The Advent

The Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth” will take place on D DAY, when the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. A great machine will start rolling when The Child is returned to this dimension and “all eyes SEE”. The world will then become aware HE has already incarnated for the work of this Age. It will take approximately eighteen months from the time HE returns, when the CHOSEN are the first to SEE Him, and the Day He dares to disclose Himself physically for all to acclaim. In that Day when “all eyes See” there will be proof of what “I DO” are trying to explain at this time. It is expected there will be considerable SHOW in the skies when “all eyes SEE.” Apparitions are expected “in the skies,” and the Called will be Chosen and fitted into their respective positions for advancement of the world in this Age.

When “That Day” brings the Advent it is expected that The Child will be returned to the reincarnate Mother who prepared the body HE will use for physical manifestation. In that Day God will cast down all statues, idols and institutions done to honor the great deceiver, and will rent the veils of Temples dedicated to him by the deceived. If we who know cannot convince those who have been deceived, God can do it most effectively, perhaps before that Day if necessary to drive a fact into recognition.

Wise Men of this Age know that “when all eyes SEE,” some of what will be revealed will be “the dead walking” in new forms if now in incarnation. When the veil of matter of the third dimension is rent “in that Day” we will also be able to See the “dead walking” in other dimensions if they haven’t reincarnated yet. It will take many more Wise Men to handle emergencies expected when “all eyes SEE” and too few will know what they are seeing. Panic could bring disaster, so again “with all thy getting, get understanding” seems a most important admonition. More attention to this advice is imperative if armageddons are to be lightened and peace come out of the probable chaos of HIS Advent.

In that Day when “all eyes SEE” and converts will begin to recognize the Truth about His many incarnations always as a Child, they will either turn against their Leaders or make the mistake of fighting against TRUTH which God will give in a way no man dare deny, nor can duplicate. Those who rebel against TRUTH and are in the way of HIS WILL BE DONE are to be “cast into perdition” with their deceivers if too stubborn to admit they were wrong. Some who are more dedicated to the negative faction and pose a greater danger to HIS PLAN, or the safety of HIS CHILD, will be transmuted by the Fire of Divine Mind, or otherwise removed from this dimension. Divine Mind will take absolute control “in that Day” and demand precedence for those whose rights have been earned in many incarnations of martyring various Causes for the progress of humanity as they accompanied HIM to “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of.”

“In that Day” when the hand of God proves which faction and what works are approved, mortals will begin to recognize TRUTH and be able to spot deceivers fostering misleading concepts. Earthquakes, fires and other disasters are expected to level institutions not representing God’s principles. Perhaps only then will converts begin to realize something must have been wrong. The Bible mentions the renting of the veil of the Temple which in that time symbolized something wrong within. Also the hand of the Infinite was seen in the destruction of the Tower of Babel. It is expected that some space and atomic projects endangering the harmony of other planets will meet with a similar fate. Surely “In that Day” there will be “weeping and gnashing” because of ignorance of underlying facts concerning the harmonious plan for the universe. One of the most basic facts concerns reincarnation (in the school of lives) advancing the soul toward graduation from this planet to another of greater cooperation with Cosmic Laws made when the universe was created.

When the “Truth to make free” is known, much time, energy and funds now being used for various efforts to deal with the unknown will be channeled into meeting problems of this world and the third dimension before probing other spheres, planes, planets and dimensions now being given too much attention. Mortals must be brought to realize that when the soul evolves sufficiently the information they are trying to get prematurely will be given without effort and that no matter how hard they try before that time, if the information is too advanced for the soul it is withheld. Masters of Wisdom, now incarnate on earth from other planets have the answers when mortals will accept what They have to offer (perhaps only when Christ confirms their status).

Scriptures state that “it is not God’s will any should perish,” yet those who stand the world in jeopardy must be “taken” in that Day. Reason tells us that it would be much kinder for a soul to be removed from the possibility of making karma against progress than to be allowed to make the mistake and have to suffer a number of future lives for an offence against the Will of God. The Bible mentions the sufferings possible “to the third and fourth generation (incarnation) of them that hate Me.” As to what to expect in “that Day” it is expected that a heavy toll will be taken of those with wrong intentions.

Nations and Religions will SEE in keeping with “the way HE left” them. Buddhists will no doubt see Buddha, the Hindu will see Brahama, Occultists will see Kuthumi, North American Indians will see Hiawatha, and the Christians will see Christ. 



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