John the Baptist


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 20: Because the truth of New Age revelations has its foundation in facts concerning reincarnation it is unfortunate that there is so much rejection from creeds who have failed to note the few hints given in the Bible concerning this secret which the world was not ready for when the Bible was recorded. In one record we find the Disciples asking Jesus if JOHN could be Elijah back. The answer he gave was affirmative and the Bible note under the account states (and the Disciples understood that He spake of John).

News Letter No. 05

Through the many interpretations of the original Bible, mistakes were made which now bring contention among students who “get lost in the letter,” and fail to allow for human mistakes of mortals who might have made them. It is interesting to see that some accounts claim the Disciples asked Jesus if JOHN could be Elias. Original accounts showed they asked about Elijah. Some accounts say John was asked if he was Elijah and denied it. Again others claim he denied being Elias. The Truth seems to be that JOHN  was Elijah, and Jesus admitted this to the Disciples, but interpreters, or perhaps typesetters wrote it as Elias. Had John been asked if he was Elijah he would have had to crawl around it to keep “unspotted.” Elias was the son of Elijah so it was in keeping to deny it, as also it was right for Jesus to have implied that John was Elijah. It can easily be seen that Christ and His Disciples accepted reincarnation when the Disciples were asking if John could be Elijah. Jesus did not tell them they were wrong, or “ye do err” as at other times when they were mistaken, but answered, “Elijah is already come, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed.” and the next verse states, “Then the Disciples understood that He spake unto them of John the Baptist.” What could be plainer? While memory is not usually given to anyone unless he has some specific work to do which requires his having this information, it is possible that at times great souls are not allowed to remember before time for their part of the work. This has been noticed by many who knew very little about facts until it was necessary for them to be awakened to accomplish that which they reincarnated to do.

News Letter No. 60

Question: Why did John the Baptist baptize Jesus? Should not Jesus have baptized John since Jesus was the Son of God?

Answer: Surely you must be an ordinary Christian to wonder about that. Even then few ordinary Christians ever thought to question it. Perhaps that is why the Christian religion doesn’t incorporate the answer which is deeply esoteric. John wasn’t called “The Baptist” for nothing. The answer lies in soul stations earned by lives of service to God. Buddhists of the Lord Buddha religion in their higher ranks have secrets which Christians would do well to know about. In third degree esoteric classes we give the answer. Because of dangers from misunderstandings most esoteric people reserve such answers for souls developed enough to qualify. Yours might be ready for the answer since you asked the question, but others who may read our publications could do great damage to God’s Great Plan for this Age if that information reached the profane. Suffice it to say his soul was known as “The One Initiator.”

News Letter No. 74

Question: In view of what “I DO” Research might have discovered on incarnations, please tell us what the two feathers used to symbolize the soul known as Amon-Ra means. Who was He, soul-wise?

Answer: It is hard to ask us to answer an esoteric question when we know many of our readers won’t understand what you have asked or what we answer. But here goes: Amon-Ra was an incarnation of the soul known on higher planes as Gabriel, who many times personified what was known to Ancients as “The Hidden Deity,” or what Christians might call “The Father.” Jesus called Michael and Gabriel “The Fathers” and surely understood His relationship as one with them. Where He said “I and my Father are one,” He was speaking of the Deity personified as “hidden within.” Gabriel came many times to earth in a physical form containing “The Hidden One.” JOHN THE BAPTIST served as the physical counterpart of “The Hidden One” until he left this plane and “The Hidden One” became one with Jesus. Likewise when Jesus was gone Virgin Mary embodied “The Hidden One” until she left this plane. Upon Paul’s conversion HE began to serve in that capacity. It is a very long, deeply esoteric story which would take many books to explain fully. The “two feathers” of Amon-Ra symbolized that HE served in that capacity. Hermanubis was known to have been the compound of the God Horus (King of Kings soul) and Anubis (soul of Virgin Mary). Egyptian Wise Men knew this to be true of King Tut, and those with “eyes to see” can recognize it in the symbolism shown on the King Tut mummy, which in several ways proves the “two in one” soul identity.

News Letter No. 80

Elijah knew his soul had attained to “eternal life” and that he would “make his ascension” to higher planes without having to pass through the experience of mortal death. The soul of Elijah was the first who ever attained to the “eternal life” status and returned to help others many times. His was “The King of Kings” soul, recognized by esoteric students of the Occult world as “The One Initiator,” they know as Kuthumi. He would usually plan an incarnation before the soul destined to be initiated into Sonship for whatever Age. This was to help announce the coming Son of God as in the case of JOHN THE BAPTIST who remained on this plane until he baptized (initiated) The Son of God. He was one of the souls Jesus called “The Fathers.”



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