The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” Booklets and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 36: …, there is an allegory about ZEUS who became so impetuous with the woman who was producing THE CHILD that he killed her and “sewed up THE CHILD in his thigh to incubate it himself.” This is somewhat equal in esoteric understandings to the story of Kabbala Unveiled where MACROPROSOPUS (CHRIST) chose MICROPROSOPUS (MARY) instead of BAIMA (Eve who became too evil for him to withstand). The Bible laments the FALL of Eve by asking, “My faithful One, my faithful one, why hast thou fallen?” Before the FALL Eve served by producing the bodies for THE CHILD (the “second CHILD”). HE was ever the FIRST SON OF GOD. After the choosing of MICROPROSOPUS (VIRGIN MARY) for “HIS HABITATION” as stated in the KABBALA UNVEILED by MacGregor Mathers, THEY functioned the birth arrangements for each other, or had some member of the immediate family produce bodies for THEM.

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 37: One finds the same triad mentioned several times in the Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. Once they are MACROPROSOPUS, Micropropus and Baima, “the mother in whom they stumbled” or EVE known in later incarnations as EVVL and SATET which account for the Christian Evil and Satan as has been mentioned before. Later in the book they are called Rabba Schimeon, Rabba Eleazar and Rabba Abba.

News Letter No. 21

Specifications for identifying the one who would lead out with advancements for this Age are given in the Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. But as a rule leaders of ordinary religions don’t understand the import. It could ring a bell if they understood that Christ is called MACROPROSOPUS, Mary identified as Micropropus, while Eve is the Baima, “the mother in whom they stumbled.” It tells how Macropropus overshadows and appears to be one with Micropropus and helps one understand how to identify the reincarnate manifestation. Again we see God’s wisdom in giving us a foolproof method of identification, where the Cosmic TV miracle is done on the reincarnate Mother to prove her status. The Called and Chosen SEE quickly but the profane are refused. Our research has proved that the above mentioned souls incarnated many times. The first two worked as one and the third member of that first triad followed along to confuse Truth and swallow up. They are known to the Occult world as Masters Kuthumi (King of Kings), Hilarion (Mary), and Morya (Lucifer). They are known to Buddhists as Lord Buddha (Christ), Gautama (Mary) and the fat one is Morya (Lucifer).

News Letter No. 22

Since Christ and Mary work as one exactly in the same manner described in Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers concerning MACROPROSOPUS (Christ) and Micropropus (Mary) it would be for esoteric people of all cults and creeds to understand and use this information for locating the reincarnating Mother whose work is recruiting the CALLED and giving them more of “His ways past finding out.” Such information is essential to unconfuse many and prepare them for being Chosen for some part of HIS work.

News Letter No. 23

“SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND” proved the reward when in our uttermost confusion we finally discovered a soul who proved direct contact with The Highest, Holiest, in and through whose body HE functions sometimes even as “A Little Child,” progressing to a man with a beard all recognize as the King of Kings. It is reported that when Michael X was praying for an answer he was told, “The appearance of Mary will make the world aware of the coming of Christ. “I DO” is trying everything possible to prove just how true this is. After identifying the status of the twin soul who is one with HIM in the manner Kabbala speaks of MACROPROSOPUS (King of Kings) and the other half of that soul as Micropropus (once Virgin Mary – master Hilarion) we checked and rechecked further and found our conclusions correct.

In the course of investigations we discovered the reincarnate Lucifer soul (EVE-evil) whose physical counterpart led the conspiracy now set against the reincarnate Mother who produced a body for The Child. After The Child was “caught up” from this plane HE began “appearing” anywhere the reincarnate Mother was at the time. Sometimes HE would “appear” in and through her body in the manner the Kabbala speaks of the unity of MACROPROSOPUS overshadowing Micropropus. Healings of those who could SEE convinced us of the identity.

News Letter No. 29

In this New Age the world is destined to learn more of “His ways” which previously were “past finding out,” because it wasn’t time before. The first step planned was to reveal the mystical nature of the dual manifestation of Mother and Child, who functioned as one (in the same form) in a number of lives our “I DO” research have studied carefully. Facts of this relationship will be most easily understood through the study of Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers. The secret is revealed in the mystical relationship of MACROPROSOPUS (King of Kings) and His overshadowing of Micropropus (Virgin Mary) where HE remained on higher planes to channel God-power to earth through the physical form manifesting for both on this plane. They used two forms when the work permitted it. At one time in this Age there were two forms, but scriptures prophesied “One was taken that the other may be established.” Wise Men of this Age who have qualified to SEE before that Day when “all eyes SEE,” have already recognized the mystical relationship to be the same as the Kabbala relates. The time will come when two forms will again express God’s “IDEA” and “Mother Idean” in keeping with understandings of Ancient Wisdoms concerning God’s ways. “I DO” symbolizes their recognition of the relationship by having two trees decorated with the pictures of Mother and Child at Christmas.

News Letter No. 48

The Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers states “Seeing that health is never found in the world save when the countenances (MACROPROSOPUS and Microprosopus) mutually behold each other.” The names given are just other names for the souls known as Christ and Mary. Also the same book of Ancient Wisdoms states that “When this Mother is conjoined with the King, all the worlds receive blessing, and the world is found to be in joy.” In still another place it mentions the two “appearing to be as one” which for those who SEE, establishes the status of the reincarnate Mother today.

News Letter No. 56

The Kabbala Unveiled by MacGregor Mathers calls the EVE soul “Baima, the mother in whom they stumbled.” It identified “our little sister” or Virgin Mary’s soul as “Microprosopus” who was one with “MACROPROSOPUS” (Michael) and tells of the “peace” which was always the result of their “Unity.” This also means the coming together of The Mother and Child, whether manifesting in one body or as two separate individuals. Their mission was to “Unveil” or open eyes, so it is easy to reason that it was by the power of the “negatively existent one” that Saul was “given” to blind someone. At the time he was working with that faction whose usual weapon was blindness, whether of the eyes or the mind. Some records of torture for those of the positive faction include burning the eyes out of any who were not of the “evil eye” of devil’s “single eye,” (not of the “two chosen by God.”)

News Letter No. 59

“The three Heads into which The Most Holy Ancient One divided himself,” mentioned in the Kabalistic Scriptures, then called Macroprosopus, MICROPROSOPUS and Baima are equal to the Christian understandings of “Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer,” “Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva” of the Hindi, “Buddha, Ananda and the Hoti Buddha,” “Three Nephites of the Mormons,” or “Kuthumi, Hilarion and Morya” of the Occult world. These are also called “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” by some religions where the secret of the third member of that “First Triad” is not recognized as the soul once known as EVE, degenerating to d’evil.



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