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PEACE ON EARTH and good will among men can never be permanent until it can be made out of a firm foundation of righteous thinking which will be established finally by the King of Kings. First He must be understood for what HE has actually been, “all things to all men.” One of the most important assignments for which “I DO” was Chosen, was to find the physical evidences and prove to all mankind that “The Leader of the Hosts of Heaven” (Michael) took many earthly incarnations, being honored by many nations as some great leader, religious or otherwise. He has long been “calling” other souls and trying to make them ready for service when He returns to live on earth among men.

Of the “many Called” by some kind of phenomenal symbolism they don’t understand, only a “few” have been “chosen,” because of lack of right understanding of what a “calling” really is. Because of the many types of minds, forms of contact, soul status, as well as many other determining features, “Callings” can have many varied forms, each having to do with the station of the soul and what he may be “chosen” for if he qualifies. Since a calling can also be of a negative source, certain information must be available to make it possible to determine the source. The most phenomenal experiences usually display much waste of power which makes them more convincing than a Positive Calling where the rule for righteous souls prevents the waste of Cosmic Powers. Victims of a negative “calling” are usually thrown to the floor and feel a heaviness throwing them down. In some cases where having to do with a very advanced soul, the negative influence may only be able to force the head to drop down or a very heavy weight as if being loaded on the arms. Or in other cases the chest is affected so breathing seems almost impossible. Some with the wildest experiences from a negative source can never be convinced their “calling” was not of God. If they will look back on their attitudes, prayers and desires, they can always find they had been praying for “The Holy Ghost” to descend upon them, and he was very willing to do so. But as we have at times before revealed, Father, Son and Holy Ghost are the same as Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer who were the first three souls, or “Heads into which the most Holy Ancient One divided Himself,” as ancient Scriptures declare. The idea that “The Holy Ghost” is God, is an illusion enjoyed by the Master of deceptions (illusions), called “Maia.”

To help the “called” understand their “callings” and how to work and “pray to become a laborer worthy of the hire,” or of being “Chosen,” is much of the work of “I DO” at present. After many years of heeding “callings” of many types, ever listening for guidance and responding to the need at the time, The King of Kings visited our “I DO” Leader. He laid a very large key on the table, saying, “Unto Thee I Give a Key.” He talked all night, staying until sunrise the next morning. Certain emergencies existed at the time for which He explained she was reincarnated to meet. When she was almost overwhelmed with the immensity of what she was told she had been “Chosen” for, Christ said, “You were born for this work and We are depending upon you.” He promised “I will be the words in thy mouth,” and she soon found this happening. If she did not have an answer needed at the time, she would sit quietly in prayer for a moment and she was “given” anything needed, even to foreign language spoken through her mouth. If necessary to be more convincing her features were changed to show many incarnations proving rights and positions her soul had earned in past lives.

Our publications have related other portions of this story before when necessary to help our readers understand that “I DO” is not just another self-appointed ego bidding for recognition. The many fantastic experiences concerning her “callings” and the necessity of assistance from others of higher understandings, is how the “I DO” Organization came into being. “I DO” was “told” that over two hundred thousand in the United States alone had been “called” before she was “Chosen.” Hers was to be the “lead-out” work of “opening the ways” for the possibility of the return of “The Child” who had to be “caught up” from the physical plane until better understandings could be made and more help recruited for His protection. She was “told” that there were many in other countries who had been “called.” “Few” could be “chosen” because of lack of right understandings of what “Angels in charge” were trying to do with physical plane puppets “chosen” to be born with specific “callings” for the New Age work of The King of Kings.

As we have related before, Christ laid out an itinerary for “I DO.” It was an eighteen months tour of the world, giving specifically where she was to be at what times. He guided her, caused others to meet her in various places she was sent and always stood by to explain what she found. Much of the mission, aside from finding the “called” and helping them understand enough to be “chosen,” was to locate records which revealed what the Bible calls “Truth to make free.” At first the wealth of materials, pictures, sculpturings and other forms of records seemed quite confusing. This was mostly because there were two distinct teachings, the records of which could be found all over the world. Each had converts who were certain there could be no other “Truth” than that to which they were converted. After much research and study of both types, “I DO” was in a position to weigh one type of teachings against the other, and both with the scales of Cosmic Principles. This made it possible to determine which was really “Truth to Make Free.” She tells us that at one time she almost despaired of ever getting the picture clear. It seems the negative faction always hunted for the Positive records to either distort or destroy them. Distortions were always so cleverly concealed that it was very difficult to determine the Positive from the negative. She soon learned that the most wordy and flowery of language expressed the more negative teachings. She declares that without having been exposed to both types for comparison, and helped by Christ to understand, she would never have been able to figure it out alone. In the darkest moments of confusion, fearing she would not be able to fulfill her mission of getting a clear picture to relay to others, Christ assured her, “It will all come clear.” Her answer was, “I don’t see how it can, the records are so contradictory in many cases.” Again she was told to “weigh each against Principle.” There was much to take into consideration because the souls of the “first triad” were originally positioned differently before “The fall of Lucifer.” Then there were the incarnations to figure out and determine which were of the Positive and which the negative faction. Since “The Great Deceiver” frequently was able to deceive “even the Very Elect” into working with him, the problem became even more difficult, especially when considering “their fruits.” The pattern was the same all through the Ages, so without the specialized help The King of Kings gave “I DO,” she declares she would never have been able to get the clear picture. After the picture was cleared she was told “Your tongue has been loosed by God. Since you have climbed out of the pit, go and help others.” She tells us that once in Egypt she discovered terrible injustices had been forced on a King who was the physical puppet of Michael who had been poisoned by the Lucifer counterpart. The devil’s puppet then wore a beard with the king’s robes, successfully deceiving subjects into following another course of actions in keeping with the negative plan for that Age. Even though she had been told not to try to explain her findings until after October 1955, “I DO” was so moved as to write the story which she planned to send to Adyar, India, Theosophical Headquarters because she believed they would understand it. This was two months before the Lucifer Power was revoked. She tells us that just as she was finishing the story a young guide came to take her on a planned excursion. He said that “some voice told me to take you to buy a certain type of incense.” She said that she was amazed that the guide was given the “message” and wondered if she was slipping from the grace of receiving her own “messages.” So meekly she went with the guide and purchased the incense. Upon lighting it she realized the trick of the negative faction who “used” the young man to cause her to make a false move so the Lucifer soul on higher planes would be evoked to learn of what she was trying to do. Remembering the Biblical passage declaring “I hate your new moons (crescents) and incense,” she asked the ever present “King of Kings” if she should throw it all in the toilet. “Do just that” He answered. But the incense had already attracted the attention of “the negatively existent one” as ancient scriptures call Lucifer. Immediately the chair upon which she was sitting began to be pounded violently underneath, followed by a great swaying of the tall building, on the top floor of which was the apartment she occupied while writing the exposures. People started pouring out of their rooms screaming and trying to go down in the elevators. She quickly opened her door and told them, “this is an earthquake, don’t take the elevators.” Then she quickly tore up the document she had just signed which she planned to mail to Adyar. The earthquake stopped immediately with little damage except for two schools which were shattered. There was no damage to the building in which she resided because she was being protected. She tells us that after an experience like that anyone “trying” to “unveil” the first “ISIS” could expect to become a victim of the relentless “will” of that most evil soul who was being “unveiled.” His many lives of deceptions and devilment were responsible for all of the world’s tribulations from the beginning of time. “I DO” also tells us that whenever she was asked after that if she believed in an “incarnate devil” she would answer, “If you had been where I have been, seen what I have seen, experienced what I have had to withstand, you would believe in a personal devil.” Her conviction was also because she had been victimized by a personality who had deceived individuals, groups, organizations and nations all over the world, enjoying the greatest of Black Magic Powers ever given any puppet of Lucifer. Records show that Moses was also highly honored because of the much phenomena accompanying his forcings of others.

“I DO” tells us that one of her very interesting experiences in Cairo, Egypt, was when she was “told” to go to the Cairo Museum. Realizing that she was always accompanied by a “GUIDE” from ABOVE, she turned down many guides who approached her. Then much to her surprise her “Teacher” called her attention to a Guide who was standing in meditation just outside the building. She was “told” to ask this man to take her through the Museum. As soon as the tour began, her voice was “used” to explain the tour to the Guide instead of his explaining to her. He became very perturbed and finally went to a bench and sat down. Wiping his brow he explained in dismay, “You know more about this Museum than I do! You amaze me with the information you have given me which I did not know before, even though I spent my life in studying for my job.” He then explained to her why he was so disturbed about explanations she was giving him. He said that he had given Cecil B. DeMille the information for “The Ten Commandments” Picture. He explained that “I DO” had brought him to understand he had given information which was from deceptive records prepared by the negative faction. He then told “I DO” of a woman who had toured him through the Museum several years before, much in the same manner as she was doing. The other woman had given him the twisted teachings from which Wise Men of the Catholic Church call, “the second book.” The Guide said the name of the deceptive woman was “Gwendolyn Green.” She later became Mary Martha Bowers (Bowzers) who served as the physical plane channel for Lucifer of this Age. “I DO” recognized her as the same personality who fulfilled prophecies of “A great Whore” who would gain much honors all over the earth for seven and one-half years, mentioned in the Scriptures. She was the one who deceived many groups, individuals, Organizations and nations all over the world, the same soul once known as EVE-il – who was the physical counterpart of Lucifer “in the beginning” when man was to know right from wrong and his progress was thenceforth to be by karmic reactions to whichever way his “freewill” was directed.

The Museum Guide asked “I DO” to “go to Cecil B. DeMille and tell him of the mistake and that the information given him was from the wrong faction.” “I DO” tried to deliver the information to DeMille, but those who were in charge of the promotion of that picture made it quite impossible. Somehow the Guide got the information to DeMille anyway, and was told that if they could locate anyone with the right information the Picture would be changed. The negative faction, enjoying the promotion of their own twists, smeared and defamed “I DO” to make sure DeMille never got the right information. The Ten Commandments Picture is now used to make it seem that Moses was greater than Jesus because of the great miracles and phenomena which Wise Men of many Ages recognized came from Satanic powers.

A number of years ago a Doctor who had done considerable research in esoteric fields of thinking, gave “I DO” a booklet written by a man who played the part of Moses in The Ten Commandments picture which was filmed on Mt. Sinai. The story told of how Moses “appeared” in an astral body a number of times while they were filming that picture. The story told how impressed they were with how very frightening Moses looked. The I DO” speculation on that story was that since leaving this plane Moses discovered the deceptions he was “used” to channel and would rather not have the karmas for the portrayal of a life he only thought was of service to God, when instead it was “The Lord of Deceptions.”

Going back to our story of “I DO’s” special “callings,” we wish to tell of the one where after several trips abroad gathering much information, she was “Chosen” to write a booklet entitled “A Little Child to Lead Them.” Reactions from average Christian Fathers of the “narrow path” variety, proved this is “The Little Book” that John “saw.” Surely it is “sweet in the mouth” of souls developed enough to accept such unusual New Age thinking. It proves “bitter in the belly” of digestion for those whose religious prejudices have become “dominations” instead of denominations. Surely the information given is the answer to all world problems. Departing much from average religious thinking, the Truths revealed, like any other advancement God gave the world, must have time to be assimilated by underdeveloped souls who, in trying to prove the writer in error, will through such efforts prove to themselves that it is the only answer for the world’s present tribulations. Surely the information will in time ‘turn the world around the other way.” Regardless of the frenzies of frantic religionists who are proclaiming their own FAITHS the one and only TRUTH, the idea of a ONE WORLD FAITH under the King of Kings is a “Truth” which “will finally bear away the victory,” as the Son of God said when giving “I DO” the information for the booklet now the concern of old-time religionists. “I DO” feels that being “chosen” to martyr such a cause becomes an obligation to God. Understanding the great import of such a “calling” cushions the crosses the soul suffers until world understandings mature to acceptance.

Experiences having to do with the “callings” of “I DO” after being “Chosen” for the “lead-out” work of preparations for the return of The Child who was “caught up,” are most fantastic. In all the histories of mankind concerning the “callings” of various religious leaders, never were there so many miracles as have been the experience of “I DO.” All “I DOERS” who are trained to be responsive to “unseen helpers,” have very convincing experiences of how “angels who have charge” are able to guide those who will live proper lives and “listen” for the “still small voice,” which is soundless if coming from higher planes. They are taught to “test the spirits” and properly evaluate the source from which the guidance comes. “I DO’s” work of finding and processing others to understanding of their “callings” and how to make the personalities understand how to “study to shew thyself approved, a laborer worthy of the hire,” (or of being “chosen”) is accompanied by many fantastic miracles of guidance. It would make a book in itself if all were related at one time. From time to time our “Truth” publications tell some of it, but so far we have not been permitted to give all at once. There are many egos whose “self” doesn’t want to be “out-done.” These we have found picking up every new idea we project and appropriating it to the story of experiences each claims for himself. Therefore we are impressed with the need for withholding some of the experiences for a time. Also some have been following what we tell about “I DO” and retelling it about themselves, hoping to make others believe they are the woman the “I DO” Organization sponsor.

It may be well here to clarify a certain illusion being cast about the “I DO” Organization having groups and representatives other than in the Magic valley area in and near Twin Falls, Idaho. While there are individuals, groups, etc., all over the world carrying on with dispensing of the information given by the “I DO” Headquarters at Twin Falls, Idaho, as of this present date, May, 1969, none anywhere are making claims to be “I DOERS.” Real “I DOERS” work “unspotted,” or work openly when necessity bids. Anyone else making claims or having what they call “I DO” groups are imposters.

It seems necessary again to mention that only our real “I DO” is introduced from Above by facial changes showing her past incarnations. Imposters have not this privilege, nor if their features changed, would any imposter’s face show more than the ugliness of a deceiver. In all cases we known of where appropriations of the “I DO” title was being tried, the personality daring such a thing already had a face which would not have to change to show she was not the rightful “I DO.” Anyone having any doubts about someone “I DO” claims should contact us, reporting the name of the one whom they are wondering about. We will tell you if you have really met the true “I DO” or not. She can usually be identified because of her wealth of information having to do with how to identify real “callings” from a Positive source, and how to cast out those of negative origination.

“Callings” are usually done in symbolism, generally given at night in a dream or vision. If Positive, they are never of a loud or commanding voice, or forces throwing the victim into a frenzy on the floor as if pressed with a heavy weight. After determining the source of a “calling” so as to “turn on the devil” if negative, or accept it and be progressed by continued experiences which are a training process, or schooling, the one having the training should keep a record of his dreams, visions or “messages” even if “given” in some other manner. There are many types of “inner” teachings when a “calling” is being processed toward being “chosen. With some this process begins in childhood and lasts until it is time for that soul to fulfill the mission for which he was incarnated. Then “when the student is ready the Master appears,” the wise observance of more advanced souls of esoteric understandings. This means that when the mind is so conditioned as to recognize The Master, He “appears” in and through the physical form representing Him on the physical plane. Until that time the physical form could have seemed like any other ordinary personality.

We must impress all seekers not to believe any information given by anyone that Master Teachers can be found in foreign lands, or that one must go to India to find them. None of the REAL wear beards and robes, or try to be any different from ordinary people wherever they are working. When traveling they wear the clothes of the country where They were born in this Age. They can be either men or women. The number now having physical forms on earth is more than forty-eight of Buddhist understandings. There are at this time fifty-one in physical forms, some women and children who make no claims for the physical plane “self” at all. One-third of these “Stars of heaven, cast to earth in that Day” (by birth) are the “red” stars, whose souls have graduated to “eternal life” under the instructions and in the service to The Great Deceiver. They are at this time the cause of much misunderstandings and tribulations the “White Robes” are suffering while crying “how long, oh, how long?” Regardless of how black their robes are they can “become white as snow” as the Scriptures promised. But they must be made to understand that regardless of how fantastic their “callings,” they were being deceived. Much of the work of “I DO” is giving them a chance to turn to the “right hand” path. Few can be changed, and it grieves “I DOERS” greatly to know when we fail to save the “lost sheep” their souls will go “into the pit” with their Deceiver who must suffer one thousand years of limitations because of what he caused others by misguidance and deceptions.

Some sincerely dedicated and carefully deceived followers of the “EVE” of this Age, took oaths to watch over the reincarnate new form of that most evil soul who departed this plane several years ago. The new male form was carefully planned for, placed properly to again be in a position to inherit what the other two of that first triad would accomplish in this Age. In many cases nothing was spared to reincarnate, or otherwise locate close to souls of the “lead-out” work. Because deceptions were so cleverly wrought, even those to whom he endeared himself were unaware of his intentions of destroying them. In our research we have found that at times the Gabriel physical plane puppet discovered the idea and tried to “unveil that EVE-il Isis” but was always disposed of before being able to accomplish it. Sometimes poisoned, other times destroyed by the Black Magic used while pretending to be a very faithful doctor, both the Michael and Gabriel physical counterparts suffered Lucifer instigated elimination in many lives. Their sufferings earned the karmic rights to “unveil” that most EVE-il soul, which they were finally successful with in this Age. After Mdm. Blavatsky passed this plane she learned of the deceptions of Master Morya, who while pretending to be her Teacher, was actually the one causing all her troubles. He wanted her out of the way so his physical counterpart could take over her Theosophical Society and destroy or rearrange the “ISIS Unveiled” materials so the secret of his soul status wouldn’t be exposed. After leaving the physical plane and learning of how many other lives were tormented and works appropriated, she planned another incarnation to finish the exposures she was cheated out of in the Blavatsky life. Her plan brought about certain situations which were instrumental in the “thus far” from the Cosmos with a revocation of Lucifer’s Cosmic Powers for a thousand years. After that time she chose the “I DO” Organization to be the channel so she would remain “unspotted” until the “unveilings” can be completed so the millions of deceived who honor many incarnations of The Great Deceiver could be made to understand.

Wise Men know of the deceived Disciples of D’EVE-il who stand by faithfully intending to carry out their oaths of destroying all others near “the little devil” (lately incarnated Lucifer) whose physical form was planned to again steal the birthright of The King of Kings if possible. But since the completion of “unveilings,” the negative faction need to be informed that the Wise Men have the upper hand. There is to be absolutely no chance such a thing can happen. In lives before Those Above dared not tell physical plane counterparts much against the Lucifer soul who would destroy them if they tried to expose him. It is different now since the Lucifer Cosmic Power was revoked. The Positive souls are well informed and have “twice your power” behind them, while the negative faction have found their “god” dead. Any who feel they have been “called” should not miss the information “I DO” have about “callings.” Without this information none will be prepared to be “chosen,” nor will they be able to be among those Wise Men who will function the first “cause” of The King of Kings on earth after the “second Coming” or “final Advent.” Only Wise Men knew of His “first coming” as a CHILD in this Age, and they are ready to serve His purpose when the “second Coming” in the heavens takes place. “No man knoweth the day or hour” but “I DO” have been given information that the time when it should have happened is past. Because of lack of understandings it has been delayed awaiting more “hands of the flesh.” Evangelists who profess to Know are as “the blind leading the blind,” for they are giving information which does not help His return, and sometimes is much against it. We find some ministers who explain away “The Child” idea and denounce all the information “I DO” try so hard to relay to make the possibility of “The Advent.”

Many are being “called” by some form of extrasensory happening. “Few are Chosen” because there is so little information about how to identify and develop a “calling.” “I DO” Publications are geared to help Seekers “find,” as well as to prepare minds for “The Great Change” with information on what to expect and how to handle it. Any who are interested in New Age progress, fulfillment of prophecies, or feel they have a “calling” should not miss the revelations from our intensive research. Any aspiring to be among the 144,000 Chosen in this Age should not be without this information.




Important Information for the "Called" and "Chosen":

At this time one of the greatest problems is of reaching the Called and “Chosen,” and giving them the information to meet the emergencies expected at the return of “A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM”. He had to be “caught up” for HIS protection from evil ones who learned about HIS reincarnating as a Child, again to grow up to lead humanity as ever HE has done when going to “sheep I have of other pastures ye know not of.” The Mother from whose arms HE had to be taken for HIS protection during the Last Age, worked hard to find the needed help which will make it possible for HIM to be returned to this dimension.

The Child was “caught up to God and His Throne” for His protection on Easter Sunday, 1955, because of a great dragon personality who stood ready to “swallow up the Child.” Several more attempts to return The Child to this dimension failed because there was not enough help available at the time. In an effort to contact more of the “Called” and “Chosen” to come to her aid, the reincarnate Mother published seven Booklets (these can be found elsewhere on this website). In 1957 Interdenominational Divine Order was established in Boulder, Colorado. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and in August, 1961, Interdenominational Divine Order, otherwise known as I DO, was incorporated. The Organization was formed to help The reincarnate Mother prepare such a place so God would find some ready to protect Him and He could be returned. Because I DO” researched better understandings, they were Chosen to tell the story and recruit older souls whose karmic rights were in line for a part of the “first” work upon His return.

Specific work of “I DO,” like the Essenes in the time of Jesus, was concentrated in preparation of laborers to meet a need expected at His Advent. The greatest preoccupation was giving information which would help make His Coming possible, and establish safety for Him and His Great Plan. Over the next few years, and with the guidance of the reincarnate Mother, in addition to the seven Booklets she had published, “I DO” published two additional Booklets, as well as eighty-one monthly "Truth" News Letters.

In the late nineteen sixties, Interdenominational Divine Order were “Told” that the publishing work was done for this Age and that they should now await “That Day” when “all eyes SEE” what they were GIVEN to SEE. Since then, no one has been getting anything at all from Above because the world has entered into a period of SILENCE as the Scriptures prophesied would be the case previous to that Great Change all esoteric peoples expect at any moment. Even “I DO” were not GIVEN anything more than they were entrusted with before the period of Silence began, and nothing more will be given until “That Day.”

The reincarnate Mother passed from this plane in 1994, and Interdenominational Divine Order was disbanded. She will again take incarnation and when God will be ready to release His Holy Son on “D Day,” the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will be fulfilment of the Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth.” When “That Day” brings the Advent, it is expected that The Child will be returned to His Mother, and a great machine will start rolling. We can expect The Child to be returned to this dimension “As He Left” and “all eyes will SEE “A Little Child to Lead Them.”




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