Prophet Isaiah a.k.a. Esaias


The following excerpt was taken from an “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letter. 

News Letter No. 70

Ø      Scriptures declare that before that great Day of the Lord, Esaias (Gabriel) will be sent. The reincarnate Esaias (ISAIAH) has long been frantically working to “open the ways” for the “second coming” of the King of Kings whose very carefully guarded secret Advent was on Easter Sunday, 1936. Many great lives of keeping “unspotted” as much as possible were very fruitful as long as His identity was not recognized. In this New Age it becomes necessary for the world to begin to recognize what He has done for humanity.

Ø      The JUDGMENT DAY will follow within several years of “That Day” of His advent, and will eliminate all who haven’t accepted the great changes which will begin with “The Second Coming” in this Age. “I DO” repeatedly declare The Son of God made His “first coming” in this Age “as a thief in the night” of misunderstandings, now much over thirty years ago. We draw the conclusion of the time when the Judgment Day will come, from what the Scriptures say, “I will send you Esaias (ISAIAH) before that great and awful day of The Lord.” We know from much research of many angles, that the Judgment Day and “The Advent” are not the same as is the usual misunderstanding of most Christians, as well as cults and creeds who have cause to think in the same terms because facts have been twisted by mortal minds who are “the blind leading the blind.”



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