Alexander the Great


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and a “TRUTH” News Letter. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 36: It is interesting to note that the first triad, or first “THREE HEADS” are found together again as Olympia (The Mother of Alexander), Alexander the Great, and Phillip of Macedonia. The tyrant father of Alexander was the Master “M” called at the time “ANTI-PATER”, sometimes called “THE WOLF” because that was the soul symbol for the anti-christ. When ALEXANDER  declared that the PERSIAN MOON, or (light of darkness), it would be eclipsed by the Sons of Macedonia, it was his way of saying that the POSITIVE MASTERS would over-power the NEGATIVE one who was his own father in that day.

News Letter No. 39

Great Poets, Artists, writers and celebrities of many Ages have left records of their belief in reincarnation. More advanced souls can be trusted with memory of the past if needed for accomplishment in another life. Those who refuse to believe in reincarnation may be victims of misguidance, ignorance or just too underdeveloped to be ready for such information. “I DO” research on the lives of “The Great of the earth” proves without a doubt that each discovered his status, recognized his over-soul and acted accordingly with rare instances of admitting to the conviction publicly. ALEXANDER THE GREAT, when finishing his ten years of service to troubled people of that Age, mentioned his understanding that he was one of the “gods” of a previous Age when those with Cosmic Power were called “gods.”



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