William Shakespeare


The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet III: Truths to Make You Free

Page 30: Some are under the “M” stubborn instructions to prove that MARLOW was SHAKESPEARE. This is another example of the work being done to make illegitimate claims for that Leader to help him SHINE. Marlow was an incarnation of “M”, while Shakespeare is shown in Akashic records as an incarnation of MASTER HILARION and they have been enemies in many lives.

News Letter No. 27

SHAKESPEARE'S understanding of esoteric secrets, incarnations and Akashic records made his great works possible. Much of his work expressed trial of that great soul who martyred many Causes in His Name.

News Letter No. 28

Records left by the Positive faction honor the genius of every Age, while the negative faction who always followed to plunder, twisted facts to defame those who earned the honor and then left records to credit leaders of their own faction. Efforts such as “Marlow is SHAKESPEARE,” or playing up Moses and defaming Aaron and Jesus are examples of how the negative faction diverted honor and respect from those who earned it and credited those who didn’t in all Ages.

News Letter No. 51

REINCARNATION for the purpose of schooling the soul toward perfection enough to attain “eternal life,” with all its rewards, including Cosmic Power, must be promoted on a large scale if the world is to be made ready for the Advent of Christ and His Great Plan for “Truth to Make Free.” Since the fall of Lucifer in October 1955 it is safe to give this information to the world. Previously it was considered too dangerous because “the Truth” Jesus said “would make free” concerned what the negative faction always worked frantically to keep the world from discovering. Because it was so dangerous to give the information, the Positive faction many times veiled it in art works when they incarnated as artists. If poets they wove it into their poetry, while sculptors did it in stone. SHAKESPEARE told it in his plays. In a previous life, having been Hamlet, whose father was killed by the negative member of the first triad who always plundered, or took over the rights (stole the birthright) of others of that group, he told it in plays. Hamlet’s problem was shown as trying to tell on the devilish one without becoming a victim himself.



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