Ganymede: Greek God


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet II: A Life and Work with Men from Outer Space

Page 18: Ancient records show that Zeus found GANYMEDE on Mt. IDA of an old continent and it was expected that He would find one again in “the last Age” on Mt. IDA of a new continent.

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free 

Page 4: It is understood that this poem (the opening poem of Booklet V) was “given” by Gabriel since HE was known in many incarnations as “the messenger of the Gods” and it is stated here “I am that messenger.” He was GANYMEDE and HERMES who were known as messengers of their times. Because LUCIFER had such great power, not even GABRIEL spoke in liberty.  … GABRIEL is called “FILIAL WISDOM” or the faithful ONE among whose soul symbols was the dog which was given the name of one of HIS incarnations, ANUBIS. The ancients tried to avoid the worship of personalities by using symbols for the qualities of the soul in speaking of that which otherwise would have been a personality.

News Letter No. 23

Our “I DO” Organization was incorporated to sponsor and protect the woman we mention so many times. Her soul has been recognized by the Wise Men of the Far East as the “Idean Mother” or “IAO” Because of her the State of IDAHO came into being. Originally the Indians called it EE-DA-HOW, or “sun-coming-down-the-mountain,” since it is the place Hiawatha (incarnation of Gabriel) said He would return. Ancient records have been found which state that Zeus (Christ) and GANYMEDE (Mary) will be united in that Day “on Mt. Ida of a new continent.”

News Letter No. 37

North American Indians who lived close to the Infinite knew about the many lives of the Son of the Great Spirit. While they knew one of that status as Hiawatha in one life, they also knew that he manifested in other forms with different names or titles when serving The Great Spirit Father other times… In one life He was called “EEDAHOW” and it is for Him the State of Idaho was named. His return in Idaho several times to prepare for the work of the Last Age, corresponds in a way with an ancient prophecy where it states that “Zeus and GANYMEDE,” (King of Kings and His Mother) would “come together again on Mt. Ida of a new Continent.” Also the Sun Dance ending on the twenty-eighth of July in Idaho, where He is SEEN in the skies, has somewhat the same significance as the “IDE” festival in India the same date, at which time He “appears” to some in a manner they can understand.

News Letter No. 44

“The lion” was the soul known as The Mother, and “the lamb” was The Child. The Scriptural prophecy is about what would take place among the incarnations of those souls after Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked. In the Kabbala “T-Zion” is the soul of The Mother, sometimes called “Mt. Zion.” She was the IAO of Ancient Wisdom teachings, the letters being the first, middle and last of IDAHO. Some Scriptural prophecy states that the “cojoining” of the two souls known as King of Kings (ZEUS) and Virgin Mary (GANYMEDE) would be “On Mt. Ida of a new continent.” The “Ide” festival in Calcutta, India, July 28, is the same idea as that of American Indians who hold the Sun Dance on the same date. It honors the Indian chief called EEDAHOW, once Hiawatha, the savior of the Indians. This was the same soul who as Noah warned of the flood, later incarnating among the Indians to warn that white men would take their land if they would not lay down war clubs and live in peace. He is the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel who always “blew the horn” of warning in every Age.

News Letter No. 56

When the Masters of Wisdom, or Archangels were called “gods,” Zeus changed the picture by rejection of the “second” soul (Lucifer) and initiated Gabriel (GANYMEDE) into that position. This resulted in the “Little Sister” soul of Gabriel or Virgin Mary, inheriting the position of “World Mother” (of Spirit) which the Lucifer (EVE) “world mother” (of matter) had previously held. Some records identify the same idea with the “fall of Lucifer” with no explanations about the process or reasons except that it was because in his jealousy for Michael, Lucifer “fell.” It is said he always tried to “Shine,” or steal the credit due Michael for himself.

News Letter No. 59

That Gabriel soul is known for the most important incarnations ever recorded in human history, unless it was those of The King of Kings whom she has served as consort and recording channel since the time when the physical counterparts were known as Zeus and GANYMEDE. That was the Age of the first “fall” of Lucifer.

News Letter No. 80

The first “mind-born” child we could find any record of was GANYMEDE,  the child Zeus “sewed in his thigh” (inner understanding), and brought forth after his own pattern, or to be his consort upon the fall of Lucifer (Eve) who had served as his companion before that time. Zeus was the same soul once known as Adam (The King of Kings) and His mind-born child was the Virgin Mary (soul of Gabriel). At that period of human evolution the souls who had attained to Sonship were called “gods” when they returned to earth with powers other mortals did not understand.



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