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The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 4: It is understood that this poem (the opening poem of Booklet V) was “given” by GABRIEL since HE was known in many incarnations as “the messenger of the Gods” and it is stated here “I am that messenger.” He was GANYMEDE and HERMES who were known as messengers of their times. Because LUCIFER had such great power, not even GABRIEL spoke in liberty.  … GABRIEL is called “FILIAL WISDOM” or the faithful ONE among whose soul symbols was the dog which was given the name of one of HIS incarnations, ANUBIS. The ancients tried to avoid the worship of personalities by using symbols for the qualities of the soul in speaking of that which otherwise would have been a personality.

Page 5: ENSHROUDED FILIAL WISDOM is to decree a “moulded proclamation” (GABRIEL will “blow his horn first”, or will give the first new light on religious subjects in this AGE).

Page 33-34: It might be possible to make a better understanding of esoteric facts if it is explained that MICHAEL, THE LEADER OF THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN, was called CHRIST, or KING OF KINGS when HE descended to earth. “AS ABOVE SO BELOW,” HE also became LEADER OF THE HOSTS OF EARTH, for who else could be Leader in Heaven except CHRIST? Remember that that these recordings are not guesswork, but facts given the writer by THE KING OF KINGS HIMSELF. HE was CHRIST on earth but HIS manifestation on higher planes, or HIS FATHER SOUL manifesting ABOVE, very close to GOD was known as MICHAEL. His consort was GABRIEL who worked as ONE with HIM. This is the same as saying that MARY’S HIGHER SELF was GABRIEL, her ANGEL GUIDE from planes ABOVE. The VIRGIN MARY was actually a simultaneous functioning of GABRIEL in a physical form.

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 33: At times Michael and GABRIEL, the higher plane manifestations of Christ and Mary “appear” with her. Some have reported seeing Christ “appear” through her body to further the proof of her identity.

Booklet IX: A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Page 16-17:  In every account we can find of the Mother’s incarnations, she had other children whose souls were approved for work with the Holy Family. In every age when she fought evil by lifting the lids of deception she carried the Holy Cross, which the handle of a sword in the hands of many of her statues symbolizes. The “two-edged sword” the Bible mentions, represents the power of the two great Angels Michael and GABRIELon higher planes, whose physical counterparts were Christ and Mary.

News Letter No. 17

Any tourist can find in St. Peters in Rome where ancient prophecy is beautifully carved in stone to show Virgin Mary finally getting Eve down and standing on her. Because St. Francis is known by the Occult World as an incarnation of Virgin Mary, the story is done again showing St. Francis chaining the devil. And to bear out the same fact, because GABRIEL is known to be the higher plane manifestation of Virgin Mary, another record done in stone shows Gabriel chaining the devil who is portrayed as a man with bat wings (of darkness) instead of holy wings usually symbolizing an angel of light.

News Letter No. 18

Positively controlled Organizations have the rising or setting Sun as their symbols. They think of the morning and evening stars (Christ and Mary) as connected in activity. These souls may be identified as Michael and GABRIEL, the Lord Buddha and Ananda, Kuthumi and Hilarion, the Twins, or by many other titles known to various religions they are identified with in some life.

News Letter No. 21

Christ so loved the L.D.S. people that he told their leaders He was sending someone with a vital message for the church and that a certain gate would open to identify that person. But when the “I DO” Leader was sent by Christ and the gate opened, the message He gave to save that Church was rejected because she was a woman and the evil one said no woman could do the work of God, (because ancient prophecies said a woman would expose him and bring about his downfall.) If the Mormons could claim their God-given rights as L.D.S. as they were TOLD from ABOVE, and with open minds investigate, they would discover what Catholics discovered when they went after the same problem in their church. They would then take Moroni down from their Temple and put GABRIEL up there to blow the horn of TRUTH which is His right.

News Letter No. 40

Ø      The Muhammedans recognize the King of Kings as Michael whose female consort is known to deeply esoteric students as GABRIEL. It is time for even Muhammedans to recognize the greater importance of Muhammad than most of them ever dreamed about.

Ø      Wherever one goes for better understandings of the Scriptures, (as in the Kabbala Unveiled by Macgregor Mathers which gives Positive keys), to begin with one will always find what is termed “The First Three Heads.” Whatever titles, names or identifications given incarnations of Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, or spoken of in Their relationship to Hierarchical control Above or Below, Michael rates first as the most important transformer of God power. GABRIEL is identified as one with him, the female consort of Michael chosen after the first fall of Lucifer incarnate as Eve when Michael was Adam. Gabriel being later incarnate as Virgin Mary who was always the special target of Eve who was jealous because that soul was chosen instead.

News Letter No. 44

One could not be able to understand Scriptures in their original meaning unless he understood symbolism used for souls. This is where facts of reincarnation are essential to understand what recorders of those times were talking about. “The Rod” means the same soul mentioned in the Kabbala as T-ZION, also the soul once incarnated as Aaron. Some writers spoke of that soul as “the waters,” which meant Truth, or “the water pourer” symbolized by a woman with a jug, or a man with a pitcher, because when incarnating that soul took either male and female forms in keeping with the work to be accomplished. The same soul is known on higher planes as GABRIEL, once incarnating as Virgin Mary. “The Staff” means the soul known on higher planes as Michael, or “King of Kings.” This is also the staff of the shepherd frequenting pictures of “The Comforter.” Sometimes spoken of as “the bread of Life,” the soul known as “The Staff” surely is the true “staff of life,” the body of Christ or Truth. Researching various scriptures in their original essence and understanding the terminology of ancient writers, an esoteric student will get more out of the Scriptures than the conventional Christian whose training is limited to the views of a pastor who perhaps never thought of symbolical evaluation of the Scriptures.

News Letter No. 47

Wherever the sincere seeker looks in the histories of mankind, from the beginning when the first three souls to attain to “eternal life” (Nephites of Mormons), known on highest planes as Michael, GABRIEL and Lucifer, the first two work as one. They were Father and son many times, Mother and Son, Twins or in very close relationship at all times, sometimes even inhabiting the same form for “twice your power” which Elijah (Christ) promised Elias (Virgin Mary). Sometimes when in one body those who were GIVEN to SEE, would recognize the fact because of SEEING half the features of the greater One on the right side of the face, while the left side showed the other half of that soul. This is what is symbolized by stones cut in Pompeii showing two faces, one overshadowing the other. It happened in many lives that both inhabited the same body and were recognized in this manner. This is why Wise Men of this Age who have the “eyes to See” already know what form bears this marking to prove the status. With “TIME” so short it becomes imperative to release this information to serve a purpose at this time of great misunderstandings of “His ways past finding out,” other than to SEE and have it explained. When the Hindi are  GIVEN to SEE, they SEE the two as Brahma and Vishnu, Buddhists SEE Buddha and his counterpart, while the Occult world SEE Them as Kuthumi and Hilarion, the Christians SEE Christ and Mary. Since They are responsible for the religion of Islam, Arabs are also introduced to their Muhammad.

News Letter No. 51

The male Sphinx who guards His Father’s pyramid, where “Truth” records were stored, represents the GABRIEL soul, guarding Michael’s “Truths to Make Free.” After the building of The Great Pyramid, intended to be a foolproof protection for records the negative faction were always trying to destroy, that structure became the target of every puppet of the reincarnating Lucifer. Napoleon served the purpose in his day.

News Letter No. 53

Wise Men watching for incarnations of the “two” (souls) whom Scriptures declare God would choose to “put down evil” and begin a change in world affairs, have no trouble recognizing those “two” puppets of Michael and GABRIEL in the forms of Benjamin Franklin (Michael) physical plane manifestation for that time, and George Washington, the physical plane puppet for Gabriel. Washington is symbolized in Washington’s Mother’s dream-vision, with a “high-cap” or (highest Wisdom) and the “iron rod” which is the symbol used in Scriptures for the complete control when the King of Kings will “rule the world with an iron rod.” This is the same symbol used to prove the soul of Aaron to be used to serve as “the rod of iron” in the hand of the Michael (The King of Kings) manifestation for that day. Moses has been credited with much honor for bringing water from the rock with Aaron’s rod. In symbolism “water” means “Truth” which was the attributes of Michael and Gabriel.

News Letter No. 54

They also had reasons for using the alligator to symbolize the Positive soul of the first triad. This could be one of the reasons for a later name of “Allah” being linked with a name for God. Among the same people the other soul of the “first triad” was portrayed as a turtle. His shell was marked with divisions symbolizing how many “unseen” souls of authority served as a canopy of protection over him. The turtle (soul once called Aaron) is shown with the burden of the “rod” of power on his back, around which were entwined the crocodile (evil one) following and biting the tail of the alligator (Michael). The turtle is comparable to the usual understanding of GABRIEL who became “the balancer,” and whose soul sometimes was symbolized with the “scales of justice” to “weigh the hearts,” (Anubis or Thoth).

News Letter No. 59

“The three Heads into which The Most Holy Ancient One divided himself,” mentioned in the Kabalistic Scriptures, then called Macroprosopus, Microprosopus and Baima are equal to the Christian understandings of “Michael, GABRIEL and Lucifer,” “Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva” of the Hindi, “Buddha, Ananda and the Hoti Buddha,” “Three Nephites of the Mormons,” or “Kuthumi, Hilarion and Morya” of the Occult world. These are also called “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” by some religions where the secret of the third member of that “First Triad” is not recognized as the soul once known as EVE, degenerating to d’evil.

News Letter No. 63

Our “I DO” research has been very carefully guided by the first two Masters of Wisdom of the Occult world, known as Archangels Michael (Leader of the hosts of heaven) or “King of Kings,” and His consort of many great lives, GABRIEL, one of whose physical plane counterparts was Virgin Mary. Information our “I DO” have been led to find in Ancient records, and have been chosen to reveal at this time, concerns the many lives of both of these great souls whose physical counterparts were both male and female, man and wife, or arranged in other relationships. Both came in at times for “twice your power” promised by Elijah (a life of the King of Kings), when his son was Elias (a male physical plane manifestation for Gabriel) who at a later date manifested on earth in a female form known as Virgin Mary.

News Letter No. 65

Michael and GABRIEL’S incarnations at times manifested as two, other times they became as one when the Michael soul left the physical plane to act as a great transformer to channel the power to the other part of that “twin soul.” Another time in Egyptian history Wise Men of their day recognized the two in one physical form known as King TUT, “T” (cross), “U” (united) with “T” (cross), as the letters of that name express so well. Then the ANKH or “key” to God’s mysteries in every life was the ever incarnating Son of God in whose consciousness was vested “The Father’s” Wisdoms. In many other lives that soul was recognized at the “AMEN” of God’s wisdoms. In the Holy Land one can find the listing of twenty-eight spellings of AMEN. This is why the Lord’s Prayer ends with “Amen,” dedicating it to the guardian angels whom Jesus sometimes called “The Fathers.”

News Letter No. 68

There are many groups everywhere working on some ideas of advancement for human thinking, but none at this time enjoying the absolute support of the most powerful leading Archangels of Heaven, known as Michael and GABRIEL. Their counterparts on the physical plane were in various incarnations known as Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, The King of Kings and Virgin Mary. At times they dwelt in one body for “twice your power” which Elijah promised Elias, (other incarnations of the same “two” chosen by God to do the lead-out work of every Age). It was They who called Martin Luther, Joseph Smith and all other great souls Chosen to channel more of God’s progress for humanity as time and situations demanded a restoration of TRUTH.

News Letter No. 71

In a previous life the two tablets Moroni took away from the reincarnate Saints, “Latter Day Saints” could have served the same purpose. Regardless of how many times earthly records or TRUTH were destroyed, physical manifestations serving Michael and Gabriel reincarnated to restore them. Akashic records of soul genealogy proves Joseph Smith was another incarnation of the soul who was always in possession of “The Keys” and protected His Father’s records, regardless of what names, titles, male or female forms were needed to handle the work to greatest advantage for keeping “unspotted.” David who felled the Giant (Lucifer incarnation), was only one of the hundreds of incarnations of the GABRIEL soul. Long ago the name was Aaron as soul genealogy proves for those who are vested with the Powers to tap that Source of Akashic Records.

News Letter No. 72

Jesus knew the difference, but like all other esoteric thinkers, knew it was a most dangerous subject because of the oaths and determination of the negative faction who were guided and empowered by a relentless Lucifer. The scriptures tell us that “Michael dared not rebuke Lucifer.” Because Elias recognized the great responsibility of his over-soul (GABRIEL) whom he knew was destined to overthrow “The Great Deceiver” in a future called “The Last Age,” he asked Elijah to grant him “Twice Your Power,” which he realized it would take for such a major undertaking involving a soul who had long enjoyed the greatest earthly power. Because of the deep-rooted implications of this dangerously sensitive subject, Jesus simply stated, “Truth shall make you free.”

News Letter No. 74

Ø      This so-called “Last Age,” unlike so much misinformation to the contrary, isn’t destined to be what is commonly thought of as “the end of the world,” which misinformed fanatics declare will be destroyed by fire. The prophecy of destruction by fire was made by one of Lucifer’ physical plane puppets, whose EVE-il control from higher planes planned the misuse of atomic power to fulfill his own prophecy. A recorder on the devil’s deceptive “wire” would not be allowed to recognize that the voice declaring to be “The Lord” was only the “lord of deceptions” who surely wouldn’t let his physical plane puppet know his status if he could help it. There are several records where the physical manifestation knew enough about reincarnation that he prayed for identification of the soul he represented on the earth plane. The angel GABRIEL, whose hierarchical position is to “blow the horn” of right understandings and progressive ideas, was the only one vested with the power and position to give that information. He broke through to answer the devil’s puppet’s prayers to know whom he was then, and whom he had been before. Genghis Khan and Napoleon were both born to serve Lucifer’s purposes for their time. One was told “thou art the scourge of the world” and the other “thou art the scourge of the Lord.”

Ø      After the world mother of matter (EVE-il) lost her dominion, the world mother of spirit (Virgin Mary) was given “twice your power.” That GABRIEL-SOUL, when manifest on earth as Elias, asked his father Elijah (The King of Kings), for “twice your power.” Elias saw it would be necessary to have that much power if he was to finally outwit and overpower Lucifer, which was the dedication to God’s service that originated that symbolical term “Scapegoat” for the Virgin Mother’s soul. In Jewish Antiquity the title denoted a “goat” upon which the sins of the people were symbolically laid, and which was then sent away into the wilderness. The Virgin Mary soul was sometimes symbolized as a “stone.” Because Jesus hoped she would be able to carry on with His teachings after he was gone, He prayed for that “stone to be made bread” or be able to go on giving that “bread” after He had left this plane.

Ø      Another symbolism used to show the position of the GABRIEL soul, and identify the form being used on the physical plane at the time, was the scales of “balance” to “weigh souls.” The position was one of “sifting the wheat from the chaff” of wayward souls, saving the lost sheep and aligning them with Infinite Mind. Through numerous creeds and organizations dedicated to the advancement of mortal thinking, that soul made it possible for many to “rise” to higher planes of consciousness and be rewarded with initiations equal to “eternal life.” The Scriptures stating that “many will rise to meet Him,” means that many will “rise” to understandings which makes it possible to “touch the hem of His garment” of Cosmic Consciousness. The King of Kings soul is called “The One Initiator,” while the responsibility of the Virgin Mother is preparing souls to pass through the door of initiation.

News Letter No. 80

The first “mind-born” child we could find any record of was Ganymede,  the child Zeus “sewed in his thigh” (inner understanding), and brought forth after his own pattern, or to be his consort upon the fall of Lucifer (Eve) who had served as his companion before that time. Zeus was the same soul once known as Adam (The King of Kings) and His mind-born child was the Virgin Mary (soul of GABRIEL). At that period of human evolution the souls who had attained to Sonship were called “gods” when they returned to earth with powers other mortals did not understand.

News Letter No. 81

The GABRIEL (Virgin Mary) SOUL is the Ganymede, the Hermes-Mercury and the Apollo of the Greco-Roman religion, the “second Isis” of ancient Egyptian religion, the “white kali” (Vishnu) of Hinduism, and the Ananda (Buddha’s beloved disciple) of Buddhism. The biblical worthies that are its incarnations include Noah, Isaac, Elisha, and Virgin Mary. Queen Nefertiti (flourished before 1376 B. C.) was also a physical form used to accomplish an earthly mission for the Gabriel soul. More recent historical personages that were earthly manifestations to serve the Gabriel soul were St. Hilarion the Confessor (291? -371), “Muhammad” (570-629), St. Joan of Arc (1412-1431), George Washington (1732-1799), Martin Luther (1483-1546), the Latter-Day-Saints Leader Joseph Smith, Junior (1805-1844), a single manifestation, while Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) served as the physical plane instrument for the work of restoration of Truth for both Michael and Gabriel because it was known that Joseph Smith would be overpowered and eliminated by the “apparition” of the third member of the original Trinity. “I DO” claims that this accounts for over-lapping incarnations, where one physical plane puppet stands ready to take over when another might be eliminated, only one form being used at a time for the expression of the over-soul directing from Above.



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