Reports on New Age Discoveries Resulting From Most Cautious Research


RELIGIOUS THINKING, OATHS and provocative influence have always provided the foundations for the majority of the differences, tribulations and conflicts plaguing humanity. While the basic principles of all good religions incorporated love and consideration for others, few have retained much of the original essence. Ignorant of the fact that God gave His Most Holy Son and other Sainted Souls to establish great religions for every race and need, some Christians are causing much enmity by invading the religious territory of other peoples whose spiritual foundations are no more paganized than many of the Christian factions of our day.

Converts of great religions are being lured with promise of eternal life, peace and plenty in the name of Jesus Christ. This is causing much concern to Holy men of some other religions who have a much closer rapport with God than average Christians can hope for until they can be released from the “Narrow Path” and guided to broader understandings. Highly developed monks of the Lord Buddha faction are far more advanced than most Christian Evangelists or any Minister the writer has ever met. In every religion one can find paganized factions, even so those of the frequent distortions from original Christian purity. The negative influences of Luciferian purposeful deceptions do not disqualify all the converts of any faith. Among Buddhists Wise Men are those who know the Hoti (Fat Bellied) Buddha as the physical plane puppet of Lucifer and also recognize him as being responsible for the original deceptions and distortions paganizing about one-third converts of that very great and Holy religion. The fact of The Lord Buddha’s closeness to God has been well established in the minds of all really great thinkers and Wise Men of every Age. Even Jesus Christ well understood the status of the soul of Buddha and that there was evidence at his birth that he was destined to be the great transformer of spiritual influence for God power of that Age.

Uninfluenced, unprejudiced and open-minded research such as that the Interdenominational Divine Order provides, has been instrumental in resolving very stubborn religious prejudices. It was responsible for laying the groundwork of right understandings which allowed for proper officials to resolve the Suez conflict in 1956 when our representative went to Egypt for that purpose. Likewise in 1965 she visited India with the same ideas and was empowered by the greatest Angel guardians of humanity who guided her every move and provided the necessary proofs that hers was a “Divine Mission” as reported in the New Delhi newspapers at the time. It was announced that “Mystical Miss I DO is in India with a Message of Peace.” The concluding feature of Hierarchical provision, confirming her mission as Divinely authorized, was a very large and bright star which has accompanied many of her missions. Indian papers had many questions concerning the Star, asking if anyone could explain it. After conferring with highest Indian officials our “I DO” left India, giving the answer to reporters, the contents of which were: “He whom some call Buddha, others know as Brahma, Muhammedans recognize as Michael (leader of the Hosts of heaven), and Christians call Christ, sent someone to India with a message of Peace. It was His Star that followed her plane.” Appealing to those great religions, the Kutch War ended in eight days and the Kashmir was resolved shortly thereafter.

Resolving prejudice in Egypt during the Suez difficulties in 1956 was after a little different fashion, but equally as influential and convincing to Egyptian officials who ‘heard” the voice of “Michael” declaring that He had sent our “I DO” representative whose name was only known to those to whom she was personally introduced. After delivering information vital for tight understandings, our “I DO” checked her passport out of Cairo and took evacuee buses, telling Egyptian officials that the war would not last a month.

Some have asked why our “I DO” hasn’t tried to do anything about the Vietnam war and other dangerous situations on the front pages of the news of these troubled times. We wish to explain that “I DO” is very busy trying to break through barriers purposely put in her way when working on dangerous situations which needs the information she has to offer. Just because we haven’t published all of her activities doesn’t mean that she isn’t busy “about the Father’s business.” Unlike other mediums she does not use trance mediumship, crystal balls or any other props mediums of lesser infallibility depend upon. “Mystical Miss I DO” as she was called in India, does not consider herself mystical. She declares that nothing is mystical when one understands, and certainly she understands how to get messages from highest planes wherein dwell Those of highest wisdoms which are always infallible. It would be well for all to learn more about the activities of the Hierarchy so there would be no mystery about where messages come from. It would also be wise to learn how to “test the spirits” to make certain the information does not come from lower planes of consciousness, or deceptive spirits who misguide all who use the wrong methods of approach. The question then arises as to which are wrong methods. Crescents, cats, crystal balls, chants and Ouija boards give lower grade spirits a chance to “peep and mutter” all kinds of misguidance. Séances, dark rooms and red lights attract spirits of lower dimensions who are not in hereafter positions to know much more than they did before departing this plane. Right reception is attained by adhering strictly to the precepts generally given in all good religions, i.e., working unselfishly for the welfare of humanity and keeping a close attunement with God through prayer and right living. Souls residing on higher planes of consciousness respond only to the Calls of those of untainted character and highest ideals conforming with precepts of the Highest.

Many cults and creeds are now daring to look with interest on extra-sensory talents. Some have made efforts to help converts and are usually using the wrong methods because such is the general information and trend however much in error. It is imperative that much more information be given so precious souls with ESP talents not be misguided by gypsy and negative methods using cats and crystal balls. Methods such as these only help deceptive and inferior spirits mislead those who ignorantly bid for this kind of help. The interesting thing about “messages” given by lower grade spirits, is that most of the information concerns disaster. If the personality is in mediumship limelight, a great many minds start dwelling on the expected tragedy, thereby actually generating power to fulfill the prophecy. In our research on this very interesting aspect of the ESP subject, we seldom find the medium aware of the fact that the evil forces of fulfillment ride in on fear, causing human minds to create the atmosphere necessary for evil spirits to carry out their dastardly prophecies. This is not meant to discredit the Positive forces as not being as capable of giving warnings of impending dangers, but it is intended to make the reader aware of the necessity of “testing the spirits” as the Bible admonishes.

Unfortunately too many fine souls of ESP talents are not only using “back-door” methods of approaching extrasensory interests, but are being purposely misguided by some whose ulterior motives are to use the talents of others for their own promotions. There are many “come hither” advertisements making all manner of promises. These are being used as bait to lure trusting and unsuspecting souls into the mires of deceptions, and even sometimes bury their hooks into the lives of reincarnate “stars of Heaven” or “The Very Elect” as the Scriptures state would be done “in that Day if possible.” We who have researched this subject a great deal, seldom find it is possible to lift the veils of deceptions when great trusting souls are stubbornly faithful to the deceivers who so cleverly veiled them. Mdm. Blavatsky’s “Isis Unveiled” was intended to unveil the Lucifer Soul who had ensnared so many “great of the earth” in previous lives as well as now. In this Age when “with all thy getting, get understanding” becomes imperative if a soul is to be immunized from the possibility of being infected by the teachings of the “negatively existent one” who originally formulated the plans for deceiving as many greater souls as possible. First the deceptions were for the purpose of strengthening the negative cause, and next to weaken the Positive forces by many types of blockades, deceptions and hindrances always cleverly put in the paths of those faithful souls who, each time, followed Michael (the King of Kings) into incarnation. Mrs. Blavatsky’s soul being so closely associated with the first work in every Age and life naturally became the number one target. After suffering much at the hand of the Master of deceptions (Morya) who cleverly endeared himself to her, Mrs. Blavatsky was deceived into trusting the physical counterpart of that “great deceiver” with the reins of the Theosophical Society. The result was that many changes were made in “Isis Unveiled” and the third volume then ready for publication was destroyed.

After passing from the earth plane and recognizing what had happened to again thwart the plan of Michael (Kuthumi) and Gabriel (Hilarion) who gave her the information incorporated in the original “Isis Unveiled,” Mrs. Blavatsky planned another incarnation for the express purpose of doing what she had failed to accomplish in her Theosophical life. The plan was to reel out the line and let “the negatively existent One” entangle himself in such a way as to create karmas sufficiently unbalanced to evoke a “thus far” from the Cosmos which, as we have declared before, happened in October 1955. This was actually fulfillment of “the fall of Lucifer for a thousand years” which religious fathers have not recognized because they had no part in the process and Plan of God which the reincarnate Blavatsky understood very well. Being the physical counterpart of the Archangel Gabriel who is a Master of Wisdom of the Occult world, having served The King of Kings in many lives of working toward the same goal, this once Joan of Arc also Virgin Mary who had martyred many other good works, was karmically aligned as well as armed with the wisdoms necessary to bring about the “fall of Lucifer.” The process took many lives of attacking the Luciferian deceptions from many angles, because so little is known about the process of reincarnation, and much less about the reincarnating “Great of the Earth” who earned the right to plan their own incarnations. After attaining to “eternal life,” the initiation which grants power over matter, space and time, a soul then is considered capable of planning future lives. Lesser souls have their future progress planned for them by greater, or “angel” souls who “have charge” until the soul is sufficiently developed to plan for itself.

The Theosophical Society, which was organized during the very strenuous life of Mdm. Blavatsky, was organized so there would be more understanding and help in the next life to conquer the negative Pole (Lucifer). Ironically that organization was so confused and dominated by the Lucifer counterpart and others of the deceived as to be of no assistance during the darkest hours of conquest. Another prophecy was therefore fulfilled – “The stone the builders rejected became the head of the corner.” Standing “Alone with the Lord” the “two God chose” finally became victorious over the Luciferian physical counterpart who “stood ready as a great dragon to swallow up The Child.” Therefore The Child had to be “caught up to God and His throne” as was prophesied in Revelations. Since that time He manifests physically by a mystical provision of The Mother who produced a body for Him in this Age. We challenge religious fathers to investigate what the “I DO” have been chosen to try to make the world understand. Prophecy long ago stated that “The IDOERS of a New Age would lead out with information needed at the time. When directed by “Angels who have charge” to call our group the “I DO” Organization, we did not know about this prophecy, although we already had the information mentioned. We are constantly being given more, but the most important at this time seems to be to help the world understand about the “reincarnating Great of the Earth without whom there would be no life in that Day.” This is a Scriptural prophecy which is being fulfilled in the lives of many souls whose physical counterparts now walk the earth plane “about the Father’s business” without mortal recognition. To “keep unspotted” is the only way to get the work done without interference of the one-third stars of heaven pulled by the tail of The Great Dragon” who incarnated again to work against The God Plan for World Peace. Called “watchers” they were always well trained by the “negatively existent one” who gave them all manner of extrasensory talents to make sure they could “spot” reincarnate Positive souls who incarnated with a World Peace mission for this most dangerous Age.

Servants of the negative pole, sometimes called “red stars,” have infiltrated into every position of power and influence among all organizations and are now working for the utmost in confusions in a wild effort to block the “servants of Allah” as the Muhammedans call the Positive Stars of Heaven. We found the Catholics in high places know them as “Soldiers of the Cross.” The Buddhists speak of them as “Buddhas” who have attained to “Buddhic Consciousness,” which means their minds are fully attuned with the Infinite, or Archangels of highest planes. The unfortunate and troublesome thing is that “one-third of the stars of heaven” are “pulled by the tail of the great dragon” and few of them know that their work is of the negative forces. They all have earned Cosmic Power and “eternal life” but must also have their powers revoked unless they can be made to understand theirs is the wrong path. “I DO” spend much time trying to make them understand. But usually “They do not know and do not wish to know” fulfillment of another prophecy for conditions of “The Last Age.”

For the most part all human difficulties stem from religious differences which could be resolved by abiding the Biblical admonition, “with all thy getting, get understanding.” The trouble is the deceived are so convinced that theirs is the only right way, and that human force and power is all needed to win against the Positive faction who abide the precepts of God. Advantage for the Positive forces of God lies in the fact so frequently expressed that “God is dead.” Since the revocation of Lucifer’s Cosmic Powers, the “god” of the negative faction no more responds. The problem now is from the other “red Star” souls who are responding in his stead, deceiving mediums whose reach into the hereafter is only of lower planes of consciousness or what Ancient Wise Men called “The nether worlds,” where “direct voice” and hideous visions are common experiences.

“I DO” are very much aware of the shock and fanatical rebellion which can be expected from Church Fathers, as well as their converts who have so deified Virgin Mary as to believe she was a very delicate individual who was completely apart from any other woman who ever trod the globe. They will resent our telling about her strong well-proportioned body which was built to withstand the hardships of a life of her Age such as riding a donkey, or walking in the dust, sands and cobbled streets of her time. Nothing flowery can be made of having a child in a manger, nor can anyone who visits the damp underground place the Holy Family had to live for The Child’s protection in Egypt, think of it as other than a dark dungeon. Neither can it be expected that Jesus looked very immaculate as He struggled carrying the cross in the dust of jeering crowds who followed to torment Him. Veronica would never have needed to throw her veil to Him to wipe off the dust and perspiration if the ordeal did not demand some sympathy and help. Those who declare that no Child would have to be “caught up” for His protection, and try to explain away The Child idea, can be recognized as some of the worst of sinners because they are denying the need for physical plane assistance which The Son of God so much needs. It was because of the lack of right understandings and sufficient help that He had to leave the earth plane when The Son of God was called “Jesus.” Since God works through mortals, “hands of the flesh and ears attuned to listening” are most requisite for the protection of an earthly incarnation. If this were not so, God would never have told Joseph to “take the Mother and Child to Egypt” to the Essenes who were the “I DOERS” of that Age, vested with the right information to protect and keep The Child “unspotted” until it became time for His Mission of that life to be fulfilled.

QUESTION: If all souls have “angels in charge” (even if they are lesser angels) where does a mortal man’s “free will” come in?

ANSWER: No really Wise “angel” would tamper with a man’s “free will.” If so the situation would be like a school teacher giving a child the answers to examination questions. There would be no test of the child’s understanding. Souls of lesser development, before attaining to what is called “the path” have lesser “influence” (angels) playing upon them. They are much less responsive and their situation is more of growth by trial and error. Once a student is accepted by a Master Mind as the “angel in charge,” there is a closer rapport with higher planes, and more realistic recognition of the “man upstairs” as it were. Jesus was well aware of this and expressed it when mentioning “The Fathers,” whom He recognized as Michael and Gabriel, and His own higher plane oversoul. He also said “I of myself do nothing,” because He understood the part Archangel minds played in His “works” by Their advantage on higher planes of being as great transformers of God power cooperating with His own direct contact with the Infinite for His position as “Son of God” for that Age. To show His understanding of the status of the Master Mind Guiding Moses, and that He rejected that member of the “First Triad,” Jesus said, “This cometh not of Moses, but by the Fathers.” Because of the dangers from the relentless power of the “negatively existent one” before 1955 when his Cosmic Power was revoked for a thousand years, Great SEERS, Saints, and religious guides of every Age, either did not recognize that one of the “first triad” or a member of the “Trinity” was Lucifer, or they didn’t dare tell it if they did. When the reincarnate Mdm. Blavatsky asked the remaining two of her “Angel” Master Minds why she had not discovered the secret in the previous incarnation, she tells us that “KH” (or The King of Kings) answered “perhaps We couldn’t give you sufficient information at the time.” Looking back upon her discoveries of the Blavatsky life she wonders why she missed awakening while writing “Isis Unveiled,” if not when researching all over the world. But recognizing how closely the Master of deceptions followed, causing all her tribulations while deceiving her into believing he was helping her, she can now see what was going on. Especially when she didn’t want to smoke and felt that this was how negation was getting into her consciousness, she was forced to smoke, “or you cannot write anymore,” she was told. “Then bring on the smoke things,” she commanded, because she was determined to finish the third volume of “Isis Unveiled.” Linking the effects now known of what smoking does to the pineal gland with the incense of “D’Eve-il” deceived religionists among whose symbols were crescents, and harkening back to Biblical Scriptures stating that God “hates thy new moon and incense,” she can see what was happening to keep her from recognizing what the other two of the “first triad” were trying to bring out in “Isis Unveiled.”

More developed souls have learned to depend upon prayer and responses available, even if their religions aren’t developed enough to help them understand. Older souls under Positive Master Minds don’t find their “wills” interfered. They are helped to make the right decisions only if they ask for it. Otherwise they are left on their own if they “will” it that way. This proves the necessity of prayers to invoke assistance, because Master Minds are busy on higher planes about Their Father’s business and depend upon prayer to inform them of the need on lower planes. This is why the Bible declares, “The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.” Righteous men have a wire open to Infinite Mind through their Teachers, or greater “Angels who have charge.” Master Minds keep a close rapport with students and respond very quickly to emergencies even if there isn’t time for conscious prayer. When the student’s emotional condition is suddenly accelerated it impinges upon the Master Teacher’s vibratory set-up. In near accidents and great dangers where the student does not have time to think of a prayer, the Master Mind is immediately available automatically to direct Cosmic Power to the scene of needs. If the student is in constant danger, as in wars, etc., the Master Soul or Patron Saint, keeps extremely close watch to be able to give the help needed at the moment. Some of His army of “unseen” helpers follow to report any need. They channel His power to the scene. If they cannot handle the situation, the Master Mind is evoked to assist. This is why those who live in prayer and faith can literally walk through fire and come unscathed. Only a very righteous and faithful soul can be assured of this type of protection.

The Positive Master Teacher never oversteps karmic rights in protecting a student, because if the student has “willed” some bad karmas for himself, the Teacher knows he must pay the debt sometime and only protects him so far as the student’s karmic alignment permits. This again is the reason why all souls should work diligently for the status of “eternal life” which is a position with a great deal of reserve in the good karma deeds “Book of Lives.” Such an account is totaled from many lives of services to God and human growth. Such a soul has already been rewarded alignment with greater “Angels who have charge.” Then Cosmic Powers are immediately available to perform the “moving of mountains” type of miraculous accomplishments. A soul of the “eternal life” status in a very mystical sense becomes “One with the All” as Thoth spoke of the status. At such a time the “higher self” becomes his own Master Mind on higher planes. After attaining to “eternal life” the soul has what is called by esoteric Wise Men, “the loot of the planes.” He has attained to the Cosmic Powers which make his own will absolute without any other “over” soul than his own “higher self” consciousness. Such a soul is entrusted with the privilege of manifestation on all planes simultaneously, an unlimited capacity equal to “The works that I do” of which Jesus spoke. His own “will” then is of immediate Cosmic Power without assistance from other than his own higher consciousness manifesting on all planes simultaneously. This is a very great advantage for any soul, the ultimate reward when a soul finally graduates from the necessity of any more earthly lives and is free to “will” its own future. A choice or returning to earth to help others attain to the same freedom, or to go on to “heaven worlds” becomes the reward of all graduate souls earning a right to do their own “will.” When returning to earth to help others they are immune to death until they “will” to leave this earth plane. Likewise, they don’t return unless they “will” it so. Future lives may be planned or “willed” just as the soul pleases. Lesser souls have this done for them until service to God and earthly lives of schooling prove a soul capable of planning for itself.

The “will” process of growth is never tampered by any except negative Master Minds. The “one-third stars” (Master Minds) of heaven pulled by the tail of the great dragon (Lucifer), were always controlled by the relentless “will” of that D’evil soul who had fallen from his alignment with God’s Will. He enforced misuse of the “will” capacities. By nonalignment with the Will of Infinite Mind and the laws of the Cosmos concerning right usage of “WILL,” the Master Mind of the “WILL RAY” fell from grace when Master Minds were called “gods” by the Ancients. Lucifer continued to break the commandments by exercising his own “Will” against the WILL of God until his Cosmic Powers were revoked October 1955. The fulfillment of that prophecy was only recognized by Wise Men of this Age who suffered the heavy crosses necessary for accomplishment. Master Minds of Archangel status reincarnated to help The Mother with work which brought about fulfillment of the “fall for a thousand years.” The aim was to “open the ways” for the safety of the Messiah expected by all religious peoples, regardless of from what angles they view His greatness, or what name or titles they have provided for Him. It is the King of Kings soul who is expected to “appear” for “all eyes to SEE.” The time will be shortened as much of the “called” can be given the information of how to “shew thyself approved laborers worthy of the hire,” that more souls may be Chosen to Stand and Withstand until the world can be made to UNDERSTAND. “Pray for laborers,” the scriptures tell us, and surely He will need them. At this time the world is very unready for changes which must come if humanity is to survive and continue a very necessary soul evolution toward “eternal life” and all the rewards that status implies.

Many are being “called” by some form of extrasensory happening. “Few are Chosen” because there is so little information about how to identify and develop a “calling.” “I DO” Publications are geared to help Seekers “find,” as well as to prepare minds for “The Great Change” with information on what to expect and how to handle it. Any who are interested in New Age progress, fulfillment of prophecies, or feel they have a “calling” should not miss the revelations from our intensive research. Any aspiring to be among the 144,000 Chosen in this Age should not be without this information.




Important Information for the "Called" and "Chosen":

At this time one of the greatest problems is of reaching the Called and “Chosen,” and giving them the information to meet the emergencies expected at the return of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM”. He had to be “caught up” for HIS protection from evil ones who learned about HIS reincarnating as a Child, again to grow up to lead humanity as ever HE has done when going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” The Mother from whose arms HE had to be taken for HIS protection during the Last Age, worked hard to find the needed help which will make it possible for HIM to be returned to this dimension.

The Child was “caught up to God and His Throne” for His protection on Easter Sunday, 1955, because of a great dragon personality who stood ready to “swallow up the Child.” Several more attempts to return The Child to this dimension failed because there was not enough help available at the time. In an effort to contact more of the “Called” and “Chosen” to come to her aid, the reincarnate Mother published seven Booklets (these can be found elsewhere on this website). In 1957 Interdenominational Divine Order was established in Boulder, Colorado. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and in August, 1961, Interdenominational Divine Order, otherwise known as I DO, was incorporated. The Organization was formed to help The reincarnate Mother prepare such a place so God would find some ready to protect Him and He could be returned. Because I DO” researched better understandings, they were Chosen to tell the story and recruit older souls whose karmic rights were in line for a part of the “first” work upon His return.

Specific work of “I DO,” like the Essenes in the time of Jesus, was concentrated in preparation of laborers to meet a need expected at His Advent. The greatest preoccupation was giving information which would help make His Coming possible, and establish safety for Him and His Great Plan. Over the next few years, and with the guidance of the reincarnate Mother, in addition to the seven Booklets she had published, “I DO” published two additional Booklets, as well as eighty-one monthly "Truth" News Letters.

In the late nineteen sixties, Interdenominational Divine Order were “Told” that the publishing work was done for this Age and that they should now await “That Day” when “all eyes SEE” what they were GIVEN to SEE. Since then, no one has been getting anything at all from Above because the world has entered into a period of SILENCE as the Scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment. Even “I DO” were not GIVEN anything more than they were entrusted with before the period of Silence began, and nothing more will be given until “That Day.”

The reincarnate Mother passed from this plane in 1994, and Interdenominational Divine Order was disbanded. She will again take incarnation and when God will be ready to release His Holy Son on “D Day,” the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will be fulfilment of the Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth.” When “That Day” brings the Advent, it is expected that The Child will be returned to His Mother, and a great machine will start rolling. We can expect The Child to be returned to this dimension “As He Left” and “all eyes will SEE “A Little Child to Lead Them.”




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