The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 69

Reincarnation must be generally more understood before the world of thinkers on the third dimensional level can rise to advancements which are destined to become an intricate part of the New Age progress for mankind. “I DO” were very pleased at one time to read that Joseph Fielding Smith, now the President of the Mormon Church, stated a fact that we have long known, that “Noah is Elias.” We wonder if he would accept an extension of the genealogy of the same soul if we give the information that he was also DAVID as well as Joseph Smith in other fruitful lives of services to God. The same soul in a previous incarnation is pictured as Thoth in Egypt when identified with Thotmes, the original builder of The Great Pyramid. It was Thoth who carried the KEY and guarded the Father’s records, whether symbolized as the Sphinx or another time as the faithful dog Anubis.

News Letter No. 71

In a previous life the two tablets Moroni took away from the reincarnate Saints, “Latter Day Saints” could have served the same purpose. Regardless of how many times earthly records or TRUTH were destroyed, physical manifestations serving Michael and Gabriel reincarnated to restore them. Akashic records of soul genealogy proves Joseph Smith was another incarnation of the soul who was always in possession of “The Keys” and protected His Father’s records, regardless of what names, titles, male or female forms were needed to handle the work to greatest advantage for keeping “unspotted.” DAVID who felled the Giant (Lucifer incarnation), was only one of the hundreds of incarnations of the Gabriel soul. Long ago the name was Aaron as soul genealogy proves for those who are vested with the Powers to tap that Source of Akashic Records.

News Letter No. 78

Joseph Smith was the same soul as DAVID, who used a sling-shot to kill the Giant (Lucifer) of his day, who arranged for killing him when he was Joseph Smith. He was also Daniel of the Lion’s Den story. The list of his services to God is a very long one. He was always there with the Saints whenever there was Truth to again restore. He is reincarnate now carrying on where he left off in the last life which Mormons know nothing about yet.



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