The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 30-31: WHITE DOVE, the sixteen year old Mother who produced what the Indians considered an illegitimate CHILD, died of shock which the incarnate Devil of that time forced upon her. Akashic records show that HIAWATHA was an incarnation of Jesus when he went to “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” A history of HIS life will prove that “by their works ye shall know them”. WHITE DOVE took another incarnation very soon and grew up to work with HIM as HIS wife, but Devil forces came against her again while HIAWATHA was on a hunting trip and she was taken away from HIM the second time in one life.

Booklet II: A Life and Work with Men from Outer Space

Page 17-18: North American Indians understand their HIAWATHA was the reincarnation of one of the Great of Earth who had come to “sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” After he instructed the Indians to lay down their war clubs and live in love, he sailed away in His canoe and rising above the earth He disappeared in the clouds. The Indians have a three-day Sun Dance ending the twenty-eighth of July each year which is equal in esoteric understandings to the IDE festival of the Moslems in India. As Buddha appears in the skies to his loved ones at the Wesek Festival in India, so does Hiawatha appear to the Indians in the Western States. The dance is held at Pocatello, Idaho, because it is expected that Hiawatha will re-appear in that state. IDAHO means “Sun coming down the mountain.”

News Letter No. 01

We wish to call attention now to Magic Valley in Idaho where Interdenominational Divine order have established a center from which will be given any aid those in the district will need when emergencies of the future will concern a sudden change. We wish to ask people of that area to investigate why their district has been chosen. EE-DA-HOW, or Idaho, means “Son-coming-down the mountain” and Indians who know the reason will tell you that their HIAWATHA is known to have been an incarnation of Gabriel when HE went “to sheep of other pastures ye know not of.” It is expected that HE will come again to this area. Another place of special interest is Boulder, Colorado where Hiawatha made a pledge which it is expected will be fulfilled in this Age.

News Letter No. 2

Again there is the story of White Dove, a sixteen-year-old Indian girl who gave the Indians their Spiritual Leader, HIAWATHA, now recognized by esoterics as having been an incarnation of Gabriel. She died of shame because it was believed she had an illegitimate child.

News Letter No. 23

Our “I DO” Organization was incorporated to sponsor and protect the woman we mention so many times. Her soul has been recognized by the Wise Men of the Far East as the “Idean Mother” or “IAO” Because of her the State of IDAHO came into being. Originally the Indians called it EE-DA-HOW, or “sun-coming-down-the-mountain,” since it is the place HIAWATHA (incarnation of Gabriel) said He would return. Ancient records have been found which state that Zeus (Christ) and Ganymede (Mary) will be united in that Day “on Mt. Ida of a new continent.”

News Letter No. 24

The King of Kings will continue His promise to “stand by” the soul who has served as recorder and guardian of the Covenants. Whether known as Thoth who carried the key, Ank (Child), or Virgin Mary who presented Jesus to the Christians, the same soul always carried the Ank, (key) or Child, for every Age. As White Dove of the North American Indians she was shamed to death because of misunderstandings concerning the birth of HIAWATHA. Nevertheless the child grew up tell the Indians HE was sent by The Great Spirit to teach them to live in love and peace. After causing the chiefs of so many nations to promise to live in love and peace, He sailed off into the skies in His Canoe, saying He would return in a place called Eedahow, for which the State of Idaho was named. Each year He “appears” in the skies the 28th of July at the finish of the Sun-dance – if the Indians are at peace.

News Letter No. 37

North American Indians who lived close to the Infinite knew about the many lives of the Son of the Great Spirit. While they knew one of that status as HIAWATHA in one life, they also knew that he manifested in other forms with different names or titles when serving The Great Spirit Father other times… In one life He was called “EEDAHOW” and it is for Him the State of Idaho was named. His return in Idaho several times to prepare for the work of the Last Age, corresponds in a way with an ancient prophecy where it states that “Zeus and Ganymede,” (King of Kings and His Mother) would “come together again on Mt. Ida of a new Continent.” Also the Sun Dance ending on the twenty-eighth of July in Idaho, where He is SEEN in the skies, has somewhat the same significance as the “IDE” festival in India the same date, at which time He “appears” to some in a manner they can understand.

News Letter No. 44

“The lion” was the soul known as The Mother, and “the lamb” was The Child. The Scriptural prophecy is about what would take place among the incarnations of those souls after Lucifer’s Cosmic Power was revoked. In the Kabbala “T-Zion” is the soul of The Mother, sometimes called “Mt. Zion.” She was the IAO of Ancient Wisdom teachings, the letters being the first, middle and last of IDAHO. Some Scriptural prophecy states that the “cojoining” of the two souls known as King of Kings (ZEUS) and Virgin Mary (Ganymede) would be “On Mt. Ida of a new continent.” The “Ide” festival in Calcutta, India, July 28, is the same idea as that of American Indians who hold the Sun Dance on the same date. It honors the Indian chief called EEDAHOW, once HIAWATHA, the savior of the Indians. This was the same soul who as Noah warned of the flood, later incarnating among the Indians to warn that white men would take their land if they would not lay down war clubs and live in peace. He is the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel who always “blew the horn” of warning in every Age.

News Letter No. 52

HIAWATHA, as one of the “two” of Indian incarnations, marked the Twin Falls area with its Sho-Shone Falls. Symbolically both Shoshone and Twin Falls tells of the “twins,” or those “two” souls, “waters of Truth” falling to earth “coming together” again in 1936.

News Letter No. 61

The discussion about body types brings the necessity of explanations of how the “Good Indians” (of red body lives) had been higher initiate souls who offered to be born among the Indians to help the process of their evolution toward better conditions. White people who did wrong by the red men were required to take bodies of the red underprivileged peoples to make up for what injustices they did to the Indians. Likewise souls of the HIAWATHA initiation, who asked to serve The Great Spirit as a Guide for Indians, was rewarded for his services to the Red Men, by becoming George Washington, who proceeded to develop better conditions on this continent for the “Good Indians” who would later be born in high places to help their people from a more advantageous position. Rewards then became effected by reincarnation as Indian chiefs, or leaders, under whose authority the evil white men’s souls had to reincarnate as underprivileged Indians of our day. There is absolutely no escape from the laws of karma.

News Letter No. 64

As North American Indians, Master Minds incarnated among the red men to try to raise their standards. Failing to accomplish from that angle, they then incarnated as White Statesmen. Faithful followers of the Indian incarnations were “chosen” to reincarnate as White Leaders. HIAWATHA then became George Washington, once the Indian Chief from whom the State of Idaho got its name. Some good souls faithful to The Great Spirit remained in Indian bodies to try to help the laggards to better conditions.

News Letter No. 66

North American Indians knew how dangerous it was if the Mother was spotted. Old Nakomis warned her daughter to watch out for the West Wind who was known to be the physical plane manifestation of the EVE-il one of that Age. West Wind raped HIAWATHA’S mother and became the father of the child who served The Great Spirit of that Age. For this reason many times The Child was not Virgin born, but by special intervention from the Cosmos, the fetus of the unborn Child could be protected from housing the Lucifer soul as planned by the “negatively existent One” as very ancient peoples called him. Perhaps this will explain to those who have wondered why the world in general was not aware of the many incarnations of the Son of God.



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