The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet IV: “The Truth about Men from Outer Space

Page 12: Some interesting proofs can be found in wax at the Wax Museum in Hilwaan, Egypt. There one finds the reproduction of the body of their great KHATTAB, meaning (The Book). Christians are surprised to see what appears to them to be CHRIST and amazed because they do not call HIM JESUS.

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 25: It was wise that the reincarnate Mary said nothing. It was not intended that she be “spotted”. Not even the reincarnate Ann of the time of Jesus, who was the mother of her body this time, could remember who she had been, or understand why she dreamed repeatedly of a promise of having an unusual child. She had no idea of the prophecy that her child, who had once been Ananda, was to inherit His power in this Age when He would rise from King, to “King of Kings”, or to the accumulated power and glory of all of His past incarnations, some of which were Buddha, KHATTAB of Egypt, Kuthumi of Occult understandings, Krishna of India and many others where He was loved and honored as a great Teacher.

Page 37: Those who SEE at this time understand that HE is unlimited as to how HE can “appear,” but the usual way is for HIM to “appear” as a Child and go through the changes from a very young Child to an older one and finally as a man with a beard to prove the identity. When HE “appears” as KHATTAB, or Kuthumi, great spiritual leaders of the East who looked like some pictures we call Christ, HE is recognized even by those who have never heard of His many incarnations, and if there is a doubt as to the identity, the “still small voice of Spirit” gives the assurance.

News Letter No. 18

Wherever the reincarnate Mother is at the time, it is possible to “see Him as He is.” This experience heals the sick who can SEE, and establishes in the “I DO” opinion the fact of that soul being CALLED. Miracles too numerous to tell and too fabulous to believe if they were told, have resulted from HIS “appearance” with The Mother whose status is proved in this manner. Sometimes HE “appears” as a CHILD and other times as a man with a robe and beard all recognized as Christ. When the Mother is among Buddhists, He “appears” as Buddha; when in Egypt HE becomes Kuthumi or KHATTAB, or sometimes Kheops, for these were lives when going to “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of.”

News Letter No. 45

We who KNOW and have already been able to SEE HIM AS HE IS,” know that we must be ready to accept HIM in whatever form God chooses to present His most beloved Son. One moment He can be a tiny baby, another time a small child, or young man; and many times is seen wearing a beard and robe all Christians declare is Christ. Others who knew Him in another life call Him “KHATTAB” (the Book), still others know Him as Kuthumi, a great religious Leader in Khartoum.



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