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How Do You Know If You Are Being Called?

Have you ever heard the telephone or the doorbell ring, or heard a knock at the door, and there was nobody there?

Have you ever heard your name called when there was no one around?

Have you ever had a "déjà-vu" experience, when you went to a place for the first time and felt you had been there before, or knew your way around a city you had never visited before?

Have you ever had a "déjà-vu" experience, when you were in a situation where you knew exactly what was going to happen next, and it did, or had an experience which seems to duplicate something you experienced before, yet you were sure nothing like that ever happened to you?

If you have had any of these phenomenal experiences, this is a form of memory from a past life, and you are being CALLED by your Angel in Charge

“Chosen” ones are “called” because of individual soul growth, and can be found within any creed. Whether you are a Christian, a Moslem, a Hindu or a Jew, or even profess no religion at all, these are common experiences to ALL who have reincarnated to carry out some part of HIS work in the New Age.

You are being CALLED to awaken to your CALLING for this life. A “Calling” is a Positive experience which comes only when the personality is in a serene state of consciousness, living the highest spiritual principles, and seeking understanding which begins with the first “experience.”

What can I do about it, you ask?

Well, first and foremost, "with all thy getting, get understanding"...

For complete answers to these and many other vital questions, you are invited to download the nine Booklets and eighty-one "TRUTH" News Letters posted on this website...

QUESTION: When one knows that he has been CALLED, how can he determine if he is also CHOSEN?

ANSWER: After the experience known as a CALLING, no matter what form was used to make the fact understood, the personality so contacted is given special “inner” instructions at night when asleep, and in his meditations with prayer. This is done by the ANGEL “Teacher” who has “taken charge” of the soul found worthy of such guidance, in cases where enough effort is made.

A great “call” has been coming from higher planes for laborers who are willing to act as receiving instruments for “messages” from above for the betterment of human conditions. The reincarnate Mother has explained to many how “Behold I stand at the door (of consciousness) and knock.” She has taught the worthy to record “messages” from the Archangels who wish to give guidance and beneficial information for the greater progress of mankind.

Without sufficient understanding many of those who have been “called” are wasting their time trying to understand what happened, and too frequently form erroneous conclusions as to the significance. Ignorance of facts concerning the reasons and manner of “calls,” being misinterpreted, are responsible for the beginnings of many new cults and creeds “mushrooming” up everywhere. Unless those who have a “call” are schooled carefully they fail the “call” for one reason or another. This must cease if laborers are to be found who understand enough to be “chosen” for some part of HIS work.

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