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Greatest Secrets of the Atomic Age!!!


Science Banishes Mystery!!!

Esoteric secrets no longer need to be kept a secret... Ever since Lucifer's Cosmic Powers have been revoked in October 1955 (we cannot repeat this fact often enough), it is now considered safe to reveal the Truth about past deceptions of that "great deceiver" and to give out this "Truth to Make Free" so the world can begin to understand.


Secret No. 1: The GREATEST SECRET ever kept was the secret of the REINCARNATING CHRIST. The question always arises, “Why haven’t we known about reincarnation before if it is the truth?” In the early days of Christianity, Peter and Paul were careful to protect the reincarnation idea because Jesus had given the command to “keep unspotted.” This Truth was carefully protected throughout all Ages, until the Last Age when the time would be ripe for this secret to be revealed to the world.

Secret No. 2: "The Great of the Earth without whom there would be no life in that Day" have reincarnated and are present on earth today to help prepare for the return of the Son of God to the earth plane! Readers are invited to discover the complete story which can be found throughout our publications. The information is offered to all sincere SEEKERS who are looking for answers at this CRITICAL TIME in the evolution of souls living on planet Earth.

Secret No. 3: Prophecies concerning the Last Age were fulfilled during the Twentieth Century. The world has since entered into the New Age and it now awaits "that Day" when "all eyes shall See”. When in the early 1950’s, The reincarnate Mother was Called, she heard the words from Above, “D Day, D Day, D Day,” and Christ “appeared” with a very large key, saying “Unto Thee I give a key.” Looking up in prayer she asked, “What is D-Day, – what does it mean?” The answer came clearly as follows:

“In D Day of understanding

Thou shall raise their thoughts to ME,

Mankind shall see correction,

No more evil then shall be”

It should be thought of as a time of rejoicing in HIS coming to bring relief and peaceful understandings.

Secret No. 4: There are three phases to the "Cosmic Birth" of the Son of God, two of which have already taken place. The first phase of the “Cosmic Birth” was the production of a body for HIM by the reincarnate Mother three days before Easter 1936. The Second Phase of the "Cosmic Birth" took place in late 1954 to stop a bomb at the moment it would have been detonated. Then, on Easter Sunday, April 10th, 1955 when, because of dangers from the “great dragon” personality who “stood to swallow up The Child,” it was necessary for HIM to be “caught up” from the physical plane until more adequate preparation could be made for His reception and protection. "A great Angel appeared and asked for "time to mark more in the forehead," (with understandings). Since then, we have entered a period of time to be preparing many to know what they will SEE so there will not be dangers from panic due to lack of understandings. The third and final phase of The Child's "Cosmic Birth" will take place when the skies will be filled with the glory of HIS return and “all eyes see HIM.” It is anticipated that it may take eighteen months or more after HIS return before the resistance of human beings will be sufficiently overcome that HE will dare to disclose HIMSELF physically for all to acclaim.

Secret No. 5:  Lucifer's Cosmic Powers have been revoked for a thousand years!!! During the Twentieth Century, the world of the third dimension, that is, the earth plane, passed through what the Bible refers to as the “Last Age”. That was the last Age for the power of the Lucifer-Soul (Morya – Master of the "Will-Wisdom" Ray) to be able to manipulate his deceptions, and the time when his power was revoked “for a thousand years”. Atrocities against the Great Plan for the Last Age, against reincarnate Disciples (Saints of Old), Mother and Child, as well as what the Lucifer incarnations did to nail heavy crosses for all of the “White Robes”, resulted in the revocation of the Cosmic Powers of Lucifer for a thousand years, in October 1955. The fall of Lucifer marked the "beginning of the end" and the "Ways" have now been "Opened" for the New Age.

Secret No. 6: The ADVENT is just around the corner of human experience. The reason that “No man knoweth the Day or hour, not even the Son, but the Father,” is because world conditions are dependent upon the thinking of men who are very unpredictable. Likewise world conditions, when getting too far out of balance, will evoke the Cosmic response necessary to save the situation. Histories of humanity have repeatedly shown that when men who were “given dominion” exercised that dominion in a way posing danger to posterity, God always took over to enforce whatever changes were needed for the best of all concerned. The only difference for this New Age is that since Lucifer’s loss of power for a thousand years, dangers aren’t now so overwhelmingly impossible as before.

Secret No. 7:  "A Little Child Shall Lead Them". The world now awaits "that Day" also referred to as "D Day" of HIS Coming as “A Little Child to Lead Them". The story of the Reincarnating Christ is by far the Greatest Story ever told. The world must finally understand that HE always came as "A Little Child to Lead Them," and be prepared to receive The Son of God in any form He gives His Holy Son.

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