The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 33: At times Michael and Gabriel, the higher plane manifestations of CHRIST and Mary “appear” with her. Some have reported seeing Christ “appear” through her body to further the proof of her identity.

Booklet IX: A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Page 16-17:  In every account we can find of the Mother’s incarnations, she had other children whose souls were approved for work with the Holy Family. In every age when she fought evil by lifting the lids of deception she carried the Holy Cross, which the handle of a sword in the hands of many of her statues symbolizes. The “two-edged sword” the Bible mentions, represents the power of the two great Angels Michael and Gabriel on higher planes, whose physical counterparts were CHRIST and Mary.

Newsletter No. 18

Wise Men of this Age, like Wise Men in the time of Jesus, recognized the Christ Child while the rest of the world “in silent stillness (ignorance) lay.” It was when the negative faction discovered the secret of His advent in the time when He was known as Jesus, that God told Joseph to take The Child to the Essenes in Egypt for protection. But in this Age when there was no group to go to for protection, it became necessary for the Child to be removed from this dimension. Since that time HE “appears” with the reincarnate Mother who produced the body HE will wear when there is enough organized and trained help to meet emergencies expected at His return.

Wherever the reincarnate Mother is at the time, it is possible to “see Him as He is.” This experience heals the sick who can SEE, and establishes in the “I DO” opinion the fact of that soul being CALLED. Miracles too numerous to tell and too fabulous to believe if they were told, have resulted from HIS “appearance” with The Mother whose status is proved in this manner. Sometimes HE “appears” as a CHILD and other times as a man with a robe and beard all recognized as CHRIST. When the Mother is among Buddhists, He “appears” as Buddha; when in Egypt HE becomes Kuthumi or Khattab, or sometimes Kheops, for these were lives when going to “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of.”

Newsletter No. 21

The fact that Christ and His faithful ones reincarnated many times to martyr many causes, always keeping “unspotted,” and that They are back today in new bodies, seems too inconceivable to be part of “Truth to make free.” Religions teach that Christ will “come as HE left” almost two thousand years ago, because the story of His many incarnations has not been known before. Only Wise Men who have “watched the night” of human affairs are now fully aware of His recent Advent and that THE CHRIST CHILD had to be “caught up” because there was not enough help or understanding when “a great dragon stood ready to swallow up The Child” as prophecy in Revelations foretells would happen.

It has been disastrous enough that the antichrist discovered the secret of The Child of this Age and necessitated HIS having to be “caught up,” but the danger of misunderstandings from a religious standpoint makes the problem even greater. A recent incarnation of The CHRIST Child was protected by a special plan for secrecy until the negative faction discovered HIM and caused The Child to be “caught up to God and His Throne” as the Bible states would happen. Since then Wise Men face the problem of making the world understand that HE will “return as HE left” this last time, “A Little Child” to grow up to be the spiritual leader of all who love God. It is hoped that it will not take so long that HE will be old enough to wear the beard and robe the uninformed are expecting to see.

News Letter No. 40

Question: Upon meeting the woman I DO” say is so unusual, I saw her features change to Virgin Mary and then assume male features I could identify as CHRIST. A white light formed around her head. If feature changes show past incarnations why should hers show both Christ and Mary?

Answer: They are of the same soul, and were Elijah and Elias in one incarnation. When “Twice your power” was needed for planned work, both resided in the same body. Buddha’s Mother left her body after producing a form for The Child, then took residence with him in that form. “I DO” Research found many records, some proving them to have been either Mother and Child, or Father and Child, where one left the body to be one with the other.

News Letter No. 41

Question: “I DO” claim that one SEES when he can be trusted with the information. The trouble is that what I SAW I cannot understand. I saw two Masters of Wisdom who are known as Kuthumi and Hilarion both appear through one female form as it changed. Two white doves hovered above the head of the woman. Please how could two be one, or one be two?

Answer: If you really study our TRUTH literature you could get the answer. You must be worthy and somewhat ready, or what is called “an older soul” for this to happen to you. You no doubt saw the woman “I DO” mention so many times. Since her Child was “caught up” from this plane, HE manifests as one with her. She was once Saint Hilarion, CHRIST was once Kuthumi. The two doves symbolize “twice your power” as Elijah, then the father, promised his son Elias, later incarnated as Virgin Mary.

News Letter No. 44

One could not be able to understand Scriptures in their original meaning unless he understood symbolism used for souls. This is where facts of reincarnation are essential to understand what recorders of those times were talking about. “The Rod” means the same soul mentioned in the Kabbala as T-ZION, also the soul once incarnated as Aaron. Some writers spoke of that soul as “the waters,” which meant Truth, or “the water pourer” symbolized by a woman with a jug, or a man with a pitcher, because when incarnating that soul took either male and female forms in keeping with the work to be accomplished. The same soul is known on higher planes as Gabriel, once incarnating as Virgin Mary. “The Staff” means the soul known on higher planes as Michael, or “King of Kings.” This is also the staff of the shepherd frequenting pictures of “The Comforter.” Sometimes spoken of as “the bread of Life,” the soul known as “The Staff” surely is the true “staff of life,” the body of CHRIST or Truth. Researching various scriptures in their original essence and understanding the terminology of ancient writers, an esoteric student will get more out of the Scriptures than the conventional Christian whose training is limited to the views of a pastor who perhaps never thought of symbolical evaluation of the Scriptures.

News Letter No. 45

Ø      TO BEGIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF “TRUTH TO MAKE FREE” spoken of first in the Scriptures and repeated many times by various religious Leaders, one must recognize certain facts which lay a foundation for acceptance of ideas which lead to Truths almost too advanced for immediate digestion. These esoteric ideas are what CHRIST taught His Disciples, Buddha confided to more advanced souls nearest him, and Brahma incorporated in his teachings. This type of advancements was always reserved for initiates of the deeper mysteries of Infinite Mind – or whatever terminology used at the time to express the Absolute. In this New Age when times and minds are advancing to the necessity, more and more esoteric information must be brought forth to meet the needs of a greatly troubled world if a solution is ever to be found.

Ø      We have mentioned before that Moses was taken on Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments because he was the leader of sinners. He had actually built a mountain of sin and needed help from God who knew of the deception of “the elect” who had been “chosen” by “the lord of deceptions.” Because Moses thought he was serving “the Lord God,” we are told that “Michael” (CHRIST) “contended with Lucifer for the body of Moses” after he passed this plane. For this reason it is doubtful if the grave of Moses can ever be found. If “body” also meant “people” who were deceived, Michael is still contending for the Jews who suffered the purges Jesus foresaw when saying “Weep not for me, but for your children and your children’s children.” He knew if they rejected His effort to save them from the real “wilderness” of wrong ideas Moses was deceived into believing was freedom, they would in Ages to come suffer until they learned “Truth to Make Free.” The two factions of Jews whom Michael has been successful in enlightening somewhat were purged by the faction who were followers of “the great deceiver” using Moses to misguide them long ago.

News Letter No. 47

Wherever the sincere seeker looks in the histories of mankind, from the beginning when the first three souls to attain to “eternal life” (Nephites of Mormons), known on highest planes as Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, the first two work as one. They were Father and son many times, Mother and Son, Twins or in very close relationship at all times, sometimes even inhabiting the same form for “twice your power” which Elijah (CHRIST) promised Elias (Virgin Mary). Sometimes when in one body those who were GIVEN to SEE, would recognize the fact because of SEEING half the features of the greater One on the right side of the face, while the left side showed the other half of that soul. This is what is symbolized by stones cut in Pompeii showing two faces, one overshadowing the other. It happened in many lives that both inhabited the same body and were recognized in this manner. This is why Wise Men of this Age who have the “eyes to See” already know what form bears this marking to prove the status. With “TIME” so short it becomes imperative to release this information to serve a purpose at this time of great misunderstandings of “His ways past finding out,” other than to SEE and have it explained. When the Hindi are  GIVEN to SEE, they SEE the two as Brahma and Vishnu, Buddhists SEE Buddha and his counterpart, while the Occult world SEE Them as Kuthumi and Hilarion, the Christians SEE Christ and Mary. Since They are responsible for the religion of Islam, Arabs are also introduced to their Muhammad.

News Letter No. 52

Neither CHRIST, nor any other great teacher of God’s wisdom ever declared that there is a limit on what a soul might hope to attain. Each worked to grow the souls of their converts, not to limit them to perverted ideas about inequality. They never said that only great religious Teachers could attain to “eternal life.” One has only to read “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth” to see what he understood long ago of the possibilities of the soul. Even after graduation from the necessity of more earthly lives of schooling, the soul grows in more and more intelligence, ever rising toward the Source. Whether it takes many lives to complete the “One with All” as Thoth so beautifully expressed it, the idea of unlimited possibilities of growth is the same.

News Letter No. 64

JESUS dared an incarnation among the Jews to try to off-set the deceptions which Moses inadvertently channeled. But the power of evil “watchers” of the negative faction “spotted” Him and nailed Him on the cross before He could make those God-fearing innocent people understand what He was trying to do for them. This is why Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” and then bade them “weep not for me, but for your children and children’s children.” He knew what a terrible fate was in store for them if He could not make them recognize the path they were following was of “The Great Deceiver.” Even though the physical form known as Moses served directly as the deceiver’s channel, the man Moses was not aware of it and believed he was following the voice of “The Lord, God,” instead of “The Lord of Deceptions.” For this reason the Bible declares that “MICHAEL contended with Lucifer for the body of Moses. Here “body” means both body of peoples as well as the physical form of Moses who actually thought he was serving God. Those poor deceived souls had little chance to discover the “Truth to make free.”

News Letter No. 68

There are many groups everywhere working on some ideas of advancement for human thinking, but none at this time enjoying the absolute support of the most powerful leading Archangels of Heaven, known as Michael and Gabriel. Their counterparts on the physical plane were in various incarnations known as Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, THE KING OF KINGS and Virgin Mary. At times they dwelt in one body for “twice your power” which Elijah promised Elias, (other incarnations of the same “two” chosen by God to do the lead-out work of every Age). It was They who called Martin Luther, Joseph Smith and all other great souls Chosen to channel more of God’s progress for humanity as time and situations demanded a restoration of TRUTH.

News Letter No. 72

JESUS knew the difference, but like all other esoteric thinkers, knew it was a most dangerous subject because of the oaths and determination of the negative faction who were guided and empowered by a relentless Lucifer. The scriptures tell us that “Michael dared not rebuke Lucifer.” Because Elias recognized the great responsibility of his over-soul (Gabriel) whom he knew was destined to overthrow “The Great Deceiver” in a future called “The Last Age,” he asked Elijah to grant him “Twice Your Power,” which he realized it would take for such a major undertaking involving a soul who had long enjoyed the greatest earthly power. Because of the deep-rooted implications of this dangerously sensitive subject, Jesus simply stated, “Truth shall make you free.”

News Letter No. 74

Another symbolism used to show the position of the Gabriel soul, and identify the form being used on the physical plane at the time, was the scales of “balance” to “weigh souls.” The position was one of “sifting the wheat from the chaff” of wayward souls, saving the lost sheep and aligning them with Infinite Mind. Through numerous creeds and organizations dedicated to the advancement of mortal thinking, that soul made it possible for many to “rise” to higher planes of consciousness and be rewarded with initiations equal to “eternal life.” The Scriptures stating that “many will rise to meet Him,” means that many will “rise” to understandings which makes it possible to “touch the hem of His garment” of Cosmic Consciousness. The KING OF KINGS soul is called “The One Initiator,” while the responsibility of the Virgin Mother is preparing souls to pass through the door of initiation.

News Letter No. 80

Ø      Elijah knew his soul had attained to “eternal life” and that he would “make his ascension” to higher planes without having to pass through the experience of mortal death. The soul of Elijah was the first who ever attained to the “eternal life” status and returned to help others many times. His was “THE KING OF KINGS” soul, recognized by esoteric students of the Occult world as “The One Initiator,” they know as Kuthumi. He would usually plan an incarnation before the soul destined to be initiated into Sonship for whatever Age. This was to help announce the coming Son of God as in the case of John the Baptist who remained on this plane until he baptized (initiated) The Son of God. He was one of the souls Jesus called.

Ø      The first “mind-born” child we could find any record of was Ganymede,  the child Zeus “sewed in his thigh” (inner understanding), and brought forth after his own pattern, or to be his consort upon the fall of Lucifer (Eve) who had served as his companion before that time. Zeus was the same soul once known as Adam (THE KING OF KINGS) and His mind-born child was the Virgin Mary (soul of Gabriel). At that period of human evolution the souls who had attained to Sonship were called “gods” when they returned to earth with powers other mortals did not understand.



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