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REINCARNATION for the purpose of schooling the soul toward perfection enough to attain “eternal life,” with all its rewards, including Cosmic Power, must be promoted on a large scale if the world is to be made ready for the Advent of Christ and His Great Plan for “Truth To Make Free.” Since the fall of Lucifer in October 1955 it is safe to give this information to the world.

Careful research proves there were aborigines, cavemen and others of lesser intelligence before the time of Adam, but Adam seems to be the first account of God being represented on earth by a physical form. This might be a strong statement in the face of mortal thinking today, but records we have found seem to bear out the truth of this statement. If this continues to prove to be a fact it is reasonable to believe that Adam was the same soul which in a later incarnation became perfected enough to be born again of God and known as Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly states that “He was from the beginning,” and we must agree that it also says the beginning was with Adam.

In this age when phenomenal things are happening to very unusual people it is time to determine the reason. The increasing number of Quiz Kids type of genius minds must have something more behind them than average. Since all effects must have a cause it is only wisdom to seek some reasonable explanation. Parents are declaring such children to be more mentally advanced at a tender age than they were themselves when reaching maturity. We cannot deny that radios and television have considerable influence, but must consider the fact the same condition is being noticed in countries where youngsters do not have this advantage. All who have studied the situation have concluded the genius type must be the Chosen whom the Bible mentions. Some have gone far enough into the study to have decided those who served God well in the past have been Chosen to reincarnate as channels for leading advancements for this Age, and to work with Christ when He returns. It seems that many of these more advanced souls have brought with them some form of memory of past lives and are as wise old solders in new uniforms (bodies).

Since the time is ripe for the world to know about reincarnation for soul growth, greater numbers are being born with some form of memory which bears out the truth which will be accepted by any rational thinker. Reincarnation will be accepted by all sooner or later, for it is the only answer for many observations we would be unable to explain without it. It is God’s plan for progressing souls by many earth lives until they have developed qualities sufficient for graduation to heaven worlds of more progressive situations.

Apparent injustices of children born with various limitations can be accounted for only in facts about reincarnation and the study of karma. In the light of such wisdom, reincarnation becomes the only hope for wayward souls to make amends and receive rewards of bettered conditions for a future existence. Regardless of those who might disagree, we see no brighter hope for future existence than when considering reincarnation as a fact. It is much ahead of sleeping until a distant judgment day when the reward might be the traditional hell-fire and damnation if one had side-stepped righteousness. But a hope of other lives where one could expect a chance to make repair for mistakes and be rewarded with a more perfect body and mind should be a joy for anyone, as well as proving the wisdom of God who made such a loving provision. For those who declare that God is unjust because the Bible says “the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me,” we must remind them it is speaking only of “them that hate me.” To further the defense of our loving Father in Heaven, we must explain that HE made the laws to govern the world, provided religious leaders to guide men rightly, and gave them free will so they could progress at their own rate.

Then if the soul was wayward, it invoked  Cosmic laws to  pose a limitation  until the  individual changed his ways and reaped the rewards of overcoming. If to “spare the rod and spoil the child” is a hint of wisdom for mortal parents it also applies from a spiritual standpoint.

God’s arrangement for all cause to have an equal effect automatically brings rewards for those who earn them, as well as punishment for those who do wrong. In reincarnating a person can return as his own child in some instances, or a grandchild, or farther down the line. We can then readily see why the sins of the parents could be with the soul to the third or fourth generation if the child was the reincarnate forefather who had escaped punishment for his mistakes before. If it took the third or fourth generation for the soul to change bad habits and earn a reward for righteousness, and he had done nothing to earn forgiveness previously, his lot would only be the result of his own pasts. When the world knows the truth about reincarnation there will be greater soul progress and less waste of time attaining to graduation of earth’s school of lives, into a position called heaven.

The question always arises, “Why haven’t we known about reincarnation before if it is the truth?” When one investigates reactions in cults and creeds where reincarnation has been accepted, and sees the abuse and mistakes resulting from this understanding, it is easy to see why God has with-held the idea until this Age when we need it to account for what will happen when prophecy is to be fulfilled and we “see the dead walking.” Some of those believed to be dead are now being SEEN clairvoyantly in new bodies if they have reincarnated. When vibrations rise to make it possible for “all eyes to SEE” it is expected we will also be able to see those who have not reincarnated.

We found a Catholic priest who admitted that he knew that Christ spoke to some people but he did not understand why others did not have the same experience no matter how much they desired it. Some argue, “all men are created equal” and believe there is nothing one has which is not the right of all. An explanation is easily found through understanding reincarnation and karmas, which reveals the fact that, although created equal, some have made more effort and have earned rights others are not eligible for until they put forth the same effort. In trying to protect these new ideas it is interesting to note that older souls who have had more lives of mental progress readily accept advancements beyond those of old-time religions sufficient for pasts when they were not needed. Lesser-developed souls portray their status by flagrant denouncements of advancements their minds are not equal to understanding. But God’s law of progress continues to offer advancements whether all are ready or not. He works through the hands and minds of those advanced enough to be channels, for it is only these who are capable of responding to Divine influences.

When the Catholic Church was established Peter and Paul were careful to protect the reincarnation idea because Jesus had given the command to “keep unspotted.” Because of this Christianity has not been as well informed as Religions of the East. Our Leader contacted Pope Pius XII and was pleased to discover he thought of himself as “a soldier of the cross” as He called it. This means he knew he had attained to “the works that I do and even greater” and could reincarnate at will to do whatever work was necessary IN HIS NAME. His great life proved he had more than average rights.

Great souls like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many others where made to know whom they had been in past lives, therefore accepted their positions and continued to promote projects they had worked on before. We see by ancient symbolism they used, they must have understood. Benjamin Franklin was twenty-three years of age when he wrote his own clever epitaph showing his conviction of reincarnation:

 The Body


Benjamin Franklin

(Like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out,

and stripped of its lettering and guilding)

Lies Here Food for Worms

Yet the work itself shall not be lost,

For it will (as he believed) appear once more

In a New

And more beautiful Edition

Corrected and Amended

By the Author

If the following European authors contributed to the philosophical idea of reincarnation, who dares insist others are insane who accept it? The following great souls are known to have contributed toward the advancement of the idea: M. Alger, Bosanquet, Disraeli, George Eliot, Figuier, Huxley, W.R. Inge, Allan Kardec, Wm. Knight, Sir Oliver Lodge, Bulwer-Lytton, Maeterlinck, Max Muller, Molthe, A. J. Penny, Schopenhauer, Taylor, Richard Wagner and E. D. Walker. American authors include Edward Beecher, Francis Bowen, Edison, Emerson, Hawthorne, Prof. B. I. Wheeler, Prof. G. F. More, Prof. G. L. Dickinson, O. Pfliederer, Joseph Silverman, and M. Tichenor. Many philosophical organizations recognize reincarnation, and the Theosophical Society supports the idea. Since all great thinkers have accepted the idea as a fact, why should we be troubled by lesser minds who oppose it so strongly?

Through the many interpretations of the original Bible, mistakes were made which now bring contention among students who “get lost in the letter,” and fail to allow for human mistakes of mortals who might have made them. It is interesting to see that some accounts claim the Disciples asked Jesus if John could be Elias. Original accounts showed they asked about Elijah. Some accounts say John was asked if he was Elijah and denied it. Again others claim he denied being Elias. The Truth seems to be that John was Elijah, and Jesus admitted this to the Disciples, but interpreters, or perhaps typesetters wrote it as Elias. Had John been asked if he was Elijah he would have had to crawl around it to keep unspotted. Elias was the son of Elijah so it was in keeping to deny it, as also it was right for Jesus to have implied that John was Elijah. It can easily be seen that Christ and His Disciples accepted reincarnation when the Disciples were asking if John could be Elijah. Jesus did not tell them they were wrong, or “ye do err” as at other times when they were mistaken, but answered, “Elijah is already come, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed.” and the next verse states, “Then the Disciples understood that He spake unto them of John the Baptist.” What could be plainer? While memory is not usually given to anyone unless he has some specific work to do which requires his having this information, it is possible that at times great souls are not allowed to remember before time for their part of the work. This has been noticed by many who knew very little about facts until it was necessary for them to be awakened to accomplish that which they reincarnated to do.

In the Booklet REINCARNATION by Rev. Charles Hampton, Priest of the Liberal Catholic Church, he says it would be well if we had the hope to have stood by Christ 2000 years ago, so in this life we may have the courage to recognize Him when He comes again. He also says if history repeats itself, it is likely that most of the Churches will reject Him as they did before. The idea of “A Little Child to Lead Them” is being ridiculed by the profane who will “run to the mountains to hide” when their converts discover they were instrumental in creating the crosses The Mother and Child have borne in this Age when lack of support has delayed HIS coming to a world so much in need of healing, understanding, unity and Peace HE could give them if they would accept HIM “AS HE IS.”

In Rev. 2:12 we read “him that overcometh will I make a Pillar in the Temple of my God, and he shall go out no more.” If repeated lives for soul growth is not a fact, what reason would the Bible have for such a statement, other than that when the soul is perfected it would no longer have to reincarnate, -“go out no more,” because it was advanced enough to remain in heaven worlds without disturbing the peace. It certainly would be an unwise God who would permit imperfection to invade a place where it would be so noticeable and disruptive. An imperfect one could not expect to be comfortable in such a situation. Whatever is said to the contrary none have ever found a more logical explanation of pre-existence or hope of existence beyond the grave than that offered by reincarnation.


Wise Men know that all shall SEE

With minds so opened wide,

The Truth which maketh many free,

E’en those who dared to chide.

When chastened hearts, well purified,

Bring no rebukes and sneers,

All those who for Him have cried

Will settle of their fears.

His ways “past finding out”

Will score men’s karmic fate

As Angels work to route

And guide men through the gate.

Peace we pray for ideas wild

Amid tumultuous rages.

Forgive them, to SEE THE CHILD

And know great wisdom of the Sages.

“On earth Peace good will to men”

Will ring from every tower

With singing souls ablaze when

Love on earth will shower-

Blessings on the faithful Sons,

Correction for the wayward ones.

If God once destroyed the tower of Babel, intended to reach upward into His business, it is hardly possible that He would not let Space probes go beyond a certain limit which would have to do with better understandings of other planets’ vibrations and life beyond the earth plane. Just as God separated men into various bodies and languages in keeping with the status of evolution, so He separated physical plane consciousness from other dimensional contacts except where there was a need for more understandings. Earthlings need to realize that there are other inhabited planets, various “heaven worlds” of vibratory separations, some having to do with earthly evolution. Also they need to know more about the various states of matter and consciousness beyond third dimensional forms. This Atomic Age was destined to be a Time when much progress was to be made concerning more of “His ways” formerly “past finding out.” Progress so far has been more rapid than in any previous period of time. It will be accelerated as human minds adjust to acceptance of more new and progressive thinking. Foremost in essential progressive thinking must come from the understanding that each soul is responsible for working its own way through the many phases of evolution toward perfection. The process takes many lives of experiences both in male and female bodies, many colors, types of religions and numerous human experiences before graduating from the necessity of more earthly schooling towards perfection.

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