H. P. Blavatsky

(Gabriel-Soul - "Two-in-One")

The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 32: Akashic records show MADAME BLAVATSKY as having been an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY who long ago was the ANANDA and GAUTAMA Buddha who became the LORD BUDDHA. This was just an example of the functioning of “THE TWINS,” one becoming the other.

Page 35: After five hundred and fifty lives of fighting negative forces MRS. BLAVATSKY finally developed power enough to overcome the Devil in this AGE. Akashic records show her as THE WORLD MOTHER OF SPIRIT, or “THE WOMAN” of Revelations who was known in another life to have been MARY the MOTHER of JESUS. THE CHILD will be given to HIS MOTHER when he comes and the writer has been informed that negative laborers have been told to contest THE MOTHER’S right to THE CHILD. GOD would not give HIM to another and HIS judgment will have to be considered right.

Booklet VII: Cosmic Truth’s Victory

Page 33-34: The third of Isis Unveiled by Blavatsky was destroyed and other writers changed greatly, together with defamatory writings against her because of her effort to enlighten humanity at the time. Since nothing is lost in Divine Mind the reincarnate Blavatsky will reproduce all that was destroyed, and expose those who appropriated her holdings, now cleverly manipulating interests of higher initiates, who today are deceived into denying her right to attend esoteric meetings or join the organization she set up when BLAVATSKY. After clairvoyants serving negative forces recognized her in the new body she was troubled as when known as Blavatsky before the evil Master was successful in attaining advantage through his puppets of that time. An investigation would be very revealing for any who wish to know the Truth about this matter, Akashic records of incarnations can be seen on the changing face of Blavatsky to prove her identity and this is how clairvoyants serving negative forces, stationed in Theosophical Headquarters for the purpose, discovered her in the present body.

News Letter No. 02

MRS. BLAVATSKY was chosen by the Positive Masters of Wisdom who are known to T. S. people as Kuthumi and Hilarion, to Christians as Christ and Mary, -and to higher planes as Michael and Gabriel. The Negative forces used another personality for manifestation who deceived Mdm. Blavatsky. Isis Unveiled and Secret Doctrine are very important revelations, but changes were made after she was out of the way were of negative planning to keep the world from learning some Truths they should know about. The third volume of Isis was destroyed because it gave information the negative faction could not allow if they were to remain under cover with their clever deceptions. Those within the Society who knew of the injustices withdrew from those who served another cause. MRS. BLAVATSKY'S  experience was only another time the righteous were deceived out of the picture while those used by the great deceiver assumed the honors. God has rewarded the reincarnate Blavatsky with advantage this time and the third volume of Isis Unveiled is being reproduced. Investigate to find a pleasant surprise if you are a Theosophist. It is too bad that great organization are not recognizing the true reincarnate Blavatsky and helping with the preparations for the return of her Child. The Theosophical Society was organized to help Mdm. Blavatsky when she would return in the Twentieth Century to do the finish work of many lives. Many have either claimed to be, or believed themselves to be, Saint Hilarion who was another Blavatsky incarnation. Deceivers have forced their attentions on this important Organization which was originated to make deceptions impossible. “Finally Truth will bear away the Victory,” our Teacher declares.

News Letter No. 08

For Theosophists who might wish to know why their Original Leaders suffered so much, we would like to give the following information. After the Theosophical Society was pretty well Organized and MADAME BLAVATSKY came dangerously close to really unveiling the great secret of the evil one, she was cleverly deceived herself. But that experience served to give her a better foundation for a future life when she would lead out again in unveiling evil. The Master who only pretended to be helping her, and always made her believe he was protecting her, was the one who was causing all of her trouble. Her Teachers were Masters Kuthumi (Christ) and Hilarion (Mary). The power of the third member of that first triad was so great that Mrs. BLAVATSKY was kept from really understanding the secret herself, because if she did, she would resist him, and his power was known to be relentless. The Bible tells us that Michael dared not rebuke Lucifer, but said “The Lord rebuke thee.” On Higher planes Christ is the Leader of the Hosts of Heaven, known as Michael. When He descended to earth He was Leader of the Hosts of earth in many incarnations which HE served as a religious Leader. After MADAME BLAVATSKY recovered from a grave illness planned by the Master of Deceptions he tried the trick of having her WILL herself out of incarnation because nothing else he had done to get rid of her had sufficed. After assuring her that she had finished her work, and arranging for his physical manifestation to take over, this Great Deceiver actually brought about Mdm. Blavatsky’s demise the only way a Master can leave this world, by willing himself out. If this is a shock to Theosophists we must remind them of such a record which is in their own Library. The Book is entitled H.P.B., Four Episodes from the life of THE SPHINX OF THE 19th CENTURY. The author is Pekka Ervast. This is an authorized translation published by the Theosophical Society of London.

The Occult world has long been aware that MADAME BLAVATSKY was the form Masters Kuthumi (Christ) and Hilarion (Mary) functioned through at this level. But they did not understand that it was the influence of the third member of that original triad which tormented her in many ways which resulted in great physical sufferings. It was he who projected voices through the clock and gave the power for occult trickeries which later embarrassed her as well as the Society. It was his students who wrote terrible defamations about her after his physical manifestation took charge. The Blavatsky of today is much wiser for that experience and you may be sure she will act accordingly. Until the “I DO” came to the rescue she suffered a great deal in the present life from tortures imposed by the evil one whose carefully trained clairvoyant students combed the world for thirty years before finding her in the new embodiment they were certain she would take.

News Letter No. 17

In all ancient histories, as well as later records, we find a number of women Chosen for very important work against evils of this world. Virgin Mary gave the Christ Child each time for “sheep of other folds ye know not of.” Madame BLAVATSKY was instrumental in opening the ways for large-scale evil to be recognized since the beginning of time. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was loved because of work against evils of her time. Joan of Arc served the two Positive Masters of Wisdom in saving France, while the third member of that triad stood by to make certain that she was burned at the stake.

MADAME BLAVATSKY provided much Truth in Isis Unveiled and posed a grave danger for the deceiver who influenced her doctor to insist that she smoke or forbid her to write. This was a trick so the Deceiver could get into her consciousness and try to influence her otherwise. He used many occult chemistry tricks to get her out of incarnation, resulting in many illnesses. She was shipwrecked three times and he finally accomplished her elimination by deceiving her into WILLING herself out of incarnation. Being one of those with eternal life there was no other way to get her out of incarnation than for her to WILL it herself. The physical manifestation of Morya, then known as Annie Besant was cleverly worked into a position to take over the Theosophical Society and cause it to fail the Cause for which it was established. Wise Theosophists who knew the secret established the United Lodge of Theosophy to foster the progress of TRUTH. When our Organization intercepted a letter written to an innocent sponsor of the negative invaders, some “I DO” members went to New York to try to head off the plan. We discovered a well-trained student of Morya at the outer desk. She was very strong in her rejection of our research worker who could have saved that Organization if there was any way to get by the blockade negative forces had already located in a position for keeping the deceived blinded. So great was the influence that Library doors were closed to make sure our workers would not be able to give vital information for the protection of that Great Organization.

News Letter No. 21

MADAME BLAVATSKY and Col. Olcott established the Theosophical Society for the purpose of giving enough information religious leaders would be made aware of the danger. But Lucifer puppets of the time performed the usual misdeeds of swallowing up that great Organization which would have been of infinite benefit for right understandings to make the coming of Christ possible. Annie Besant and Leadbeater were the physical forms used to channel deceptions, take over and change records to suit the ideas of the great deceiver. Master Morya (Besant) was the brain of Lucifer working to keep TRUTH from being discovered. It was he who convinced Mdm. Blavatsky that she should will herself out of incarnation, for no other way could he get her out of the way. Blavatsky reincarnated with a determination to expose the deceptions and it has been by her efforts that the deceiver’s Cosmic Power was revoked in 1955 when his physical puppet, “as a great dragon stood ready to swallow up The Child.” Since that time it has been safe to give this information.

News Letter No. 41

MRS. BLAVATSKY'S life was a valiant effort to serve God in restoration and compilation of TRUTHS she searched for all over the world, just as the soul did in the Great Pyramid days. Wise Men of Egypt who recognized her as the reincarnate THOTH, symbolized as the Sphinx, called her “The Sphinx of the nineteenth century.” After Besant took over the Theosophical Society, the third volume of “Isis Unveiled” which was ready for the press, was destroyed. It would have unveiled the works of “the negatively existent one,” so he used Besant to do the “take-over” for that time. Nothing is lost in Divine Mind and “The Great” always reincarnate to begin from another angle if the negative faction were successful in a previous life.

“I DO” who were Chosen to introduce them, know that MDM. BLAVATSKY, Brahma, Buddha, Muhammad, Luther, Joseph Smith and all others who bore heavy crosses in channeling various facets of TRUTH, have incarnated again at this time to do what is necessary for God’s Great Plan when The King of Kings will finally be recognized “as He is.”

News Letter No. 64

MDM. BLAVATSKY valiantly tried to record sufficient information that deceptions and misguidance no longer exist, but her “ISIS UNVEILED” failed because the deceptions of the Great Deceiver (Master Morya) were not recognized at the time. But that “Sphinx of the 19th Century” reincarnated again and is now hard at finishing the “unveiling” of the first “Isis” or the Deceiver who in the time of OSIRIS (Michael’s incarnation) is said to have “cut Osiris to pieces.” This means that the incarnate Lucifer destroyed the Michael incarnation of that time and “cut to pieces,” or divided and scattered the Disciples who incarnated at the time to help him. It is recorded that the “SECOND ISIS,” or the Gabriel incarnation of that time (later known as Virgin Mary) never gave up until all the “pieces” or Disciples were found. She built a Shrine each place she found one of them. This is the symbolism behind the first thirteen states, the thirteen stars and stripes of the original flag. It is why the negative faction declared thirteen to be an unlucky number. Anything was unlucky for them that symbolized Christ and His Disciples who were always Lucifer’s enemies, therefore targets. Wise Men know that the reincarnate Sphinx, or Son of the Father who built the Great Pyramid, was Mdm. Blavatsky in a later life.

News Letter No. 76

MRS. BLAVATSKY is known to have served the Positive faction, even if every moment of her life was heckled by “the negatively existent one” who hoped she might be pulled down enough that Mrs. Besant could be used to take over the Theosophical Society. It is difficult to find “untampered works” of Blavatsky, because Mrs. Besant knew why she had taken over, and was hard at twisting truth even if Theosophists as a whole did not know what was going on at the time. Originally the Theosophical Society was Mrs. Blavatsky’s Calling by Kuthumi (King of Kings) and “Hilarion” who are Michael and Gabriel on higher planes. After trying to restore TRUTH and unravel Ages of twists from facts, as well as “unveil” the culprit who was the third Nephite of the Mormon understandings, Mrs. Blavatsky, – like Joseph Smith who had a similar Calling, – was eliminated so the third one could take over. For the same reason Muhammad was called to restore Truth, but that great religion of Love also became twisted and the followers of the negative faction are known as “Moslems” (Moses-lems).



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