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A Collection of PRAYERS gathered from the writings and recordings of Frances Sande, the reincarnate Mother of this Age.


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A collection of PRAYERS gathered from the writings and recordings of Frances Sande, the reincarnate Mother of this Age.


1. Giving Thanks To Our Father

Our Father Who art in Heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

We thank Thee for giving us this day our daily bread,

We thank Thee for forgiving us our debts as we forgive our debtors;

And we thank Thee for leading us away from temptation and for delivering us from evil...


2. Frances' Prayer

Oh, Father, forgive us that we have been so slow,

Oh, forgive us, forgive us as we forgive others who did not know.

And help us find more laborers for Thy fields

Who will bear the burdens to gain the yields.

Praise be to His name on high

Whose love we find if we but try

For grace enough to win

Forgiveness for repented sin.

Grace of life and love of Heaven,

Help all men to know the Seven-

Masters all of human fate,

Guardian Angels at the gate,

Gracing earth again for chances

Giving mortal men advances.

Again, again our Guides returned

To share the wisdoms they had earned.

In HIS Name, Amen.

3. The "I DO" Pledge and Prayer

1. We belong only to His Divine Order of “Do-ing in His Name" for the welfare of humanity.

2. We are pledged to the God of Love we serve when Chosen to do so.

3. We accept Truth and good wherever we find it and reject only the evil we detect.

4. We pledge to walk in prayer and listen for “the still small voice” of Guardian Angels as we wisely test the spirits, and attune our hearts with Him for guided service.

5. In meekness we guard our tongues against words which hurt, bitter retorts to unjust criticism or any speech not in keeping with Divine Order; always striving to follow the Master’s example of the “soft answer which turneth away wrath.”

6. We offend no one and help the understanding of those who offend us, challenging them only to find Truth through facts; we defend the righteous when unjustly attacked.

7. Until others enjoy as much as we have, we will not use more than enough and will share our abundance with those who may need it.

8. Until God’s law of justice balances the lives of men, we will pray that “with all their getting,” they will “get understanding” of His ways.

9. We will ever pray that all learn to live the U. S. principles of “Malice toward none and charity for all,” that Love by osmosis through the veins of evil might convert it into a good life stream.

10. Until mercy is graced by the wisdom of Doing in His Name, and injustices are chastened by Love, we will strive for man’s understanding of Cosmic Laws governing from Above.

Until men no longer suffer karmas from the debts to Love they owe,

We will pray the Master’s guidance for the paths they choose to go.

Till white robes drape the shoulders of all earthlings weary forms,

We pray they accept and cherish Guardian Angels broken by their storms.

We pray to stand until the finish of the work He has begun,

And to rise to meet the Master when all battles He has won,

Oh, we pray for world’s withstanding as men recognize the Light,

Of “A Little Child to Lead Them” as “all eyes” can SEE the sight.


4. Pilot Me and Mine and All

A path of thorns and lies all blending

For you to do, the wayward earth child bending

Whose rights “ABOVE” are many, lights “BELOW” are few

To bring to earth great manna blending dew

Arise in prayer to free this love from devil's hold

Restore her rights the Cosmic Plan unfold

That Life may gracious be in service to HIS Name

And suffer not great karmas of another's shame

Release the spirit wonders of great lives of past

And bring her all rewards of rightful caste

Think not love's struggles toward this one in vain

But think of heavenly joy and rites to gain


5. Hearken

When the world is as full as the Wisdom of God

As the waters that make up the sea

No man need teach a scripture to prod

A mind that is taught by “HE”

Whose learning is WISDOM brought forth of prayer

Communion straight from his GOD

Who opens blind eyes on the “INNER” to “SEE"

Things not of this earth and the sod

Not here to judge, but choose we may

If such receivings a better way

Hearken them to the GIVER who gave all for all

Lest be shaken and shattered and beaten they fall

Into the deep pits of their diggings they made

And all of their power and fruits they see fade


6. Awake

Awake, Awake ye faithful called

To victory make all haste

Lest brethren “marked” be falled

And evil make them waste

Arise in haste, go in and make

Remission for all sin

No time is wasted used for HIS sake

And help the right to win

Use not words in simple prattle

Do no deeds which work for gain

Go ye forth to righteous battle

Destroy fear and heal the pain.

Help the souls who burdens suffer

Ease the spirits fearing war

Put to chase the wanton bluffer

Seal the peace, and love the more.


7. Arise!

Arise to the Highest Holiest

To Peace of the Kingdom’s Above

Arise in the Truth of HIS BEING

And purified be filled with HIS LOVE


Arise in the strength of HIS BEING

Soar on mighty pinions of LOVE

Fend wings of Love’s sight-seeing

Ascend ye to be one with the ABOVE


Peace of the Highest Holiest MIND

Truth absorbed in the Sanctuary of LOVE

Through dedication in meekness inner peace

All great principles of THE ABOVE find


Goals of higher consciousness gained

Balanced stability based on HIS LOVE

Securities of better understandings attaining

Seek ye first to be one with the ABOVE


8. Alerted Be

Angel wings of Holy Beings

Pinion thoughts to Cosmic SEEINGS.

Joyful carols of Those Above

Sing their promises, Peace and Love.

Hasten, rise to greet the sight,

Be ye Wise Men, watch the night.


9. A Little Man From Outer Space

- A Prayer for His Coming -

Star of Love, Oh, Star of Peace

Coming to earth that wars might cease,

Sainted Star, OH, LOVE DIVINE

Come my CHILD for THOU art mine.

Star of Peace, Oh, Star of Love

Coming to earth from planes above,

HIS the light, the life, the leaven

Brings to earth great Stars of Heaven.

Seven Men from Outer Space

Seven Sun-Sons find their place,

Hierarchial Sons paged here from Heaven

Descend to earth to seed great leaven.

Come my Child, Oh, come from Heaven,

COME, Oh, Come to lead the seven

In HIS mind the God-plan holding,

With their hands the earth-plan molding.

Hierarchial Darling, Son of Grace,

Little Man from Outer Space,

Leader of the hosts of HEAVEN,

Included within HIM all the Seven.


Peace for earth when THOU art mine.

Born of Heaven, Son of GOD

Comes this earth plane now to trod.

Essence grand of LOVE DIVINE

Precious ONE now really mine,


Now the greater COSMIC BIRTH.


10. Lest Any Fail

Let not pride bespeak itself

To ride ye to a heavy fall,

In meekness justice makes for wealth

Of those on path to hear the “call.”

Observe the wonders, see leading skies,

Reject all evil, kill out lies.

Help faithful meek to win the goal,

Not of God’s grace to kill the soul.

Love-light eyes, be-stir the mind,

Seek the faithful for to find.

Wonders now for lighter times,

Carol ye with the “COMING” Chimes.

Rising Son, O Light of day

Come to us, for this we pray.


11. The Cosmic Birth

We pray help bear the crosses up

Of Master over sin,

When as a babe He takes the cup,

A Little Child to win.

For us has come the Son of Light,

A Holy Child again,

To earth is born once more to fight

The battles for all men.

May now His greater light be seen,

“A Little Child to Lead” -

The hungering hearts to help redeem,

With holy manna feed.

May truth about “unspotted” lives

Be known to all the world,

And His banners of past flying

Again be seen unfurled.

May God of ways past finding out

Now bring us His Great Son,

And give the world to know about

This incarnating One.

Forever more His joy and peace

Will reign upon the earth,

His blessings will they never cease

Who now takes Cosmic birth.


12. A Call for Help

May we have all cults and creeds

Help us in this greatest need,

And the world now sing Him praise

Whom their sleeping dead shall raise;

Lifting masks which cover forms

He will prove their new house dorms.

May they finally recognize

And no longer Child despise

Who for Ages added light

Ever helping evil fight.

Now this the great disaster

When they know not their Master;

They from sin He always kept

Do not now The Child accept.

He will bless their cults and creeds

Which have always met their needs.

He will bring with Him from Heaven

Masters of the Rays called Seven.

These to open seven vials

So no evil can beguile.

He will help each house of God

When He comes on earth to Trod.

He will give them each to know

So deceptions they can throw.

If they let this Christ Child in

He will heal the world from sin.

Please do all unite and pray

So He’ll come to earth to stay.

Praise our God of greatest Love

Who gives The Child from Above.


13. The "I DO" Prayer

Oh, we pray the world for graces

And mastery over sin,

So minds will make the places, for

A Little Child within.

May His laborers come with mercy

When many “weep and gnash,”

As we thank God for the Wise Men

Who’ll help prevent a crash.

May we ne’er again be wanting

Or heavier of the cross,

With misguided footsteps haunting,

A need for burned out dross.

Oh, we pray the God of wonder,

To open worldly hearts,

And of that put all asunder,

Of evil’s terrible darts.

May now mortals grant Him mercy,

As always He has done,

And receive the darling Christ Child,

As God’s accepted Son

May the God of Glory who has

Again giv’n us this grace,

Never more find us a-wanting

To give The Child a place.

May He cease to hear the taunting

From those of wanting grace,

For ‘tis they who’ve blinded many

Who might have given place.

We pray that ne’er more any fail

To hear His clear Call ring,

And many more be sent then to,

Help us receive The King.

Oh, we pray for greatest mercy

For those who wear the cloth,

Whose sermons ring denial of –

Like Peter of the draught.

May God lay a kindly justice,

On those who’ve never known,

Of “A Little Child to Lead Them”

And say He must be grown.

Oh, we pray for greatest mercy

For those who never knew,

Of The Little Child to Lead Them

Who now graced earth anew.

But waiting there “great dragon” was,

Who “stood to swallow up.”

So God again took back His Son

And so He was “caught up.”

May the return in keeping be,

As He has now us left.

For all eyes now we pray to See,

And none from Him be cleft.

We pray not now for worldly gain,

But for Child so shining bright,

That God may give His Son again

To bring the world more light.


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