Hermes:Greek God /

Mercury: Roman God


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and a “TRUTH” News Letter. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 35: There was the HERMES and THE CHILD, HERMES being called “The Thrice Greatest”, or “Thrice Born”. This is speaking of HIS reincarnations when each time HE was THE Greatest. HERMES and CHILD is a good example of the intertwining in the lives of THE TWINS. Sometimes ONE of THEM would come to produce the body for THE CHILD and then leave the old form and become THE CHILD. In this way they could both inhabit the same form.

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 4: It is understood that this poem (the opening poem of Booklet V) was “given” by Gabriel since HE was known in many incarnations as “the messenger of the Gods” and it is stated here “I am that messenger.” He was GANYMEDE and HERMES who were known as messengers of their times. Because LUCIFER had such great power, not even GABRIEL spoke in liberty.  … GABRIEL is called “FILIAL WISDOM” or the faithful ONE among whose soul symbols was the dog which was given the name of one of HIS incarnations, ANUBIS. The ancients tried to avoid the worship of personalities by using symbols for the qualities of the soul in speaking of that which otherwise would have been a personality.

News Letter No. 68

Wise Men of every Age who are close enough to God were rewarded with information about the future of souls after graduating from the necessity of more earthly lives. More advanced souls were placed in heaven worlds in keeping with the type of thinking they developed in human forms. Venus, MERCURY and Mars were the goals of more highly developed minds graduating from earthly lives under Christ, Virgin Mary and Lucifer respectively. These three souls were at times known by the Ancients by the name of the planets they ruled in highest heavens above the earth plane. Souls graduating from the necessity of more lives of earthly experiences, or who made the sixth initiation under Michael (Venus), and Gabriel (Mercury), were known to have earned most beautiful bodies and minds.



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