Abraham Lincoln


The following excerpt was taken from an “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letter.

News Letter No. 58

Sainted souls, known on higher planes as “Angels,” always incarnated on earth when it was necessary to afford the right kind of leadership for the progress of humanity. We have repeated many times that They were always great Leaders. Each life was carefully planned to give some progress for humanity which mortal progress made imperative for whatever Age the need manifested. These “Great of the earth” have many times served on earth as kings, queens, musicians, poets, religious leaders, and even presidents of the United States, such as Washington and LINCOLN, whose souls were of “The Highest Holiest.” There are also many other incarnations of the “two,” one of Them being Benjamin Franklin, whose “light of the world” silently symbolized the soul using that form as manifestation for progress needed at the time.



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