(Michael/Gabriel-Soul - "Two-in-One")

During Sunday prayer meetings in the early 1970’s, the reincarnate Mother displayed a bust of PERICLES and explained this record as being a dual manifestation of Michael and Gabriel: Michael overshadowing from "Above" in and through the features of Gabriel "Below" symbolized by the helmet being dropped down over the face. This is an excerpt of the first time she mentioned it during one of the meetings:

“In many lives They lived only in one form. The form that identified one on this plane would vanish and the other one would be sitting there in his place.  Sometimes, I wish that we had that bust that I brought back from Athens… yes, Pericles, it’s in Twin (Twin Falls). Remind me that I want you folks to see that. I picked it up in Athens a couple of years ago. The man who had it was just selling things to tourists, and I asked him the story of it. He told me a story, quite a silly story, and then after he was through telling me, I said ‘Now I’ll tell you the Truth about him.’ But I purchased it first, because I was afraid of his price if he knew the truth about it!!!"

"It has a cap on the head, a sort of helmet, with eyes and a nose… Pericles was this one Above (Michael) working through him (Gabriel), and when the one from Above took over the form, it was like this helmet dropped down over the features. When I asked the fellow what it was, he said ‘Well, there was a bald-headed man once, who had to wear a…’ and he went on like that! Anyway, it pays to have ‘eyes to See,’ and to know the stories.”




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