Frances F. Sande

(Gabriel-Soul - "Two-in-One")

≈  The Child appears in and through her physical form.  ≈

For the complete life story of Frances F. Sande, read her biography. The book is entitled "The Cosmic Birth - The Life and Works of Frances Fisher Sande, The Reincarnate Mother of the Last Age" and can be found elsewhere on this Website.

Frances Sande was born Frances Fisher in Idaho on February 7th, 1905. She was baptized an Episcopalian and subsequently became a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist. She married Peer Sande and together they had three children; the first one was born in April 1936. In 1957 in Boulder, Colorado, Interdenominational Divine Order was organized around her. In 1960 it moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, and in August 1961 Interdenominational Divine Order or "I DO" was incorporated.

The story of the Soul of Frances Fisher Sande reaches back to Time Immemorial and represents the latest Chapter in the long series of incarnations of the Gabriel-Soul who always came to "open the ways" in every Age.

In April 1936, Frances produced the body of The Child Ancient prophecies referred to as "Aja the Unborn." This was the First Phase of the The Child’s “Cosmic Birth.”  The Second Phase of the The Child’s “Cosmic Birth” took place in late 1954 to stop a bomb at the moment it would have been detonated. Then, on Easter Sunday, April 10th, 1955 when, because of dangers from the “great dragon” personality (Mrs. Mary Martha Bowers) who “stood by to swallow up The Child,” it was necessary for HIM to be “caught up” from the physical plane until more adequate preparation could be made for His reception and protection. "A great Angel appeared and asked for "time to mark more in the forehead," (with understandings). Since then, we have entered a period of time to be preparing many to know what they will SEE so there will not be dangers from panic due to lack of understandings.

The Third and Final Phase of the “Cosmic Birth” will take place on D DAY, when the skies will be filled with the glory of His return. This will take place in fulfillment of the 1951 prophecy of Christ to Frances who heard the repetition of the words “D DAY” telepathically, and realizing the message was coming from the voice of The Master, asked Him what it could mean. The answer came as follows:

“In D DAY of understanding

 Thou shall raise their thoughts to ME,

 Mankind shall see correction,

 No more evil then shall be.”

Frances explained that whatever misunderstandings, confusions or misrepresentations of TRUTH, God Principles can never really be lost or destroyed. Even if documents are burned to head off facts being known eternal verities cannot be actually destroyed. Even if the physical channel is forcibly indisposed or facts obliterated TRUTH continues and will rebound to strike at the interference when most unexpected. A very clear case of this type of thing was in the case of Mdm. Blavatsky, Frances Sande's previous incarnation, who served as the physical channel for the Masters of Wisdom who functioned as ONE, known to the Occult world as Kuthumi and Hilarion, Christ and Mary; or on higher planes as Michael and Gabriel. When Mdm. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled went so far as to endanger the cleverly concealed deceptions of “the negatively existent one” every effort was made to get her out of the way. The plan was to work the physical channel (Annie Besant) for the deceptive one (El Morya) into the picture and change things to suit the Lucifer over-soul influencing illness, pressures and injustices Mdm. Blavatsky suffered. Even though the third volume of Isis Unveiled was never published and other works were changed to suit the intents of the Great Deceiver, she returned in the Last Age to settle the score and channel the same TRUTHS.

It was not until after transition that she learned of the deceptions of the Master of Wisdom she trusted, who had encouraged her to WILL herself out of incarnation. She then planned another life; by keeping unspotted until 1951 Frances Sande managed to get a head start in laying the foundation for the fall of the Lucifer puppet of that Age. Perhaps only long after she has left this plane will men realize what services she has performed for world protection while keeping out of the limelight. Frances Sande passed from this plane in 1994, and the GABRIEL-SOUL has since reincarnated to complete the work started during Frances' life. THE GABRIEL-SOUL WILL REVEAL ITSELF TO THE WORLD WHEN IT IS TIME TO PRESENT THE CHILD AFTER THE ADVENT.

After the world mother of matter (EVE-il) lost her dominion, the world mother of spirit (Virgin Mary) was given “twice your power.” That Gabriel-soul, when manifest on earth as Elias, asked his father Elijah (The King of Kings), for “twice your power.” Elias saw it would be necessary to have that much power if he was to finally outwit and overpower Lucifer, which was the dedication to God’s service that originated that symbolical term “Scapegoat” for the Virgin Mother’s soul. In Jewish Antiquity the title denoted a “goat” upon which the sins of the people were symbolically laid, and which was then sent away into the wilderness. The Virgin Mary soul was sometimes symbolized as a “stone.” Because Jesus hoped she would be able to carry on with His teachings after he was gone, He prayed for that “stone to be made bread” or be able to go on giving that “bread” after He had left this plane.

Virgin Mary taught for a long time after Jesus was crucified. After that life she went into a “wilderness” of terrible experiences in many lives and “far off lands” while giving the “bread” that would eventually make possible the Advent of The King of Kings in this Last Age. Hers was the soul about which prophecy was speaking when stating, “the stone the builders rejected had become the head of the corner.” For those who understood the “message,” it prophesied that it was expected her “bread” in the “Last Age” would be rejected, but that she would finally become the cornerstone upon which the City of Zion would be built. The King of Kings soul was sometimes called “Zion,” while the Virgin Mother was “’T’Zion” because of the crosses she suffered In His Name during many lives of preparing for His Advent.

Another symbolism used to show the position of the Gabriel soul, and identify the form being used on the physical plane at the time, was the scales of “balance” to “weigh souls.” The position was one of “sifting the wheat from the chaff” of wayward souls, saving the lost sheep and aligning them with Infinite Mind. Through numerous creeds and organizations dedicated to the advancement of mortal thinking, that soul made it possible for many to “rise” to higher planes of consciousness and be rewarded with initiations equal to “eternal life.” The Scriptures stating that “many will rise to meet Him,” means that many will “rise” to understandings which makes it possible to “touch the hem of His garment” of Cosmic Consciousness. The King of Kings soul is called “The One Initiator,” while the responsibility of the Virgin Mother is preparing souls to pass through the door of initiation. In our “I DO” research we have been led by Christ to find the numerous lives of that Gabriel soul while preparing the world from many angles for His Advent of each Age. Sometimes the form was male if that was foreseen as the need. Whenever The Child was also expected to return, or another soul was ready for the Sonship initiation, she would come in female form to present that great soul.

In the St. Francis incarnation the Gabriel soul was promised that The Child would be returned from the heavens. St. Francis must have recognized his own soul status as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, for it is recorded that he always kept a bed for The Child and watched the skies for His return. That soul reincarnate again to prepare for His reception, still keeps a bed for The Child and watches the skies for His return. We have repeated many times that the reincarnate Mother of this Age gave The Child (Messiah) a physical form long ago. The Child had to be “caught up” for His protection from the EVE-il incarnation of this Age because there was not enough understanding of the problem. More dedicated helpers had to be found to stand by for His return, which is expected will be soon SEEN in the skies all over the world. Because He has been “all things to all men,” the Cosmic TV will show Him “as He is,” even so “A Little Child to Lead Them,” as well as in many forms to be recognized by all who wait and pray for their beloved Leader to return to save the world. Each will “see” Him as He was to them when incarnating among them and establishing many of the greater religions of the past.


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters.

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 35: After five hundred and fifty lives of fighting negative forces Mrs. Blavatsky finally developed power enough to overcome the Devil in this AGE. Akashic records show her as THE WORLD MOTHER OF SPIRIT, or “THE WOMAN” of Revelations who was known in another life to have been MARY the MOTHER of JESUS. THE CHILD will be given to HIS MOTHER when he comes and the writer has been informed that negative laborers have been told to contest THE MOTHER’S right to THE CHILD. GOD would not give HIM to another and HIS judgment will have to be considered right.

Booklet VI: Truths Recorded From Higher Planes

Page 46: The reincarnate Blavatsky, who is the leader of all positive Space Men on earth today, has been rejected by many cults and creeds who have responded to lies against her. She was herself deceived before she passed from the Blavatsky form. Those taking over in her stead were also deceived and the chain of deceptions has carried for many years, resulting in the reincarnate Blavatsky being prevented from attending Theosophical meetings lest their clairvoyants might recognize her and discover the deceptions within their ranks. ‘The Stone the Builders rejected has become the head of the corner’ has been fulfilled by the fact that she has been chosen as Leader and representative of Space Men on earth today.

Booklet VII: Cosmic Truth’s Victory

Page 33-34: The third of Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky was destroyed and other writers changed greatly, together with defamatory writings against her because of her effort to enlighten humanity at the time. Since nothing is lost in Divine Mind the REINCARNATE BLAVATSKY will reproduce all that was destroyed, and expose those who appropriated her holdings, now cleverly manipulating interests of higher initiates, who today are deceived into denying her right to attend esoteric meetings or join the organization she set up when Blavatsky. After clairvoyants serving negative forces recognized her in the new body she was troubled as when known as Blavatsky before the evil Master was successful in attaining advantage through his puppets of that time. An investigation would be very revealing for any who wish to know the Truth about this matter, Akashic records of incarnations can be seen on the changing face of Blavatsky to prove her identity and this is how clairvoyants serving negative forces, stationed in Theosophical Headquarters for the purpose, discovered her in the present body.

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 24-25: Because she (the reincarnate Mother) was to inherit the power of the King of Kings, once known as Buddha, and be initiated into “the works that I do”, this appointment was symbolized by the REINCARANTE MARY leaping to a sitting position when she was ten days old. Unlike the Buddha (an incarnation of Christ) who did the same in another incarnation when ten days old, she said nothing. He announced “I am the Buddha,” which people of that time understood to signify that he was an incarnation of Buddha.

It was wise that the reincarnate Mary said nothing. It was not intended that she be “spotted”. Not even the reincarnate Ann of the time of Jesus, who was the mother of her body this time, could remember who she had been, or understand why she dreamed repeatedly of a promise of having an unusual child. She had no idea of the prophecy that her child, who had once been Ananda, was to inherit His power in this Age when He would rise from King, to “King of Kings”, or to the accumulated power and glory of all of His past incarnations, some of which were Buddha, Khattab of Egypt, Kuthumi of Occult understandings, Krishna of India and many others where He was loved and honored as a great Teacher.

Page 33: At times Michael and Gabriel, the higher plane manifestations of Christ and Mary “appear” with her. Some have reported seeing Christ “appear” through her body to further the proof of her identity.

Booklet IX: A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Page 10: Since the soul once known as Mary was one with that known as Apollo, it could be expected that she would be born on his birth date which was the seventh of February. Since she was to be initiated into “the works that I do and even greater” as He stepped up to become “King of Kings”, certain other specifications became necessary which we found true of the woman we have determined is the reincarnate Mary.

News Letter No. 08

Only those who knew Mdm. Blavatsky in the present life could understand how strongly steeled she is against the Master of Deceptions who made her believe it was time to leave this plane, which caused her willingness to WILL herself out of that incarnation. In the present life she is determined to “hold fast that which thou hast” and for this reason we know THE CHILD will never again have to be “caught up,” not the Christ crucified again. After she finishes reproducing the information once encompassed in the third volume of ISIS UNVEILED which the evil one’s physical puppet disposed of, many cults and creeds will begin digging themselves out of the debris of deceptions and retrieving original Truths which were lost when the “sharpest spirit in all heaven” incarnated on earth to become a Leader of various religions where he did the same as he accomplished in several cases mentioned so far in our literature. Each cult and creed will have to learn of the deceptions so they can comb them out of their teachings. From our investigations we haven’t found any who will be able to point a finger at another. When our research worker made these discoveries she was just as shocked as anyone else would be when they had believed differently, and had at times herself done honors to the evil one without realizing his status. Even after learning the secret she was afraid she might be wrong and made further investigations by visiting Wise Men of India, and elsewhere, to check with them to make sure she was right about it. Her teachers did not allow her to talk about her findings until the negatively existent one’s power was revoked.

News Letter No. 12

In sending the soul of Gabriel out in this Age, Christ said in His last message before her departure: “Bring peace, endeavor peace, spread peace that the world may by peace abide and in peace restore the First Love.” This message was to The Mother whose itinerary was laid out by Christ for a world tour when she was being sent to make enough understandings so the Child who had just been “caught up,” could be returned. HE spoke of HIM as “The First Love,” because it was Her first Child, as well as first in her love. He added “Blossoms art dear to US. Find them around the world that they may be united through love in the Supreme expectancy of Christ.” The trip was interrupted by evil ones who had searched the world for the reincarnate Mother whom they knew would come to do the final finish work in this Age when it was prophesied that the most evil soul, the Master of deceptions, would lose his power. After much torture and many disappointments, the Mother was forced to return without the world tour completed. Everything possible was done to smear and defame her in every cult, creed and religious Organization on the face of the earth. Her home, heart and pocket book were purposely broken and her financial back forced to the wall. It was then that Christ would always “appear” to somebody and ask for help or protection for her. This has kept His work going, but misunderstandings as well as lack of understandings are now the greatest drawback to preparing for HIS reception. It is beginning to look like the prophecy that “HE will come as a thief in the night” will have to be fulfilled.

News Letter No. 14

Mdm. Blavatsky is known by the Occult world to have been an incarnation of Master Hilarion or Virgin Mary. She reincarnated as a female in order to give THE CHILD in this Age. There are many who claim to be Blavatsky, but only one through whom THE CHILD “appears” and whose body changes to show past incarnations mentioned. We sponsor and protect this woman so should KNOW. She has traveled in many countries where HE always “appeared” with her when her identity needed to be recognized. She was born on the date ancient prophecies declared would identify her. Miracles attending her activities are too numerous to mention. “I DO” can lead anyone to find her who can be trusted to be helpful in the preparation for the return of CHILD who had to be “caught up” for HIS protection when dangers became too great and we did not have enough help to withstand. The reincarnate Blavatsky has “unveiled Isis” who was perpetuating crimes against humanity. For the Occult world who can understand we might mention that Kuthumi (an incarnation of Christ) directs the modern Blavatsky in her great work for world protection against atomic mistakes.

Evil ones determined to keep the modern Blavatsky from accomplishing the “opening of the ways’ for HIS return, have cleverly defamed her and laid all manner of limitations in her path. They told all cult and creed who have fallen under the negative influence, not to look at her face because she would hypnotize or kill them. This has caused “The Builders” to reject “the stone” which was to be “the head of the corner,” as mentioned in Biblical prophecy. Much prophecy has been fulfilled which the world knows little about. “I DO” have the story in great detail, and will give it to any who make themselves worthy. This leads us to another question received a number of times.

News Letter No. 18

Wherever the reincarnate Mother is at the time, it is possible to “see Him as He is.” This experience heals the sick who can SEE, and establishes in the “I DO” opinion the fact of that soul being CALLED. Miracles too numerous to tell and too fabulous to believe if they were told, have resulted from HIS “appearance” with The Mother whose status is proved in this manner. Sometimes HE “appears” as a CHILD and other times as a man with a robe and beard all recognized as Christ. When the Mother is among Buddhists, He “appears” as Buddha; when in Egypt HE becomes Kuthumi or Khattab, or sometimes Kheops, for these were lives when going to “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of.”

News Letter No. 23

If advancements presented herein do not make sense to some it is only because they are not yet developed enough to understand. But we have the conviction that sooner or later when “all eyes SEE,” many will be forced to seek answers for experiences they will have. God will project proofs in the heavens to substantiate what has been given to “I DO” to release at this time of preparations. Changing features of our “I DO” representative are being given from Above to show past incarnations and facts of reincarnation too few know about at this time. In this way the karmic rights are being established for one whose “tongue was loosed by God” to present the information Interdenominational Divine Order have been chosen to publish. The Bible declares that “to each will be given” and it is our understanding much more Truth about many subjects will be given through other channels who are being Called or Chosen for that purpose. We are now sponsoring THE WOMAN we have finally decided has all the qualifications necessary to “open the ways” for right understandings of others who are to function some part of The Great Plan. She has proved to meet all the requisites mentioned in Ancient prophecies as identifying the soul who would do the first work to make the return of “The King of Kings” possible. The third phase of Cosmic Birth will be the Advent which will unite all the Chosen in one grand effort to secure world peace through understandings yet to be made. We know that information “I DO” has been chosen to publish will lay the foundation for acceptance of Christ “as HE is,” which event will be the beginning of older souls being recognized as of the past and fitted into positions for which they were reincarnated. After sponsoring the one we have now recognized as the soul karmically aligned to “open the ways” we will then proceed to sponsor others who we know will play leading parts. Much more prophecy has been fulfilled about “the woman” but we will leave this for another time when more appropriate to talk about it. Suffice to say that nothing Ancient writings prophesied would happen failed to be the experience of the reincarnated Mother of The Child. Our “I DO” research have the whole story but are not allowed to give it to any unless they come our way and they can SEE for themselves.

News Letter No. 24

Like all her WORKS of many lives past there has never been a parallel for the fruits of accomplishments attributed to the soul Chosen to “open the ways” for the return of Christ, find the reincarnate Great of the Earth in their new bodies and unite them In His Name. She is the ISIS who sought the pieces of Osiris (Christ) and built a Shrine wherever she found them. Her search for the thirteenth piece of Osiris was found within HERSELF as she functioned as HIS physical counterpart when the TWINS were forced to manifest in one form for HIS protection. The fantastic over-shadowing is visible today for all who are ready to SEE.

News Letter No. 40

Question: Upon meeting the woman “I DO” say is so unusual, I saw her features change to Virgin Mary and then assume male features I could identify as Christ. A white light formed around her head. If feature changes show past incarnations why should hers show both Christ and Mary?

Answer: They are of the same soul, and were Elijah and Elias in one incarnation. When “Twice your power” was needed for planned work, both resided in the same body. Buddha’s Mother left her body after producing a form for The Child, then took residence with him in that form. “I DO” Research found many records, some proving them to have been either Mother and Child, or Father and Child, where one left the body to be one with the other.

Since The Child of this Age was “caught up” He “appears” in and through the body of The Mother who lived as one with Him in the same body many times, as is true at present and will be that way until the Advent proving something the world needs to know.

News Letter No. 41

Question: I met a lady once whose features changed to Virgin Mary, Queen Nefertiti, Joan of Arc and a Chinese person I couldn’t identify. I saw both Western and Eastern Indian and Chinese-looking people as her features changed. There were symbols on her forehead, a large cross of the ANKH type which changed to a Child. A Pyramid with an eye in the middle was on her forehead. Letters IHVH and a six-sided star were done in white with a red background as the other symbols disappeared. Did I SEE what I thought; could it have been the reincarnate Mother? She seemed to be just another unannounced guest speaker at a meeting I attended in New York in 1957.

Answer: Yes, you saw what you were looking at and there is no doubt that it was the REINCARNATE MOTHER, for what you saw only happens to her. We would like to meet anyone who was Given to See that much. You must be one of the Called who could be Chosen when you have enough understanding. “I DO” are dedicated to giving free training to any who qualify.

News Letter No. 44

“The lion” was the soul known as The Mother, and “the lamb” was The Child. The Scriptural prophecy is about what would take place among the incarnations of those souls after Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked. In the Kabbala “T-Zion” is the soul of The Mother, sometimes called “Mt. Zion.” She was the IAO of Ancient Wisdom teachings, the letters being the first, middle and last of IDAHO. Some Scriptural prophecy states that the “cojoining” of the two souls known as King of Kings (ZEUS) and Virgin Mary (Ganymede) would be “On Mt. Ida of a new continent.” The “Ide” festival in Calcutta, India, July 28, is the same idea as that of American Indians who hold the Sun Dance on the same date. It honors the Indian chief called EEDAHOW, once Hiawatha, the savior of the Indians. This was the same soul who as Noah warned of the flood, later incarnating among the Indians to warn that white men would take their land if they would not lay down war clubs and live in peace. He is the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel who always “blew the horn” of warning in every Age.

News Letter No. 45

“I DO” isn’t just another self-appointed Leader. She was Called when very young, always guided and instructed in preparation for the specific mission she was Chosen to accomplish. Christ’s appearance to her, declaring “unto Thee I give a Key,” followed by an intense and specific training for a world tour, the itinerary of which Christ laid out Himself, puts her work in a category never heard of before. His ever-present guidance and many “apparitions” with her, has established a precedence much beyond average, as well as having made her the special target of the antichrist forces determined to cause failure of her mission, or force her under their control if possible. Under the guidance and protection of Christ “I DO” has been able to discover and understand many ancient records the world has yet to learn about. “I DO” is at this time much concerned with finding the Called and helping with their understandings so they may be Chosen for some part of the work of the New Age after the Advent of the King of Kings when “all eyes see.” Information Christ has given her will make it possible for the whole world to accept “Him as He is” and not as so many are expecting. We who KNOW and have already been able to “SEE HIM AS HE IS,” know that we must be ready to accept HIM in whatever form God chooses to present His most beloved Son. One moment He can be a tiny baby, another time a small child, or young man; and many times is seen wearing a beard and robe all Christians declare is Christ.

News Letter No. 54

Cosmic TV will be used to reveal the “thoughts and intents of the heart,” where Akashic records from “The Book of Lives” will reveal the contents of a soul by projection of symbolism on the features. This provision was planned by God to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. Wise Men who can “see” now, already know what surprises are in store when all eyes will SEE.” It is expected to take much effort to keep down panic when all “SEE” and too few understand enough to help where it will be greatly needed. But, “with twice your power” which Elias (Gabriel) asked of his Father who was then Elijah (Michael), these two souls commonly known to Christians as “The King of Kings” and “Virgin Mary,” will be able to handle any situation which will arise. While they were forced to abandon their projects in many lives which were martyred before Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked, there is no danger they can be displaced in this New Age when the “Rod” of Aaron (THE REINCARNATE MOTHER) was given “twice your power,” and is to serve as “the rod of iron” in the hand of The King of Kings to create a “New Heaven and New Earth.”

News Letter No. 62

After many years of heeding “callings” of many types, ever listening for guidance and responding to the need at the time, The King of Kings visited our “I DO” Leader. He laid a very large key on the table, saying, “Unto Thee I Give a Key.” He talked all night, staying until sunrise the next morning. Certain emergencies existed at the time for which He explained she was reincarnated to meet. When she was almost overwhelmed with the immensity of what she was told she had been “Chosen” for, Christ said, “You were born for this work and We are depending upon you.” He promised “I will be the words in thy mouth,” and she soon found this happening. If she did not have an answer needed at the time, she would sit quietly in prayer for a moment and she was “given” anything needed, even to foreign language spoken through her mouth. If necessary to be more convincing her features were changed to show many incarnations proving rights and positions her soul had earned in past lives.

News Letter No. 72

The Child “I DO” know to be The Christ Child is spoken of in Ancient Prophecies as “Aja The Unborn,” because of the unusual way in which HE manifests as one with THE MOTHER who prepared the body for him in keeping with prophecy, “The two will come together on Mt. Ida (Idaho) of a new continent in the Last Age.” In the life when known as Buddha there was no birth process. He simply dropped out without pain or what might be called “birth.” When ten days old His mother passed from the physical plane to become one with Him from a different angle. Again in this Last Age nothing the medical world could do brought about a birth so the Child was taken by instruments. After being “caught up” from this plane HE became one with The Mother with whom He is now SEEN by those who can be trusted to SEE. 

News Letter No. 74

In the St. Francis incarnation the Gabriel soul was promised that The Child would be returned from the heavens. St. Francis must have recognized his own soul status as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, for it is recorded that he always kept a bed for The Child and watched the skies for His return. That soul reincarnate again to prepare for His reception, still keeps a bed for The Child and watches the skies for His return. We have repeated many times that the reincarnate MOTHER of this Age gave The Child (Messiah) a physical form long ago. The Child had to be “caught up” for His protection from the EVE-il incarnation of this Age because there was not enough understanding of the problem.



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