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The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 51

The Lord Buddha was an incarnation of the soul known as Michael, “Leader of the hosts of heaven,” “The King of Kings” of the Christians. He is known as Kuthumi to Occult students. That life of greatest accomplishments was in Khartoum which could cause a great deal of speculation when one knows that it is for this reason that Peace Conferences in the Middle East are held at that location. If not for the shock it could give the profane who doubt progressive information which is not common to their thinking, we would give other names of that soul who is spoken of in Scriptures as “The First who will be Last, and the Last who will be FIRST.” This “Light-giver” or “Light of the world” was once known as BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, for who else could have been the “Light-Giver” of that Age?

News Letter No. 52

Wise Men watching for incarnations of “the two” (souls) Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs have no trouble in recognizing these “two” puppets of Michael and Gabriel in the forms then called FRANKLIN (Michael) and Washington (Gabriel). 

News Letter No. 53

Wise Men watching for incarnations of the “two” (souls) whom Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs, have no trouble recognizing those “two” puppets of Michael and Gabriel in the forms of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (Michael) physical plane manifestation for that time, and George Washington, the physical plane puppet for Gabriel. Washington is symbolized in Washington’s Mother’s dream-vision, with a “high-cap” or (highest Wisdom) and the “iron rod” which is the symbol used in Scriptures for the complete control when the King of Kings will “rule the world with an iron rod.” This is the same symbol used to prove the soul of Aaron to be used to serve as “the rod of iron” in the hand of the Michael (The King of Kings) manifestation for that day. Moses has been credited with much honor for bringing water from the rock with Aaron’s rod. In symbolism “water” means “Truth” which was the attributes of Michael and Gabriel.

News Letter No. 58

Sainted souls, known on higher planes as “Angels,” always incarnated on earth when it was necessary to afford the right kind of leadership for the progress of humanity. We have repeated many times that They were always great Leaders. Each life was carefully planned to give some progress for humanity which mortal progress made imperative for whatever Age the need manifested. These “Great of the earth” have many times served on earth as kings, queens, musicians, poets, religious leaders, and even presidents of the United States, such as Washington and Lincoln, whose souls were of “The Highest Holiest.” There are also many other incarnations of the “two,” one of Them being BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, whose “light of the world” silently symbolized the soul using that form as manifestation for progress needed at the time.

News Letter No. 70

The reincarnate Esaias (Isaiah) has long been frantically working to “open the ways” for the “second coming” of the King of Kings whose very carefully guarded secret Advent was on Easter Sunday, 1936. Many great lives of keeping “unspotted” as much as possible were very fruitful as long as His identity was not recognized. In this New Age it becomes necessary for the world to begin to recognize what He has done for humanity. A little reflection on the personality who is well recognized as giving material lighting to the world (electricity), and a review of the wisdom and principles BENJAMIN FRANKLIN stood for, is surely sufficient to identify him as the physical manifestation of “The Light Giver” in a spiritual sense, namely The King of Kings. In each Age there was “A Little Child to Lead Them” when He grew to the age of fulfillment for His planned services for humanity.

News Letter No. 74

Symbols were used by ancient peoples to tell stories of souls before language forms were established by alphabets. Both the Positive and negative factions used symbolism to tell their stories. One feather meant “Truth,” where two feathers were used to symbolize the two souls who functioned as one. Jesus called them “The Fathers.” These were Michael and Gabriel on higher planes, as well as whatever physical forms were used to manifest them on earth. For more protection, the King of Kings frequently manifested as “hidden.” Sometimes when They had two forms on earth, both functioned as “hidden,” an “unspotted” necessity to get the work for an incarnation accomplished without interference by the Lucifer “wolves,” “the watchers” who always served the great dragon who ever stood ready to “swallow up.” An instance of this type of relationship is found in the lives of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN and George Washington.

News Letter No. 77

Those two souls, or two parts of one soul, have been called by many names and titles in hundreds of incarnations while helping the world from many angles. Sometimes they manifested in one form, The Father remaining on higher planes to keep a close rapport with The Son who was sometimes symbolized as the White Horse upon which The Father rode. Other times they manifested on earth in two forms as in the time when They were known as BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, “The Father” and George Washington, “The Son.” When manifesting in Egypt in one body, Wise Men of that Age symbolized their recognition of that fact by putting “Thy rod and Thy staff” in the hands of King Tut, the last name telling the story of two crosses united in one, or two parts of the soul in one form.


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