Reports on New Age Discoveries Resulting From Most Cautious Research


MORE UNDERSTANDING OF “His ways” formerly “past finding out” is now necessary if the world is to escape the increasing danger from organized subversive instigation of misunderstandings between cults, creeds and racial factions now easily turned against each other.

Well organized antichrist factions cleverly concealed behind the banners of well-known and generally respected Organizations have already shattered the faith of many seekers who once looked upon such institutions as part of His Great Plan for advancement. The now “burned children” cannot be blamed for “fear of fires” of deceivers with rigidly pitched prejudices now being used to spark misunderstandings between religious factions as race riots, now fulfilling the Biblical prophecy of blood running in the streets.

History has many times repeated the pattern when invasion of the antichrist deceived “the elect” of many Organizations, resulting in denominations becoming dominated by oaths of destruction against the followers of any other type of religious adherence. For those who need information enough to be able to recognize the symbols of deceivers which bear a specific pattern, we give the following information: If headpieces bore horns, or a book was held in the left hand, a curved sword (crescent knife) was in evidence, Wise Men with “eyes to See” understood that an Organization so symbolized either had been invaded by the negative faction, or had its roots in the beginning with the deceiver’s “one third stars of heaven pulled by the tail of the great dragon” (Bible).  Those bearing the negative symbolism understood what platform they represented and what “great of the earth” they honored but it would seem that deceptions were so cleverly wrought subscribers never dreamed they were serving the “negatively existent one” (a Kabalistic term for Lucifer.) Whether the Organization had been deceived, all who were converts of the cause were “sealed in the silence in fear of death” and required to take an oath to destroy others if they rejected the negative platform “In That Day.” The pathetic situation existing as an almost insurmountable barrier against awakening the deceived, is the fact they are so certain they are serving a right cause. Heavy crosses are being carried by many “white robes” who have incarnated to help “the Elect” with spreading “Truth to Make Free” so necessary everywhere for world peace, security and understanding.

In every case where “The great shall be brought low” in keeping with Biblical prophecy, the reason is karma made because “In that Day they do not know and do not wish to know.” This is a maddening situation for “The Great of the earth without whom there would be no life in that Day,” who, as “The Stars of heaven cast to earth” have reincarnated to try to save humanity from the mistakes of leaders who with all their “getting” haven’t been “getting” the right “understanding.”

Whether mortals realize it or not, the real controls are vested in souls who have graduated from the necessity of life on this planet long ago, but who as great angels have suffered the flesh many times when serving God in guidance for humanity. Not only do They serve in the flesh, but have the power to work on all planes simultaneously. Even then “one third the stars of heaven are pulled by the tail of the great dragon” of deceptions. In spite of having attained to “The works that I do and even greater” which Jesus promised, one-third of these “elect” have been deceived into serving the wrong causes, chanting mantrams and generating power for activities they do not understand are negative. After the power of Lucifer was revoked on higher planes and there was no response to their “calls,” the “God is dead” idea was presented to account for the failure.

After Lucifer on higher planes had his Cosmic Power revoked (October 1955) the physical counterpart was limited on the physical plane. Since that time the reincarnate Disciples, Saints and Sages have been making more progress in preparation for the return of The Child who had to be “caught up” to protect Him from dangers of “a great dragon” personality acting as the physical puppet of satan on earth, “who stood ready to swallow up The Child” (see Revelations). When that prophecy was fulfilled on earth only reincarnate Wise Men who carried the heavy crosses knew about it. Religious and Occult Leaders who should have been first to know what was going on, were “Lost in letters” of teachings of “old-time religions” which were only “good enough” to meet the problems of the time when given.

After the astounding revelations and extended work of God on earth at this time was given to “I DO” we have listened to Evangelists and Occult people who could be used to prepare for His Advent. To date we find none projecting the TRUTHS Christ has “given” us which are necessary to make His Coming possible. It staggers mortal consciousness and no doubt shocks the Cosmos when human minds can get stuck in ruts of teachings of past Ages to an extent their “come hithers” and great efforts prove not to help HIS Plan. In many instances these serve as by-paths from actual facts, detracting from His real work to an extent they can be classed as antichrist. In “that Day” these “blind leading the blind” will be among others who will “run for the mountains to hide,” from converts who are to discover the TRUTH TO MAKE FREE. Wise Men are much aware of dangers when many religious fanatics insist on retaining their illusions and have taken oaths to destroy others who will accept the new Teachings which Wise Men know Christ will establish. Reincarnate Great are working frantically to project right ideas, guide victims of illusions and prepare more to accept Christ “As He Is,” and not as they are now proclaiming HIM. If more understandings cannot be made the world might suffer great armageddons when Cosmic forces support Christ and His work for God after the Advent when “all eyes SEE” what some know about already.

Wise Men of this Age who are identified with “Stars of Heaven cast to earth,” are well aware of the “fall of Lucifer for a thousand years” which took place in October 1955 as we have repeated many times, (because of the inconsistencies, injustices and confusions caused “the elect,” who had incarnated for the specific purpose of finally “unveiling Isis” who was an incarnation of Lucifer, who “cut Osiris” (Christ) to pieces as Ancient histories claim.) This means that the physical counterpart of Lucifer, whose name was Isis, confused the plan for that Age and divided (cut) the Disciples away from their Master to spoil the Plan for that Age. The story credits “the second Isis,” or soul later known as Virgin Mary who tried to find the Disciples. She built a shrine wherever she found one of them. The story has been worked, reworked, interpreted and misinterpreted so many times that actual facts have long since lost their real essence.

History repeated itself in this Atomic Age when “The Stars of Heaven” were “cast to earth.” With the help of the “one-third stars pulled by the tail of the great dragon” much “cutting to pieces” of the Plan for this Age took place before October 1955. A search for those of the two-thirds was conducted under the supervision of the physical counterpart of Lucifer. Much breaking of homes, hearts and pocketbooks was the result for even the “one-third Stars” as they did the bidding of the Lucifer Influence channeled by the chosen puppet at the time. Crosses became so heavy, sufferings so great, injustices so rank that God forced a halt as mentioned above. Since then the only power for evil is vested in the trained laborers for the Lucifer forces who have not yet had their Cosmic Power revoked.

“Wars in Heaven” mentioned in the Bible as what would take place “In that Day” were experienced Above between the higher controls of the physical counterparts “cast to earth” to work at this level, resulting in a condition expressed by the Occult world in “As Above so Below.” The battles were between those serving both forces and reverberated in and through the physical plane experiences of the physical counterparts who had been incarnated for a specific purpose. Whether called “Space Men, Masters of Wisdom, Saints, Angels, Servants of Allah, Nephites or Soldiers of the Cross, these “gods of old” have fulfilled the prophecy of “Stars of Heaven cast to earth in that Day.” The problems seems to be in recognition of facts and understanding that “one-third” have been functioning the wrong cause and limiting the recognition of the Positive faction, while pushing themselves in the limelight and the others in a shadow of smear and hate. The “one-third” faction plying the devil’s trade against God’s servants, the “two-thirds stars of heaven,” who have been “brought low” during the terrible forces of rank injustices, are due to suffer the same fate. Because of heavy karmas made they will be “cast into the pit” with the great deceiver if they cannot be brought to change their black robes for white robes of the Positive faction.

The pathetic part of this ever-hanging picture of what is going on behind the veils of mortal consciousness, is the fact that many serving the negative faction haven’t the slightest idea they are serving the wrong forces. Because of their Cosmic Power, these deceived “Stars of Heaven” of the “one-third” identification, will of a necessity be “cast into the pit” if the two-thirds are not successful in making them understand so they can turn about-face and qualify for “white robes.” Sometimes these are called “red stars. Some even know they are “red stars” without understanding the significance, and are therefore proud of the title. Those with “eyes to SEE” can easily identify a soul by the marks on the forehead. They actually SEE a red star form on the left side of the forehead if necessary to spot them for control. The other two-thirds have a white star either in the center of the forehead or on the right side in keeping with their positions and activities. The fleur de Lys, Cosmic Power mark, identify those who have attained to Sonship, of “the works that I do,” which Jesus promised those who made themselves worthy. There are other signs and symbols Wise Men of this Age know about. The increasing multitude of esoteric and occult students who are now claiming incarnations of “the great of the earth” can easily be accounted for what they are. “The Great of the Earth” do not have to make claims, for their status is marked on their foreheads and usually visible only to those who should have this information to properly evaluate their status and help them to a right position, whether lower or higher than they believe themselves. The unfortunate condition seems to always be that those with lesser initiations and more negative connections have claimed positions which are not theirs at all, and many times have lauded themselves over those whose positions they were claiming. But there is a day of reckoning coming soon when the reversal of “the great shall be brought low” will take place and “the meek shall inherit the earth.” May God speed the Day as the true “white robes” suffer because of those who are forcing all manner of injustices against “The great Plan” for Christ’s coming.

We have repeatedly announced the Coming of the Son of God as “A Little Child to Lead Them.” It is now more than thirty years since the first phase of Cosmic Birth took place and the reincarnate Mother produced a body for the reincarnate Child. As in the time of Jesus and many other incarnations of the Son of God, great secrecy prevailed for the protection of The Child. Lack of right understandings were noted even among some of the reincarnate GREAT of highest status. Not enough provision could be made for His safety because of the various twists of original facts, and the lack of other informations by the cults and creeds of this Age of degeneration of original TRUTH which could “make free” if accepted. Where the creeds were losing original essences vital for His return, cults were trying to pick up the warped pieces and put them together. Mortal minds were generally having a hey-day of personal twists, imagination and shadings of facts too vague to be of any real value. The resulting condition is such that if Christ dared to come He would again be rejected, persecuted and reviled upon because of “His ways past finding out,” before this Age when it has become imperative to find out.

Originally most religions incorporated the idea of reincarnation for soul growth, but because converts spent too much time living in the past or claiming to be reincarnate “Great of the earth,” looking backwards and literally turning to “a pillar of salt” like Lot’s wife, the reincarnation idea was eliminated. One catholic priest who was being interrogated concerning the standing of the Church on reincarnation, said, “Yes, we know about it, but the people are hard enough to control without having that information.”

Understanding of reincarnation for soul growth is a very necessary information for all of humanity if peace on earth is to be realized. People who know about the karmas made by souls dealing injustices to others, and how they have to suffer “to the third and fourth generation” (or birth) of “them that hate me,” as stated in the Bible, are sure to do the best they can by others so as not to have to suffer in lives to come. As the basis for peace nothing can equal the teaching of reincarnation to serve as part of “Truth to make free.” Other facts of “Truths to make free,” can be retrieved from ancient religions channeled by souls who were less worldly than religious leaders of this day have a chance to be. With so much fast living, wild vibrations of a rocking world seething with sinners on every hand, it is not astonishing that godliness is harder to attain in some Ages when material gain was not so much in evidence as the goal of mortals.

QUESTION: Could the El Korah of the Masonic Shrine be the El Morya of Occult understandings?

ANSWER: The answer is “yes,” but concerning “understandings” of the Occult world, the answer is “no.” At first Masons meant “Ma” (Mary’s) Sons. St. Hilarion who was an incarnation of Virgin Mary was in charge. But after El Morya worked his way into control the Shrine was established to care for souls serving group karmas for the negative faction, therefore the hospitals for cripples who were the karmic burdens of Master Morya who was responsible for their conditions. One would have to understand what the Scriptures mean by warnings concerning sufferings “To the third and fourth generations of them that hate me.” Also some understandings of soul growth through incarnation would be necessary to get the whole picture. Even then there would be a missing link without information on the true status of the soul known as El Morya of the Occult world, Morya to some, Mordia to others, Morie and Moria as well as Moroni to others who do not yet know the score.

QUESTION: We note in your TRUTH publications that you seem to believe that you are representing “Truth to make free.” Does this imply that your group are the only people with TRUTH?

ANSWER: “TRUTH TO MAKE FREE” has many facets and “to each has been given.” But research guided by Christ who actually laid out an itinerary for the “I DO” lady our Organization sponsor, has net the KEYS which are guiding others to understand what they have discovered, much of it under the direction of “I DO.” No one group or person could do all that must be done to prove what Jesus understood would someday be presented to free the deceived of many Organizations who have been trapped into serving “the negatively existent one” who cleverly ensnared many by deceiving even “the very elect if possible.” “I DO” know much more than they dare talk about. As in the past, so again in this Age, those who could save the situation are misunderstood much as the martyrs of other Causes and Ages.

With laws of America promising more protection than those of most other nations, “The Stars of Heaven,” (Master minds) from “The Great of the earth” (of past Ages) have been “cast to earth” (by reincarnation) in our Country. The greatest of Them took incarnation in Idaho, and consider MAGIC VALLEY in and near Twin Falls their home. Others of “The Great of the earth” of lesser stations have been caused to move into the area mentioned. One would not recognize a “Master of Wisdom” unless “when the student is ready,” “The Master” would “appear” or manifest in and through the physical form representing him on this plane. It might be explained here the Master in this case could be anyone who had attained to “The works that I do which Jesus promised all who would make the effort. The first three to attain “eternal life” are known to the Occult world as Masters Kuthumi (Michael in heaven, Christ on earth), with Saint Hilarion once having been Virgin Mary who is Gabriel on higher planes. The third member of that first triad is Master Morya who was the great and shining angel who used his Cosmic power to deceive some of the elect. He has thereby established much glory for himself by appropriating many fine organizations the other two (who worked as one) set up originally. His “works” are so cleverly done, with references written to support his teachings, that except for the guidance none could tell the difference. In fact his teachings are so much more forceful and demanding of absolute servitude that the deceived are left with no loop-hole to crawl through to learn “Truth to make free.” It is a loop-hole that “I DO” have been guided to discover and to give to all who have open minds and an ear for facts.

The reincarnate “Great of the earth without whom there would be no life in that Day” mentioned in the Bible, have again come to earth to martyr whatever it might take to make it possible for “TRUTH TO MAKE FREE.” These are spoken of in the Bible as “White robes,” otherwise known as “Soldiers of the cross” by the Catholic Hierarchy, “Servants of Allah” by Muhammedans, and “Buddhas” by Buddhists. While there are many other names, titles and explanatory expressions identifying Those who watch over humanity, the most astounding and hardest to accept is the fact that They have power over space, matter and time, incarnating wherever the world needed physical help, and at the same time functioning simultaneously on all other planes. All cults and creeds have their own way of expressing how mortals are protected from the unseen, and “I DO” try to present our discoveries so all will understand enough to make better rapport with “Angels who have charge.”

Regardless of how impossible the “I DO” projections might seem, we know that any who investigate our revelations with an open mind will make the same conclusions. A prayerful attitude for right guidance will bring the reward of ideas God planned for this Age to again progress human thinking from new angles. Some of the “old-time religions good enough for me” type, serving the lesser development of the past, are today failing to meet problems of a more advanced world. The challenge of ever changing problems of humanity should be sufficient to make Leaders investigate anything progressive which might promise the needed help. “I DO” have much to reveal about the constant resistance, apathy, ignorance and failure to heed by leaders who should be most concerned.

QUESTION: Many of various religions are declaring “The End is near.” The Bible clearly states that “No man knoweth the day or hour.” How then could anyone feel justified in announcing such a thing? The announcements over and over again have become a “wolf, wolf” idea. Even then if there is anything to these being “the latter days” I would not want to miss facts if there are any. What does your “I DO” have to say about it?

ANSWER: It is true the Bible states “no man knoweth,” and you are right about it becoming a “wolf, wolf” sort of thing. But we must not overlook the fact the Bible tells us that we could foretell the “end” because of “signs and wonders” and fulfillment of prophecies which are now up to date, and in keeping with facts as Wise Men know them to be. People who make a real study of mortal problems and compare them with Scriptural prophecies are proving accurate on this subject. The “wolf, wolf” type comes from mediums who hear “wizards peep and mutter” as some spiritualistic practices bring into experience. Those who know how to make rapport with Souls on highest planes have the advantage of guidance which is dependable. The Scriptures state that when one would see “signs” we would know that the end was near, just as one knows when spring arrives by the budding trees, while falling leaves make us realize that winter is approaching.

Understanding that Cosmic intervention is evoked in keeping with karmas made, and we witness so much injustice and imbalance with dangers which demand a change, all thinking people realize that a sudden reversal, demanding retribution is imperative if the world is to continue a very necessary evolution under better conditions. “The prayers of a righteous man avaitleth much” and will result in a change for the oppressed, fulfilling prophecy of “the great brought low.” Those who now hold positions of advantage over others have laid the crosses which have brought others “low.” The Scriptures read “they will weep and gnash,” and “pray for death and it will not come,” even “run for the mountains and hide.” No relief is promised until they pay karmic debts for injustices forced on “White robes” whom God will favor “in that Day.” God made laws when the earth was made, granting rewards for those who earn them and punishment for those who were disobedient. He gave men free will so they could be a law unto themselves, earning reward or punishment as they might choose.

Regardless of where we look, world conditions give evidence that the time for “that Day” is upon us. Having the possibility of such a change in mind, mortals should begin to realize what confusions could be generated because “they do not know and do not wish to know.” Even Spiritual Leaders “with all their getting” haven’t been “getting understandings” sufficient to meet a need when the world will “rock and reel” because of fears from something not understood. Where there is fear there is generation of negative power and output of same. With world conditions now demanding a change, and dangers which could arise if surprised “as a thief in the night,” Wise men see History about to repeat itself because of situations existing similar to those of Noah’s time, and the drowning of dangers of Atlantis and Lemuria. Wise Men who recognize another such situation in this Age, see the wisdom of God in the choice of America for reincarnation of Chosen souls who were to carry heavy crosses of misunderstanding to be nailed by the ignorance of mortals of this Last Age when the great change was promised. Better laws for protection, more favorable conditions for progress, help us understand the wisdom of such a choice. Even then existing dangers from cult and creed prejudices pose a great danger when fanatics of various factions can be expected to resist “Truth to Make Free,” and would again literally nail Christ on the cross if He dared return as “A Little Child to Lead Them,” promised in Ancient Scriptures as well as in “messages” received by some who have Divine Attunement. “I DO” research found Arabs in Africa declaring that Allah promised “A Child to save the World.” Macarios of Cypress made the statement that “A Child will save the world.”

“I DO” people are more aware of the Child promise than any others could possibly be, since The Child was with us before being “Caught up” for His protection, is ever SEEN with the reincarnate Mother, and promises to return physically when enough understandings make it possible. Since He “appears” as a small child sometimes, an older one of various ages other times, even as a young man, and finally progresses to look like pictures we now have available (readers can download a copy free of charge by clicking on any image of Kuthumi on the “I DO” website) we know He will be returned to us “when all eyes SEE.”

Many reincarnate “White robes” of this Age are crying “how long” without realizing they are failing to be chosen because they are not uniting with us to make His return possible. “I DO” incorporated to support the efforts of the reincarnate Mother whose body changes to prove her status and past incarnations when she led out with preparations for His reception. Our special project is to find other reincarnate older souls, process them with right information so they will be ready to receive HIM, and meet problems of the Advent Wise Men know are just around the corner of human experience.

Much information on what to expect and how to handle it is available for any who qualify with right background, experiences and intentions. Trained helpers are imperative to make it possible for Christ to return where “all eyes can SEE.” Christ “appears” at the “I DO” Center to prove our work is His. He provides the training for those who qualify. There is no charge except to pledge help where needed “In that Day” when “All eyes SEE and right information must be given to keep down wild vibrations which will pose the greatest dangers.

Some unbelievers who are ignorant of the ever incarnating Christ who met the needs of many Ages of progress for humanity, insist that a Child could do nothing for a world in the condition we all recognize so dangerous. “I DO” know how He first came to us, have seen great miracles performed when HE “appears” with the reincarnate Mother, and have much information on what to expect. We know that the heavens will be filled with much the uninformed world is not ready to understand. HE will first be SEEN as A CHILD. Other lives will be portrayed and visions of “Hosts of Heaven” who will accompany Him will be “SEEN.” But when it comes to physical manifestation and His whereabouts, we thank God for the promise that we will be given that information to process into human understandings and make His safety possible.




Important Information for the "Called" and "Chosen":

At this time one of the greatest problems is of reaching the Called and “Chosen,” and giving them the information to meet the emergencies expected at the return of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM”. He had to be “caught up” for HIS protection from evil ones who learned about HIS reincarnating as a Child, again to grow up to lead humanity as ever HE has done when going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” The Mother from whose arms HE had to be taken for HIS protection during the Last Age, worked hard to find the needed help which will make it possible for HIM to be returned to this dimension.

The Child was “caught up to God and His Throne” for His protection on Easter Sunday, 1955, because of a great dragon personality who stood ready to “swallow up the Child.” Several more attempts to return The Child to this dimension failed because there was not enough help available at the time. In an effort to contact more of the “Called” and “Chosen” to come to her aid, the reincarnate Mother published seven Booklets (these can be found elsewhere on this website). In 1957 Interdenominational Divine Order was established in Boulder, Colorado. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and in August, 1961, Interdenominational Divine Order, otherwise known as I DO, was incorporated. The Organization was formed to help The reincarnate Mother prepare such a place so God would find some ready to protect Him and He could be returned. Because I DO” researched better understandings, they were Chosen to tell the story and recruit older souls whose karmic rights were in line for a part of the “first” work upon His return.

Specific work of “I DO,” like the Essenes in the time of Jesus, was concentrated in preparation of laborers to meet a need expected at His Advent. The greatest preoccupation was giving information which would help make His Coming possible, and establish safety for Him and His Great Plan. Over the next few years, and with the guidance of the reincarnate Mother, in addition to the seven Booklets she had published, “I DO” published two additional Booklets, as well as eighty-one monthly "Truth" News Letters.

In the late nineteen sixties, Interdenominational Divine Order were “Told” that the publishing work was done for this Age and that they should now await “That Day” when “all eyes SEE” what they were GIVEN to SEE. Since then, no one has been getting anything at all from Above because the world has entered into a period of SILENCE as the Scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment. Even “I DO” were not GIVEN anything more than they were entrusted with before the period of Silence began, and nothing more will be given until “That Day.”

The reincarnate Mother passed from this plane in 1994, and Interdenominational Divine Order was disbanded. She will again take incarnation and when God will be ready to release His Holy Son on “D Day,” the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will be fulfilment of the Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth.” When “That Day” brings the Advent, it is expected that The Child will be returned to His Mother, and a great machine will start rolling. We can expect The Child to be returned to this dimension “As He Left” and “all eyes will SEE “A Little Child to Lead Them.”




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