Joan of Arc


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet IV: “The Truth about Men from Outer Space

Page 22: Regardless of the illusions of the uninformed The Great Ones have never failed to carry on GOD’s work on earth whenever necessary, no matter what the sufferings in physical forms. Who ever dreamed JOAN OF ARC was the Virgin Mary whom it was believed could rest in Heaven when those She loved on earth were crying for help? Had she not “kept unspotted” she would have been burned at the stake much sooner for daring to make claims to whom she had been when serving humanity before. The one responsible for burning her at the stake was an incarnation of the evil one.

News Letter No. 03

Some of the Chosen who possess extra-sensory perception are rendering a great service to the world as did JOAN OF ARC who “heard” from above and was directed to help where it was needed. In many incarnations this soul, once known as Virgin Mary, served God in the same manner, and there are other records of torture and misunderstanding she suffered.

News Letter No. 17

In all ancient histories, as well as later records, we find a number of women Chosen for very important work against evils of this world. Virgin Mary gave the Christ Child each time for “sheep of other folds ye know not of.” Madame Blavatsky was instrumental in opening the ways for large-scale evil to be recognized since the beginning of time. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt was loved because of work against evils of her time. JOAN OF ARC served the two Positive Masters of Wisdom in saving France, while the third member of that triad stood by to make certain that she was burned at the stake.

News Letter No. 41

Question: I met a lady once whose features changed to Virgin Mary, Queen Nefertiti, JOAN OF ARC and a Chinese person I couldn’t identify. I saw both Western and Eastern Indian and Chinese-looking people as her features changed. There were symbols on her forehead, a large cross of the ANKH type which changed to a Child. A Pyramid with an eye in the middle was on her forehead. Letters IHVH and a six-sided star were done in white with a red background as the other symbols disappeared. Did I SEE what I thought; could it have been the reincarnate Mother? She seemed to be just another unannounced guest speaker at a meeting I attended in New York in 1957.

Answer: Yes, you saw what you were looking at and there is no doubt that it was the reincarnate Mother, for what you saw only happens to her. We would like to meet anyone who was Given to See that much. You must be one of the Called who could be Chosen when you have enough understanding. “I DO” are dedicated to giving free training to any who qualify.

News Letter No. 61

We believe the following information about some of the most developed minds of history thought about reincarnation will answer your question very well.

JOAN: And now tell me: shall I rise from the dead, and come back to you a living woman? ...

What! Must I burn again? Are none of you ready to receive me?

O God that madest this beautiful earth. When will it be ready to receive Thy saints? How long, O Lord, how long?

- George Bernard Shaw on the Life of Saint Joan of Arc

News Letter No. 71

Because Wise Men of France knew JEANNE D’ARC would come again to work in the U.S., they gave the statue of “The Goddess of Liberty” to America to silently symbolize their understandings of future incarnations of Gabriel puppets expected in the United States, especially one for the Last Age when she would produce the answer for a permanent world peace. That answer was known would be a physical manifestation of The King of Kings, or Michael, the “Leader of the Hosts of Heaven.” French Wise Men also gave Canada “The Golden Boy” which is now atop the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, marking the location where He will do His first work in Canada, after the Advent in the flesh, or the return of “A Little Child to Lead Them.”



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