Anubis: Egyptian God


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 4: It is understood that this poem (the opening poem of Booklet V) was “given” by Gabriel since HE was known in many incarnations as “the messenger of the Gods” and it is stated here “I am that messenger.” He was GANYMEDE and HERMES who were known as messengers of their times. Because LUCIFER had such great power, not even GABRIEL spoke in liberty.  … GABRIEL is called “FILIAL WISDOM” or the faithful ONE among whose soul symbols was the dog which was given the name of one of HIS incarnations, ANUBIS. The ancients tried to avoid the worship of personalities by using symbols for the qualities of the soul in speaking of that which otherwise would have been a personality.

News Letter No. 54

They also had reasons for using the alligator to symbolize the Positive soul of the first triad. This could be one of the reasons for a later name of “Allah” being linked with a name for God. Among the same people the other soul of the “first triad” was portrayed as a turtle. His shell was marked with divisions symbolizing how many “unseen” souls of authority served as a canopy of protection over him. The turtle (soul once called Aaron) is shown with the burden of the “rod” of power on his back, around which were entwined the crocodile (evil one) following and biting the tail of the alligator (Michael). The turtle is comparable to the usual understanding of Gabriel who became “the balancer,” and whose soul sometimes was symbolized with the “scales of justice” to “weigh the hearts,” (ANUBIS or Thoth).

News Letter No. 66

The type of symbolism used to tell histories of humanity identify the souls about whom the records were made, therefore a good foundation in symbolism is requisite to evaluate properly. For instance the ram or lambs are well-known symbols for the Father and Son, Positive symbolism speaks of the Gabriel (Virgin Mary) soul as the “Goat” because she always came ahead of the child to lead the sheep. She was the “goat” for many lives of martyring numerous causes in His Name. But if one were to depend upon the negative teachings the Goat is defamed, as also the ANUBIS dog, which is used to symbolize the faithfulness of Virgin Mary to Christ.

News Letter No. 69

Reincarnation must be generally more understood before the world of thinkers on the third dimensional level can rise to advancements which are destined to become an intricate part of the New Age progress for mankind. “I DO” were very pleased at one time to read that Joseph Fielding Smith, now the President of the Mormon Church, stated a fact that we have long known, that “Noah is Elias.” We wonder if he would accept an extension of the genealogy of the same soul if we give the information that he was also David as well as Joseph Smith in other fruitful lives of services to God. The same soul in a previous incarnation is pictured as Thoth in Egypt when identified with Thotmes, the original builder of The Great Pyramid. It was Thoth who carried the KEY and guarded the Father’s records, whether symbolized as the Sphinx or another time as the faithful dog ANUBIS.

News Letter No. 74

Question: In view of what “I DO” Research might have discovered on incarnations, please tell us what the two feathers used to symbolize the soul known as Amon-Ra means. Who was He, soul-wise?

Answer: It is hard to ask us to answer an esoteric question when we know many of our readers won’t understand what you have asked or what we answer. But here goes: Amon-Ra was an incarnation of the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel, who many times personified what was known to Ancients as “The Hidden Deity,” or what Christians might call “The Father.” Jesus called Michael and Gabriel “The Fathers” and surely understood His relationship as one with them. Where He said “I and my Father are one,” He was speaking of the Deity personified as “hidden within.” Gabriel came many times to earth in a physical form containing “The Hidden One.” John the Baptist served as the physical counterpart of “The Hidden One” until he left this plane and “The Hidden One” became one with Jesus. Likewise when Jesus was gone Virgin Mary embodied “The Hidden One” until she left this plane. Upon Paul’s conversion HE began to serve in that capacity. It is a very long, deeply esoteric story which would take many books to explain fully. The “two feathers” of Amon-Ra symbolized that HE served in that capacity. Hermanubis was known to have been the compound of the God Horus (King of Kings soul) and ANUBIS (soul of Virgin Mary). Egyptian Wise Men knew this to be true of King Tut, and those with “eyes to see” can recognize it in the symbolism shown on the King Tut mummy, which in several ways proves the “two in one” soul identity.



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