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Message for "SEEKERS" who come to this website:

When this website was first created, it was with the understanding that Angels would guide certain older souls to find it so they could download what they need, and go on to "paddle their own canoe", so to speak. Any who desire to prepare for some of the first work should read all the “I DO” publications remembering that “with all thy getting, get understanding.”

The website contains ALL that needs to be understood in this Age as we await The Son of God's return, "As a Little Child to Lead Them."



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"I DO" Pledge

1. We belong only to His Divine Order of “Do-ing in His Name" for the welfare of humanity.

2. We are pledged to the God of Love we serve when Chosen to do so.

3. We accept Truth and good wherever we find it and reject only the evil we detect.

4. We pledge to walk in prayer and listen for “the still small voice” of Guardian Angels as we wisely test the spirits, and attune our hearts with Him for guided service.

5. In meekness we guard our tongues against words which hurt, bitter retorts to unjust criticism or any speech not in keeping with Divine Order; always striving to follow the Master’s example of the “soft answer which turneth away wrath.”

6. We offend no one and help the understanding of those who offend us, challenging them only to find Truth through facts; we defend the righteous when unjustly attacked.

7. Until others enjoy as much as we have, we will not use more than enough and will share our abundance with those who may need it.

8. Until God’s law of justice balances the lives of men, we will pray that “with all their getting,” they will “get understanding” of His ways.

9. We will ever pray that all learn to live the U. S. principles of “Malice toward none and charity for all,” that Love by osmosis through the veins of evil might convert it into a good life stream.

10. Until mercy is graced by the wisdom of Doing in His Name, and injustices are chastened by Love, we will strive for man’s understanding of Cosmic Laws governing from Above.

Extension to the Pledge...

  • Until men no longer suffer karmas from the debts to Love they owe,
  • We will pray the Master’s guidance for the paths they choose to go.
  • Till white robes drape the shoulders of all earthlings weary forms,
  • We pray they accept and cherish Guardian Angels broken by their storms.
  • We pray to stand until the finish of the work He has begun,
  • And to rise to meet the Master when all battles He has won,
  • Oh, we pray for world’s withstanding as men recognize the Light,
  • Of “A Little Child to Lead Them” as “all eyes” can SEE the sight.


Frances’ Prayer


Oh, Father, forgive us that we have been so slow,

Oh, forgive us, forgive us as we forgive others who did not know,

And help us find more laborers for Thy fields

Who will bear the burdens to gain the yields.

Praise be to His name on high

Whose love we find if we but try

For grace enough to win

Forgiveness for repented sin.

Grace of life and love of Heaven,

Help all men to know the Seven –

Masters all of human fate,

Guardian Angels at the gate,

Gracing earth again for chances

Giving mortal men advances.

Again our Guides have now returned

To share the Wisdoms they have earned.

Finally, Oh, Father of Divine Wisdom, we thank Thee for our Calling to help in advancements in this Age of former “ways past finding out,” of which most of the world is now so much in ignorance. We pray to be found worthy of helping in the preparation of the opening of “all eyes” to See what Wise Men of this Age have already witnessed and try so hard to share, indeed many “Truths to make them free.” Oh, Divine Father of Light strengthen us in our “Callings,” that we may be able to “Stand” until He comes and to “Withstand” thereafter until the world “Understands.” We thank Thee, Dear Father, for the provision made so “In that Day” there will be Wise Men to help those who will be “weeping and gnashing” in misunderstandings which will be the only thing to fear. Most of all we pray for His Coming to prove the words we speak, “A Little Child Shall Lead Them.”

In His Name, Amen.


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