Pearls of Wisdom


Interspersed throughout the Newsletters and the Booklets, there are numerous "Pearls of Wisdom" that come straight from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak. The physical manifestation of the Archangel Gabriel was often used by "Those Above" to channel Wisdoms for the New Age, samples of which can be found by clicking on each image below.


Conscience: A Manifestation of Memory From Past Lives Infinite Concept of Cosmic Consciousness Experiencing the Mental Concepts of the Heaven Worlds The Formlessness of God Proof of the Identity of the Reincarnate Mother


Reincarnation The World Is Governed by Cosmic Laws Thinking of Mortals as Souls Instead of Personalities Planets Are Planned Into Growth

Wise Men Watch the Night of the World's Misunderstandings


Many are His Wonders to Perform The Power of Right Thinking Heavenly Experiences in Dimensions Above the Earth Plane God is Progressed by Reason of His Reflection's Growth Truths About Dimensional Abodes


    Love is the Greatest Thing in the World    



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