St. Francis of Assisi


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 40:


Evil’s argus eyes used hardened wings for beating

Who ages past caused lamb’s goat the mournful bleating.

At last the day fulfilled ST. FRANCIS' vision, earth bands riven

Finally the reward to Him the Child is given

He served that from the cross the Christ be taken,

To prove to earth they were not forsaken,

Whose works were good in sure rewards abounding,

Await the day of Gabriel’s horn to sounding,

With closing prayers and Psalms the Great Amen is given

As light replaces darkness Amen anew is living

Oh, to arise above Devil’s aftermath of sin,

The smiling gratitude of earth to win

Bleeding martyred hearts no longer to shroud in shame

Whose many lives bore crosses ‘till He came.

Amen again is said to close the prayer for martyred causes,

Amen again is needed sore as Evil forced to pauses,

Sits apart, with power taken, sees light replace darkness

As the Son of God arrives!

Page 41: In Rome one finds a picture of the vision of ST. FRANCIS who saw himself taking the CHRIST from the cross. He has served many lives that CHRIST might be acceptable on earth without the customary crosses of misunderstandings. GOD’S television method of proving past lives, which are called Akashic records, show that St. Francis was one incarnation of VIRGIN MARY. It is said that he always kept a bed for THE CHILD hoping that HE would be given to him in that age. He no doubt was “given” to understand that he was an incarnation of Virgin Mary. This would make it the duty of that soul to “sound” Gabriel’s horn, because the bodies by those names were physical manifestations on this plane for GABRIEL, THEIR GUIDE from higher planes.

News Letter No. 17

Any tourist can find in St. Peters in Rome where ancient prophecy is beautifully carved in stone to show Virgin Mary finally getting Eve down and standing on her. Because St. Francis is known by the Occult World as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, the story is done again showing ST. FRANCIS chaining the devil. And to bear out the same fact, because Gabriel is known to be the higher plane manifestation of Virgin Mary, another record done in stone shows Gabriel chaining the devil who is portrayed as a man with bat wings (of darkness) instead of holy wings usually symbolizing an angel of light.

News Letter No. 74

In the ST. FRANCIS incarnation the Gabriel soul was promised that The Child would be returned from the heavens. St. Francis must have recognized his own soul status as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, for it is recorded that he always kept a bed for The Child and watched the skies for His return. That soul reincarnate again to prepare for His reception, still keeps a bed for The Child and watches the skies for His return. We have repeated many times that the reincarnate Mother of this Age gave The Child (Messiah) a physical form long ago. The Child had to be “caught up” for His protection from the EVE-il incarnation of this Age because there was not enough understanding of the problem.



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