has no intention of stopping until she has proven the TRUTH so humanity will never be deceived again.

            Because so few have studied symbolism it is very hard to describe what can be found and how to find it. After finding the truth it must be personalized as to the actors and then applied to present-day happenings where the same souls are in incarnation again doing the same type of work. “By their works ye shall know them,” was Jesus’ reply to “how are we to know them?” asked by the Disciples.

            If we can get the remainder of the deceived to realize the real situation there will not be any need for them to follow their deceiver into the “pit.” “It is not the will of GOD any should perish,” but we do not know that it will happen to those whom we cannot awaken before the judgment day. GOD certainly could not be expected not o destroy all evil since HE has been destroying the worst of it. Time was granted several years ago to “mark more in the foreheads,” see Revelations, and this can be interpreted in one sense as unveiling the deceived if possible. It has been almost impossible to get them to listen because they are so sure they are working on the right side. On page 308 of KABBALA UNVEILED by MacGregor Mathers it is stated “They do not know, and they do not wish to know,” concerning those who are “attributed to the side of BAIMA, the Mother in whom they stumble. This “Mother” is the soul once known as EVE, who became so evil those under her dominion in any incarnation “stumbled” and suffered much. Once known as HERA and another time HERAKLES of great power. This is the soul who in one incarnation instructed her daughter to ask for the head of John the Baptist. She was also the original ISIS who cut OSIRIS (CHRIST) to pieces and scattered the “pieces,” - meaning she uprooted HIS organization and scattered the Disciples of that time in every direction. The second ISIS, or VIRGIN MARY, tried to find all the “pieces” and unite them. The first and evil ISIS is the same as EVE who is called “Mother Superior” in the Kabbala, known to Theosophists as Besant, who is shown in India as the Dark Kali standing on the body of White Kali (Virgin Mary) who was known as MASTER HILARION in one incarnation. Further dividing out this puzzle we find the Akashic records showing that Madame Blavatsky suffered the same fate of being trampled and killed as soon as she submitted to the clever deceptions of her successor.

            Akashic records show Madame Blavatsky as having been an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY who long ago was the ANANDA and GAUTAMA BUDDHA who became the LORD BUDDHA. This was just another example of the functioning of “THE TWINS,” one becoming the other. The third member of that triad is the laughing Buddha with the fat belly, - again an incarnation of Lucifer. He is isolated from the others in the Park at Hilwaan, Egypt. These having been the “THREE HEADS” into which the MOST HOLY ANCIENT ONE divided HIMSELF,” it is as if they were chained together. This is the meaning of the Masonic symbol the three-linked chain. Because MICHAEL, GABRIEL and LUCIFER represented the THREE HEADS ABOVE it had to be the same below until the Lucifer soul worked his karmas so far out of balance that GOD had to call a halt. Even after she “fell by her own footsteps,” as the Bible states that soul went on claiming identification with the other two in order to SHINE after they were put out of the way, then she proceeded to swallow up their accomplishments.

            It might be possible to make a better understanding of the depth of esoteric facts if it is explained that MICHAEL, THE LEADER OF THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN, was called CHRIST, or KING OF KINGS when HE descended to earth. “AS ABOVE SO BELOW,” HE also became LEADER OF THE HOSTS OF EARTH, for who else could be Leader in Heaven except CHRIST? Remember that these recordings are not guess work, but facts given the writer by THE KING OF KINGS HIMSELF. HE was CHRIST on earth but HIS manifestation on higher planes, or HIS FATHER SOUL manifesting ABOVE, very close to GOD was known as MICHAEL. His consort was GABRIEL who worked as ONE with HIM. This is the same as saying that MARY’S HIGHER SELF was GABRIEL, her ANGEL GUIDE from planes ABOVE. The VIRGIN MARY was actually a simultaneous functioning of GABRIEL in a physical form. Personalities of that AGE were not “given” to understand, but the NU-AGE teachings will make this clear when HE COMES to prove these recordings right.

            When investigating past incarnations of the GREAT, audacious slander can be found written about any who were positive workers. This was cleverly done to give the negative soul a chance to have wonderful things written about himself so the references could be given in studies of the “second” or negative Book, the anti-christ teachings. It is well to discard any defamations purposely written to hamper them and go on to find the TRUTH of their great lives.

            A most interesting example of foul play from every direction against one of the worst enemies the negative ever had, is the study of the Helena P. Blavatsky case. The malicious things recorded against Mrs. Blavatsky were projected by the Master “M” who followed her in every life, commanding his helpers to tear down this soul who was becoming his worst hazard. She survived being shipwrecked three times, suffered physically much from Chakra forcings and in general had a very trying life because of Morya who worked to get control of her. She served the other two TEACHERS of that triad. At times the torment of the third made her impetuous and this gave “M” a chance to work through her in a manner which made her appear foolish and stirred animosity against her. If she had understood what was pestering her and “turned on the devil” she could have been the winner at that time. After five hundred and fifty lives of fighting negative forces Mrs. Blavatsky finally developed power enough to overcome the Devil in this AGE. Akashic records show her as THE WORLD MOTHER OF SPIRIT, or “THE WOMAN” of Revelations who was known in another life to have been MARY the MOTHER OF JESUS. THE CHILD will be given to HIS MOTHER when he comes and the writer has been informed that negative laborers have been told to contest THE MOTHER’S right to THE CHILD. GOD would not give HIM to another and HIS judgment will have to be considered right. “Two will be grinding at the wheel, one will be taken and the other left.” The one left is the right Mother according to Akashic records. Ancients show HIM riding a white steed with the head of a woman. This is meant to symbolize the two as a working unit, THE MOTHER being the steed upon which HE rides as SHE goes about her earthly work while HE remains ABOVE. This is why some teachings say HE will come riding a snow white steed.

It is interesting to note that the first triad, or first “THREE HEADS” are found together again as the Mother of Alexander, Alexander the Great, and Phillip of Macedonia. The tyrant father of Alexander was the Master “M” called at that time “ANTI-PATER,” sometimes called “THE WOLF” because that was the soul symbol for the anti-christ. When ALEXANDER declared that the PERSIAN MOON, or (light of darkness), would be eclipsed by the Sons of Macedonia, it was his way of saying that the POSITIVE MASTERS would over-power the NEGATIVE one who was his own father in that day. When Phillip had no choice than to declare Alexander Regent, he tried to get the position himself by finding a woman to mother a child he planned to be. The woman took her own life and the child went with her. Perhaps there were people who would have killed her if she hadn’t killed herself, because nobody wanted another Phillip. It is interesting to compare the thinking of Phillip (“M”) at that time with the “M” manifestation of this AGE, who arranged a trick which she hoped would bring her into incarnation with the claim of being THE CHILD. When this failed she settled for the next best and arranged a birth ion a position where she planned to claim to be John the Baptist as had been written before. SPACE MEN will watch that this deception is not carried out. In fact it cannot now be arranged for him to be born at the time of the Christ Child’s coming to share the glory, because at the time of this writing the negative one is already in a new body.

One finds the same triad mentioned several times in the Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. Once they were Macroprosopus, Microprosopus and Baima, “the mother in whom they stumbled” or EVE, known in later incarnations as EVVL and SATET which account for the Christian Evil and Satan as has been mentioned before. Later in the book they are called Rabbi Schimeon, Rabbi Eleazar and Rabbi Abba. The writer mentions these instances to help show that They took incarnations which can be traced if one has the KEYS with which to work. There are many other incarnations which can be followed by those who have the time and money to do so. The writer still has the outline Michael and Gabriel provided and she hopes when financially able, to complete the research. The third party is always shown following along to crucify and disgrace the others in order to take over their accomplishments and SHINE. His WILL was so great that he did not obey the principles of God which the others observed. By side-stepping principle, and the justices which governed the other two, he forged ahead building power beyond theirs. With this power he constantly took advantage of the others who had to wait until GOD took his Cosmic Power from him before they could hope to establish a lasting peace for the world. Because mortals were susceptible to bribes, and to the pleasures of the mortal senses, he had little trouble finding willing laborers to help him generate power to destroy the others. Those who went easily along with his ideas were not molested and he made things look bright for them so he could keep the deceived on his side. This put them in line to help him withstand his karmas and freed him to go on with his devilment.

Christianity would be surprised at the secret of the Passover where his people marked the door posts with blood to show him (the angel of death) where those who were pledged to him lived. These he would not touch. They were taught to use the blood of animals symbolizing CHRIST and HIS MOTHER. Is it any wonder with all the INNER and OUTER deceptions that religious writings were very confused with meanings twisted? THE VERY ELECT have been deceived in every Age and many more heads have been strung about Dark Kali’s neck. “Ka” means “soul” and “li” means “light.” In India they were taught the vicious Dark Kali was of the good forces. She is shown standing on the strangled White Kali who represents the soul Christians call Virgin Mary. The Dark Kali is shown with many heads strung about her neck and another bleeding in her hand. Among her symbols are the crescent moon, the hammer and anvil, the cow or mother of the world (matter). This is why they do not kill cows, but goats, bulls, calves and lambs and His Mother. In any of the countries conquered by the anti-christ in his past incarnations there can be found much suffering. Flags in countries conquered by him in any life in the past show his symbols. This is the Age when great masses of victims of his atrocities will be set free by the coming of A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM who will be another manifestation of CHRIST on this plane. HE was always born as a LITTLE CHILD and this is no exception to that rule even if an exception lies in the fact that this time HE will come “AS HE LEFT” when “caught up” several years ago. Let us hope that the right conditions and understandings can be made before HE is old enough to wear the beard many pictures show HIS various manifestation s wearing.


Evil’s argus eyes used hardened wings for beating

Who ages past caused lamb’s goat the mournful bleating.

At last the day fulfilled St. Francis’ vision, earth bands riven

Finally the reward to Him the Child is given

He served that from the cross the Christ be taken,

To prove to earth they were not forsaken,

Whose works were good in sure rewards abounding,

Await the day of Gabriel’s horn to sounding,

With closing prayers and Psalms the Great Amen is given

As light replaces darkness Amen anew is living

Oh, to arise above Devil’s aftermath of sin,

The smiling gratitude of earth to win

Bleeding martyred hearts no longer to shroud in shame

Whose many lives bore crosses ‘till He came.

Amen again is said to close the prayer for martyred causes,

Amen again is needed sore as Evil forced to pauses,

Sits apart, with power taken, sees light replace darkness

As the Son of God arrives!

Footnote: The incarnate SERVERS of the DEVIL, or the “one-third stars of heaven pulled by the tail of the Great Dragon” are the EVIL’S ARGUS EYES mentioned. The LAMB is the CHRIST and THE GOAT is the symbol of THE MOTHER who served as “the goat” to take the rebuffs, – her many lives of “bleating” where of teachings for which she suffered from misunderstandings.

In Rome one finds a picture of the vision of ST. FRANCIS who saw himself taking the CHRIST from the cross. He has served many lives that CHRIST might be acceptable on earth without the customary crosses of misunderstandings. GOD’S television method of proving past lives, which are called Akashic records, show that St. Francis was one incarnation of VIRGIN MARY. It is said that he always kept a bed for THE CHILD hoping that HE would be given to him in that age. He no doubt was “given” to understand that he was an incarnation of Virgin Mary. This would make it the duty of that soul to “sound” Gabriel’s horn, because the bodies by those names were physical manifestations on this plane for GABRIEL, THEIR GUIDE from higher planes. The statement, “THE GREAT AMEN IS GIVEN” is understood better when one realizes that KING TUT ANKH AMEN is an incarnation of CHRIST. The ANK” was the key of eternal life, HIS own symbol which is shown in HIS hand. The case in which the mummy was put is covered with gold and HIS figure is cut into the coffin lid. In HIS hands are the symbols of the ROD and STAFF and on HIS head-piece are done two serpents of wisdom, intended to signify THE TWINS.

Another prophetic assurance of relief is given in the short poem which follows:


Veils of Temples carefully rent He

Gracious glories earthward sent He

As wisdom’s prayers granted, stops “tapping” the “wires”

God-finished and done are Hell’s many fires

Stalking feline, all her kittens and cats

Finally reduced to foot-cleaning mats.

Footnote: Veils of ignorance were purposely drawn over the eyes of the deceived who were given “riddles and plagues” by the EVE once known as the Female Sphinx. In her many lives as a religious Leader, Pope or so-called Saint, this soul taught the subjects to remain submissive and unquestioning of superiors. Behind the skirts of resultant ignorances has hidden much foul play through the Ages. Symbolizing their pledges of submission to having their minds veiled they were taught to cover their heads and feet and remain passively ignorant. The Bible plainly states to “come with uncovered heads and unshod feet” to the places of worship. Some who obey this command even wash their feet before entering their temples. It would seem that some changes are in order which might be hard on Easter bonnets for Church wear.

Where “STOPS TAPPING THE WIRES” is mentioned the import is gained by the realization that those who “hear” the “still small voice” have been much troubled by deceptive “messages” confusing and misleading many, until “FILIAL WISDOM” or GABRIEL’S manifestation, prayed for relief in order that progressive “listening” might become a fact with many who desire to serve. The prayers were answered and GOD pronounced further limitations on negative telepathic operators which put a stop to much of it. The rest of the many hells suffered are to be “GOD-FINISHED,” ‘STALKING FELINE,” among whose symbols was the CAT, is finally reduced under the feet of others who are the CHOSEN ONES.

There is a picture which shows VENUS (THE VIRGIN), THE CHILD and MARS. MARS had snatched THE CHILD away from VENUS who was nursing HIM. THE CHILD looked like the pictures of CUPID (the twins are represented by the two cupids). MARS had thrown HIM on the floor and was beating HIM with a flail. The esoteric idea behind this picture is the usual story of the three “first Heads into which the MOST HOLY ANCIENT ONE divided HIMSELF” originally, or in Theosophical understandings, Kuthumi, Hilarion and Morya. To Christians these are the same as Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, or THE MOTHER, THE CHILD and the Devil. Mars was the god of Wars. Turn the “M” up-side down and the word spells “wars.” Instead of being interested in “MEN FROM MARS” and their “fire down from heaven” phenomena, the deceived should run from them and seek those from “VENUS” who are of THE MOTHER who protects. The story is that the Devil was angry and beat THE CHILD because he could not raise HIM on the “second book” or negative teachings. Instead he was being “nursed” with TRUTH the symbol of the MOTHER, which the “feather” symbolizes. One can determine which Saint she was in many incarnations by the feather she caries in her hand. The Catholic Calendar is very interesting because of the revealing pictures showing symbols in the hands of the Saints. The symbols are “keys” to their identities in various bodies. Few Catholics understand this, but THE GREAT OF THE EARTH who served as their POPES throughout the AGES knew the secrets and made sure their pictures and statues contained these TRUTHS. Michael instructed the writer to talk these things over with the HOLY FATHER in Rome. Because the average Catholic would not understand she questioned HIM if the Pope would understand. HE replied, “Such a great man as HE is not ignorant.” These TRUTHS must have been understood at the Vatican in some AGE or they would not be done in stone, on canvas, and painted on their ceilings. The writer did not find a guide who could explain the symbols in Rome. She would not have understood except for her Teacher who followed to explain and it is HE who has requested her to give this information to “all who would listen.”

Recently as “message” was given which follows, “Some remarks of evil writings will be published. Only by comparison will they show how clearly WE MUST adjust and adjudge for beneficial understandings. The past we cannot recall, but WE intend to see developed understandings today.” The writer has many other “recordings” which have been given in symbolic pictures and written from dreams ands visions. She understands that these are the same in content as was “given” to Madame Blavatsky in the third volume of ISIS UNVEILED which were disposed of by the negative puppet, Besant. Master Morya directed her to destroy these before his great hoax could be discovered. Nothing is ever lost in DIVINE MIND, and TRUTH is TRUTH in any AGE. If destroyed on the physical plane it is still in the Akashic records and will be recorded by another hand in another AGE if necessary. There are many TRUTHS to be “given” in various fields of progress for the NU-AGE instructions and more hands are needed. Any who make themselves worthy will be USED to record them. Much of it will be of material science. The writer cannot urge too strongly that those interested investigate these ideas. A book entitled “Recordings” is being compiled at this time and will contain “messages” received by many who have made themselves worthy.

There are deceived people today who have been “fed with the wrong spoon” as Gabriel calls it, who will at first refute the informations being given by these recordings, but later they will make investigations and find how much in error they were. The physical manifestation who is pretending to be the departed Mrs. Bowers will be first to direct these scourges upon the recorders of TRUTH, but the Bible promises us that the Devil’s helpers will be cared for from ABOVE. Any who are exposed to refutations of these revelations will do well to investigate both sides and bear with it until it is determined which is the TRUTH TO MAKE YE FREE.



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