Reports on New Age Discoveries Resulting From Most Cautious Research


Due to world emergencies, those “Great of the earth without whom there would be no life,” spoken of in the Bible, whipped into accelerated action necessary for meeting the emergency. When there are world dangers activities for the protection of humanity take precedence over any other work. Many who SERVE were CALLED, but “few were chosen” because they failed to understand the vital need for an all-out immediate action if humanity is to survive and continue a very necessary evolution. Many failures to respond to the CALL placed very heavy burdens on the few who tried to carry the load and prayed frantically for laborers.

Because of the close association in our “I DO” Organization with Great Masters of Wisdom, our response was in turning all of our efforts to helping with recruiting the CALLED and CHOSEN, and preparing a place for their reception. It is hoped their unity will bring about a situation where God will find it safe to release THE CHILD now held on higher planes. Our move was directed by Great Masters of Wisdom functioning under Christ who “appeared” to a number of people and made HIS will known concerning His Plan to return again as “A Little Child to Lead Them.” Christ directed the drilling of a well where water of a very fine quality has been found, regardless of the fact authorities insisted water had never been found in the district.

Some who “hear” on the “inner” from Angels who “have charge” of informations which are given, “heard” that some strangers from various states would join us to assist in what Christ is directing the CALLED to do. While some failed the CALL a few responded very well. As a result our new location has many advantages for HIS special work which will first be preparing for HIS reception. The CHOSEN are “to each be given” something in keeping with the work HE incarnated to perform. We hope to unite the genius of many cults and creeds in an understanding which will make HIS COMING possible. HE “appears” here to prove that our work is HIS plan. Too much stress has heretofore been given toward helping the underprivileged and we are made to understand that helping one of genius capacities will develop a laborer who will in turn help millions. Therefore one of our special functions is helping all of genius talents, especially where accompanied by extra-sensory perception.

Many schools of more advanced thinking, Occult people and Indians now recognize the fact of Hiawatha being the Son of the Great Spirit, or Christ as HE went to “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” HE promised to return in Idaho, the name meaning, “Son-coming-down-the-mountain.” Indians did not know the secret of HIS Divinity at the time, and persecuted White Dove who bore what they believed to be an illegitimate child, but they changed their ideas when they learned of their mistake and He became a great spiritual Leader who ascended into the skies in His canoe when HE left. Recently in our work recruiting the CALLED, we found an Indian, who with his grandmother saw the Holy Mother in the skies. Descending she handed him The Child on a cross. He was given to understand that he would be CHOSEN to protect the Child when God finds a “safe place to lay His head.” While his CALLING was made known to him after this manner, other forms of CALLING have been given to many others we have contacted in our specialized work of uniting the CALLED and CHOSEN so THE CHILD may be returned. There is a very great need for better understandings concerning initiations and CALLINGS in order to determine who is CHOSEN. Christ, who “appears” with The Mother whom we protect and sponsor, has given us much information we desire to share with any who prove they are worthy. When THE CHILD had to be “caught up” for HIS protection we could “hear” the cry of THOSE ABOVE, saying, “Ye on earth fail Divine Causes.” Disregarding world emergencies the CALLED and even some of THE CHOSEN are “failing Divine Causes” by not responding. Lack of right information about what a CALL consists of, or how one is CHOSEN, seems quite common in this Age when degeneration of TRUTH is so evident among those of modernism in religions. Apathies due to misunderstandings, or lack of right information makes us appreciate the Bible admonition “With all thy getting, get understanding,” and the prophecy that “Many are Called but few are Chosen.”

The Prophecy that His Coming would be “as a thief in the night,” accompanied by much “weeping and gnashing,” (in misunderstandings) appears to be coming to fulfillment. If the CALLED and CHOSEN would “study to show yourself approved,” and not refuse “The Truth to make free,” much more progress toward HIS COMING could be made. We can only repeatedly beg our readers to investigate what we are “DO”-ing In His Name. Those who make themselves worthy will be given to know the secrets of the chosen place where CHRIST “appears” to prove our INTERDENOMINATIONAL DIVINE ORDER or “I DO” was especially Organized to meet the great need for understandings when HE will surprise the world with COMING as “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM,” growing up again, as ever before, to be a great Spiritual Leader.

THE CHILD had to be “caught up” from this dimension for HIS protection because there wasn’t enough understanding or protection from “a great dragon” personality of great Occult power, who “stood ready to swallow up The Child” as the Bible prophesied would occur. “I DO” has been especially CHOSEN to help with right understandings of “His ways past finding out,” except for the CHOSEN. THE CHILD “appeared” to many in this district, as well as other places we had located before moving everything to this area where we now SEE HIM AS HE IS, and help others to do the same.

Emergencies still exist, and The Great Unifier is calling frantically for UNITY of all who have been CALLED or CHOSEN for any part of HIS Great Plan for saving the world in this dangerous Age. We will share HIS Plans with the faithful who come our way. HE has taught us many ways of helping each determine his special CALLING, and the promise that “to each will be given” is as good as the day when the prophecy that 144,000 would be CHOSEN.

Some to whom Christ “appeared” have financed certain projects HE asked to have started. There is much to be accomplished yet and we are urging any who wish to help Christ most, to build Motels, Hotels, or apartments for those who will be coming our way soon. There will be a good chance for much new business of many kinds in this locality. We have been CHOSEN to introduce THE GREAT OF THE EARTH as soon as the student’s mind is ready for this great blessing. Occult books rightly state, that “when the student is ready The Master appears.” Much effort is directed by “I DO” to helping students get ready for this experience which is given many of pure in heart, only hours after arriving. Previously prejudiced minds because of other teachings lacking real Truth, take longer to become ready to SEE HIM AS HE IS.” After this experience which amounts to acceptance for specialized instructions, the student is prepared to become a channel for some form of progress for mankind, whether in Art, Religion or Science. The student is taught how to make contact with the Angel or “Master of Wisdom” who has “charge” of his soul development. Unlike Spiritualism this is after the idea of Catholics who CALL to Saints for assistance which is readily given the pure in heart. After some conditioning through “inner” teachings, with the door of consciousness closed to the outside world, together with outer instructions concerning Cosmic Law which must be understood to keep out of the lower astral fields where “wizards peep and mutter,” the student is ready to be CHOSEN. From then on explicit directions are GIVEN from ABOVE for His work for human progress. Each must be able to stand on his own financially unless because of his special capacities we are able to find some benevolent person to sponsor him. We are stressing the need of helping those of genius capacities who should explain to us about their talent to enable us to help find a sponsor if they need one. People of extra-sensory perception whether developed or not should not fail to contact us as soon as possible. In this Age when the negative forces are searching for this type, impingements we understand about and are able to control, are a grave danger to the uninformed.

Since God has only the hands and feet of those who respond to the CALL so HE may do HIS work at this level of consciousness, and UNITY is essential if the CHOSEN are to work in one accord in HIS WISDOM, it is time for Leaders of men to think in terms of uniting in understandings which will make HIS COMING possible. HE has given us this information and we will share it with all who come our way, that they may take the information back to their followers. We must be made ready when “weeping and gnashing” in misunderstandings will stir wild vibrations which can be worse than any danger. It will take “inner” guidance to meet the situation promptly. When misguided minds are forced to suddenly awaken that “the blind have been leading the blinded,” a great stir of emotions can be expected. Right understandings concerning HIS Plan “past finding out” except for those CHOSEN because of their special preparation, can save much confusion In That Day. God, who has long been trying to give us HIS precious Son, has had to delay The Coming to await our better preparations because of the dangers from misunderstandings. We must not fail HIM at this late hour when human protection is so much needed. Apathy of those who KNOW is bad enough, but many good teachers of various Schools of better thinking, are themselves failing the greatest CALL of all, that of uniting with others to share their various CALLINGS. “To each has been given” and it is time to put the puzzle together and receive THE KING of KINGS.

We would like to tell you now of a man who was impressed by the Angel guide of his soul, that he should contact our Organization for a better understanding of his own CALLING. When he arrived at our Boulder, Colorado Headquarters there was nobody there as we were in the process of moving our Headquarters to Magic Valley at that time. He went to his room to pray and says that the answer came directly from ABOVE in the following words:

The clarion call of God to man

   Is heard above the raucous tome

Of anti-christs, their faithless clan,

     Luring the wanderer from home,

To feed on husks, have run their course.


Now is the age of testing done.

                 A Star of hope shines all around

The prodigal, the Father’s son;

     He sees the Light, he hears the sound

From glorious Restoration’s Source.


As magnet draws its counterpart,

                 So love responds to Love outpoured;

Truth satisfies the waiting heart,

                 That, watching, longing, looking toward

The sky, now answers, “Here am I.”

            The above message inspired the gentleman to look us up when in Idaho at a later date. We were glad to welcome another old soul who was being CALLED to join us at our new location. After his visit with us he began to “hear” some “very profound” messages from Higher Planes. When writing to ask us where these were coming from, our answer was taken from the above poem, “From glorious Restoration’s Source.” This, together with things he was able to SEE and understand in Idaho, convinced him that he was being CALLED to join us as soon as possible. Others are being directed to us in one way or another from time to time. A WISE man of India claims that THOSE ABOVE gave him the information about us that he wrote concerning our CALLING to OPEN THE WAYS for HIS COMING. He was an absolute stranger to us when offering the information, which proves that HE is another who practices Divine Attunement. This means that he has direct contact with GREAT TEACHERS who have power over matter, space and time, known to the Occult world as Masters of Wisdom. These same souls were once called gods by the Ancients, Angels or saints by various religions who recognize THEIR guidance. Mormons call them Nephites and their souls are the same that UFO people call “men from outer space.” All were born on earth but aren’t limited in Their functioning to physical forms representing them at this level of consciousness. Because “I DO” understand Their activities and work directly with Them, we like the Essenes of Egypt, were chosen to help protect The Child of this Age when HE is returned. Much more physical, financial and spiritual help will be needed to meet emergencies of this Age. Please contact us and investigate if you feel you have been CALLED. In the words of the gentleman who received the poem just given, “if you feel that you’ve been CALLED you should not fail to investigate the work of “I DO,” for in it you will find direction for your mission.” Although an older soul himself we gave him leads to enable him to make contact with Those Above and better understand his own CALLING.

            We always urge our contacts to pray first, meditate and wait for a dream or vision which is the method Angel Guides use to convince others that we are not just another cult or creed seeking followers. We are not seeking numbers, but those who are desiring to do HIS work and feel they must be one of the CALLED or CHOSEN. We realize these will be Chosen first for some part of HIS work concerned with making HIS COMING possible. “To each will be given” the Bible prophesied, therefore we know it will take many faithful to HIS CAUSE to help bring in the millennium. It is now time for all of the CALLED and CHOSEN to unite for His reception and make plans to meet emergencies “I DO” know about. Whatever the CALLING any soul might have in Science, Art or Religion, or anything else IN HIS NAME, none is as important at this time as uniting for HIS reception and protection in this dimension. HIS COMING must be first and then will follow appointments of the CHOSEN to carry out their specific duties IN HIS NAME.

Many who are now acting as leaders will find it imperative to unite with “I DO” under HIS special direction given no other place on earth at this time. HE has made known to us thirteen centers, or locations for them, which will be used for future work after HIS COMING. The three now planned for first work are in Idaho, Colorado and Canada. We will share our specific information with all who prove worthy. Since soul evaluation is different on higher planes than mortals know about we will need to share some information we have about how this determined by manifestations on physical forms. Anyone who gives proof that he can be trusted with this information will be given it free of charge in our IDYLL LOTUS classes we will tell you about later.


QUESTION: What about wearing colors and white, and does this have any effect on vibrations?

ANSWER: “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” and no color can change the vibration of thinking any more than what one eats or doesn’t eat makes the man. The mental and physical must be separated if we would understand true soul value. Of course, too much or too little food can affect the physical. So the wearing of pleasant colors naturally has an effect on the peace of mind, but really nothing to do with its development or standing as SEEN from higher planes. “Eat what is set before you.” And “take no thought” are very good admonitions. One can become too physical and depart from the spiritual a great deal just by letting food, clothing and the physical absorb his attention which should be centered on higher things.

QUESTION: Is there any real symbolism in the shape or sounds of bells so many Occult people cherish?

ANSWER: It is said that certain spirits on the other side of the veil respond to the sound of bells connected with their soul vibrations and family symbolisms of the past. A cowbell shows connections with the religions who worship the Dark Kali, or cows respected in countries where the left-hand path and negative religions hold sway. Likewise, a bell bearing crescents or horns on the top is attuned with vibrations which evoke negative unseen forces. There is much to know on this subject which will be given in our IDYLL LOTUS Classes.

QUESTION: Is there anything in the idea of a horseshoe bringing good luck?

ANSWER: The Master of Wisdom, known to many as Lucifer, and once as the god Poseidon, is said to have created the horse. It is from negative religions that the story has its roots. A white horseshoe would not be a bad omen, but, like tickling the belly of the fat-bellied Buddha (the negatively existent one) it would be well to stay clear of the idea if you would not get into trouble in ways you couldn’t understand from what little could be written at this time. Their secrets in full are given only to third degree esoterics. Students of the wrong side of the occult would reject these. “With all thy getting get understanding,” covers much territory when applied to esoteric subjects.

QUESTION: Several years ago CHRIST “appeared” to my husband who professes no religion. I am a good Catholic so why would I not be more favored than one who has no religious preference?

ANSWER: “Mortal eyes can see only so far,” a Great Teacher told a student recently when just such a question came up. Soul evaluation is very different on higher planes where more advanced ideas are acceptable. Records of past lives, kept in the Book of Lives mentioned in the Bible, show rights earned before the soul wore the body you now call your husband. When the student is ready the Master “appears” is a frequently stated Occult fact. God is no respecter of religions nor personalities known by mortals. He knows the “thoughts and intent of the heart.” What happened to your husband is known to be one of the ways CHRIST “CALLS” a soul. Following such an experience the personality will spend much time meditating upon the occurrence, and it is through meditation, with the “door of consciousness closed” that THOSE ABOVE are able to teach and guide the student. The process usually takes from one to seven years, and then some day the student will be CHOSEN and told what his mission is. During this time it is best to spend much time in prayer and meditation in order that understandings will be more easily made.

QUESTION: I have cracked-up from “hearing” many things which are said to me from what is called “the inner” and I don’t understand what it is all about. Can you help me? If I had understood I would not have cracked up.

ANSWER: Sometimes a higher vibratory rate, due to illness or some injury in the spine results in the ability to “hear” from another dimension or plane. In accord with living habits, thinking and intentions the personality “hears” from either good angels on the other side of the veil, or “wizards who peep and mutter” torments and deceptions. In some cases “hearing” is only the opening of a physical chakra enabling the personality to “hear” the CALL of the Angel who has charge of his soul and is training it for some part of the work when Christ returns to claim HIS own. The source of a medium’s information can be determined by the habits of the personality. “Many are being CALLED, but few are CHOSEN because they do not understand. Others are touching on what is commonly called the “pink elephant and snake” sources. The difference is very great and one having the “key” can easily understand the source for what it really is. If your SOURCE is from Angels, or a CALL from CHRIST, rejoice and be glad, and “study to show thyself approved.” But if the MESSAGES are deceptive and you know the personality weaknesses or physical disruptions which could be the cause, correct it, “turn on the devil” and be freed to normal living. If you read the literature we send you it will help you understand what may be happening to you.

QUESTION: How does one determine whether one is an initiate or not?

ANSWER: An Initiate only means that one is on the PATH and does not define the position. There are a number of initiations, the sixth being that of a Chohan, the position of those who finally reach enough wisdom and understanding to attain to “the works that I do” of which Jesus spoke. This is commonly called THE MASTER INITIATION. At this initiation the soul finally reaches the level of consciousness which Buddhists call “Buddhic Consciousness,” and the Occult world speak of as Cosmic Consciousness. Some call it the Sun-Son initiation when the soul becomes a “PILLAR and goes out no more.” This means that the soul is no longer bound to earthly incarnations, but has become a Graduate, so-to-speak. If he then returns to earth he has the right to come and go at will and choose his work for helping mankind. While on earth in physical form he is not limited to earth, but can function in other dimensions also because he has attained to what is called “the lute of the planes.”

Most of the worldly are just “evoluting along” as one Master of Wisdom called it. Those whose souls have reached more than average intelligence and understanding, together with good enough karma from consecration to a CAUSE (whether of a Positive or negative nature) become initiates. Some travel the right-hand path of a more Positive nature while others take the left-hand path of trials and errors until they reach the goal of Sonship. Some who work more diligently, rise faster by taking either path, or both at times in order to attain more quickly. If necessary to take hard knocks they are willing, – just anything to ATTAIN as fast as possible. The latter carry the heaviest loads, fear nothing and wade into any problem needing attention. They take the most lives, for their Teacher leads out in all manner of human progress. He takes his students with him to help where it is needed, whether in Art, Religion or Science.




Important Information for the "Called" and "Chosen":

At this time one of the greatest problems is of reaching the Called and “Chosen,” and giving them the information to meet the emergencies expected at the return of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM”. He had to be “caught up” for HIS protection from evil ones who learned about HIS reincarnating as a Child, again to grow up to lead humanity as ever HE has done when going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” The Mother from whose arms HE had to be taken for HIS protection during the Last Age, worked hard to find the needed help which will make it possible for HIM to be returned to this dimension.

The Child was “caught up to God and His Throne” for His protection on Easter Sunday, 1955, because of a great dragon personality who stood ready to “swallow up the Child.” Several more attempts to return The Child to this dimension failed because there was not enough help available at the time. In an effort to contact more of the “Called” and “Chosen” to come to her aid, the reincarnate Mother published seven Booklets (these can be found elsewhere on this website). In 1957 Interdenominational Divine Order was established in Boulder, Colorado. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and in August, 1961, Interdenominational Divine Order, otherwise known as I DO, was incorporated. The Organization was formed to help The reincarnate Mother prepare such a place so God would find some ready to protect Him and He could be returned. Because I DO” researched better understandings, they were Chosen to tell the story and recruit older souls whose karmic rights were in line for a part of the “first” work upon His return.

Specific work of “I DO,” like the Essenes in the time of Jesus, was concentrated in preparation of laborers to meet a need expected at His Advent. The greatest preoccupation was giving information which would help make His Coming possible, and establish safety for Him and His Great Plan. Over the next few years, and with the guidance of the reincarnate Mother, in addition to the seven Booklets she had published, “I DO” published two additional Booklets, as well as eighty-one monthly "Truth" News Letters.

In the late nineteen sixties, Interdenominational Divine Order were “Told” that the publishing work was done for this Age and that they should now await “That Day” when “all eyes SEE” what they were GIVEN to SEE. Since then, no one has been getting anything at all from Above because the world has entered into a period of SILENCE as the Scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment. Even “I DO” were not GIVEN anything more than they were entrusted with before the period of Silence began, and nothing more will be given until “That Day.”

The reincarnate Mother passed from this plane in 1994, and Interdenominational Divine Order was disbanded. She will again take incarnation and when God will be ready to release His Holy Son on “D Day,” the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will be fulfilment of the Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth.” When “That Day” brings the Advent, it is expected that The Child will be returned to His Mother, and a great machine will start rolling. We can expect The Child to be returned to this dimension “As He Left” and “all eyes will SEE “A Little Child to Lead Them.”




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