The Prophet Daniel


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 71

At times Gabriel’s efforts to enlighten a physical form being used for a channel of Lucifer on the earth plane, would break through with the information when the counterpart of Lucifer was begging the Hierarchy for identification. When interpreting the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, DANIEL perceived the secret of the identity of the king, saying, “Thou art this head of gold.” Genghis Khan prayed for an answer as did also Napoleon whose Lucifer over-soul did not want them to know what soul they represented in those incarnations. Daniel, an incarnation of Gabriel would have been the only one who would get this information for the king because it was Gabriel’s position to give whatever advancements necessary to “spot” an incarnation of Lucifer.

News Letter No. 78

Joseph Smith was the same soul as David, who used a sling-shot to kill the Giant (Lucifer) of his day, who arranged for killing him when he was Joseph Smith. He was also DANIEL of the Lion’s Den story. The list of his services to God is a very long one. He was always there with the Saints whenever there was Truth to again restore. He is reincarnate now carrying on where he left off in the last life which Mormons know nothing about yet.



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