Martin Luther


The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 41

“I DO” who were Chosen to introduce them, know that Mdm. Blavatsky, Brahma, Buddha, Muhammad, LUTHER, Joseph Smith and all others who bore heavy crosses in channeling various facets of TRUTH, have incarnated again at this time to do what is necessary for God’s Great Plan when The King of Kings will finally be recognized “as He is.”

News Letter No. 49

The MARTIN LUTHER reformer, who tried to put straight the original teachings of the Catholic Church, was the soul whose work for god in a former life had been plundered by a Pope of the wrong faction. His soul was once the Thoth of the Ancients, the St. Hilary of the Catholics, St. Hilarion of the Occult world, and many other important lives of working for “Truth to Make Free.” Along with Christ, this Muhammad-Luther-Blavatsky, Joan of Arc and many others who martyred some great cause, was also George Washington, the Father of our country (symbolized by the goddess of liberty) which Wise Men in France knew would play the next role in the United States.

News Letter No. 67

It would be just as wrong to disqualify the works of the Buddhists’ Lord Buddha, the Hindi Brahama, the Muhammedans Michael, or the Positive Saints who served Infinite mind all over the world when or wherever needed, as to disqualify Sainted souls like MARTIN LUTHER or Joseph Smith, who served the same purposes of re-establishing “Truths” which had been dissipated by infiltration of the negative faction when others of “The Great of the Earth” had served those same purposes. All of those Saints of “eternal life” status who sacrificed themselves in many incarnations of martyring “Truth” are to be rewarded by the same God of the Christian who is known by many other names and titles in various nations.

News Letter No. 68

There are many groups everywhere working on some ideas of advancement for human thinking, but none at this time enjoying the absolute support of the most powerful leading Archangels of Heaven, known as Michael and Gabriel. Their counterparts on the physical plane were in various incarnations known as Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, The King of Kings and Virgin Mary. At times they dwelt in one body for “twice your power” which Elijah promised Elias, (other incarnations of the same “two” chosen by God to do the lead-out work of every Age). It was They who called MARTIN LUTHER Joseph Smith and all other great souls Chosen to channel more of God’s progress for humanity as time and situations demanded a restoration of TRUTH.



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