The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 40

“Man’s extremity” has become “God’s opportunity” to force a change “in the twinkling of an eye” with surprises those who have researched the facts realize the world is not ready for. In the days of Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as when NOAH (Gabriel) came to blow the horn of warnings, so today the same Gabriel has long been giving warnings to any who would listen. The response has been much the same as in Ages past when Great Martyrs came to give guidance and foretell the future, only to be misunderstood, burned at the stake, or otherwise eliminated by those they tried to help head off disasters.

News Letter No. 43

Histories of mankind prove that when world conditions become so dangerous that Leaders striving for needed reforms couldn’t handle the situation, something else did. Sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the flood of NOAH’S time are good examples. Some thought of what happened as forces of nature or natural disasters which mortals could not control. In the light of facts about Cosmic Law, made when the world was created, when “free-wills” were misused against progress, the dangers created for posterity, together with the “prayers of righteous men” suffering heavy crosses, evoked a “thus far and no further” from the Cosmos. Mortals who only thought they had no control, had yet to learn that if they had kept the precepts of all good religions, the disasters their wrongs evoked would not have been created.

News Letter No. 69

Reincarnation must be generally more understood before the world of thinkers on the third dimensional level can rise to advancements which are destined to become an intricate part of the New Age progress for mankind. “I DO” were very pleased at one time to read that Joseph Fielding Smith, now the President of the Mormon Church, stated a fact that we have long known, that “NOAH is Elias.” We wonder if he would accept an extension of the genealogy of the same soul if we give the information that he was also David as well as Joseph Smith in other fruitful lives of services to God. The same soul in a previous incarnation is pictured as Thoth in Egypt when identified with Thotmes, the original builder of The Great Pyramid. It was Thoth who carried the KEY and guarded the Father’s records, whether symbolized as the Sphinx or another time as the faithful dog Anubis.



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