The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet VIII: Reincarnation Presents the Christ Again

Page 25: It was wise that the reincarnate Mary said nothing. It was not intended that she be “spotted”. Not even the reincarnate Ann of the time of Jesus, who was the mother of her body this time, could remember who she had been, or understand why she dreamed repeatedly of a promise of having an unusual child. She had no idea of the prophecy that her child, who had once been Ananda, was to inherit His power in this Age when He would rise from King, to “King of Kings”, or to the accumulated power and glory of all of His past incarnations, some of which were Buddha, Khattab of Egypt, KUTHUMI of Occult understandings, Krishna of India and many others where He was loved and honored as a great Teacher.

News Letter No. 18

Wherever the reincarnate Mother is at the time, it is possible to “see Him as He is.” This experience heals the sick who can SEE, and establishes in the “I DO” opinion the fact of that soul being CALLED. Miracles too numerous to tell and too fabulous to believe if they were told, have resulted from HIS “appearance” with The Mother whose status is proved in this manner. Sometimes HE “appears” as a CHILD and other times as a man with a robe and beard all recognized as Christ. When the Mother is among Buddhists, He “appears” as Buddha; when in Egypt HE becomes KUTHUMI or Khattab, or sometimes Kheops, for these were lives when going to “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of.”

Positively controlled Organizations have the rising or setting Sun as their symbols. They think of the morning and evening stars (Christ and Mary) as connected in activity. These souls may be identified as Michael and Gabriel, the Lord Buddha and Ananda, KUTHUMI and Hilarion, the Twins, or by many other titles known to various religions they are identified with in some life.

News Letter No. 41

Question: “I DO” claim that one SEES when he can be trusted with the information. The trouble is that what I SAW I cannot understand. I saw two Masters of Wisdom who are known as KUTHUMI and Hilarion both appear through one female form as it changed. Two white doves hovered above the head of the woman. Please how could two be one, or one be two?

Answer: If you really study our TRUTH literature you could get the answer. You must be worthy and somewhat ready, or what is called “an older soul” for this to happen to you. You no doubt saw the woman “I DO” mention so many times. Since her Child was “caught up” from this plane, HE manifests as one with her. She was once Saint Hilarion, Christ was once Kuthumi. The two doves symbolize “twice your power” as Elijah, then the father, promised his son Elias, later incarnated as Virgin Mary.

News Letter No. 47

Wherever the sincere seeker looks in the histories of mankind, from the beginning when the first three souls to attain to “eternal life” (Nephites of Mormons), known on highest planes as Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, the first two work as one. They were Father and son many times, Mother and Son, Twins or in very close relationship at all times, sometimes even inhabiting the same form for “twice your power” which Elijah (Christ) promised Elias (Virgin Mary). Sometimes when in one body those who were GIVEN to SEE, would recognize the fact because of SEEING half the features of the greater One on the right side of the face, while the left side showed the other half of that soul. This is what is symbolized by stones cut in Pompeii showing two faces, one overshadowing the other. It happened in many lives that both inhabited the same body and were recognized in this manner. This is why Wise Men of this Age who have the “eyes to See” already know what form bears this marking to prove the status. With “TIME” so short it becomes imperative to release this information to serve a purpose at this time of great misunderstandings of “His ways past finding out,” other than to SEE and have it explained. When the Hindi are  GIVEN to SEE, they SEE the two as Brahma and Vishnu, Buddhists SEE Buddha and his counterpart, while the Occult world SEE Them as KUTHUMI and Hilarion, the Christians SEE Christ and Mary. Since They are responsible for the religion of Islam, Arabs are also introduced to their Muhammad.

News Letter No. 51

The Lord Buddha was an incarnation of the soul known as Michael, “Leader of the hosts of heaven,” “The King of Kings” of the Christians. He is known as KUTHUMI to Occult students. That life of greatest accomplishments was in Khartoum which could cause a great deal of speculation when one knows that it is for this reason that Peace Conferences in the Middle East are held at that location. If not for the shock it could give the profane who doubt progressive information which is not common to their thinking, we would give other names of that soul who is spoken of in Scriptures as “The First who will be Last, and the Last who will be FIRST.” This “Light-giver” or “Light of the world” was once known as Benjamin Franklin, for who else could have been the “Light-Giver” of that Age?

News Letter No. 59

“The three Heads into which The Most Holy Ancient One divided himself,” mentioned in the Kabalistic Scriptures, then called Macroprosopus, Microprosopus and Baima are equal to the Christian understandings of “Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer,” “Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva” of the Hindi, “Buddha, Ananda and the Hoti Buddha,” “Three Nephites of the Mormons,” or “KUTHUMI, Hilarion and Morya” of the Occult world. These are also called “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” by some religions where the secret of the third member of that “First Triad” is not recognized as the soul once known as EVE, degenerating to d’evil.

News Letter No. 75

Twists of original scriptures revised, interpreted and misinterpreted many times by mortal wills desiring to cause others to accept ideas not originally incorporated, have long been the plagues of right spiritual conceptions concerning “His ways past finding out” until the soul is ready. KUTHUMI, or the name for the Son of Allah when he was in Khartoum with “sheep I have of other folds ye know not of,” said, “men made religions but God made truth, and finally Truth will bear away the victory.” The Truth publication of “I DO” is dedicated as a channel for His expression of progressive Truths which will be instrumental in helping “bear away the victory.”

News Letter No. 80

Elijah knew his soul had attained to “eternal life” and that he would “make his ascension” to higher planes without having to pass through the experience of mortal death. The soul of Elijah was the first who ever attained to the “eternal life” status and returned to help others many times. His was “The King of Kings” soul, recognized by esoteric students of the Occult world as “The One Initiator,” they know as KUTHUMI. He would usually plan an incarnation before the soul destined to be initiated into Sonship for whatever Age. This was to help announce the coming Son of God as in the case of John the Baptist who remained on this plane until he baptized (initiated) The Son of God. He was one of the souls Jesus called “The Fathers.”



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