Leonardo Da Vinci


The following excerpt was taken from an “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letter. 

News Letter No. 55

Those with “eyes to See,” will be able to find some records which survived the devastating powers of the “anti” faction. However many destroyed, there are still a few records which can testify to the “I DO” findings and prove the “Truth to Make Free.” When the negative faction became wise to one method of Positive Sculptors, or painters trying to leave records of “Truth,” another way was figured out each time to forward the cause. The coy smile on the pristine face of the Mona Lisa was DA VINCI’S way of showing he knew what he was doing. While telling still another story to “Wise Men” whom it was known would understand, it silently told something the world will not be ready to accept for a long time. The picture was unrecognized beyond the fine art which is generally thought to make its astonishing value. If there is an esoteric student anywhere who knows what we are talking about, let him come forward, as these are the kind of people with whom we wish to share our findings.


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                       Frances F. Sande

Interdenominational Divine Order