Catherine the Great


News Letter No. 55

Mdm. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, was first to recognize all the Masters of Wisdom for the “graduate souls” which they were. Even then she became one of “the very elect” whom Scriptures state “would be deceived if possible.” She was caused to smoke by Morya who always used this method for control if necessary. Additives to that which was smoked could be done to open the “back door” of consciousness and let that devil in to peek over the shoulder to see the “unveiling” done against him so he could influence changes to cover his deceptions. Where smoking might not be possible, the burning of incense was used for tampering with the Divinely attuned mind to change the trend if possible. Mrs. Blavatsky was the reincarnation of “The Little Mother of Russia,” Catherine, who returned again to that nation to extend the work of freedom from the domination of the “arm, hammer and sickle” by incarnations of a Lucifer. In other lives she has been Joan of Arc who saved France, the George Washington who planned a big break from evil, (on a new continent) in keeping with prophecies. She had been the EE-dahow Chief of the Indians, the Hiawatha who promised to return in “EEDAHOW,” which gave Idaho its name. Having been so many martyrs for all men she was the “big” target of the “master of deceptions,” who won his way into her affections by claiming to have saved her in shipwrecks and illness which he had “caused” by black magic or Occult Chemistry in the first place. It was the “two” she incarnated to serve, who were the saviors of each predicament the evil one arranged for her torment. Whenever he could find the physical counterparts of the “two” in any life, he stationed his most faithful servants closest to channel the injustices he planned for appropriating whatever he was after for that Age.



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