Amenhotep II


The following excerpt was taken from an “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letter. 

News Letter No. 54 

The story of Moses in the bulrushes came from a clever play of the negative faction who were in charge of the destruction of other babies, and responsible for saving their own most important soul. Allah had warned the Pharaoh at the time (AMENHOTEP II – a Michael incarnation) about the plan of Lucifer to incarnate a physical “puppet” in his family, but the deceptions were so cleverly done the Pharaoh didn’t realize the Moses baby was the danger. The real story is staggering and we could not expect Christians to believe it because Christianity has become too infiltrated with the wrong information. We can only hope and pray this small facet of “Truth” will challenge for an investigation.



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                       Frances F. Sande

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