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The following excerpts were taken from “I DO” “TRUTH” News Letters. 

News Letter No. 34

Because of deceptions causing original TRUTH to become so diffused, Michael and Gabriel (Elijah and Elias) – (Father and Son) “appeared” first to JOSEPH SMITH, choosing him to be the channel for restoration of Truth. Much in keeping with histories of the activities of the “antipater” as “the negatively existent one” was called, a third Angel “appeared” exercising his Cosmic Power to begin a “take over” so common in Ages past.

After the “Father and Son” or Michael and Gabriel “appeared” to our “I DO” and said “Unto Thee a KEY is given” she was given the extension of Truths which were given to JOSEPH SMITH, and information contained in the plates Moroni took with him. When that great Institution established to restore Truth gets this information they will be better able to carry out their Calling. May God speed the day, or influence some other cult or creed to use the information the way it was intended to begin with.

When the Mormon Church learns that the souls known as “Saints” always reincarnated to restore lost TRUTH they will begin to understand a better reason for the original Church to have been called L.D.S., or reincarnate Saints again working in “Latter Days.”

News Letter No. 41

“I DO” who were Chosen to introduce them, know that Mdm. Blavatsky, Brahma, Buddha, Muhammad, Luther, JOSEPH SMITH and all others who bore heavy crosses in channeling various facets of TRUTH, have incarnated again at this time to do what is necessary for God’s Great Plan when The King of Kings will finally be recognized “as He is.”

News Letter No. 43

Question: Has “I DO” ever compared their findings with The Book of Mormon? Do you know about Mormon teachings?

Answer: Yes, “I DO” have all the Mormon books, have made comparisons, and feel that we know more about their religion than Mormons of this time understand themselves. The Book of Mormon is a history of a people and continues the same teachings that Wise Men call “the second book.” When information from the plates that Moroni took away is restored, that which Joseph Smith was Chosen to reveal will re-establish rights.

Because I DO” in another life served an important mission in the original LDS Church, it was her soul karma, earned by sufferings in the early day work of that Great Institution, to deliver a vital message which would begin the restoration of rights to accomplish an important mission cut off with the death of JOSEPH SMITHand his brother Hiram. The LDS people need to understand more about what was behind the death of Joseph Smith who was Chosen to extend TRUTH, which caused the persecutions and other disastrous things which happened to that great Organization.

News Letter No. 55

At times some very great souls have been victims of an attempt of Lucifer to bid for their attention (when the devil “spotted” an elect whose accomplishments he desired to appropriate or plunder if that was not possible). JOSEPH SMITH of the Latter Day Saints’ attempt to restore “Truth” is a good example. He was heavily oppressed, a low state of consciousness which made deception possible, and the third Nephite (Moroni) “the angel of death” came to appropriate Gabriel’s “horn” of new teachings.

News Letter No. 59

Mormons will resent the uncovering of the status of the Moroni who is on top of the salt Lake Temple, for it was this “third” Nephite, or member of the “first triad” or “trinity” who took away the tablets containing the records of the other two who originally called JOSEPH SMITH to be a channel for the restoration of “TRUTH.” Again, as in many lives before, the Joseph Smith soul suffered at the hands of those who “spotted” him and his later mission to try to restore “Truth” which the Lucifer soul distorted when he worked his physical counterpart into the position of Pope in Rome. He was later called “The Black Pope” when his status was discovered.

News Letter No. 67

It would be just as wrong to disqualify the works of the Buddhists’ Lord Buddha, the Hindi Brahama, the Muhammedans Michael, or the Positive Saints who served Infinite mind all over the world when or wherever needed, as to disqualify Sainted souls like Martin Luther or JOSEPH SMITH, who served the same purposes of re-establishing “Truths” which had been dissipated by infiltration of the negative faction when others of “The Great of the Earth” had served those same purposes. All of those Saints of “eternal life” status who sacrificed themselves in many incarnations of martyring “Truth” are to be rewarded by the same God of the Christian who is known by many other names and titles in various nations.

News Letter No. 68

There are many groups everywhere working on some ideas of advancement for human thinking, but none at this time enjoying the absolute support of the most powerful leading Archangels of Heaven, known as Michael and Gabriel. Their counterparts on the physical plane were in various incarnations known as Buddha and Ananda, Brahma and Vishnu, The King of Kings and Virgin Mary. At times they dwelt in one body for “twice your power” which Elijah promised Elias, (other incarnations of the same “two” chosen by God to do the lead-out work of every Age). It was They who called Martin Luther, JOSEPH SMITH and all other great souls Chosen to channel more of God’s progress for humanity as time and situations demanded a restoration of TRUTH.

News Letter No. 69

Ø    The King of Kings” provided a carefully arranged itinerary to prove to “I DO” that He had incarnated many times both before and after the time when The Son of God was called Jesus. HE followed “I DO” and explained what He had guided her to discover. Besides providing her with the information which was on the two tablets Moroni didn’t want the Latter Day Saints (now commonly thought of as Mormons) to have, He made sure she understood why Moroni destroyed these tablets, just as the same soul always followed The Saints of old to destroy information contrary to what he wanted them to believe. Christ made sure she found many records of the same type where the two Angels, Michael and Gabriel, or Father and Son, tried to re-establish TRUTH as when They Called JOSEPH SMITH to serve as the channel for Those Above. Saints of old, or “Latter Day Saints” reincarnated to help the puppet of Archangels as He again martyred the Cause His Soul was dedicated to serve. It will stagger the world to realize just how great the soul of Joseph Smith was in the sight of God whom he served in many other great lives. “I DO” will give this information when permitted to do so.

Ø      Reincarnation must be generally more understood before the world of thinkers on the third dimensional level can rise to advancements which are destined to become an intricate part of the New Age progress for mankind. “I DO” were very pleased at one time to read that Joseph Fielding Smith, now the President of the Mormon Church, stated a fact that we have long known, that “Noah is Elias.” We wonder if he would accept an extension of the genealogy of the same soul if we give the information that he was also David as well as JOSEPH SMITH in other fruitful lives of services to God. The same soul in a previous incarnation is pictured as Thoth in Egypt when identified with Thotmes, the original builder of The Great Pyramid. It was Thoth who carried the KEY and guarded the Father’s records, whether symbolized as the Sphinx or another time as the faithful dog Anubis.

News Letter No. 71

In a previous life the two tablets Moroni took away from the reincarnate Saints, “Latter Day Saints” could have served the same purpose. Regardless of how many times earthly records or TRUTH were destroyed, physical manifestations serving Michael and Gabriel reincarnated to restore them. Akashic records of soul genealogy proves JOSEPH SMITH was another incarnation of the soul who was always in possession of “The Keys” and protected His Father’s records, regardless of what names, titles, male or female forms were needed to handle the work to greatest advantage for keeping “unspotted.” David who felled the Giant (Lucifer incarnation), was only one of the hundreds of incarnations of the Gabriel soul. Long ago the name was Aaron as soul genealogy proves for those who are vested with the Powers to tap that Source of Akashic Records.

News Letter No. 73

Scriptures declare “To each will be given” and our “I DO” research proves that souls of “eternal life” keep reincarnating as channels for advancements each Age needs. Those identified with “The Keys” are always given more advanced information than any others because they have earned the right to be entrusted with very vital missions. JOSEPH SMITH rightly declared he was vested with “the keys” and declared he always had them. Mormons need to learn what “I DO” knows about why Joseph made such a declaration and what it had to do with guidance from Those Above of only the Positive faction. He proved that with right living, prayer and sincere seeking “ye shall find” a Teacher from the Positive faction of INNER do-ings.

News Letter No. 76

Mrs. Blavatsky is known to have served the Positive faction, even if every moment of her life was heckled by “the negatively existent one” who hoped she might be pulled down enough that Mrs. Besant could be used to take over the Theosophical Society. It is difficult to find “untampered works” of Blavatsky, because Mrs. Besant knew why she had taken over, and was hard at twisting truth even if Theosophists as a whole did not know what was going on at the time. Originally the Theosophical Society was Mrs. Blavatsky’s Calling by Kuthumi (King of Kings) and “Hilarion” who are Michael and Gabriel on higher planes. After trying to restore TRUTH and unravel Ages of twists from facts, as well as “unveil” the culprit who was the third Nephite of the Mormon understandings, Mrs. Blavatsky, – like JOSEPH SMITH who had a similar Calling, – was eliminated so the third one could take over. For the same reason Muhammad was called to restore Truth, but that great religion of Love also became twisted and the followers of the negative faction are known as “Moslems” (Moses-lems).

News Letter No. 78

JOSEPH SMITH was the same soul as David, who used a sling-shot to kill the Giant (Lucifer) of his day, who arranged for killing him when he was Joseph Smith. He was also Daniel of the Lion’s Den story. The list of his services to God is a very long one. He was always there with the Saints whenever there was Truth to again restore. He is reincarnate now carrying on where he left off in the last life which Mormons know nothing about yet.



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