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The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters.

News Letter No. 28

Records left by the Positive faction honor the genius of every Age, while the negative faction who always followed to plunder, twisted facts to defame those who earned the honor and then left records to credit leaders of their own faction. Efforts such as “Marlow is Shakespeare,” or playing up Moses and defaming AARON and Jesus are examples of how the negative faction diverted honor and respect from those who earned it and credited those who didn’t in all Ages.

News Letter No. 40

With that most important KEY where a soul incarnates as either male or female in keeping with a need, one incarnation earning the priesthood, even having been AARON as in this case, could also later on have been Virgin Mary. The priesthood belongs to the soul in whatever form it incarnates or wherever else it might reside in ‘heaven worlds” or dimensions between incarnations.

News Letter No. 44

One could not be able to understand Scriptures in their original meaning unless he understood symbolism used for souls. This is where facts of reincarnation are essential to understand what recorders of those times were talking about. “The Rod” means the same soul mentioned in the Kabbala as T-ZION, also the soul once incarnated as AARON. Some writers spoke of that soul as “the waters,” which meant Truth, or “the water pourer” symbolized by a woman with a jug, or a man with a pitcher, because when incarnating that soul took either male and female forms in keeping with the work to be accomplished. The same soul is known on higher planes as Gabriel, once incarnating as Virgin Mary. “The Staff” means the soul known on higher planes as Michael, or “King of Kings.” This is also the staff of the shepherd frequenting pictures of “The Comforter.” Sometimes spoken of as “the bread of Life,” the soul known as “The Staff” surely is the true “staff of life,” the body of Christ or Truth. Researching various scriptures in their original essence and understanding the terminology of ancient writers, an esoteric student will get more out of the Scriptures than the conventional Christian whose training is limited to the views of a pastor who perhaps never thought of symbolical evaluation of the Scriptures.

News Letter No. 53

Wise Men watching for incarnations of the “two” (souls) whom Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs, have no trouble recognizing those “two” puppets of Michael and Gabriel in the forms of Benjamin Franklin (Michael) physical plane manifestation for that time, and George Washington, the physical plane puppet for Gabriel. Washington is symbolized in Washington’s Mother’s dream-vision, with a “high-cap” or (highest Wisdom) and the “iron rod” which is the symbol used in Scriptures for the complete control when the King of Kings will “rule the world with an iron rod.” This is the same symbol used to prove the soul of AARON to be used to serve as “the rod of iron” in the hand of the Michael (The King of Kings) manifestation for that day. Moses has been credited with much honor for bringing water from the rock with Aaron’s rod. In symbolism “water” means “Truth” which was the attribute of Michael and Gabriel.

News Letter No. 54

They also had reasons for using the alligator to symbolize the Positive soul of the first triad. This could be one of the reasons for a later name of “Allah” being linked with a name for God. Among the same people the other soul of the “first triad” was portrayed as a turtle. His shell was marked with divisions symbolizing how many “unseen” souls of authority served as a canopy of protection over him. The turtle (soul once called AARON) is shown with the burden of the “rod” of power on his back, around which were entwined the crocodile (evil one) following and biting the tail of the alligator (Michael). The turtle is comparable to the usual understanding of Gabriel who became “the balancer,” and whose soul sometimes was symbolized with the “scales of justice” to “weigh the hearts,” (Anubis or Thoth).

News Letter No. 63

The Mormons, who declare that a woman cannot have the power of the priesthood, need to be informed that the soul once known on earth as Virgin Mary at one time manifested on earth as AARON, the first of the Aaronic priesthood who also incarnated among the original Latter Day Saints. In no life do we find that soul claiming the status.

News Letter 71

In a previous life the two tablets Moroni took away from the reincarnate Saints, “Latter Day Saints” could have served the same purpose. Regardless of how many times earthly records or TRUTH were destroyed, physical manifestations serving Michael and Gabriel reincarnated to restore them. Akashic records of soul genealogy proves Joseph Smith was another incarnation of the soul who was always in possession of “The Keys” and protected His Father’s records, regardless of what names, titles, male or female forms were needed to handle the work to greatest advantage for keeping “unspotted.” David who felled the Giant (Lucifer incarnation), was only one of the hundreds of incarnations of the Gabriel soul. Long ago the name was AARON as soul genealogy proves for those who are vested with the Powers to tap that Source of Akashic Records.



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