Reports on New Age Discoveries Resulting From Most Cautious Research


AGAIN and AGAIN “ye on earth fail Divine Causes.” Clairaudients HEAR this message from the Cosmos whenever the world is in particular danger. “Many are being CALLED but few CHOSEN because so few understand the CALL, or how to respond to become CHOSEN. Many misinterpret whatever phenomenal experience constitutes a CALL for being CHOSEN and begin preaching before they know what it is all about. Many years of “INNER” instructions by way of dreams and visions is required before one who has been CALLED can be CHOSEN. Contact with those who understand helps shorten the time. A great emergency is the result of so many failures. This is one of the strong prompting forces behind the establishment of our “I DO” Headquarters in Twin Falls, Idaho, where reside more of the CALLED than any other place at this time. “I DO” work is to “DO” something to make right understandings among the CALLED who are now being misled or misunderstood when they try to tell of their experiences.

Many who are being CALLED, or to whom Christ has “appeared,” keep it to themselves, or if they dare tell their phenomenal experiences they are so misunderstood as to limit proper response. Therefore, “with all thy getting,” the need to “get understanding” is the greatest need in the world today. For with this understanding Christ could return and all the needs could be met. “TRUTH” messages and some Booklets now on hand, are aimed to give the information which will bring the understandings to make HIS Coming possible. Research and giving results of our findings to all religions is an important function of “I DO.” Our greatest work is to help the Called understand that they are marked for some part of HIS work in this Age. There are now many thousands all over the world belonging to various religions, and some to none, who are being CALLED in some manner. Out of these the Bible tells us 144,000 will be CHOSEN. Our research has discovered that from three to seven are being called for each part of The Great Plan for specialized advancement and protection of humanity in this dangerous Age. It is unfortunate that so many feel that they have something someone else would not understand and insist on functioning the cause alone, or as a leader instead of only a participant under HIS guidance. To accomplish most In His Name one must become as a little child to make a good channel, and it is very necessary to realize that “I of myself do nothing,” as Jesus said of His greater capacity as a perfected channel. “Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am also,” proves the need for unity in some fashion. In our research we have discovered that where at least three work together on one project it is easier to accomplish, for the portion each receives supports the efforts of others working on the same idea. Usually these are of various religions and sometimes even different nationalities, showing God’s Plan for making a better understanding of brotherhood.

INTERDENOMINATIONAL DIVINE ORDER, more often known as “I DO” was Organized because of messages from Christ requiring such an Organization to be formed in order to help HIM recruit “more laborers” to make HIS return possible. HE has “appeared” to many all over the world at times, but recently the Magic Valley area near Twin Falls seems to be preferred. The Winnipeg, Canada area was where HE was most frequently photographed from 1952 to 1956. Then another location was used for a time, that being Boulder, Colorado. Now the setting has changed again back to the Magic Valley where HE is now being seen more than any other place on earth. Understanding of the reason for this is made for those who study with “I DO” at this location. It is something which cannot be explained on paper.

Many years ago, more than forty, we are told, some cultists from the East were sent to the West by God, with their mission being to prepare a safe place for the return of Christ. They came to Magic Valley and prospered until evil influences worked into control and their project failed. Finally they moved elsewhere. Recently, before hearing this story, “I DO” were sent here for the same purpose. Apparently Christ was awaiting the response of others who could be CHOSEN to go ahead with the original plan for HIS reception on “Mt. Ida of a new continent” as ancient prophecies state would be the case. It is expected that many cults and creeds will not recognize Christ because HE plans to come in a different manner than they were taught to believe. Few understand the need to unite and organize for His work. There will be much need for explanations to keep down fear and disturbed human emotions when men SEE things they will not understand. The veils of Churches which were once rent will have to be lifted to show TRUTHS of dimensional things which have not been understood except by those in higher positions. “HIS WAYS PAST FINDING OUT” for average people are now ready to be known more generally.

“I DO” research has proved beyond a doubt that HE has been incarnating in many nations, and together with HIS Mother and Disciples, all have been tending “sheep I have of other pastures” all over the world long before HE was known to some as Jesus. We repeat this time and again in our writings because it is necessary to impress ideas which will be needed when “as a thief in the night” of worldly misunderstandings, visual vibrations will rise so “all eyes will SEE” some things they will not understand without the help of Wise Men of this day. In this Age of man-made religions and various interpretations of TRUTH, God’s work has again been difficult among mortals who always crucified martyrs of all human progress in every Age.

The Christ Child has long been ready to Come again in answer to our prayers for peace. Human misunderstandings have made it impossible time and again. HE has already been presented as “A Little Child to Lead Them,” and had to be “caught up to God and His Throne,” several times we know about. Existing dangers as “a great dragon stood ready to swallow up The Child,” is as prophecy in Revelations foretells would happen.

The “great dragon” at that time was made up of a group of raging ministers and their followers who were determined Christ could not come as a Child. Our research has discovered the reincarnate Mother of another time (recently) was unable to give birth to The Child because of various types of misunderstandings. No matter what forces were used by physicians the prophecy of Ancient times was fulfilled where it calls HIMAJA, the unborn.” The story is a long one and will finish when we are ready enough that God will see fit to return The Child whom HE again “caught up.” Then “all eyes will see” what some Wise Men of today have already SEEN and understand.

No matter how many times we relate the above story, or how much effort we put forth to recruit older souls by appealing to them to unite for HIS protection, we see failures of response on every side. Some who respond, come our way with hopes of high positions and control of some kind, and time and again God refuses to release The Child who took Cosmic Birth in 1955, and is now SEEN with The reincarnate Mother who produced the physical body HE will wear at the ADVENT.

Our work is constantly plagued by misled occult students, seeking to be recognized as “The Great of The Earth” and placed in high positions. There is so much exploitation of the reincarnation idea, and so many faulty teachings, that many Occult students have such warped ideas of Cosmic Law and Order, as to be troublesome in any Center of spiritual aspirations working for Cosmic approval. Human emotions and surging thinking disturbs vibrations anywhere mortal wills and desires have play. We are constantly contacted by those who have had various phenomenal experiences of the spiritualistic “wizards who peep and mutter,” from lower astral fields, who insist on being honored because they do not understand the experiences as the wrong side of the picture. Some insist they are the reincarnate Virgin Mary or even Christ Himself. These have some seemingly convincing proof of what they claim, and usually have many misled followers. But we who have SEEN HIM AS HE IS and know that HE “appears as a Little Child one moment and changes to a man with a robe and beard all recognize as Christ” the next, surely cannot be forced to believe in any of the “christs many” who come our way bidding for our care and protection. We have declared that we are preparing a safe place for the protection of THE CHILD and that we are pledged to help The Mother with her great work of making better understanding so her Child can be returned. For this reason we are constantly faced with the claims of those who believe they are the reincarnate “Great of the Earth.” Time and again we have to prove that we cannot be mistaken in identities because God has given us a foolproof method to help us know “THE GREAT OF THE EARTH” who are now all in incarnation. In keeping with biblical prophecy, “The Stars of Heaven” who were to be “cast to earth in that Day,” have all been born to do the work of protection of humanity, and are only waiting for a better understanding before making themselves known. Until that time They will remain “unspotted” unless they are able to find some they can trust with this information. Some of these are mistakenly believed to have arrived in flying saucers from outer space, but our research has proved all were born here, but with powers which are not understood.

Time and again we reprint the same information, because we wish to contact as many as possible and impress this great message. Older souls who have earned eternal life, and who “do the works that I do and even greater,” which Jesus promised the faithful, are marked in the foreheads with symbols to prove their status. Pope Pius XII told the reincarnate Mother that these are called “Soldiers of the Cross.” We discovered the Mohammedans called them “Servants of Allah.” The Occult world called them “Masters of Wisdom.” We found the Buddhists calling them “Buddhas.” But whatever they are called, it is the same great souls who have attained to “eternal life,” who were being mentioned. It is only that the world hasn’t yet learned of “HIS WAYS PAST FINDING OUT,” which now Christ is directing our Organization to publish to make HIS coming possible.

Whenever a dangerous test bomb or rocket doesn’t materialize one can be assured that “The Great of The Earth” have been watching the situation to make sure things don’t get too far out of hand. They are today suffering very much because of the misunderstandings of men who insist on doing as they please and are refusing to listen to people whom they don’t recognize as “The Great of The Earth without whom there would be no life in that day,” of whom the Bible spoke long ago.

One of the greatest problems of “I DO” is being denounced by some religious leaders who insist we are wrong about Christ planning to return as “A Little Child to Lead Them.” Surely Christ wouldn’t “appear” to prove our words when we are under pressure by doubters, or “appear” as a Child to so many, unless HE is trying to prove something not generally understood. Some of the North American Indians understand that our Gabriel was their Hiawatha who “appears” to them in the skies at special festival times. Buddhists see BUDDHA “appear” in the skies each year at the Wesek festival in India. We found a record of life of Christ when he accomplished more than any other, in Khartoum, Egypt, when HE was called KUTHUMI. Another great life when HE looked exactly like our picture of Jesus, was also in Egypt when HE was called Khattab. In making HIS “appearance” to various nationalities or religions, HE “appears” in the form HE wore when working with them. There is a story of a Virgin and Child in many countries. The Child always grew up to become a very great spiritual leader and His teachings of love and righteousness were always much like the teachings when HE was known to the Christians as Jesus. There are many stories about much suffering by the Mother before she could make the people He incarnated among, understand that HE was the physical channel through which God came to earth at times when instructions for more progress was needed.

Many times we have to repeat that we already know the reincarnate Virgin Mary and no matter what forces are put upon us to receive another we have already recognized the reincarnate Mother of this Age. Her various experiences for recognition have all been fulfilled so there is no doubt left. Ancient prophecies told us that certain physical changes would prove the identity, and that at specified times certain symbolisms would appear on her forehead. Unless all of these proofs could be manifest upon one personality it would be impossible for Wise Men of this day to accept another. We also understand that the next time HER CHILD is presented, that there will be such a great Cosmic Showing that HIS identity will no longer suffer from claims that others have already received the reincarnate Child. The features of older souls who are to be recognized, are changed to prove identities of the past when the time comes to be known. We call this “Cosmic Television,” and it is the foolproof method of recognizing older souls. There are other methods which are used to substantiate this one, and all must add up to the same conclusion or we don’t accept it. We mention this because we do not wish any longer to be faced with the most troublesome problem of many insisting they should be honored as reincarnate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or anybody else. We know if a person has been of The Great of the past, the pictures of past incarnations will be played upon the features to prove it when it is time for us to recognize them. In That Day when all eyes SEE, this is some of what they will be seeing. Without more information than average religionists now have it could add up to much “weeping and gnashing” in misunderstandings if more is not learned about the subject of recognizing “the dead walking” right among us in reincarnate forms in this Age. In order to SEE, this one must develop extra-sensory perception, and the development of latent perceptions is one of the missions of “I DO.” There are many people being born with some form of extra-sensory perception today. This seems to be God’s way of laying a foundation for HIS work in this Age. It is time more know about ESP, and some esoteric understandings need to be given along with it to make the most of God’s work on earth at this time. As usual we are faced with the ignorance of many who, because they cannot understand, or don’t wish to try, insist that above mentioned subjects are of the devil. God’s progress for humanity has always been done by some brave enough to martyr the Cause at the time, so “I DO” staggers under the load of human misunderstandings, winning for HIM with the help of older and more intelligent souls who have the capacity to understand. Our load is very heavy and the need for help is very great. Every time we again HEAR another Cosmic count against releasing The CHILD because the world is not sufficiently ready in understanding, we cry for HIS coming “as a thief in the night” to shock mortals to awakening to the momentous need.

When we bid for financial help we find many insisting if ours is God’s work, HE will supply our needs, never realizing that the only pocketbooks Christ has to draw upon are those which are opened by the hands of HIS pledged servants. Only a few of those to whom HE has “appeared” have really helped at all. Some haven’t even paid for the literature. At this time we are in particular need because we have responded to another CALL to establish a Center where more souls may be contacted. We are dependent upon the response of our readers and pray for those who are failing HIM by failing to help us DO what HE is asking to have accomplished to make HIS Coming possible. HE has told us of a need to establish other Centers later on, but the Magic Valley project is to be the first used at His Coming, so is most important at this time. All who feel they have a CALLING should check with us to see if it is time for them to come this way. We have a method by Divine Attunement of determining those who might be ready for at least a first visit. Many are not ready who at this time believe they are to have first positions. Great karmas are being made by others whose karmic right or duty is to respond now, and who are too occupied with human interests and fail to respond. If HE “appears” to any when visiting our Headquarters we know HE feels they are ready to become a part of HIS first work. “The pure in heart shall SEE GOD,” the Bible declares.

Several times recently we have received questions concerning why we state that only some “SEE HIM AS HE IS” when they come to our Headquarters, and why “all eyes” cannot SEE if it is a truth HE “appears” here at all. We know that when someone is in line for a Calling, or is born to do some specified part of HIS work for this Age, Christ “appears” to him. “When the student is ready, The Master appears,” has long been taught by various Occult schools. There are some other reasons Christ “appears” to some and not to others, but that will be discussed only in esoteric classes where understandings can be made. Several Catholic Priests we interviewed on the subject declared they knew some have this experience and others don’t, but they said they did not know the reason.

“I DO” are most concerned with finding those who have “SEEN HIM AS HE IS,” or to whom HE has manifested in any manner which could be interpreted as a CALLING. It is now imperative that all the CALLED and CHOSEN unite in one understanding so they will be ready in meeting emergencies which are expected because of misunderstandings at His Coming.

HIS COMING is the most important issue at this time. No matter what the CALLING, none is so important that it couldn’t be set aside for a little time to help usher HIM in. HIS Coming must be first and efforts to make it possible should be considered most important at this time. All other missions will be developed after HIS Advent, each timed to line up properly with HIS Great Plan. There are too many leaders seeking followers and bidding for attention to their own ideas to concentrate on the greatest issue, that of making His Coming possible. With “lo here, and lo there,” and “christs many” everywhere, we groan with, and pray for the confused. We can prove what we claim if investigations are made to see that we tell the TRUTH.

Any who feel CALLED or CHOSEN should not fail to contact our “I DO” Headquarters and plan to stay near for a while so we can help them understand their calling.

Please do not expect us to force development in any manner you have ever heard of before. We never force anything, as this would interfere with HIS WILL which must come first. And in forcing such things one chances to get the carts before the horses who are to pull the first loads, so to speak. By force one could only hope to contact lower astral fields.

There is now no other place on earth at this time where special preparations for His Coming are actually being made directly by CHRIST alone. Other pertinent information is being given straight from ABOVE at this Center at this time. It is the understanding of those who KNOW, that hardly any laborer really be fully prepared for first work with HIM without the information given by “I DO” at this location.

Frequently we find some older souls who have already come here because they were told to do so from Above, or to whom Christ has “appeared” either as a man or a Child, or both. Some have been forced here through some act of what they call “fate,” but we realize what is behind HIS Great Plan to “gather in the sheaves” for a special purpose at this location.

TRUTH which is being proclaimed from many pulpits as all that anyone needs to come close to God, or do the work of Christ, suffers from the complete absence of HIS present-day teachings. Times have progressed to an advanced need since His forming of the various religions to guide humanity. Something else must be given to bring a closer contact with the Divine at this time of greater world need. “Men made religions but God made TRUTH,” were the words of Christ recently when talking with a student who has attained to Divine Attunement.

For this reason Christ has found a way around such limitations by requiring the CALLED to work for Divine Attunement so HE can speak directly to them. “I DO” work diligently to help make more laborers in this manner, so HE can prepare for HIS own Coming.

Because THE CHILD who was “caught up” was with us before HE left this last time, “I DO” know HE will be returned to us when HE comes. We have many who know of our special calling, and that no other callings will amount to being CHOSEN for more advanced work until HIS Advent, write us about our failure to accomplish our part so theirs can begin to materialize. We can only say that if the Called could realize that preparing for HIM is their duty as well as ours, and would help us in some way we could return the favor when it comes time for their specialized part of HIS work. While “to each will be given” some special work, all should feel it necessary to prepare for HIS ADVENT first before expecting to accomplish themselves. We need help if we are to lead out with HIS reception. There is much misunderstanding and grave danger because of human wills pitched against HIS return AS A LITTLE CHILD. God has only the hands of the CHOSEN to protect The CHILD at this level of consciousness and it is pathetic how very few have sent a dollar this way to help prepare a safe place to lay HIS HEAD. We who know of the necessity are doing our best against great odds and we are slow to accomplish because we need more help than we have at this time. None of the Chosen are getting any younger and all of them are crying “how long, oh, how long,” and their failures to do anything about it leaves them in ruts of their own making. Cult and creed prejudices against HIS return as “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM” pose great dangers to HIS reception and safety. Some organizations require their followers to take definite oaths to destroy anyone projecting ideas other than taught by their own leaders. Yes, “a great dragon stands ready to swallow up The Child,” and the CALLED and CHOSEN must go all out to make better understandings, or help us do so. We have proved without a doubt that Christ and His Disciples always incarnated to do the work needed in any Age. And because they “kept unspotted” the world has not known much about it. But now when it is again time for HIM to return we must condition human minds so they will bow to GOD’S WILL and receive HIM in any form God presents His Holy Son.

Recently we were questioned several times about our statement that records prove what we declare to be a truth. We were asked “what records?” Our answer can best be given at this location where we show proofs of these records in picture or symbolism, and tell where we found other proofs. Our contacts have been all over the world and it would be hard to give all the facts in a publication of this size. Many museums contain the records of which we speak, and the proofs are very convincing if one really pursues this idea.

We have also many times been confronted with arguments that Christ cannot come as a Little Child, but must come as a man to teach the world. Jesus is said by some Arabs the reincarnate Mother contacted, to have been so advanced at three years as to have been able to stagger Sages. Our own Biblical records tell us that the records aren’t complete. But they do tell of his contacting priests and religious leaders when he was only twelve years old. If HE is Christ, what cannot He Do?




Important Information for the "Called" and "Chosen":

At this time one of the greatest problems is of reaching the Called and “Chosen,” and giving them the information to meet the emergencies expected at the return of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM”. He had to be “caught up” for HIS protection from evil ones who learned about HIS reincarnating as a Child, again to grow up to lead humanity as ever HE has done when going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” The Mother from whose arms HE had to be taken for HIS protection during the Last Age, worked hard to find the needed help which will make it possible for HIM to be returned to this dimension.

The Child was “caught up to God and His Throne” for His protection on Easter Sunday, 1955, because of a great dragon personality who stood ready to “swallow up the Child.” Several more attempts to return The Child to this dimension failed because there was not enough help available at the time. In an effort to contact more of the “Called” and “Chosen” to come to her aid, the reincarnate Mother published seven Booklets (these can be found elsewhere on this website). In 1957 Interdenominational Divine Order was established in Boulder, Colorado. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and in August, 1961, Interdenominational Divine Order, otherwise known as I DO, was incorporated. The Organization was formed to help The reincarnate Mother prepare such a place so God would find some ready to protect Him and He could be returned. Because I DO” researched better understandings, they were Chosen to tell the story and recruit older souls whose karmic rights were in line for a part of the “first” work upon His return.

Specific work of “I DO,” like the Essenes in the time of Jesus, was concentrated in preparation of laborers to meet a need expected at His Advent. The greatest preoccupation was giving information which would help make His Coming possible, and establish safety for Him and His Great Plan. Over the next few years, and with the guidance of the reincarnate Mother, in addition to the seven Booklets she had published, “I DO” published two additional Booklets, as well as eighty-one monthly "Truth" News Letters.

In the late nineteen sixties, Interdenominational Divine Order were “Told” that the publishing work was done for this Age and that they should now await “That Day” when “all eyes SEE” what they were GIVEN to SEE. Since then, no one has been getting anything at all from Above because the world has entered into a period of SILENCE as the Scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment. Even “I DO” were not GIVEN anything more than they were entrusted with before the period of Silence began, and nothing more will be given until “That Day.”

The reincarnate Mother passed from this plane in 1994, and Interdenominational Divine Order was disbanded. She will again take incarnation and when God will be ready to release His Holy Son on “D Day,” the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will be fulfilment of the Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth.” When “That Day” brings the Advent, it is expected that The Child will be returned to His Mother, and a great machine will start rolling. We can expect The Child to be returned to this dimension “As He Left” and “all eyes will SEE “A Little Child to Lead Them.”




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